bright nail polish

Top Story: 6 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

bright nail polish

Ask any woman how many bottles of nail polishes she owns and she probably wouldn’t be able to count. Women often have a surplus of bottles in multicolored hues that they use to adorn their nails with chic color and designs. Well-painted nails have long been a fashion statement ever since the first modern nail lacqeur was introduced by Cutex in 1917. Even before then, Cleopatra was said to have adorned her nails with red henna. Nail polish has long been a mainstay in modern fashion, and throughout the years, several other novel uses have been discovered for this versatile varnish. Who would have thought there would have been more uses for polish than just to paint a pretty pedicure?

Shoe Polish

One novel use for nail polishes is to use them in place of shoe polish. Once a great pair of shoes gets scuffed up, they are often thrown to the back of the closet and forgotten about. But with the multitude of shades that nail polishes come in, one is sure to find a great match. Just make sure to test the color out on a piece of paper before applying to the shoe, as the polish may change shades slightly once it’s out of the bottle.

Protect Jewelry from Tarnish

It can be difficult to find great pieces of costume jewelry, and when one finds that perfect piece of jewelry, it’s always a matter of time before that piece becomes tarnished and unwearable. The reason for tarnish occurring in the first place is due to the air hitting the metal. A great fix for this problem is to apply a coat of clear polish to the jewelry in order to form a protective barrier around the metal. This will keep costume jewelry from tarnishing quickly, thus saving money in the long run.

Protective Coating

For individuals who may have a nickel allergy, the backs of buttons on jeans and other items of clothing may cause skin irritation. An easy fix for this problem is to take polish and paint the back of the buttons where they may rub up against the skin (be careful not to get polish on the clothing before it dries). This will create a barrier between the metal and the skin, which will reduce any further skin irritations.

Curing Warts

Clear polish is also a great home remedy for curing warts. Warts thrive on oxygen, so by coating a wart with clear polish, this will greatly reduce it’s size within a week. Just be sure to coat the whole wart and to reapply polish if it begins to flake off.

Fix Your Panty Hose

Polish is also a great way to stop a run in one’s panty hose. By dabbing a small drop on either side of a run, it will greatly increase the life of one’s panty hose. Polish is also a wonderful remedy to apply to any other clothes which may have frayed, including hair ribbons and accessories.

Protect Split Fingernail

Splitting a fingernail can be a painful ordeal, especially when one continues to re-injure it while waiting for it to grow out. To cover and protect the injured nail, simply split open a tea bag and cut the paper cloth down to the size of the nail. Place it over the nail and coat it with a layer of clear polish. This will serve as an effective temporary Band Aid until the split is able to grow out.

With the abundance of great alternative uses for nail polish, it is almost easy to forget the main function of this fashion staple. With a multitude of uses and more uses being discovered every day, nail polish serves as a great quick fix to many of life’s little dilemmas.

Tanya Loo is a beauty writer for an online beauty store based in Singapore. She offers advice on everyday beauty products like nail polish, makeup brushes and other popular beauty tools.


Women's History Month Spotlight: Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker & Author


Name and Occupation?

Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker, Trainer & Author

What do you love most about being a woman?

Girly, sparkly things like jewelry, glitter nail polish and shiny shoes.

What do you hate about being a woman?

Being boxed into stereotypes that determine what is and what isn’t lady like.  I prefer to define my own definition.

Who or what influences you?

Other women who live organically like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. I love women who don’t apologize for who they are.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us:

I am an introvert.  I simply love intimate evenings at home with just me and my boo!

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#DIYThursday: How To Make Your Own Nail Polish

If you’ve ever paid to get your nails manicured, or even purchased high-end nail polish, you know how pricey keeping up with all the latest nail fads can be. There may even be occasions when you want your nails to match your outfit or makeup, and can’t seem to find the perfect shade. Did you know that you can create whatever nail polish color you desire, from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of what it might cost you to pay for the professional alternatives? What’s more is that creating your own nail lacquers is also easy and fun. Here are steps for how to make homemade nail polish:

Purchase a clear top coat. Any brand will do. As a matter of fact, you can even head into a dollar store or any discount store and buy bottles of clear top coat in bulk. Once you’ve made your own custom nail polish color, there’s no doubt you’ll want to make more, so you can’t have too many bottles of clear coat!

Choose pigments you want to add. Pigment is just a fancy word for color, and in this case, your pigment is eye shadow or blush – in powder form. Again, any eye shadow will do – even a cheap, dollar store brand. Get creative here. You can mix colors, or even use your favorite eye shadow to create a nail polish hue that matches your eye makeup perfectly. If you want glittery polish, then you can even add glitter to the mix (just be sure to use fine glitter, as opposed to the craft glitter grade-schoolers use for art projects).

Prepare your work station. Lay out a table covering, so as not to make a mess. Pour enough clear top coat out of the bottle you plan on mixing in to allow for the pigments and/or glitter. Roll an ordinary sheet of paper into the shape of a funnel, small enough to fit into the mouth of the nail paint bottle. Crush your pigment of choice into a fine powder.

Add the pigment to the clear top coat. Insert the funnel into the nail polish bottle, and deep into the clear top coat. Drop the pigment and/or glitter into the funnel – a little bit at a time – until you are satisfied with the amount of pigment in the polish. You may have to experiment a little at this step, to get the hue density you desire.

Once your clear top coat is tinted with the pigment, shake up the mixture and/or use the nail polish brush to fully incorporate the pigment into the polish. The only thing left to do is to paint those nails!

About the Author: Valene Sundblad loves taking her daughters to choose nail colors and girly accessories but has the most fun when they sit down at home and create their own unique polish blends!

harry potter nails

Create Amazing Harry Potter Nail Art!


#FeedArt Beauty: 7 Quick Tips To Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer

7 Quick Tips To Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 8 seconds. Contains 429 words

Nail polish has a natural tendency to chip after several days of wear. Whether you paint your nails yourself at home, or get a manicure at your local salon, chipping nail polish is a common problem that can be highly frustrating.

Even a single chip can compromise the look of your entire manicure. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent your nail polish from chipping and even extend the length of your manicure. Here you will find a list of super simple tips.


1. Ensure your nails are clean. Dirt and natural oils that lay on the nail surface can aid in chipping. Remove any old polish still left on your nail with acetone with a soft cotton ball. Wash with warm water and soap to remove oils and dirt from your hands and nails.

2. Always apply a base coat. It’s important to apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nail for polish. Allow the base coat to completely dry before applying colored polish.

3. Keep layers of polish thin. Never apply your nail polish too thick, as it can cause bubbles, makes the nails more susceptible to smudging, and can lead to premature chipping. Instead, apply three-to-four thin coats and allow each coat to dry in between.

4. Polish the tips of the nails. Many women forget to polish the tips of their nail. When applying nail polish, begin at the base and go up and over the tips of the nails to help seal the color and cut down on chipping.

5. Consider applying a polish with shimmer. The shimmering glitter particles found in some types of nail polish can actually help adhere the polish to the nails. Try a shimmer pink, purple, or mint green shade.

SHANY Nail Art Set

6. Always apply a top coat. Not only is a base coat needed, but a top coat is also required to extend the life of your manicure. The base coat can be used as a top coat or you can use a clear polish made for top coat protection. Apply the top coat around the edges of the nails to help seal in the color.

7. Give the nails sufficient drying time. Nails should have at least 45 minutes of drying time before you try to handle items or open products with your nails. After an hour, submerge your nails in cold water to help set the nail polish. Apply lotion to help moisturize your hands and nails.

Amanda is a guest poster who also writes for where she regularly seeks out the hottest free cosmetics and beauty sample offers to be found online.

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Dangerous Lee Nails

Dangerous Lee Gets “Laced Up” with Sally Hansen

I am wearing “Laced Up” nail polish strips by Sally Hansen! It was relatively easy, but time consuming and I messed up a couple of nails, but the end result was totally worth it. I can’t wait to try a more colorful pattern. These strips are supposed to last 10 days, but adding a clear coat over the strips can help them to last longer. My cost – $8.29 minus tax!

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Dangerous Lee is a Gold Digger

My nails are decked out in Nicole by O-P-I Gold Shatter nail polish over a black base coat. This photo does not do them justice because they appear much cooler in person. I do have one quarrel, the price is too damn high. This bottle of polish cost $7.00!

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