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Top Story: Naomi Campbell Posing Next to a Tool

Filed Under: How to pose with a tool. WERK!  

100 Years: Michael Jackson Voted Favorite Vanity Fair Cover!

The voting isn’t over yet, but c’mon it’s in the bag at this point. I remember buying this magazine when I was younger and getting aroused. I still have my copy…I think. SMH Update: Voting is over. Michael wins! Yay!

Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of May 2013

Dangerous Lee Takes The SmarteRita “Get Waisted” Challenge My Thoughts On Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy Cash Money Records Ignorantly Signs Paris Hilton Jody Watley Favorites, Retweets & Responds to Dangerous Lee! Keep it Dangerous! Moment With Captain Kirk! Picking The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone Is Religion Relevant In Modern Times? 6 Unique Ways To Release Your Anger Why The Bathroom … Continue reading

4 Ways That Computers Can Be Used To Enhance All Artforms

Not long ago, computers were used mainly for, well, computations. But with the advances that seem to be coming at ever faster rates, computers have left the realm of purely mathematical application and made a place for themselves in every field of interest. The earliest computer designers could never have foreseen how one day the … Continue reading

Are Selfies Contributing To The Downfall Of The Human Race?

In a world of wars, diseases, poverty and politics some think taking a selfie is killing us as a people *blank stare*. Really? Check these Facebook comments and add your 2 cents!  

The Most Inappropriate Times To Take Pictures

Photographers will secretly tell friends that they’d snap pictures of anyone, anything or anywhere regardless who says what.  Onlookers would probably snub photography sessions in certain situations where photos aren’t necessary, would cause harm to self-image or could be borderline totally unappreciated.  Amidst forays of good reasons pictures are excellent keepsakes reside several situations where … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Shane Gramling’s Facing Flint Photo Project

Are YOU Flint Positive?

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 29

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 28

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Ely Zeer

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 22

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 16

Top Story – Why The Bathroom Is The Best Place For A Photo Shoot!

Today, photographers are constantly experimenting and trying to create unique shots. We live in an age where unique visuals can be such an asset, and your photography could turn up in unexpected places on the Internet. Separating your own artwork from the artwork of so many others is an increasingly difficult task for all creative … Continue reading

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Adam McEvilly


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