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Top Story: Why I’ve Slept With White Men And Will Do It Again

I bet you think I’m about to get deep, but you’re wrong. Why does anyone decide to have sex with a person? They’re attracted to them. It’s as simple as that. I don’t discriminate. I like men. Their color, race, or heritage is not important. Does that surprise you? It has nothing to do with … Continue reading

Review Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

Have you read Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down? Like it? Love it? Didn’t get it? Hated it? Leave your thoughts here for Dangerous Lee and the world to see. Thank You!

What People Are Saying About Dangerous Lee – Part 2

ON ACTING Addae Olamina – “Son of Barack” writer There are not words to describe how much I thank you for lending your immense talent to “Son of Barack”. I did not lie to you when I told you that you were the prototype for Melanie when I began writing the script. You are an … Continue reading

Author Terrance Dean on “Elderly and Edible” from ‘Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down”

Why am  posting a negative review of my short story “Elderly and Edible”? You have to be able to take the good with the bad.  Terrance gave his honest opinion of the story and that’s what I wanted and needed to hear. I respect that. It forces me to take a closer look at my … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee – Why is Detroit so violent?

Q: Most of my immediate family lives in Houston, and I was talking about how most serial killers come from or pass thru Texas at some point in their careers and my sis pointed out the Detroit has a higher crime rate than Houston. I was unaware so I checked a few stats and not … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee – What is the “unpardonable sin,” found in Mark 3 and Matthew 12?

Q: What is the “unpardonable sin,” found in Mark 3 and Matthew 12, and how does sin become “unforgivable?” Is You Is, Detroit, MI A: Obviously you have opened up a Bible and read this particular section which means that you’re already several steps ahead of me. From what I understand everyone who reads the … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee – How do you know when you’re an adult?

Q: How do you know when you’re an adult? tt!, Flint, MI A: When your 18th birthday arrives you’re an adult, legally. If you’re 18 or for that matter 35 and cannot handle your own damn business and you’d rather run the streets getting high, not working, and can’t commit to anything then you’re not … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee – What do we as BLACK people consider being BLACK enough?!

Q: I am a Black male with black parents (high yellow) but I was indirectly raised with subtle traces of Japanese culture. Oddly enough, I wear expensive blazers with casual jeans and sneakers. I prefer super hero movies or anime over 50 Cent and I think I’m the only guy left on earth that refers … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee – Why is it that nice boys don’t do it for me!?

Q: I’m a newly single girl and have been dating. Currently I am seeing one guy I will call my “Nice Boy” and the other is my “Gangsta Boy”. Nice Boy is very nice, has his shit together and all that. Gangsta Boy is gangsta! He doesn’t have shit going for him and can be … Continue reading


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