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Makeup Tips For Men!

makeup for men

In this day and age appearance is considered everything and with so many things one has to be careful with the choices he takes from the preparation to how he looks when he steps out.  What he chooses depending on the occasion being prepared for; from dates to board meetings or just the usual day, there are always things to be done. This article will give you an idea on what to do.

These days every man considers his look to be perfect and therefore a lot of time goes into the planning and preparation on how someone looks before he steps out to go for a date, board meeting or any other occasion. As such, people have various ways in which they prepare themselves and although there are many theories given I believe there are some common things that can be done to make sure that when one steps out he stands out and looks exquisite. Here are some things that one can do.

Get Enough Rest

It is always said that a tired body is always lazy and that will always affect your day or night out. As such enough rest is needed in case you are preparing for a day at work a good night’s sleep will always do you good as you will always need the energy during the grueling. A Well rested body is the best ingredient to start your day well.  In this century it seems like the rest or sleep is hard to come by but if one plans his/her time well and choose their priorities right then this can be achieved. It will not only enhance your daily productivity but also improve your health and goes a long way in improving your skin texture.

A Good Bath

Sometimes considered as cliché it goes a long way in freshening your body up and is vital preparation towards making up. A good warm or cold bath depending on the liking is good to awaken up your body senses. It is advisable that one takes some time to carefully bath and not the usual 5 minute showers we take in the name of being in a hurry. It’s good to have a relaxing bath too once in a while if its soaps or liquids that one prefers to make one feel comfortable and confident. Confidence is what everyone strives to achieve and it can only be achieved from a good preparation.

man in makeup

Choice of Clothing

Of course depending with the occasion one has to choose decent clothing to wear as what you wear and to what occasion leaves a lasting impression on people. There is a wide range of choices in which one can choose from at the moment ranging from designer wear that costs a fortune and those that are pocket friendly. Even though one could have a closet full of clothing one has to know the wright picks for the right occasion and as such a good idea of the ideal norms or dos and dont’s is required. For a formal event one would probably go for a good looking suit that compliments his skin color.

A suit that fits you perfectly and is not fitting or loose; but one that compliments your body should be the best choice. The right choice of shirt and tie too should be considered as one would choose. Colors that are warm and welcoming but portray power and calmness for example if you are a manager or a CEO with nice and classy shoes to compliment the look; if it is a casual outing then one would consider a more easy look one that is more relaxing. A nice casual t-shirt with khaki trousers with nice casual shoes will do. Minding your personality will also guide you on what to wear  as it will define you, you wouldn’t want  to wear to a date something that will make you look like someone else a suite for example would not be ideal for a picnic as it would make you look like someone who too serious.

Nice Cologne

This is the most important part a man’s make up as it leaves a lasting impression. A good choice of mens fragrance should be a must and depending on someone’s personality one has to have a nice scent that always follows him. There are many choices that one can choose from depending on several factors, that is, the price, brand, like, scent and so much more considering the factor that is important to someone. All these factors aside the ideal man’s cologne should be pocket friendly and one that suits his body and daily activity. With this is mind there is still a wide range of mens perfume to choose from that would have the exact feel that one would want.

Different kinds of mens fragrances may suit different people and as suggested before there is a wide range that one can choose from for example Hugo boss, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ferrari and Jean Paul among others. Some men will love a fragrance that has a strong scent while others will prefer one that is a bit mild. A key factor to be considered also is the price and where to get the nice fragrance at a reasonable price. You can try out several online shops to get the ideal modern man’s cologne on Sites such as grandperfumes.com, ilovethisfragrance.com and cologneformen.us and theperfumespot.com web sites will provide you with one of the ideal choices of mens scent that will be pocket friendly, suite your style, personality and class.

With all these taken into account and done well you will step out the house feeling confident of yourself and what you are about to set out to do will most definitely be a success be it a date or a business meeting. Taking these factors into account from your rest, the suit you choose to wear, the shoes and most importantly the cologne you wear will have a positive effect on your appearance and ultimate you day.

Davis Macheran is a writer based in Wisconsin. He has spent more than a decade blogging about various topics but decided to focus on what became interesting to him; personal grooming and personality which he now specializes in writing.

Fame: The First Black Perfume

ladygaga fame

Author: Myeliza Citra


Lady Gaga’s first perfume ‘Fame’ is perfect for the fall and winter season. This is first ever black perfume, which sprays clear and immediately becomes invisible once airborne. It involves a unique push-pull technology structure that includes three main accords: dark, sensual and light.

Every day, we got to see numerous celebrities launching different perfumes. The booming celebrity fragrance industry is growing with every passing day. There are some celebrities, who are extremely successful with their fragrant ventures and this success prompted them to launch multiple perfumes along the way. The latest entry in the field is Lady Gaga. She recently launched her debut perfume ‘Fame’. She presented her first scent in collaboration with The Haus Laboratories Paris and perfume company Coty. Fame relates to Lady Gaga very closely and contains underlying occult elements, which can be recognized by people who have some knowledge of it.

The advertisement campaign of the fragrance is also interesting and it appears as if it acknowledges the celebrates the dark and evil side of ‘Fame’. Moreover, the composition of the scent contains such ingredients that were used in ancient witchcraft and sex magic rituals. The campaign is directed by Steven Klein, who is known for his provocative, and dark fashion editorials, which usually involves mind control and occult symbolism. The advertisement shows Lady Gaga in different scenes like writhing around in black goop, scantily clad men crawling all over her, underwater, crab-walking, wearing black latex, lying on her side, naked and lots of lots of black ooze. It is a fast paced and high fashion commercial campaign.


The uniqueness of the fragrance is that it uses the so-called ‘push-pull technology’ that allows the ingredients to be mixed for highlighting different aspects of every fragrant note, at the same time and without any hierarchy. The three main accords of the perfume are dark accord, light accord and sensual accord. The dark accord contains poisonous flower Belladonna and incense that evolve into the sensual and opulent wave of honey drops, apricot and saffron. The floral note of tiger orchid and Sambac jasmine embody beauty and light. It is the only perfume that comes in black liquid that immediately becomes invisible when it touches the skin.

The design of the perfume bottle is also interesting and designed in collaboration with Nick Knight. The bottle visually looks like a black egg-shaped vessel featuring a gold lid from which elegant and long gold claws reach to clasp the bottle. This is one such perfume that everyone will sure to get their hands on. This is just the perfect fragrance for the fall, as well as, winter season.

This perfume is unique whether one talks about its black-to-clear fluid or the structure itself. So, just check out this perfume today.


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