5 Fantabulous Things You Need To Learn How To Do In Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is a program that is willing to be just as complex and advanced as you want it to be. Newcomers are able to quickly and easily touch-up, delete red eye, and add glowing light-sabers to any photo they choose—and all without breaking a (virtual) sweat. But the more you learn about the photo editing software, the more you begin to notice that all of those little icons and options sitting unassumingly over to the side actually open up into countless digital rabbit-holes that you can slide down into to discover an entire wonderland of possibilities. Here are five things you might not have known were possible.

1. Removing people/things.

Maybe you’ve got a great photo of you from your cousin’s wedding last year. You’re in shape, your clothes are perfect, and best of all, your smile looks charmingly unforced. Unfortunately, your date looks like a train wreck. Well, no worries, because you can still show off this stunning photograph of yourself without having to explain what you were doing eating cake next to a baboon. There are multiple tools available on Photoshop that let you delete objects from the image without having to whip out the scissors. The clone stamp tool, for example, lets you use the surrounding area to realistically cover up anything that you might not want in your picture—even people.

2. Add shadows.

One of the earliest forms of photo manipulation is collage. Seriously, people have been Frankensteining together pictures for hundreds of years (just ask Abraham Lincoln). It doesn’t take much effort or Photoshop know-how to figure out how to copy and paste one image into another. However, once your new image is in place, you might notice that it tends to stand out from the background. No one is going to believe that you got into a fist fight with William Shatner if your face looks like a cardboard cutout floating against his right hook. Well, one way to give your digital lie credibility is to add realistic shadows. This can be done by adding lens flares, copying layers, and doing a host of other amazing, yet not-too complex, actions.

3. Blur faces (or anything else).

So, you’ve built a digital masterpiece of photo manipulation. But before you send it off into the ether of the Internet, you wonder how ethical it is to include all those unwilling bystanders in a picture that’s been so far removed from reality. Well, take a cue from the FBI and give those faces the “witness protection” treatment. Blurring faces (or license plates, or pretty much anything that shouldn’t end up in the final image) is actually really easy. All it involves is a little area selection and a click or two on the filter option. There. Identities are safe, and you’re ready to shock the world.

4. Isolate colors.

It’s a common misconception in photography that black-and-white photos are somehow artsy. That’s OK. If draining the color from an image manages to stir your emotions and set fire to your soul, then good for you. It’s easy enough to accomplish in Photoshop. Just de-saturate the entire image. Bam! Monochromatic. However, for much cooler images you can choose to spare a single area of the picture from decolorization. Let’s say your subject is holding a rose (again, this does not make it automatically artistic). By using duplicate layers and layer masks, one can simply “brush” color back onto an area, resulting in an eye-popping contrast that will be sure to turn heads.

5. Add rain effects.

Have you ever tried to take a photo in the rain? It doesn’t always turn out. Sometimes the lighting is too poor, or the drops are too small to show up. Don’t worry about it, because with a little help from Photoshop you can take otherwise dry images and hit them with a splash of inclement weather. It’s simply a matter of filling a new layer with a bit of “noise,” and then blurring that noise, giving it an angle, and reducing the layer capacity. Now you can make that intense game of table tennis seem even more epic. Have you ever played ping-pong in the middle of a downpour? You have now.

Jared Jaureguy is a Technology Consultant for several of the biggest tech companies in the world. You can follow him @JaredJaureguy.



5 Useful Things To Do With Photos

I have literally hundreds of photos stored on my phone and I’m sure many other people do.  It’s so easy to take a photo these days as we tend to have our mobile phones on us anyway.  Also, the quality of mobile phone cameras has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years so not only are we taking more pictures but we are getting better quality pictures too.  But what should we do with all these pictures?  I might share some of the better ones on social media but after that they just stay on my phone.  This seems like such a waste as many of them are pictures of things I love, such as family and friends or favorite views.  So what should we do with all our photos?

Make Them In To Greetings Cards

 If you’ve got pictures of you, your children or family you could have them made up into cards.

For a professional finish have them printed through a company.  For individual cards such as personalized birthday or valentines cards try  For batches of cards such as thank you cards or invitations, Moonpig have a great new website

For a more creative finish, if you’ve got more time to spare, have a go at making your own.  You can really let your imagination run wild here and make them as simple or as ornate as you like depending on your style and time available.  Take a look at these ideas.

 Home Made Greetings  Another Home Made Effort

Make Gift Tags

On a similar theme to greetings cards, you can make homemade gift tags.  Just print out your chosen photo and stick it to a piece of card.  Then just punch a hole at one end and thread it with ribbon.  If you’re really cordinated you can match the color of the card and ribbon that you use to the color of the gift wrap.


Have Them Printed as Wall Art

If you have great photos of family and friends or stunning views on your phone then don’t let them go to waste.  Use them to decorate your home.  Anything from putting them into frames on a shelf or mantelpiece to having them printed into posters or canvases and hanging them on the wall.  Have a look at these handy tips for hanging art on your walls.  If you want something a bit different and your phone or camera has a panoramic print function, then try hanging a panoramic print in your home.  These look great above beds, sofas or mantelpieces.  You can get panoramic canvases or just a large canvas print printed at

Make a Memory Book

If you have lots of different photos of the same thing such as a holiday or children or family then a memory book is a fun way to collect them together and can even make a lovely gift.  You just need an empty photo album or notebook then you can print out your photos and stick them in.  You can add notes to your pictures or add other things in too like tickets or other souvenirs.

Memory Book



Put Your Best Pictures in a Locket or on Personalized Photo Jewellery

Lockets might be a bit old fashioned but it’s still a lovely idea.  Choosing one or two of your favorite family pictures and inserting them into a locket on a pendant means you can keep your special pictures close.  There are so many different lockets to choose from including non-traditional designs if you want something a bit more up to date.  Another idea similar, to lockets is personalized photo jewellery.  There are many website that offer this service in a range of styles from photos set in resin to photos engraved onto metal.


Shelly is a content artist for a local company dealing in web design and creative expression. In her spare time she enjoys photography and creating mini works of art out of her images and any scrap materials she can find.


Top Story – Why The Bathroom Is The Best Place For A Photo Shoot!


Today, photographers are constantly experimenting and trying to create unique shots. We live in an age where unique visuals can be such an asset, and your photography could turn up in unexpected places on the Internet. Separating your own artwork from the artwork of so many others is an increasingly difficult task for all creative people. Photography is certainly no exception, particularly not in an age when everyone’s phone has a camera and so many people take up photography as a hobby.

There are many ways to put different spins on any standard photography subject matter, but choosing an exotic location is certainly one of them. While many photographers feel compelled to look beyond everyday things and people in capturing their subjects, some others may try to find beauty in that which is ordinary. Everyday locations like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are only as trivial as you make them.

Bathrooms Have A Lot Going For Them In Terms Of Photo Shoots
Really, bathrooms have a lot going for them in terms of photo shoots. Photographers are always trying to capture people from unique angles with good lighting. Many bathrooms absolutely must have good lighting, since people apply makeup there and prepare themselves to face the world all in that one location. Photographers invest so much time in trying to create the best lighting conditions possible, that bathrooms can potentially allow them to take shortcuts that would be impossible under normal circumstances. Photographers always have to make good use of their surroundings and locations, and any person creative enough to be a photographer is creative enough to use the lighting of a bathroom to their best advantage.


Decorative Bathrooms
Then there is the issue of how bathrooms are usually decorated. While there are exceptions, bathrooms are typically designed to be cheerful and inviting. Bathrooms will often have pictures on the wall, cheery wallpaper, and so many other attributes that will only enhance the aesthetics of your average bathroom and the photograph within its premises. Even in a dirtier or less inviting bathroom, bathrooms are easy enough to liven up for the sake of a photograph, and they are far more compact than many competing locations.

Bathroom Mirrors Add A Charm
Mirrors are a great component to add to many bathrooms. They can create interesting angles, make the room look larger, and generally contribute to the visual appearance of the location. In bathroom photographs with the typical bathroom lighting, they can even make the whole room and the subject of the photograph look brighter. Achieving that same effect in almost any other room in any house would be much more difficult, but bathrooms come fully equipped with nice decorations that can enhance most photographs.

Bathrooms have a certain warm, friendly familiarity to them as well, even at the worst of times. It is the one room of any house guests are most likely to visit at one point. People may look very well lit in their bathrooms, but they certainly will always look at home there. All that positivity can be captured nicely on film.

Ashraf Pistawala is a media blogger and writes for AQVA Bathrooms, the on-line store in UK for designer accessories in bathrooms. You can interact with AQVA Bathrooms on twitter @aqvabathrooms

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 2


Day2 – January 2, 2013:

I love stars and this one was hanging around the house, so why not add it to the Dangermas tree! Here it sits next to Senia’s drawing from Day 1.


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