Lady Gaga Wants You To Know That Her Shenanigans‎ Landed Her in the Louvre


I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, but even I’m not feeling her latest release, ART POP, and her fashion has always been insane but her latest costumes are giving me the stink face where I usually find her fashion … Continue reading

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Are Selfies Contributing To The Downfall Of The Human Race?


In a world of wars, diseases, poverty and politics some think taking a selfie is killing us as a people *blank stare*. Really? Check these Facebook comments and add your 2 cents!  

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Tone Trezure – Singer, Artist, Musician & Composer

2013-02-03 11.52.19

Name and Occupation: Latonya G. Givens aka Tone Trezure.  I am an singer/artist/ musician and composer   What do you love about being a woman? What I love about being a woman is that we hold the keys to any … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Joins The Walking Dead!

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How Not To Lose Your Twitter Followers


Twitter is here to stay and it is carving itself as a leader in marketing and communication. Therefore, to succeed in the social media realm, having more followers than your competitor is a necessity. As a result, every blogger out … Continue reading

Is New Technology Ruining or Enhancing Our Interpersonal Skills?

new technology

Our youth is spending more and more time interacting with each other online, social networking, and texting. With so many online platforms and channels for social engagement online, children may be left with poor interpersonal skills. I personally participate in … Continue reading