5 Of The Most Talked About PR Stunts In Fashion

PR Stunts Image

Image by FaceMePLS It’s amazing the stunts fashion and beauty labels pull, just to get our attention. From nudity and tattoos to million dollar bras, here are 5 of the best! The aim of a PR stunt is to create … Continue reading

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The Retro World: Beginning At The End

Artist Crop

It is a known fact that history repeats itself, but recently repetitions have become more prominent than ever compared to the last decade. At the wake of globalization our generation has undergone myriads of political , economical, and cultural changes, … Continue reading

Top 5 Mens Fashion Statements That Turn Women Off


The Road to Hell…… ……is paved with good intentions, so the saying goes. So it is when it comes to fashion statements made by men. While some start off okay but then just go wrong, others are just plain stupid, … Continue reading