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Can Women Get Sex Whenever They Want?

Being constantly chatted up by strange men in a bar would probably drive anyone to drink. It’s Christmas – the season for making merry, going out and, if you’re single, trying to snog people under the mistletoe before the pubs close. So I thought it would be a good time to look at one of … Continue reading

Anal Sex Tips – Your Guide to Entering Through the Rear

You’ve been considering giving anal sex a try, but you weren’t sure if you will enjoy it. Relax; the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated by a tongue, finger, penis, or toy. Before engaging in anal sex, you should be completely prepared – mentally and physically. Foreplay before anal … Continue reading

Sex Positions for Larger or Older People

I recently ran into a colleague who had a question for me to answer: What are some good sex positions or sex position aides for people who are larger and/or older? Especially for someone with a bit of a belly? This came on the heels of a question that I received during a sex Q&A … Continue reading

5 Sex Positions All Men Should Try

This one is called “Waterfall”! See more via Best Sex Positions | Men’s Health. Get your copy of Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down today!

Top Story: Why Men Love Escorts

To many, an escort is just a fancy prostitute, and that may very well be a fair assumption. Prostitution is selling sex and escorts not only sell sex, but they also sell fantasy and a good time. An escort, unlike a prostitute, can accompany you to a wedding or high school reunion. In fact, sex … Continue reading

Top Story: 5 Sex Tips For Women

Men Respond to Praise Men love it when women praise them, even if it’s something trivial; they really are no different from women and works wonders for their confidence. Women should praise their man before even getting into the bedroom; say something on the lines of how good they luck and how horny you get … Continue reading

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life!

We can all get a little bored sometimes of the same routine when it comes to having sex with your partner, but there are elements within a relationship that can help you to spice up your sex life. Food Certain foods are well known to increase your sex drive and mood; chocolate, oysters, figs, tomatoes … Continue reading

Outrageous Sex Facts That You Should Definitely Know

These strange but true sex facts will undoubtedly have you scratching your head in amazement or at least give you and you’re friends/partner something very interesting to talk about over coffee! Vibrators Looking into the history of sex and the facts regarding the vibrator, it was originally used as for ‘hysteria’ and anxiety of women … Continue reading

Top Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys have developed a lot over the past decade as manufacturers within the sex industry have capitalized on the growth of interest in male sex toys and sex aids. Previous generations did not and would not be open about their sexual preferences, needs and wants whereas in the present day men are much more … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: The Value of Feeling Desire

In my last post, I described the various stages of desire, and suggested that we might utilize the experience of desire to manifest things in our physical world. We all are capable of manifesting what we need and want, otherwise we wouldn’t have food and shelter. We wouldn’t even have bodies! The process of manifestation, … Continue reading

How To Have Sex Outside

Every couple looks for ways to spice up their romance.  Instead of spending a fortune on lingerie and toys, why not take advantage of what is right in front of you?  Have sex outside! According to Sandor Gardos, Ph.D, having sex outside awakens the senses.  The sex therapist also comments that the fear of getting … Continue reading

10 Great Movies About Sex

Sex sells. But too little sex and it won’t sell enough, and too much sex and you’ll be lucky to get that picture of yours a wide, theatrical release. But we’ve been watching couples strip down and get intimate for years now, and since sex is such a huge part of life, you can bet … Continue reading

Top Story: Position Mistakes Men Make During Sex

We all want to make sex as good as it can be for our partners. But there’s more to good sex than choosing the best sex position – you have to know which sex positions and techniques to avoid! So here is a list of things for men to avoid during sex, along with some … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your Career

Honestly, in this recession, we think most people would take the raise over the sex (including us). Yes! Sex beats shopping every time. (Or at least it should.) Wait: Married couples having sex a little more than once a week leads to more frustration, fights and tension because that’s not enough? Seems kind of like … Continue reading


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