Why I’ve Slept With White Men And Will Do It Again


Photo by Davio Curo – No, I didn’t sleep with this White guy, but I have thought about it.

I bet you think I’m about to get deep, but you’re wrong. Why does anyone decide to have sex with a person? They’re attracted to them. It’s as simple as that. I don’t discriminate. I like men. Their color, race, or heritage is not important. Does that surprise you?

It has nothing to do with self hatred, but I will admit that it was a curiosity. I’ve learned that men are men Black, White or otherwise. I used to believe that Black people who dated outside their race were indeed self haters, but that’s a blanket statement that is simply not true.


Author Terrance Dean on “Elderly and Edible” from ‘Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down”


Why am  posting a negative review of my short story “Elderly and Edible”? You have to be able to take the good with the bad.  Terrance gave his honest opinion of the story and that’s what I wanted and needed to hear. I respect that. It forces me to take a closer look at my work before it is revealed to the public. I like that!

Sure, not everyone digs short stories, even Oprah stated that she usually does not  recommend books of short stories because it seems like something is always missing and you’re left hanging at the end. Recently Oprah found a book of short stories that did not leave her hanging and she made it her book club choice.

I purposely wanted to leave people hanging with this particular story so that you’re forced to think. However, when it comes to character and story development I want you to know what they’re about.

Thanks for the tough love, Terrance. It will help in the end.

Hey Ms. Dangerous Lee,

I have read your short and honestly I don’t feel I can give a positive review for it. I feel it’s a powerful tale and one that needs to be told, but it fell short for me.

The eight pages were extremely short, and the story for me was not developed. I think a lot more back story needs to be told, as well as the developing of their relationship, along with his relationship with the young girl. I didn’t connect with the characters, thus I couldn’t feel anything about their situation or issue.

Perhaps you should get someone else to read and review it for you. Sorry about this.

Thanks for thinking of me.


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Ask Dangerous Lee – Why is Detroit so violent?

Q: Most of my immediate family lives in Houston, and I was talking about how most serial killers come from or pass thru Texas at some point in their careers and my sis pointed out the Detroit has a higher crime rate than Houston. I was unaware so I checked a few stats and not only is Detroit in the top five most violent cities in the U.S. (Houston isn’t even in the top ten), but Flint is right behind Detroit. What do you think about this and why do you think this is happening in your home town? I was really surprised.

Nykos’s Auntie, Houston, TX

A: What do I think about it? It saddens me. Why do I think this is happening? That’s a loaded question that I cannot completely answer. I have no idea why Flint is close to the top of the list of most violent cities, but I’m sure this list is based on population and neither Flint or Detroit has the population of Houston.

On the other hand there are many violent crimes taking place in Flint, but there are also many positive and non violent events happening in Flint. Don’t judge a city by its crime rate. Come visit us and I’m sure you will get home alive.

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Ask Dangerous Lee – What is the “unpardonable sin,” found in Mark 3 and Matthew 12?

Q: What is the “unpardonable sin,” found in Mark 3 and Matthew 12, and how does sin become “unforgivable?”

Is You Is, Detroit, MI

A: Obviously you have opened up a Bible and read this particular section which means that you’re already several steps ahead of me. From what I understand everyone who reads the Bible thoroughly interprets it differently, so even if I was versed on psalms I may think it means something totally different than you. Make your best judgment sweetie and roll with it. That’s the religious way!

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Ask Dangerous Lee – How do you know when you’re an adult?

Q: How do you know when you’re an adult?

tt!, Flint, MI

A: When your 18th birthday arrives you’re an adult, legally. If you’re 18 or for that matter 35 and cannot handle your own damn business and you’d rather run the streets getting high, not working, and can’t commit to anything then you’re not an adult. Comprende?

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Ask Dangerous Lee – What do we as BLACK people consider being BLACK enough?!

Ask Dangerous Lee

Q: I am a Black male with black parents (high yellow) but I was indirectly raised with subtle traces of Japanese culture. Oddly enough, I wear expensive blazers with casual jeans and sneakers. I prefer super hero movies or anime over 50 Cent and I think I’m the only guy left on earth that refers to women as…..WOMEN and not hoes (Gasp!). Surely I’m malfunctioning. I guess the bottom line question is “What do we as BLACK people consider being BLACK enough?!

Kentaro, Dearborn, MI

A: Seems like you’re having an identity crisis. You mentioned that your parents are ‘high yellow” as if that were separate from the rest of us chocolate Black folks. You also mentioned that you wear “expensive” blazers. Who gives a damn! Stop thinking you’re better than the rest of us and that may clear up a few things for you. And, let me tell you something else, it’s not just you sweetie, there are many more of us out here that don’t fit into stereotypes. Stop buying into ignorance. You should be asking what is NERD enough, because you fit the bill, Mr. Traces of Japanese Culture.

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Ask Dangerous Lee – Why is it that nice boys don’t do it for me!?

Ask dangerous Lee

Q: I’m a newly single girl and have been dating. Currently I am seeing one guy I will call my “Nice Boy” and the other is my “Gangsta Boy”. Nice Boy is very nice, has his shit together and all that. Gangsta Boy is gangsta! He doesn’t have shit going for him and can be rude as fuck! So why is it that nice boy doesn’t do it for me!? I try and try, I like him and we have a lot in common, but with gangsta boy I can really be myself. We have fun and I don’t give a fuck what he thinks of me cuz he aint shit!

E, Detroit, MI

A: My first thought is that you’re a Gansta Bitch if the Gangsta Boy is turning you on. It’s either that or he is hooking you up royally in the bedroom. You probably dig Nice Boy because you can pretend to be the lady that you are not. It’s role playing for you and again it leads to a good time in the bedroom. You’re kinky and this allows your naughty fantasies to become reality. The best advice I can give you at this point is to make sure you have plenty of your own condoms on hand and you may want to invest in a diaphragm as well.

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