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Money Or Temptation What Make’s You Truly Happy?


The Happy Start

Mags and Derek met when they were in their early twenties and married soon afterwards. Mags had 2 young daughters from a relationship she had in her teens, but the father of the girls left her as he couldn’t deal with the responsibility at such a young age and she never saw him again. Derek was very supportive and Mags felt that getting together with him was a dream come true. They settled in Cornwall; Derek working as a teacher and Mags a yoga and meditation instructor, which she could fit round looking after the girls. They weren’t rich but were happy.

Temptation At Work

Everything seemed perfect until one day Derek was late in from work telling Mags he had things to finish off. But it didn’t end there. His behavior was different somehow and he was late in more frequently. As Mags instructed yoga in a small studio at home, which Derek had sorted out for her, she really looked forward to him coming home as the house was fairly isolated and she spent a lot of time alone. Getting more and more concerned Mags decided to confront Derek and ask him what was going on. At first he denied anything was wrong but when Mags wouldn’t let it go he broke down and told her that the pressure of work had become more difficult to deal with and a colleague at work had been a shoulder to take some of the burden. One thing led to another and sadly for Mags Derek had started an affair. Affairs often start at work, as any private investigator will confirm as they deal with such cases every day of the week.  People tend to work closely together on an even footing and the opportunities are there even if they aren’t planned.

Moving On

Obviously Mags was devastated but having been let down before she reluctantly accepted the situation and found some solace in her yoga and meditation. She moved into a small bungalow which was just right for her and the girls and inevitably the divorce came through. Living in a small community she saw Derek occasionally with his new partner Clare and it wasn’t long before they had a baby daughter, Tanya. Many years went by and the children grew up but then out of the blue Derek contacted Mags and told her that he still had strong feelings for her and was divorcing Clare; they were now in their fifties.

Betrayal Again

Derek persuaded Mags to move back in with him after the divorce was finalised; Clare moved to London to look after her elderly mother. A quiet marriage ceremony in front of only two close friends followed; Mags had given Derek a second chance. They started a new type of life; living in Cornwall for 6 months then India the rest of the year. It was perfect for about 5 years until last year when Derek told Mags out of the blue that he wanted a divorce. He told her there was no one else involved but Mags didn’t trust him. She decided to have him put under surveillance and hired a professional private investigator to do the work. The private investigator worked promptly and discovered that Clare had moved back to Cornwall as her mother had died, leaving her a substantial inheritance. She had contacted Derek and they began a relationship again. Was he tempted by the money?

Will There Be A Happy Ever After?

Mags vowed never to speak to Derek again as he had betrayed her once more and even blamed her for the breakdown of their marriage, citing her unreasonable behavior as grounds for divorce which was nonsense. She suspects that as Clare had come into a large amount of money Derek was tempted back to her, but she can’t be certain. All she knows is that she found the truth and can hold her head up high knowing she’d done nothing wrong. Whether Derek will be happy ever after she’ll never know but she doesn’t care.


An idyllic new start with Derek seemed perfect for Mags but temptation got in the way. When they got remarried it all seemed so right but Mags didn’t consider the return of Clare. A private investigator proved the truth giving Mags the dignity to move on.

Matrimonial Private Detective Charlie Hodgson has been working in the industry for many years. He has carried out many matrimonial investigations and surveillance operations with a great deal of success. For more blogs like this please visit privatedetective-leicester.co.uk.


Are Women Catching Up In The Cheating Game?

Why Do People Cheat?


People get involved in affairs for all sorts of reasons; they don’t necessarily set out to deceive, it’s more about being in a certain place, in a certain situation and having the chance. Even people who value a monogamous relationship can get tempted as human nature makes us attracted to the opposite sex. It’s always been men who are renowned for having a roving eye and straying from their partners but statistics now show that women are cheating nearly as much as men.

The Facts Based On Research

Research by David Holmes at Manchester Metropolitan University shows that around 20% of men are having affairs compared to just over 15% of women. He also found out that women “behave very differently from men when they cheat. The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret”. The figure could be higher as some people may be reluctant to admit it. Also a large part of the work carried out by private investigators is surveillance of partners suspected of cheating, including an increase number of women. David Holmes also states that “If you look at the studies into paternity, even conservative figures show that between eight and 15 percent of children haven’t been fathered by the man who thinks he’s the biological parent”.

So Why Are Women Cheating More Today?

One of the main reasons for starting an affair is having the opportunity and that’s what’s more available to women these days. They expect and largely get equality in all areas of life so why not in extra marital affairs. Women in general go out to work and mostly have the opportunity to work on an equal footing with men. They can expect the same prospects such as going away on business, socialising after work not only with female colleagues but also with their male counterparts. This cultural shift in employment patterns is a contributing factor to why women are getting involved in affairs as emotional attachment creeps in leading to physical relationship.

Are There Any Other Reasons?

The majority of households have access to the internet today making it much easier to socialize on line, especially with the huge range of sites available for chat and sharing of information, with a large number of people. There are even sites available specifically for infidelity dating. All of these things make it easy to contact people and start a liaison if someone is inclined to do so. Research has shown that forensics of a person’s computer or phone by a professional private investigator will invariably reveal the truth if they have been cheating as they usually use their own to make contact with possible suitors. Studies also show that data from one of the leading networking sites is the primary source of evidence in divorce proceedings.

So What Can You Do If You Suspect Your Wife Or Partner Of Cheating?

Well, you can do the leg work yourself to try to find the truth but this can be very time consuming and if you confront your partner they will invariably deny anything is going on; cheaters are usually very good liars and are good at covering their tracks. The most effective way of getting to the bottom of the situation is to enlist the services of a private investigator that will have the skills and experience to carry out covert surveillance using foolproof methods and devices. They can provide photographic and video evidence which will leave you with no doubt about the reality of your situation.


Research has shown that women are cheating almost as much as men today. Cultural changes in the work place have given women more opportunities to cheat, together with less traditional ways of meeting new people such as internet social networking. If you suspect your wife or partner is having an affair the most reliable way to confirm the truth is to employ a professional private investigator.

Author Bio:

Private detective Charlie Hodgson has worked on many matrimonial cases involving infidelity. Using tried and tested methods of investigation he has provided good success stories for many people. For more blogs like this please contact private-investigatorslondon.co.uk

Do You Feel Like Someone Is Watching You?


Why Do You Think You Are Being Bugged?

Every time you go out do you feel as though someone is watching you? You feel as if you are seeing the same strangers all the time but in different places? Do people know about things that only you should know and if so who are these people? Do you feel like someone else knows too much about a telephone conversation you have had or an email or text you have sent? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you could be being bugged. It is not as difficult as you might think to bug someone, especially if they know you quite well.

Has Anything Changed In Your Life?

Have you moved home or has someone moved out? Did you have a falling out with anyone you are close with or even a family member? Has someone new come into your life and possibly bought some trouble with them? Has an old rival come back into town and they still dislike you. Some of these things might seem a bit extreme but in my time as a private detective I have come across them all and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female it can happen to anyone.

For example, you tell your partner to leave and give them a few days to move out. They in turn pull your home apart and bug it up to the hilt, installing remote cameras and listening devices where ever they can. A family member you have fallen out with manages to gain access to your mobile phone and they install spyware on it. Now, unbeknown to you they can see who you are calling, emailing and texting and who is calling, emailing and texting you. They can also read those text messages and emails and on some very high tech software they can even dial into your phone and listen to a conversation you are having with someone else. This can also be true of your lap top or PC. If you are not too careful someone can download software onto your computer in a second or you could open an email with a strange attachment and download the software yourself.

How Can I Get Rid Of It?

A private detective can visit your home and give your house a good de-bug. He will be able to locate anything from a listening device to a fully fitted covert CCTV system. Not only can he detect things around the home he can also find what is lurking on your mobile phone or your laptop. It can be found and disposed of. Once it has all been taken away and disabled you can change the locks and move on. Even your car can be debugged from GPS trackers or even listening devices and covert cameras that have been installed into your dash by an ex with the spare key. It is important to remember that it only takes a second to be bugged but it also only takes a couple of hours to be totally de-bugged by a private detective.

Charlie Hodgson is a highly skilled and professional private detective who has spent many hours working alongside private detectives in Manchester. Who together have spent many hours de-bugging and then removing unwanted hardware and software from homes and belongings. For more blogs from the world of the private detective visit privatedetectives-manchester.co.uk.


How To Find A Missing Person Who Owes You Money!


Track A Missing Person

When someone that you thought you could trust owes you a large sum of money and disappears without a word it can be very annoying and disappointing, especially when they are a family member or very old friend. When a large amount of money is involved it can be very worth your while hiring a professional to help you track down the debtor so you can take them to court.  Here are some ways a private detective can help in tracking that person down so you can get your money back.

An Investigation Into Their Whereabouts

A private detective can carry out an investigation for you but you will need to give him as much information as possible for him to be able to do so for you. The information is just basic things like a description with photographs if possible, what vehicle they drive, what job they do and where, any possible relative or friend that could be hiding them and if they have any hobbies or interests. Many people have been found because they are creatures of habit and like to visit certain people on certain days of the week and they continue to go to clubs and social events. The investigation will look into databases that are within the public domain to obtain information that they can act on. Lists of friends and family addresses will be obtained along with an idea of how they would spend a typical week and where they would go on holiday or where they would like to go on holiday. All this information can help to provide the detectives with a good idea of who they are looking for and where to start looking.

Surveillance To Follow Up The Information Gathered From The Investigation

Once there is enough information to follow up on surveillance can be carried out. This may consist of a team of undercover agents conducting a door to door investigation wearing body cameras to record all doorstep interviews with people living in the area. It may be that a rotation of agents sit and observes and record the last known address from across the street. Another tactic is to visit their workplace and watch out for them or their vehicle for a couple of days if there is a sign of them then inquiries are made at the workplace to see if they still work there or if anyone knows where the person is. As part of the initial investigation friends and family member will have been spoken to and from this interview the team will have decided who is most likely to be hiding the person. These people and their homes can be watched to see if this is the case. If the vehicle is found a GPS tracking device can be fitted and followed to see if it is the target that is driving the vehicle. If after a few days it is not the target driving the car but the same person, agents will interview this person and follow them to their home to observe the comings and goings.

Private detective Charlie Hodgson is a talented and knowledgeable detective who has worked for many years in the industry. With many investigations and investigations under his belt he is highly skilled at locating missing people. For blogs like this please visit birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk.


7 Reasons To Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating


It’s heartbreaking to think your partner may be betraying your trust and living with this doubt can be highly traumatic and confusing. If you suspect your partner is having an affair, often you may feel paranoid and unsure of whether you’re imagining things, especially if they are frequently denying it. Here are some of the telltale signs to help you determine what is really going on…

1.       Has your partner taken a sudden interest in their appearance?

A little preening should be encouraged, but a complete style overhaul after a number of years can be a warning sign. If your partner comes home with a new wardrobe or a different haircut without first mentioning it, ask why.

2.       Do you suspect your partner may have a 2nd mobile phone they’re hiding?

The safest way for somebody to commit adultery is to keep lines of communication between partners separate. Just because you have not found any evidence on their phone or email does not mean they do not have duplicates. Mobile phones are increasingly cheap and it is easy to register another email account with a different server or alias. If they like to hide away in the house, could they be making secret phone calls or emails?

3.       Have they started locking their current mobile phone to block your access?

Alternatively, they may have become tetchy about letting you use their phone or computer, and could be especially quick to delete their history. Asking to use their phone or laptop casually (and within reason) could indicate their motives.

4.       Any new hobbies they now do without you – which are surprising to you?

Like changes to their appearance, new hobbies do not necessarily indicate extramarital activities. If your partner doesn’t usually like going to the gym but has taken up a new sport, perhaps they’re feeling a little sensitive about their weight and fitness. A new hobby could also indicate a bit of a mid-life crisis or the feeling that they’re not making the most of themselves, or just a wish to try something new. As has been mentioned previously, this should be encouraged, so tread carefully when approaching the subject, maybe suggesting you could join them. A negative reaction to this suggestion could confirm suspicion.

5.       Has the mileage on their vehicle increased?

An increase in a vehicle’s mileage cannot easily be explained away. If they are traveling somewhere new, it should be mentioned to you, especially if you are paying petrol bills collectively. If it’s for work, check their invoices, as they should be claiming expenses from their company for the extra driving.

6.       Are they protective of their vehicle & things they may hide in it?

People tend to see cars as their domain, so like many of these reasons, it is good to be cautious and wait for a pattern to emerge, and for a combination of these points to come together. If your partner’s behavior towards your access to their vehicle has changed then that can be cause for concern, especially if they are looking for things in their car frequently and at irregular hours.

7.       Does s/he smell newly showered when they come home?

In trying to erase any evidence, people often incriminate themselves. Odd smells in your home are one of the most telltale signs that something is wrong.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, it is best to gather evidence to use as your argument rather than launching an attack straight away. Repeating the same accusations will not necessarily get you the answer you’re hoping for. On the other hand, burying your head in the sand will almost guarantee that your relationship will end one day. Using these examples to confront your partner is the best way to help you ascertain the truth.

Sarah Gallienne is a professional private detective specializing in marital surveillance investigations.

How To Trace A Long Lost Love


Image by coolcal2111

If you have ever pined for a long, lost but hard to forget love from the past, you may come to learn that having long ago parted ways, it can be rather difficult to trace their present whereabouts.  The movies can be accused for making an unexpected chance-meeting seem a run-of-the-mill affair but in reality, fate is not always so kind and a little planning can go a long way. Adhere to the following steps and an enchanting encounter with that special ‘one’ may be on the cards.

1. Google Search.  You’d be pleasantly surprised at what simply typing in a name into a search engine like Google can provide.  I’ll confess to having ‘Googled’ myself in the past and the results were pretty thorough.  In recent years, more specific search engines have surfaced that are designed to pinpoint information by name, location, place of employment etc. and may prove handy if the trusty Google search lets you down.

2. Facebook. Acclaimed social networking sites like Facebook that boasts over 400 million members, can be the best way of reconnecting with your ex.  It allows you to search by name, email, school, company, phone book and also flaunts a number of pages that function to reconnect people on the basis of what you have in common. Chances are your lost love was a high school sweetheart. The fact that you share a common place of study will forge a connection in no time.

3. Mutual Friends. Connecting via mutual friends is arguably the most convenient mode of reaching your love. We know everyone loves to hate the third wheel, but having had one during your previous relationship may prove to have been worth all the nuisance. That ‘hanger-on’ individual may be worth a call. Who knows? They may still be in contact with the one with whom to wish to re-associate.

4. Hire a Private Investigator. This is a last minute call. When everything  else fails, this may be a path to consider. The downside is that this option may be a tad costly, unlike the others which wouldn’t cost you a dime. On the plus side, they boast high success rates and manage to trace missing people with very limited information.  Their searches are carried out discreetly and they simply report their findings to you, allowing you to approach your former lover as best suits you. Maybe you could imitate the movies and innocently stumble upon them as they take the dog for a walk.

5. Phone Number Look-up. In the past, looking up phone numbers in hefty phone directories were a no-picnic area, but in recent years, many public records-based websites have emergedThey vary in style but all do the same; provide a free service that allows you to find contact information based on a name search. Given that you still remember his/her name (I highly doubt they were much of a ‘love’ if you don’t), then a number look-up can prove highly useful as a means to track down your missing sweetheart.

Tracing a long lost love isn’t as impossible as it may first seem.  Most of the steps are trivial and effortless and could leave you in a very happy place.

Have you ever been on a mission to trace down a long lost love? If so, what route did you take and was it a success? Had time been good to your one-time lover or was he sporting a beer belly and greying hair? Let us know in the comments below!


Shazmeen is a Pharmaceutical Chemistry student , with a keen eye for the written word and a wide scope of interests – from reading romantic novels to blogging, fitness and  traveling. She writes for White Pages.

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: 5 Men Who Didn’t Learn Their Lesson


How can you be sure that someone who has been unfaithful in the past will ever be faithful again? Once trust is lost it’s hard to regain and these showed why it’s best to think twice before trusting a cheater.

One – The Serial Cheater!

We all know one of them, unfortunately this woman didn’t know him as well as she’d hoped. The client approached us with suspicions over her boyfriend’s fidelity. The relationship had been on/off for years and had always been rocky due to trust issues bought about by her boyfriend’s past infidelity. We investigated the periods of absence that the client had begun to notice with a mixture of GPS or vehicle tracking and surveillance. The evidence we gathered with these methods contained footage of the client’s boyfriend becoming intimate with another woman.

Two- Third Time Unlucky

This next woman came to us with suspicions that her boyfriend had cheated on her for the third and last time. The couple had been together for nine years and had had three children together but that hadn’t stopped him cheating on her twice in the past. After she learnt of his infidelity the last time, she swore that if it happened again it would mean the end of the relationship. Though she believes that it has happened again, she wants to make sure before making such a life changing decision for her and her family. This is why she came to us. After consultation with the client, we decided that the best method of investigation for this case would be to use polygraph or lie detector testing to reveal the truth. We found out that the individual had lied and had actually cheated more than the client thought.

Three – One Time Too Many

A wife came to us with the suspicion that her husband had been participating in extra-marital relations. Again, the couple had been together since a young age and were now coming up to their 30th wedding anniversary so the client had had a lot of experience of her husband’s infidelity. Though her husband has been unfaithful in the past, he has always been honest and open about it and the couple have a mutual, if somewhat unconventional, agreement regarding their infidelities. On this occasion however the client had not been told by her husband of the affair and was worried that it was becoming a more serious relationship and wanted us to investigate. We discovered that the husband of the client was in relationships with several of his employees but didn’t appear attached to any of them. They seemed to just be more flings in a series, definitely not the first and probably not the last.

Four – Unfaithful Bad Boy

A man approached us with suspicions that his boyfriend was being unfaithful to him. The couple had been together for several months but the relationship had moved very quickly and the two were now living together. The client had always been the most responsible of the pair but put that down to the age difference between them and was very generous and loving to his partner who did not often return these affections. The client had never questioned the motives of his lover before but was starting to have doubts about his fidelity and the whole relationship but when questioned about it, his partner responded very lovingly. The client asked us to find out whether or not his partner was faithful and we did. Unfortunately it was not the result the client wanted though he was glad to finally have found out the truth.

Five – Three’s A Crowd

A woman came to us regarding the husband she had been married to for a decade who had a habit of infidelity that she really didn’t like. Over the years the habit had grown worse and she was becoming more and more uncomfortable in her marriage. He had recently begun to see someone else but the client is concerned that this time it was a more serious relationship. Though he says that they’ve finished she doesn’t believe him and feels like he’s pushed her too far this time. With the use of surveillance we were able to confirm the affair and make the client’s husband come clean to her. It turned out that the husband was hoping to have his new lover move in to their home as his mistress. After we left the case, the client divorced her husband and is now in a new relationship.

The author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator who works for the company  Private Investigators . Charlie has researched his material throughout the world and still finds the time to write many blogs for birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk.


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