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Halt The Increase In Annoying Phone Calls

Nowadays we get more annoying nuisance phone calls than ever before.  We get abandoned calls, silent calls, calls from tele-sales agents, calls from providers of our services, and even calls that are quite aggressive in their approach. The Telephone Preference Service It’s possible to prevent some nuisance calls by registering with the Telephone Preference List … Continue reading

6 Ways Men Use Cars To Get Laid

    Men use cars to get laid, that fact is indisputable. And it doesn’t really matter whether you think it’s wrong or right, they just do. If you’re a woman looking for some insight into how men’s brains work, or if you’re a man who’s on the look out for a new ride that … Continue reading

Strange Facts About Women Drivers

We don’t want to enter the debate about whether women are better are worse drivers than men are. But if you want to know the facts about women drivers, then we’re definitely here to help. Here’s the weird and the strange about females in control of vehicles… Women are rapidly beginning to make up the … Continue reading

10 Ways Driving is Better than Sex

    Whether you drive every day, or just once a week or so, there’s plenty of reasons that driving is better than sex. Not only can you do it in public (in fact, it’s strongly recommended that you drive in public, cars and bedrooms don’t mix well), but you also can’t get pregnant. Want … Continue reading

Top Story: Can You Legally Drive Naked?

    The question of whether or not it is legal to drive around naked really begs another question: why would you want to? But presuming that you do, maybe because you got caught in a rain storm and wanted to take off your wet clothes, the basic answer to the first question is no, … Continue reading


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