The Truth Behind The 10 Most Common Break-Up Lines


Picture by Kiomi Shakespeare once said the path of true love never did run smooth. At some point most of us will have been let down in our pursuit of love- but how much of what we’re told is true? … Continue reading

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How To Dump Your Boyfriend


As 2013 dawns you might be coming to the conclusion that something just isn’t working. Unfortunately, while you might have decided that the relationship with your partner has come to its end, when you live together and have difficult things … Continue reading

What Heartbreak Can Teach You About Love

broken heart

When you have a broken heart, it might be difficult to recognize anything positive in your situation. It’s easy to fall into a hole of sadness or depression, but if you push through your sadness, your heartbreak can turn into … Continue reading

Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Relationship!


For the record, I absolutely refuse to ever put my relationship status on Facebook. I think its ridiculous, juvenile, and far too exploitable. Having said that, most people do not share my highly evolved position on the separation of intimacy … Continue reading

5 Reasons He Left You


If you have just recently been dumped, it sucks. It is nice to have a man around, especially if you really loved them. If he did the breaking up, you might still be wondering why he left you. It hurts, … Continue reading