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Should a Black Man Be James Bond?

Should Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond?

This blog was originally titled the above and written in September of 2011, back when the subject of Edris Elba playing James Bond was first brought to my attention. It is now news again and Rush Limbaugh does not think it would be a good idea or a Black man to play James Bond. Neither do I, though now I’m sure it would be a HUGE hit, and surprisingly our reasons are the same…except I’m not a racist asshole.

Anyway, according to the current poll results below most people don’t like the idea and a good amount of you don’t care. Most of those votes are from a few years ago.

Take the poll now and let me know what you think.



I’m totally against James Bond being played by someone of color. Why? Because it wouldn’t make sense and I feel like it would only be done to prove a point about equality; which is corny as hell. Idris Elba has the accent and the look, so I don’t doubt that he’d make a very sexy James Bond. Click the image to read what he thinks about taking on the role.

More images for you insatiable Idris fans:


DangerousLee.Biz: 2011 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 74,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Solo Parenting – “Tell Me a ‘Me-Story”

If your kids are all teens or ’tweens, you may choose to skip this week’s column; this week I’m talking to parents of kids still young enough for bedtime stories.

What I’m about to suggest is really applicable to all little kids and their parents, but it’s particularly important to those from single-parent families. Why? Because it  reinforces the child’s sense of self, which can be particularly fragile in a single-parent household, if the child remembers the way things were “before”…that is, before Dad (or Mom) moved out, or before Dad (or Mom) died. The child may be afraid of the remaining parent leaving or dying…and then what will become of the child? This worry can have many repercussions, including a fragile sense of self.

“Me-stories” can help bolster that sense of self.

What are “me-stories”? “Me-stories” come in two formats: Fiction and non-fiction.

Nonfiction “me-stories”

Nonfiction “me-stories” require no imagination, only memory. They are stories about the child when she or he was younger, stories he may or may not remember, or may simply remember having heard you retell before. They include everything from the story of the day or night she was born to the story of his first step, her first  trip to see Santa, the time he hid a large box and you couldn’t find him, the time she ran away from home…as far as the next-door neighbor’s, the first time he played hide-and-seek and hid in plain sight with his eyes closed, the story of how she acquired her favorite doll….

Kids love hearing about themselves and being the “star” of the story. Face it—most of us, even at our age, enjoy being the center of attention. The only way kids differ in that is that it is even truer of kids than of adults.

Fiction “me-stories”

Fiction “me-stories” require some imagination on the part of the storyteller. You need  to “write” (aloud, in the venerable oral storytelling tradition) a story in which your son or daughter is the protagonist—the hero or heroine of the story. The story doesn’t require an elaborate plot, a villain or other antagonist, high drama, a chase, or a slam-bang conclusion. It needs to be more exciting (not to mention longer) than, “One day Brian went to pre-school. He had a good day. The snack was applesauce—his favorite—and he learned to count up to 15. A new kid came to the school, and he and Brian made friends. When he came home, his puppy wanted to play, so Brian and Ruff chased each other around the house.” It does not, however, need to be high drama. It can deal with the day-to-day events he or she is familiar with—just in more detail, and more exciting detail, than the intentionally weak example above.

You can elaborate on the theme of “new kid in school” and make up a story about that. You can make up an adventure story in which she gets lost and finds her way home, or is rescued. You can let your imagination really soar and describe an encounter with a visitor from another planet, or tell how he was drafted to be the only child in a super-secret protective agency whose members go around righting wrongs and fighting for justice. The point is that the child is the hero (or heroine) of the story.

Reassurance in a story

“Me-stories,” whether fiction or non-fiction, are comforting to a child as well as boosting his or her ego…and of course, besides all that, they’re just plain fun. A child whose parent is no longer present in the home needs extra reassurance…and what an easy way this is to offer it to him or her.

Tell your child a “me-story.”

Celebrity Weight Loss Campaigns That Get On My Damn Nerves!

Mariah is over the top and Jennifer is just downright corny!

Watch Being Dangerous Lee on You Tube

Searching for Love “In All The Wrong Places”

What you see sometimes is not always what it seems to be. The saying goes “beauty is skin deep” and if you are all muscled up, you could be just looking for someone to hustle. Is “Love really blind,” is “Love really in the eyes of the beholder.” Sometimes, you want a thing so bad that you overlook some areas.

The story of a woman searching for love in the wrong place is not rear, unexpectedly, and unusual, but not out-of-order, it does occur. If a man who seems to be Mr. Right out of nowhere touches the heart of your emotions. Blinded by the physical attraction was the means of connection, However, there was another person inside his body, with a different intention than what you had in mind. What would be your reaction?

The eyes of the Lord see everything and everyone. To make a connection between two people, you must past the crossroad of attraction. This is where you determine whether it’s internal or superficial.

What a tangled web we weave when we find the one we love inside the one we adore. Is that person in your bed the one that you think he/she is?

Two people come together and make one flesh. A man and a woman join together for many reasons. Communication and interaction can lead to magic in the air that is not easily forgotten. Some say they see stars and are taken into a new atmosphere when intercourse occurs. But do you really know who the person on the receiving/accepting end is?

How important is a relationship to you? What would it take for you to be happy, concerning someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with? Would money do it? Would good looks do it? How about a great career—would that do it? Maybe you are just looking for a good man to treat you like a lady, the way a lady is supposed to be treated. Then again, maybe it’s not a good man you are looking for. Maybe it’s just a lady, someone who would support you and be by your side.

During the beginning of time when there was just a man and women alone in a Garden, one might wonder if intercourse was applicable to that relationship? Did they advertise and publicize their sexual figure? How about selling their pleasure, there were no other persons? They did not actively publicize their private parts.

The questions one might ask is: How did intercourse become sex? How did making love turn to, you know what I mean?

We all heard the story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, All alone, this meant that the lights was always off at night, which makes it more romantic and tempting to have intercourse, with no one to answer to, (well we know of course God was there) but just the idea to wander freely, back and forth naked, did they get carried away having intercourse, each and everywhere, like we do?  Would you?

Carl Mathis, author of Intercourse – Do You Really Know the Person Sleeping in Your Bed?

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart

I want to say more about that thing called love: it’s my favorite subject. In this society we tend to equate the word yes with I love you and the word no with I don’t love you. They are completely different things. Saying yes means that it will bring you joy to do this thing. Saying no means that it would be a betrayal of your true self if you did it; and loving someone is not about giving up your true self. Do you have people in your life who try to persuade you to do things even when you have clearly said no? Get rid of them. A person who does not respect your ability to decide what’s right for you is not a good friend.

Many people are pretty bad at saying no, but the problem is that you cannot say yes, and really mean it, until you can also say no. They are both about being truly who you are in the world, without apology, without denial; accepting that you are not perfect but you are unique, and your being-ness is a gift to the world. Note that I did not say your doing-ness is a gift to the world. We are human beings, not human doings.  Life is not about what you produce, it’s about who you are.

This is very relevant to relationships. Women are told they are meant to be care-takers and they often take care of their partners, making sure they are having a good time, before they attend to themselves. An astonishing number of women tell me they can have orgasms when they are alone, through masturbation, but not when they are with their partner. This is usually because they are so focused on being with their partner that they are not really present in their own bodies. Sometimes it is the greatest gift a woman can give to herself and to her partner to decide she is just going to focus on what she wants, and get more into allowing her body to feel the fullness of desire, letting it respond exactly as it wishes, without any concern for how her partner is with it. If it’s necessary to talk about it, that can happen afterwards – but a good lover is always delighted when his/her partner really lets go. Are you reading this, all you guys out there? Encourage her to get wild.

Lots of women also get caught in that trap of wanting to have an orgasm in order to please their partner, and I often hear men talking about wanting to give their partner an orgasm. That’s a dynamic that needs to go in the garbage – a woman’s orgasm is hers, and no one else can give it to her. I’m not saying don’t give her pleasure, just don’t put pressure on her to come. She’ll come when she is fine and ready, not when you want her to. An orgasm cannot be forced, only allowed.

Let’s get back to love. Here is an extract from my memoir, My Sweet Wild Dance:  “I want those three little words, I love you, to mean, ‘I see the wholeness of all that you are in this moment, and I accept you without judgment, honoring your unique infinite beauty. In this moment, my heart is joined with yours and I know that we are not separate beings. I support you absolutely in being fully who you are, even if that means that you will go away and I will never see you again.’ “

That’s enough for today. I decided I should write less more often. It’s less overwhelming, for you and for me.

Mikaya Heart is an author and life-coach. For more information, check out www.mikayaheart.org

Here’s a Reality Check for You PETA Supporters

Woman Beats Up Elderly Walmart Greeter When Asked for Receipt!

Jacquetta Simmons

When leaving stores like Toys ‘R Us, Target or Walmart, especially during the holidays, your bags may be checked to make sure you’re not stealing. Well Jacquetta Simmons’s ignorant ass was not having it. She knocked a 70-year-old Walmart greeter to the floor in western New York when she was asked for her receipt. The elderly woman, Grace Suozzi, suffered fractures to the side of her face. Jacquetta then tried to flee, but was detained by Walmart employees and customers. She was later released on $40,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on January 23rd.

Hmmm, I wonder what Ms. Simmons’s motivation was for beating up an elderly Walmart greeter? I’m sure theft is the easy answer. Looks like Walmart and other stores with greeters are going to have to start some combat training!

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The Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2011

The Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2011 according to TorrentFreak.com:

1. “Fast Five”
2. “The Hangover Part II”
3. “Thor”
4. “Source Code”
5. “I Am Number Four”
6. “Sucker Punch”
7. “127 Hours”
8. “Rango”
9. “The King’s Speech”
10. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2″

I saw numbers 3-8 legally. Did you download any of these movies?

Fighting The Post-Christmas Blues



Post-Christmas letdown—most of us get it, kids included. And you may be facing it too. On December 24, the kids are excited. Santa’s coming! Even if they’re old enough not to believe anymore, they still look forward to receiving gifts, and perhaps to the big Christmas dinner, as well.

You, too, are excited. Frazzled but excited. In the run-up to Christmas, there’s shopping to do, which means busting your budget and breaking your back, fighting crowds at the stores and standing in long checkout lines. There’s also food-shopping—another budget-buster—and then there’s staying up late, wrapping presents, and hiding them. It’s wearying and enervating, financially it’s discouraging…but yet it’s exciting.

The big day arrives. The kids get to open their presents. You get to open yours, too. If there’s just-the-right-thing from your best friend, a generous check from Great-Aunt Edna, a thoughtful gift from your sister or mother, or a heart-warming homemade present from your six-year-old, you may even tear up a little as you bask in the warmth of Christmas. As you experience your kids’ glee, too, you remember just why it is that you love this holiday so much.

The kids are playing with their new toys near the tree with its twinkling lights. You head into the kitchen to stuff the turkey or glaze the ham or stud the pork roast with garlic or prepare the roast beef, and you’re wearing those new earrings that are really too fancy to cook dinner in, but they’re so beautiful you just have to keep them on. The spirit of Christmas glows in your heart.

Then comes December 26…and the inevitable letdown. The kids are bored. Although glad that school is out, although surrounded by all their new toys, they’re restless. They’re fighting with each other. And you’re not only at your wits’ end with them, you’re mentally kicking yourself as well. You’re counting the days till school starts again, and instead of feeling grateful that the shopping hassle is over, there’s nothing you need to exchange or return this year, and the spending is over and done with, you’re feeling listless and purposeless yourself.

It doesn’t help that you have to handle the kids singlehandedly…and in fact, that can even deepen your case of the blues. Whether you’re divorced or widowed, you’re essentially on your own with the kids, forced to handle their blues and your own with no help from a helpmate. And you’re sinking fast.

What to do?

Now is the time to organize projects—both for yourself and for the kids. They’ll keep you and them busy, accomplish something meaningful, and give you and them a sense of purpose.

• Ruthlessly weed through their toys, games, and books with them. What have they outgrown? What don’t they play with anymore? Unless there’s a younger sibling coming up behind them who will grow into what they no longer want, set these things aside in a give-away pile. (And if there is a younger sibling to save things for, put the outgrown toys and such in a box and stow it away in a closet, basement, attic, or other storage place till the next child is ready for them.)

• You probably checked the kids’ clothes for fit when they transitioned from their summer clothes to their winter ones, but they may have had growth spurts since then. What’s too small for them now? What do they totally refuse to wear? And what did they get from out-of-town relatives that’s totally unsuitable and not exchangeable? (I specified out-of-town because these relatives won’t be around to ask, “Where’s that adorable green-and-orange sweater I gave Steffi for Christmas?” You can take a picture of Steffi in the sweater, send it to Cousin Doreen enclosed in the thank-you note, then give the sweater away with impunity.) Put all these things aside in the give-away pile too.

• What about you? Do you have any clothes, books, costume jewelry, or other possessions you no longer want or need, or that no longer fit? Add them to the ever-growing pile.

• If you’re not a member of your local FreeCycle group, and if your church does not collect such things for needy families in the area, decide on an organization that will be the recipient of your cast-offs. Taking nothing away from Goodwill and other organizations that have “donation boxes” and other drop-off sites, to make this a meaningful activity that will proactively fight off the post-holiday blahs, I suggest you choose an organization—perhaps a homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter—to which you—all of you—the kids too!—can bring the donated items and leave them right at the place where they will be used. Even though the kids will not be able to literally put the toys in the hands of the recipient kids, they will have a better sense of helping others than they would get from dumping them into a Goodwill collection bin or similar. (Note: some domestic violence shelters do not publicize their addresses for the safety of the women and children living there.)

• Reorganize the kids’ rooms. Pick at least one other room in the house that you would like to reorganize. This may mean rearranging all the furniture or something on a smaller scale such as re-ordering all the books in your bookcases or reorganizing your kitchen drawers. This activity will give you and the kids a sense of a fresh start, which is a great antidote to the post-Christmas letdown.

• Make a list of goals for the new year. This is not the same as resolutions, nor is it an activity that needs to be undertaken just on New Year’s Day. You can do it any time in the run-up to January 1. You should each make a list, which you are free to share with each other or keep to yourselves. This will give you a fresh sense of purpose.

Post-Christmas letdown occurs because something big that you’ve built yourself up to has occurred and is over and done with, and there is nothing exciting on your slate to take its place. Redirect your attentions—and that “your” is plural: you and the kids—in a new direction, and you’ll soon shake those post-Christmas blues.


Senia is a Smooth Criminal

Watch Simply Senia on You Tube

Breaking News: Lesbian Couple Kiss!

I am, of course being sarcastic by labeling this “Breaking News”, but check out the video…

Watch Being Dangerous Lee on You Tube

Ask Dangerous Lee – During Christmas I feel alone and depressed. What is my problem?

Q: I’m not normally an unhappy person, but each year during Christmas I feel really alone and depressed. What is my problem?


Flint, MI

A: You may be suffering from the “Winter Blues”. If so, I feel for you because I also get a lil’ depressed and very unmotivated during the cold seasons. “They” say there is special lighting for folks like us to use that will give us the feeling of sunlight, but I’m no dummy. If it’s not real sunlight I don’t want it. Besides, I know that it’s cold, wet, and grey outside. I guess our problem is that we live in Michigan and not Florida. We both should consult a physician on this one.

On the other hand, the media at large puts a lot of pressure on us to be joyous and uplifting during this time of year by selling us the perfect family holiday scene in  almost every Christmas film that has ever been made. Don’t let this lie fool you; no one has a family like that and if they do it’s not always peachy. I’m not sure what you believe in spiritually or otherwise, but rely on your own brand of faith to get through it. And remember, we only have a few more months of Winter to go!

Got a question for Dangerous Lee?


Hollywood Brings The Stooges to the Big Screen

Snooki and Jennifer Hudson join them. Oh Lawd…


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