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Top 5 Hardest Habits To Break


Have you got a little quirk that you can’t help indulging, even though it annoys just about everyone else around you? We’ve all had a bad habit at some point, and you’ve probably got one or two right now that keep coming back to tempt you. But what are the top 5 habits that are harder to shake?

Playing With Your Hair

You know you hair gets greasier every time you touch it, but you just can’t help it. Before you can stop yourself, you’re running your hand through it, or twirling locks round your finger, or messing with split ends, or pushing it out of your face every two seconds when you could just pin it all back…

I guess the only solution is to cut it all off. What? You don’t like that idea? Then buy a hairband.

Saying ‘Like’

So, like, is it really, like, necessary to, like, say ‘like’, like, all the time? No. But it’s so easy to fit into a sentence – it gives you more time to think if you’re not sure how to word things. It’s a form of vocabulary ‘filler’, much like ‘er’ and ‘um’, but if you keep adding it into your sentences you might find your conversation partner getting impatient!

You could and set yourself a challenge by going a whole day without using the word ‘like’ or any other verbal crutches in your speech. It’s almost certainly going to be difficult, but freeing yourself of such verbal impairments can only, like, benefit you in the long run.

Excessive Use of Social Media

It started off as an innocent way to keep in touch with your friends and the outside world, but now you can’t turn on your computer or look at your phone without checking your Facebook, Twitter, and who knows what else to see just how much attention you’re getting. In fact, a hefty chunk of your day is probably spent scrolling down pages mainly filled with things you have little to no interest in.

How do you stop? I have no idea; none of my Twitter followers have been able to help.


This one’s split – you’re either a nail biter or a hater of nail biters. If you’re the former, you probably get constant nags from family, friends, and whoever happens to be passing by. If you’re the latter, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone nibble away at their nails. It’s unsanitary, it’s noisy, and frankly it’s just kind of gross.

There are special nail polishes that you can buy that are supposed to make you refrain from biting, but if your habit’s bad enough, a little varnish may not be much of a deterrent. You could try regularly trimming them to remove the temptation entirely, or getting a manicure that you won’t want destroyed through nail-biting. Or you could take the slightly lateral step of buffing your nails instead of biting them whenever you feel the urge to do so. It’s better to have shiny nails than bitten ones, after all…


There are loads of different reasons why a person may take up smoking, and it’s been played for laughs on TV shows like Friends (remember when Rachel took it up to get closer to her boss?), but when it comes down to it, smoking is a dangerous habit. Not only is it detrimental to your health, it can also affect others, especially those you live with or spend a lot of time around.

Everyone knows that cigarettes don’t do your lungs any favors, but I bet you didn’t know this about what smoking does to your body. Reduced vision and scurvy? No thank you!

There are lots of products and methods around to help you quit smoking, from nicotine patches to fake cigarettes. Don’t be scared to ask if you need help.

Have you seen a bad habit that you just can’t stand, or even had one yourself? Share it in the comments!

Bio: Rachel Jacquest is a hypocritical blogger who spends whatever time she has free fervently checking and updating social media sites while biting her nails. She just can’t, like, help it!


Women’s History Month Spotlight: Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker & Author


Name and Occupation?

Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker, Trainer & Author

What do you love most about being a woman?

Girly, sparkly things like jewelry, glitter nail polish and shiny shoes.

What do you hate about being a woman?

Being boxed into stereotypes that determine what is and what isn’t lady like.  I prefer to define my own definition.

Who or what influences you?

Other women who live organically like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. I love women who don’t apologize for who they are.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us:

I am an introvert.  I simply love intimate evenings at home with just me and my boo!


365 Days of Dangermas: Day 64

DANGERMASLOGODay 64 – March 5, 2013:

Today was eventful. I filmed a screen test for a gig as a TV show host. I’ve learned to not get my hopes up, so I’ll just say that things went well and I am proud of myself once again. Also, I started wearing my natural hair out in the open this week; no hats or head wraps. I like this length. I may wear it very short for a while. I also had the nerve to beat my face and paint my nails. Spring must be right around the corner. An emery board has been added to the Dangermas tree! Nope, my iPod camera still doesn’t work :(


If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or other light weight items to:

Dangerous Lee

PO Box 7317

Flint, MI 48507

Nail Art Bingo!

Nail art is the hottest new trends to surface. It involves the detailed application of intricate, beautiful or even humorous designs, pictures and charms on nails. Unheard of by most people, nail art gained fame in the early 2000’s and has massively grown since then, its popularity aided by the fact that almost anyone can teach themselves the basics of nail art without breaking the bank.

As with all other trends nail art divides itself into subgroups starting with natural nails versus fake: the fake splits into full nail cover (forms) versus tips (just the ends) and then again with gel versus acrylic versus stick-on, a wealth of variety!

All types of nail art start with a basic list of rules:

1. Maintain good hygiene practices; use disinfectant solution for tools and equipment, use antiseptic spray on the nail or skin before working on it and ensure the work area is kept neat and cleaned frequently with antibacterial wipes or spray.

2. Apply a base coat. This helps protect the natural nail if that is what is being worked on and strengthens the bond of the subsequent layers of color, helping to ‘fix’ it and make it last longer.

3. After the design has been positioned, and charms or gems applied fix them in place and protect the work from bumps and scrapes with one or two coats of a good quality top coat. These contain hardeners that protect both the nail and the artwork, preventing chipping and damage – they also provide a brilliant shine that beautifully finishes off the look of the nail.

Nail art has a specific tool list that starts with a basic nail care set, nail files, clippers, cuticles pushers and so on. The next set would contain various tweezers, tiny scissors and jewellery pliers, all for cutting out decals or manipulating the ornamental pieces into place. Finally, there would be such exotic equipment such as the nail drills and charm post cutters. Other vital supplies are a variety of polishes in many shades and nail varnish solvents to remove the nail art or even the acrylic or gel nail itself. Applying the nails and removing them is a fairly lengthy process, taking 15 to 20 minutes each way, not counting the time taken with the art itself.

Now, at last, onto the nail art types themselves:

Stickers: these are the most basic form of nail art and can be done effectively at home with a little care and attention. A huge range of shapes and themes are available, from animals, to fruit, to flowers to almost anything in the universe! It is not necessary to use stickers specifically made for nail art, many stationers carry sheets of stickers that can be converted to nail art; including tiny letters which can create an effectively dramatic look.

Water Decals: similar to stickers, but requiring a little more finesse, these need to be trimmed almost to size, usually from a sheet containing many designs. They then need to be soaked in water for up to 30 seconds – a little trial and error when you first use them will help you here. Once they are sufficiently soaked the decal will slip easily off the backing paper enabling it to be grasped in a pair of tweezers and placed carefully onto the nail. After a quick blot dry with tissue, they are ready for the top coat.

Stripes: Tape is used to create perfectly straight lines up, across or diagonally over the nail, a wonderfully clean effect. It is applied in very much the same way as the stickers, but care must be taken not to stretch the tape as this will cause it to lift and curl, destroying the look.

Foils: Apply a thin layer of foil adhesive and wait for it to change from blue to clear and tacky. Place the foil over the nail, matt side down then press and rub firmly to ensure the whole nail is properly covered. Use a fingertip or cuticle pusher to carefully ensure the whole nail surface has been entirely covered.

Glitter, Mylar and Crushed Shell: A fantastic effect can be created by applying a top coat and then sprinkling the wet surface with glitter, Mylar flakes or crushed shell until it is well-coated. If desired, just the free end of the nail can be dipped into the decoration so as to just coat the tip.

Charms: Charms can be glued onto the nail or, for a funky look, a nail drill can be used to pierce a small hole in the free edge of nail. Be careful not to place the hole too close to the free edge of the nail as it can cause splitting and damage. Charms can be tiny and fixed in place on the nail or they can dangle freely from the tip.

Nail art enables people to conform to trends, display their individuality or make a statement. It can be beautiful and elegant, or quirky and fun; it is endlessly versatile. Above all, nail art has found a niche in the fashion world and is here to stay.

Sources – wisegeek.com, wikipedia.com, nail-art-101.com & naildelights.com

This article is by the Chat Mag Bingo team, who are enthusiastic about the latest fashion trends.


5 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

Some women would say men have it easy when it comes to maintaining their appearances, and for good reason. While some men who have full-fledged five o’clock shadows manage to look sexy effortlessly when donning loose fitting tank tops and sweat pants, most women do not feel attractive in this sort of state. Women often engage in processes like waxing, applying cosmetics and primping for countless hours before even thinking about stepping foot in public. If you’ve ever been around, or know a woman that exemplifies the feminine traits mentioned above, then you know being at a loss for grooming products when in need is like a cardinal sin. Below are five products that will do a woman a great deed, when in need.

  1. Never underestimate the power of a good lip gloss. Not only does gloss keep your lips moisturized, but a sheer gloss can also add a certain delicate look to your lips and even a pop of color. Even with limited makeup or no makeup at all, a glossed lip can give off a sexy, yet playful impression. Lip gloss transitions from day to night easily so you can look subtle during work hours and still accompany your love interest on a date night in one fell swoop. 
  2. Soft fragrances have been used by women for centuries. Perfumes usually attract people to the wearer because it appeals to their sense of smell. A woman’s scent often describes her personality without using words. In general, people like things that smell good too which can work well for a woman who likes to be social as well as the woman who wants to entice her mate.
  3. Having a compact mini umbrella handy at all times may be feasible for some women, or can be more of a nuisance than the rain itself for others. There are many purse-sized products for curly hair that allow you to roll with the punches when the weather gets rainy. Instead of worrying about stringy tresses, own your wet and wavy hair with a little curly crème. The moisture in the crème will bring life to your locks so you’ll look good regardless of bad weather.
  4. Clear nail polish has many unconventional uses besides the obvious shiny coat of paint. With a little bit of polish, you can stop a run in a stocking or secure a loose button on your blouse. You can even use a few dabs of polish as a sealant in lieu of licking an envelope. Of course, a quick clear top coat while taking a taxi ride to your favorite hangout never hurts.
  5. A small mirror can work wonders and act as your personal savior. There are times when a woman has to act fast, and in those instances a compact mirror will have truly served its purpose.

While outer beauty isn’t everything, it is always important to look your best. When you look your best, you feel your best and every woman deserves to feel beautiful.  Toting a small tube of lip gloss and even products for your curly hair can make all the difference in your mood on a rainy day.

Author Byline - Mercedes Potter is an elite writer and recent blogger. In this post, she offers tips for women on products they should always have on their person. Follow her @CedesPotter for other beauty related posts.

How To Make Your Own Nail Polish

If you’ve ever paid to get your nails manicured, or even purchased high-end nail polish, you know how pricey keeping up with all the latest nail fads can be. There may even be occasions when you want your nails to match your outfit or makeup, and can’t seem to find the perfect shade. Did you know that you can create whatever nail polish color you desire, from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of what it might cost you to pay for the professional alternatives? What’s more is that creating your own nail lacquers is also easy and fun. Here are steps for how to make homemade nail polish:

Purchase a clear top coat. Any brand will do. As a matter of fact, you can even head into a dollar store or any discount store and buy bottles of clear top coat in bulk. Once you’ve made your own custom nail polish color, there’s no doubt you’ll want to make more, so you can’t have too many bottles of clear coat!

Choose pigments you want to add. Pigment is just a fancy word for color, and in this case, your pigment is eye shadow or blush – in powder form. Again, any eye shadow will do – even a cheap, dollar store brand. Get creative here. You can mix colors, or even use your favorite eye shadow to create a nail polish hue that matches your eye makeup perfectly. If you want glittery polish, then you can even add glitter to the mix (just be sure to use fine glitter, as opposed to the craft glitter grade-schoolers use for art projects).

Prepare your work station. Lay out a table covering, so as not to make a mess. Pour enough clear top coat out of the bottle you plan on mixing in to allow for the pigments and/or glitter. Roll an ordinary sheet of paper into the shape of a funnel, small enough to fit into the mouth of the nail paint bottle. Crush your pigment of choice into a fine powder.

Add the pigment to the clear top coat. Insert the funnel into the nail polish bottle, and deep into the clear top coat. Drop the pigment and/or glitter into the funnel – a little bit at a time – until you are satisfied with the amount of pigment in the polish. You may have to experiment a little at this step, to get the hue density you desire.

Once your clear top coat is tinted with the pigment, shake up the mixture and/or use the nail polish brush to fully incorporate the pigment into the polish. The only thing left to do is to paint those nails!

About the Author: Valene Sundblad loves taking her daughters to choose nail colors and girly accessories but has the most fun when they sit down at home and create their own unique polish blends!

Viral Top Story: 7 Quick Tips To Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 8 seconds. Contains 429 words

Nail polish has a natural tendency to chip after several days of wear. Whether you paint your nails yourself at home, or get a manicure at your local salon, chipping nail polish is a common problem that can be highly frustrating. Even a single chip can compromise the look of your entire manicure. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent your nail polish from chipping and even extend the length of your manicure. Here you will find a list of super simple tips.


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1. Ensure your nails are clean. Dirt and natural oils that lay on the nail surface can aid in chipping. Remove any old polish still left on your nail with acetone with a soft cotton ball. Wash with warm water and soap to remove oils and dirt from your hands and nails.

2. Always apply a base coat. It’s important to apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nail for polish. Allow the base coat to completely dry before applying colored polish.

3. Keep layers of polish thin. Never apply your nail polish too thick, as it can cause bubbles, makes the nails more susceptible to smudging, and can lead to premature chipping. Instead, apply three-to-four thin coats and allow each coat to dry in between.

4. Polish the tips of the nails. Many women forget to polish the tips of their nail. When applying nail polish, begin at the base and go up and over the tips of the nails to help seal the color and cut down on chipping.

5. Consider applying a polish with shimmer. The shimmering glitter particles found in some types of nail polish can actually help adhere the polish to the nails. Try a shimmer pink, purple, or mint green shade.

SHANY Nail Art Set

6. Always apply a top coat. Not only is a base coat needed, but a top coat is also required to extend the life of your manicure. The base coat can be used as a top coat or you can use a clear polish made for top coat protection. Apply the top coat around the edges of the nails to help seal in the color.

7. Give the nails sufficient drying time. Nails should have at least 45 minutes of drying time before you try to handle items or open products with your nails. After an hour, submerge your nails in cold water to help set the nail polish. Apply lotion to help moisturize your hands and nails.

Amanda is a guest poster who also writes for freemakeupsamples.org.uk where she regularly seeks out the hottest free cosmetics and beauty sample offers to be found online.


Summer Nail Color Trends

Summer creates difficulty for women to show off their makeup skills; the heat is going to make your face melt off no matter what beauty experts say. Instead of showing off your new eye shadow or blush in the summer, show off your new nail polish skills. Nail polish won’t sweat or wash off, and it can be changed daily to match all your cute summer outfits and swimsuits.

Summer creates difficulty for women to show off their makeup skills; the heat is going to make your face melt off no matter what beauty experts say. Instead of showing off your new eye shadow or blush in the summer, show off your new nail polish skills. Nail polish won’t sweat or wash off, and it can be changed daily to match all your cute summer outfits and swimsuits.

Do It Yourself

Getting your nails done weekly or even monthly is expensive. If you pooled together all the money you would spend in one year to get your nails done professionally, you would find you would have enough money to buy all the tools needed to do your nails professionally yourself.

The internet has tons of tutorials on nail art that show step by step videos and pictures. You can also buy nail polish, glitter and nail appliques in bulk on eBay. This will cut down the cost of nail supplies and give you budget room to experiment until you find the looks that suit you the best.

Summer Trending Colors

Your bold blacks and feisty shades of red are great for the fall and the winter, but summer time begs for a lot more pop of color. This summer the color trends include neon’s, pastels, whites, and the new summer classic coral.

Neon nails are going to pair great next to your tribal outfits, and if you have a thin sharpie nearby you can spruce your nails up by drawing tribal patterns onto them to match. Neon yellow and green will give any summer outfit that bright statement you are looking for, while neon pinks will be great for a classic week look.

Blue pastels are my favorite summer look, because they can be decorated in so many ways, but pastels this summer are offered in mints, purples and pinks. Essie has a great new summer pastel collection which would pair well with summer bridal parties.

If you want a look that you can carry from day to night, try the white look. It’s crisp, clean and van be dressed up and down. Don’t purchase a white that is close to white out, it will look tacky, instead go for off whites or whites that have a hint of pink pearl color to them. My favorite look with white is to wear it solid for the day and dress it up with a neon stripe for night.

You can never go wrong with the new summer favorite, coral, which has been trending for two summers now. It should be easy to find an array of coral shades at your local drugstore or favorite boutique.


Purchase sets of colors so you can experiment with different looks for the summer. Go crazy and add glitter, patterns and even jewelry. You can find cheap nail charms and nail accessories at a drugstore if you don’t want to purchase them online, but the web is going to offer you a lot more options and tricks.

Who knows, you might just sent the nail trend for the fall!

Getting your nails done weekly or even monthly is expensive. If you pooled together all the money you would spend in one year to get your nails done professionally, you would find you would have enough money to buy all the tools needed to do your nails professionally yourself.

The internet has tons of tutorials on nail art that show step by step videos and pictures. You can also buy nail polish, glitter and nail appliques in bulk on ebay


Match your nails to your new perfect summer dress from dressplace.com!

What? Say ‘No’ to Nail Polish?

My nails are decked out in Nicole by O-P-I Gold Shatter polish over a black base coat. This photo does not do them justice because they appear much cooler. I do have one quarrel, the price is too damn high. This bottle of polish cost $7.00!

Wearing nail polish enhances an outfit or makes an impressive statement. An all-black outfit matched with bright red nail polish will give a great dramatic outcome. Everywhere you look from TV commercials, movies to billboards – all the women wear vibrant nail polish. And they all look great! As teen-agers and now as adults, we all love going to the salon and getting our nails done – to most of us it has become part of our beauty routine. We like using nail polish because it is fun, especially since they come in a variety of exciting vivacious colors and styles. However, not everyone knows that nail polish is actually harmful for the body. Nail polish is toxic.

It Might Be as Bad as It Smells

It shouldn’t come as a surprise really since the first whiff of nail polish comes across as strong and potent. In fact, nail technicians wear masks when applying it to their customers. And some salons are not well-ventilated so everyone inside, regardless of whether they are getting their nails done or just waiting for someone, all are likely to inhale these harmful chemicals.

In a recent investigation by the Department of Toxic Substance Control, they found that nail polish commonly found in salons and labelled as free of three specific harmful toxics are actually a farce. These misleading nail polish brands were found out to violate a state law that demands the inclusion of damaging chemicals out in the market today. These harmful ingredients used in nail polish have been prohibited in the European Union. Do we really want to apply something on our body even if it enhances our appearance knowing that it will only endanger our health and in the long run, our lives?

According to the Department of Toxic Substance Control, there are many polish labels that were found to be carrying agents linked to birth defects, chronic health conditions when inhaled and being exposed to huge amounts may result to asthma, growth problems and other ailments. Women or anyone who uses nail polish should be alarmed. In fact, if we care about our health we should all refrain from using nail polish.

Perhaps, instead of going to salons to get your nails done – do them at home instead. Invite your girlfriends and have a nail-party minus the nail polish. Nail buffing will do the trick. By doing this, your health won’t be at risk. Our nails are absorbent. They should also be allowed to ‘breathe’, just think, our skin needs air too. Applying nail polish and sealing it with clear-coat is like suffocating your own nails. Not only that, nail polish also damages your nails. The ingredient formaldehyde found in nail polish may react badly with the protein keratin in your nails, over-time, causing them to look an unhealthy yellow and will also cause your nails to be brittle.

However, if it is an absolute must that you have to get your nails done at the salon, just say “no to nail polish” and “yes to nail buffing.”



Chipped Nails: Not Dangerous!

Last week DangerousLee.Biz highlighted a guest blog post titled,5 Nail Trends for 2012. One of the trends is Chipped Nails. I tried it and I don’t dig it! To me, having chipped nails means that you need to get out the nail polish remover and get to work. I also highlighted my “Laced Up” dry nail polish look by Sally Hansen, which is also a nail trend in 2012, one that I like. However, it does not last 7 to 10 days. I also think that if you have hands that look like the ones in the photo that you should do anything to try to make your nails appear more attractive. Chipped nails may be for dainty hands only, but then again Hollywood magic and PhotoShop could also make these fingers look lickable. So, what the hell, do whatever you like. Anything goes in 2012!

5 Nail Trends For 2012 That You Should Try This Year

Nail polish trends come and go quickly. Every time you turn around, a new season is bringing a new trend in nail design. The New Year is here and we’re happy to report that the biggest trend is no trend at all! For 2012, there are such a variety of trends that it’s difficult to call any of them a trend at all. So throw out every rule you know about nail polish and when 2012 hits, do what you like! Here are some looks we love:

Coordinated Nails and Lips

Seen on the runways during fashion week were fabulously colored red and coral lips with matching fingernails. There are shades of red and coral that work well with any skin tone making it easy to choose your perfect shade. Look for long-wearing formulas that will take you through your day and well into your evening.

Fake Nails

While you may not be able to get away with outrageously long nails at work, we love the look for the weekend! Gone are the days of a simple French manicure on your acrylics and in are the days of zebra stripes and wild prints. Have fun with your false nails, get a little bit wild and make your hands the center of attention. Consider your nails your best accessory and keep the jewelry to a minimum or you may just end up looking like you’re trying too hard.

Dry Nail Polish

Dry nail polish strips may be the best beauty invention of all time! While they are more expensive than regular nail polish, they cost no more than getting a professional manicure and give you the same results. We particularly love the jeweled offerings by Kiss. Sally Hansen, OPI, Kiss and others all make their own version of the nail polish strip.The nail polish strips are dry as soon as you put them on, making them perfect for those days when you’re in a rush. Put on a top coat and you can easily get a week to ten days of wear out of these fantastic strips. Get creative and add your own touch by combining them with nail art, nail polish pens or even a layer of glitter.

Chipped Nails

Did you know that the chipped manicure look is in? In fact, some women are intentionally distressing or destroying their nail polish to achieve a unique look. This is great news for those of us who think our manicure is ruined as soon as we get one chipped nail! Instead of removing your polish, chip the rest of your nails and put on a top coat to protect what you have left.

Alternating Colors

What a fun look! Paint each nail a different color or apply a different nail strip to each nail. The look isn’t just for little girls anymore. Another fabulous find on the runways, the alternating nail is a fun way to use all of your favorite shades at once. For a fun look, try alternating patterns on each of your nails.

The best thing about nails in 2012 is that all of the old rules are out the window. Get creative and have fun!

Cindi Lewis writes for glossy.com an organic skincare and beauty products online retailer.

Senia Crackles Up!

Dangerous Lee is a Gold Digger

My nails are decked out in Nicole by O-P-I Gold Shatter nail polish over a black base coat. This photo does not do them justice because they appear much cooler in person. I do have one quarrel, the price is too damn high. This bottle of polish cost $7.00!

See more of what Nicole by O-P-I has to offer!

Senia Gets a Manicure!


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