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Fashion Tips And Tricks For Women with Big Breasteses

Men find heavy breasts sexy while women with small chests go to the extreme of surgery in a bid to get bigger breasts. While heavy busts look good and make women feel more confident, it can be very difficult to dress them. Most women with big busts try to wear clothing that hides that area. … Continue reading

The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

T-shirts seem like such an obvious type of wear – we are so used to the simple shape of a tee that it feels so difficult to come up with an innovative way of wearing it. But when you think about it – a skirt or a pair of jeans are equally popular and worn … Continue reading

Top Story: Why Are Skater Dresses Such A Big Fashion Phenomenon?

There’s nothing especially new about the so-called skater dress. The design harks back to the 1980s, when the dress with a gathered-in waist which flared out into a full, circle skirt first became hugely popular. Give Us A Twirl! The origin of the name is pretty obvious – the dresses are designed to emphasize the … Continue reading

Sexy Dresses For All Body Types

Heading out for night on the town with your closest girlfriends is always filled with memories and laughter, but finding something sexy to wear can be a bit of challenge.  Being sure that you have a few basic pieces in your wardrobe will make sure that even on a minutes notice, you will look gorgeous … Continue reading


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