The 4 Best “Chill Out” Albums


There’s truth to the quote by William Congreve, “Music has charms to sooth the savage breast.” Whatever life has thrown your way that day, you know that you can let it all slide once you hit your front door. Music therapy has been effective in a number of other applications—palliative pain management in cancer patients; emotional stabilization for patients who suffer from mental difficulties, both organic and psychological; and mood stabilization for those under emotional or psychological stress. Most of us are on pretty familiar terms with the last application, and often “self medicate” in a chronic fashion. If you’re looking for some personal musical therapy to take the edge off a grueling day, check out these albums for your own post work ritual.

Bob Marley and the Wailers—Legend (1984) from Island Records

No matter what your personal taste in music happens to be, this compilation album of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ best work is top notch for chilling out after a hard day. It contains many songs that have been popularized in mainstream culture through many movies and television shows. When you listen to this, you’ll recognize many of the songs, and even find new favorites. Any time is a good time for Bob Marley’s comforting ad soulful voice. Take the opportunity to relax to this incredible album.

Audioslave—Audioslave (2002) Epic

The debut album of this amazing supergroup fronted by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and several members from Rage Against the Machine, it consistently provides a gritty, musically satisfying, and complex way to unwind after a hard day on the job. This album is filled with tracks that will leave you deeply introspective and yet completely relaxed, whether you seek decompression and relief via meditation or an ice-cold beer.

Bach Cello Suites

For something completely different, go old school—no, really old school—with some of the most soothing and beautiful music from the Baroque period. J.S. Bach, not to be confused with his talented children, was a prolific composer and responsible for the original definition of Awesome when it comes to music that lightens your mood and enlightens your brain. This collection of compositions features a single cello, without an accompanying orchestra, and can be set as soothing background music to any activity after a grueling day at work. You don’t have to be a classically trained musician to appreciate beautiful, complex, and relaxing music.

Tool—10,000 Days—(2006)

Maynard James Keenan has a well-deserved reputation for complex and thought-provoking composition as the front man of the band Tool. While any of their albums suit to create a mood that is both intellectually tense and extremely relaxed, Lateralus possesses a number of songs that serve the end of unwinding especially well. The album caries the listener on a musical journey that begins with full intensity and mellows as the album evolves. The musically complex, deeply satisfying composition creates the perfect background for laying aside the cares of the day and rediscovering how it feels to be a human being. So put this album on, make some dinner, and spend some quality time with yourself.

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7 Songs To Get You Pumped Up!

It’s truly amazing the effect that listening to music can have on a person’s mood. People usually choose to listen to music for two reasons. Either they pick are genre of music that matches their current mood or they choose a genre of music that will change their mood. This article contains a list of motivational power songs for the latter reason.

Listening to any of these songs will change your mood in terms of getting you pumped up. Whatever the reason you need to get pumped up for. May it be for an intense gym workout, a run or even an exam these songs that have been selected will do the trick. In no particular order here they are.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – False Pretense
This song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a band that formed way back in 2003 is fantastically motivational. It was used in the 2008 film Never Back Down so you know it will get you seriously pumped up. It is great for getting you in the zone so you can really get down to whatever it is you need motivation for.


Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z – Numb Encore
This song comes as a result of two excellent artists collaborating together. It was produced back in 2004 from their joint album “Collision Course”. It wasn’t a completely new song that the artists wrote together. It was two separate songs; “Numb” a 2003 single by Linkin Park and Jay-Z’ track “Encore” merged together. It works epicly and really helps to get you pumped.


Eminem ft.Nate Dogg – Till I Collapse
When we are training or working really hard we can sometimes feel as if we are going to collapse at any moment. This song is named perfectly for this reason. The rapping vocals by Eminem and catchy chorus by Nate Dogg really help to make this an extremely motivational track.


Flux Pavillion – I Can’t Stop
When motivation is running low stopping may seem like the only option. This applies for a range of different scenarios. This track by Flux Pavillion is wonderful for telling you otherwise. Listening to this track will soon fill your motivation levels back up and get you back on track.


Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of
This well known song that made it to Christmas number one back in 2009 is excellent for getting you pumped. The way the lyrics are sung really inspire you to get motivated. It was first released in November 2002 but will continue to be one of the greatest motivational power songs for years to come.


Drowning Pool – Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
A popular track for many gym playlists this awesome track will get you really pumped up. The combination of screaming, whispering, singing and motivational lyrics make it a perfect track for any gym playlist. The steady drum beat also needs some credit for making it such a unique and motivational power song.


Hadouken – Rebirth
This track is a little different to the other tracks that have been suggested. It is more quiet and a little slower moving. It’s one of those songs that you listen to as you are walking towards the exam hall or the gym or stretching before doing some exercise. Listening to it will get you into the correct frame of mind.


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