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#ArtsyTuesday: Video – How to go from a starving to thriving artist

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Use The #FeedArt Hashtag to Start a Movement for Artists on Twitter

You should be familiar with the #FeedArt campaign that I introduced some weeks ago. If not, learn all about it here.

Here’s another way to get involved!

It’s easy!  Include #FeedArt in your tweets, find other accounts using the hashtag and re-tweet their messages, and watch as others re-tweet yours.

The more active you are with the hashtag the more likely you’ll be to expand your reach, amplify your brand, increase engagement, find fellow artists to collaborate with and get featured!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to tweetin’!


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Top Story: Naomi Campbell Posing Next to a Tool

Filed Under: How to pose with a tool.




100 Years: Michael Jackson Voted Favorite Vanity Fair Cover!

The voting isn’t over yet, but c’mon it’s in the bag at this point. I remember buying this magazine when I was younger and getting aroused. I still have my copy…I think. SMH

1989-12-michael-jackson_650Update: Voting is over. Michael wins! Yay!

Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of May 2013


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4 Ways That Computers Can Be Used To Enhance All Artforms


Not long ago, computers were used mainly for, well, computations. But with the advances that seem to be coming at ever faster rates, computers have left the realm of purely mathematical application and made a place for themselves in every field of interest. The earliest computer designers could never have foreseen how one day the descendants of their creations would be used all across the planet by everyday people with everyday interest. Take artists, for example.

Contemporary artists have moved beyond their paper-bound prisons and embraced the digital possibilities of the future. In their quest to create beauty, they have found that where once their dreams were hampered by the natural limits of their medium, with the help of hi-tech programs and devices, the only limits that they need to consider are the ones in their own imaginations. Here are four ways that computers can help create art.

1. Writing

Some of the greatest art that mankind has produced has been in the form of literature. The written word has the ability to entertain, to persuade, and to even change the world. But while visionaries such as Shakespeare and Jane Austen had only their own experiences and imaginations to rely upon, the authors of today can draw from an infinite well of information. The Internet has more facts, personal accounts, and potential for inspiration than could be catalogued in a thousand life times. As a result, the modern Steinbeck doesn’t have to have had experience looking for work as a migrant worker to write Of Mice and Men; he only needs to know how to work a search engine.

2. Photography

A few decades ago, most photographs that were captured by anyone other than professional photographers were likely to turn out pretty badly. For one thing, after the image was snapped, it would have to be fully developed on film before it could even be reviewed. Add to that the problems of lighting, discoloration, and motion blur, and it’s a wonder that anyone even bothered to try to take their own pictures. Today, amateur photographers can easily find and capture that perfect moment by being able to review digital images within seconds of engaging the shutter, and with digital memory storage, they don’t have to worry about running out of film right when things are getting good. All they need to do is delete images that they are unhappy with as they go, leaving plenty of storage space for pictures that they plan on keeping. Add to that the abundance of available photo editing software, and artists can continue to perfect their images long after the moment has passed.

3. Drawing/Painting

Similar to photography, artists who enjoy creating images on paper can enhance their work by scanning it into a computer and using special software to manipulate it. However, there are a growing number of digital artists who prefer to keep the entire process paper-free. They use various programs to take their creations all the way from the first few tentative lines on the canvas, to a finished product that includes layered elements that would be impossible with analogue materials. In fact, entire museum exhibitions have been set up to showcase the work of these pictorial pioneers.


It’s no surprise to anyone who has listened to recent pop music hits that digital “enhancement” is common in recording studios. But despite some of the more blatant attempts to use computers to fill in for a star’s who lack talent, audio production through digital recording is actually an amazing tool for amature and professional musicians alike. By viewing sound as a digital representation, artists can tighten range, tweak notes, and eliminate ambient noise, all with a few clicks of a mouse. That’s not to mention some of the the more extreme changes that have become possible. Suffice it to say, that with the right programs and know-how, a digital sound mixer can invent noises that most people wouldn’t even be able to imagine.

Jessica Larry is a photographer in New York City. She heralds from the days of film and large print photography and has since moved to digital. She is currently working on an exhibit to showcase late 2014.

Are Selfies Contributing To The Downfall Of The Human Race?

In a world of wars, diseases, poverty and politics some think taking a selfie is killing us as a people *blank stare*. Really?

Check these Facebook comments and add your 2 cents!


The Most Inappropriate Times To Take Pictures

Photographers will secretly tell friends that they’d snap pictures of anyone, anything or anywhere regardless who says what.  Onlookers would probably snub photography sessions in certain situations where photos aren’t necessary, would cause harm to self-image or could be borderline totally unappreciated.  Amidst forays of good reasons pictures are excellent keepsakes reside several situations where pictorial ignorance is best.  Here, then, are venues where taking pictures may just get your camera, or your nose, busted into three million pieces along with loads of lawsuits.


Paying respects for your departed friends and loved ones shouldn’t consist of anything more than hugs, kisses and silent prayers.  Sometimes, however, grieving widows or first cousins love snapping pictures before God releases the dead’s soul into heaven.  Personally, I believe that cameras should be banned from funeral homes; others love to take family snapshots, especially when family are gathering for the first time in eons. If you can avoid doing so, leave the deceased to their peace, and avoid taking anything with your camera phone or small personal Cyber Shot.


One must really question their mental state if running onto the battlefield simply to take action shots is something of interest.  This job is best reserved for news staff and is often done at their own risk. Although several hundred years ago medics would literally stop war to carry away their dead comrades, nary a moment has passed when photographers stopped submachine gun fire or an oncoming A1 Abrams just to get members of both regimes to pose.   The sole (albeit extremely rare) exception to the ‘no war photo’ rule should be given to innocent bystanders who happen to see some great action and have access to camera phones or camera equipment.  Even still, you should choose your pictures wisely.  War isn’t cute, funny or even exciting; capturing it on digital camera film is, with all due respect, idiotic.

Copyright Protected Entities

Think taking pictures of intellectual property is a ‘cakewalk’?  Think again.  Many successfully litigated lawsuits over taking pictures of athletes, politicians or other copyrighted materials dictate the difficulty in getting people on your camera without express oral or written consent.  If you dare risk exposing yourself to the ramifications of taking photos of items or entities under brand protection, make sure you’re smart enough to never leak your exposed film.  Because you’ll be hung from the highest rafter in State or Federal Court, and could be charged ridiculously.  Think of it as a potential ‘Napster lawsuit’ of pictures.

In Closing: Respect, Reserve, and React Appropriately

It’s not uncommon knowledge that millions of copyright protected, or extremely vile, imagery are released via Instagram, uploaded to websites or shared via text messages daily.  This article, alone, will not stop such actions.  That being said, heed to this friendly warning, photojournalists: while it’s totally understandable you want high-quality photos of the rarest nature, make sure you’re respecting the situation where the action is happening.  Reserve your shots for appropriate scenarios, and react by capturing the best angles or footage possible.  Although nobody can tell you how to perform your job as photographers, understand that living by moral codes should be the highest rung on the importance ladder, regardless how badly you need the most profound photo spread to obtain a gig.


Roger Kowalewski is a freelance writer and gadget guru from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.

Flint Positive Spotlight: Shane Gramling’s Facing Flint Photo Project


Using the Vehicle City’s reputation for crime and lawlessness to reveal the creativity flourishing in the town that G.M.forgot. Click image for more details and a chance to participate!

Are YOU Flint Positive?

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 29


A few years back; rockin’ a wig…lookin’ like I’m packin’ a penis! Photoshop, please!!!

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 28


One of my senior pictures!

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Ely Zeer


National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 22


Don’t fuck with me, I’ve got a gun! Do you know what movie that line is from?

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 16


This creative image was taken while sitting on a friend’s couch!


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