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5 Ways To Re-Use Old Business Cards


Business cards are both the ultimate tool to transform and represent your business and fantastic resource for creating new products, a fun distraction or a new business idea in themselves. How so? You can re-use them that’s how! Whether you choose to invent a game, a craft session for the kids or some way of re-vamping your business, your old cards should represent much more than just rubbish bin fodder, and as you already have them in your possession it is also free, so let’s find out how.

Photo frames

There was a great tutorial on the earth 911 website recently which showed how to turn old business cards into photo frames, which might sound a bit odd, but these little unused rectangles make the perfect layered photo frame effect. To get the effect was as simple as layering row upon row over a large rectangle and gluing in place. If you have lots of different business cards to hand you can create a collage effect, if you just have the one style then flip them over so the plain side is the one you see. It makes a great afternoon activity for the kids and … makes it really easy to follow.

Herb boxes

If you’re a herb lover or if you tend to bulk buy herbs and spices from the health food store then this is a perfect way to recycle old business cards. By layering several up and gluing together to form a square, and a slightly larger one of you want a lid, you can create a recycled box for your herbs. You could even make one extra-large box to keep all the little boxes inside. This idea could also work for keeping medicines and supplements too.

Makeup drawer tidy

Have you ever despaired when opening your drawer/box/case, heck – wherever you keep your makeup to find there’s powder spilled everywhere and you can’t actually find that blusher you wanted? Well this is the cure; take your old business cards to make dividers in your case or box or drawer. By lining them up you can make the perfect size containers just like the drawer tidies you can buy in the shop. Now that’s recycling sense!

Napkin holders

A very easy way to keep your napkins in check is to wrap your old business cards around them and seal the ends together with a wooden peg, it looks rustic and chic, and recycling is good for the environment.

Table settings

If you are having a dinner party, why use new card or paper for place settings when you can use a business card? Just flip it over and wrote out the name of your diner, and get creative with some adornments too, your guests will love the personalized effort.

As you can see there are many ways to re-use business cards and create inventive ways to promote yourself, whether that be as the host with the most, or being the queen of clutter control, there’s a recycling tip for everyone out there!


Nancy Owens just loves to decorate with anything found around her. That includes recycled materials such as cereal boxes, old business cards or tin cans. She likes to re-invent ‘old’ crafting ideas, so that they are special and unique. There is nothing more relaxing for her than to sit down and let her crafting imagination go wild.

Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Good For You And The Planet


Spring is here which means spring cleaning is top of the mind for many people. It is the time to remove clutter from your life. And no better time to remove things you no longer want.

Being environmentally focused can help you make your spring-cleaning more enjoyable. Instead of throwing out products focus on reducing waste. But keep products that are healthy for you and the environment. Here are easy tips and product’s to help you make spring cleaning easy.

Reduce Your Party Waste

Compostable straws are a better alternative than regular plastic straws. If you are throwing a spring party, forget the straws that are plastic, instead reach for a compostable straw. Parties and event gatherings generate the second largest amount of waste in the United States.

Instead of contributing to waste, use straws that are sturdy and reusable. In fact, skip the straws and serve your beverages by the glass, this will reduce your party carbon footprint.

Biogradable toothbrushes

Each year the US throws away more than 450 million plastic toothbrushes, which means they go into landfills. New brushes that are biodegradable can help prevent this. You can either buy a biodegradable toothbrush that is made out of bamboo or an electronic toothbrush that will last much longer. Your teeth will be healthy and you’ll smile more knowing that you’re helping the earth.

Skip the lunch sack

Instead of the brown bag lunch sack use a neoprene tote. They are machine washable too.

Glass bottles

Instead of buying plastic bottles use a glass dishwasher safe bottle to help refuel your body when you are feeling thirsty simply grab a glass bottle and drink up. Glass is better for the environment than plastic and it is easier to use. You can drink more water and carry it around with you daily.

Reusable Grocery Bag

On the go grocery bags can folds up into tiny little pouches. It is easy to use it. These types of bags are better for the environment.

Recycle You Oral Care Products

Recycle your plastic toothpaste container. Many people throw out plastic toothpaste containers, and this can contribute to a lot of waste in landfills. Instead recycle all plastic containers that are found in your bathroom. This includes mouthwash, floss containers, and tooth brush containers.

You smile will be brighter knowing that you are saving the planet one small step at a time.

For more health advice visit Newberg Family Dental, a dentist in Newberg Oregon. Shannon Kaiser is a wellness writer.

8 Ways to Recycle at Home


The average American produces about 4.5 pounds of waste per day. It’s estimated that the recycling levels in this country are high enough to produce electricity for 9 million homes every year. You can play a part in reducing unnecessary energy waste around the house by using these home tips:

1. Use Doggie Bags When Eating Out
This lets you save leftovers after a night out. You can refrigerate these and have them at a later date, eliminating the need to cook every other time when there’s food you can use in your fridge.

2. Start a Compost Heap
Instead of throwing out organic waste, create a pile of shavings, newspaper clippings, egg shells, vegetable stalks and others at one corner in your garden. After a while, you’ll have a rich compost source that you can use to plant vegetables in your garden for use in your cooking.

3. Give Away Electronics
After replacing your old computer with a new one, give it away to a friend or relative, or the local Salvation Army place. Electronic waste can be hazardous when dumped in landfills as it contains material that isn’t biodegradable or recyclable, so giving it away should be the next sensible step.

4. Use Storage Bins
After finding out what kind of recyclable materials your local recycling center uses, make sure to get a couple of clearly designated bins that you can use to sort out your trash before taking it to the recycling center. This helps save you time, as well as making the whole process more efficient for everyone involve.

5. Be Careful With Hazardous Materials
Oils, paints ad cleaners shouldn’t be chugged down the drain; find out the best way to dispose of these without adversely affecting the environment around you. You can have a couple of clear bottles that you can use to collect these chemicals and have them taken to the recycling center for proper disposal.

6. Buy In Large Quantities
Whenever you go out shopping, make sure to buy stuff in large quantities to reduce the amount of packaging and waste you’ll have to eventually throw out. At the same time, be careful when buying large quantities of food that may spoil in a short amount of time; because of this, stick to dry and canned foods, or those that have an expiry date of more than a year.

7. Use Cloth Napkins
These help you reduce the amount of paper-based disposable substitutes, some of which contain harsh chemicals and dyes. You can keep a large amount of these napkins handy for use as you go along, and wash them in cycles to ensure that you always have a fresh supply within reach.

8. Reuse Laundry Water
After doing your laundry, you can use the water that remains to clean your patio or the bathroom. Doing this helps manage your water and energy use, and at the same time keeping your water bill down.

This article is brought to you by Urban Clotheslines. Using a laundry drying rack is also a great way of helping you save energy, which is tied to recycling.We hope that these tips will help you make the best decisions when it comes to recycling around the home. Be creative and involve the kids to make this exercise a daily and fun habit for the whole family.


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