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Rap Makes History On The Billboard 200 Albums Chart


For the first time in the Billboard 200 chart’s history, rap albums hold down the top three spots in three successive weeks.

J. Cole‘s Born Sinner is No. 1 this week, followed by Wale‘s The Gifted and Kanye West‘s Yeezus at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. A week ago, the order was: Wale, Cole and West. And, the week before that: West, Cole and Mac Miller (with his Watching Movies With the Sound Off).

There have been two previous times when we’ve had two consecutive weeks where the top three were all rap albums.

Read full story –  Rap’s History-Making Week on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart | Billboard.

Have You Been To A Silent Disco Yet? It’s The Quietest Fun You’ll Ever Have!

If you’ve not been to a silent disco yet then it’s about time you changed that! Popular at festivals and nightclubs alike, silent discos are a relatively new craze that more and more people are getting into. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before! So if you love music, you love dancing, and you love trying out new things, then it’s about time you boogied on up to your first silent disco – you won’t look back!

So, What Exactly IS a Silent Disco?

A silent disco is just that – silent – to everybody expect you! You go along to a venue or a tent, and you get given a set of quality headphones on your way in. These have a control on them where you can tune into different frequencies. Then, you enter the disco, and flick through the music that is on offer until you find something you’d like to dance to. The music comes up really loud in your ears, giving you the impression that everybody else is listening to it too. But they’re not! They are busy dancing away to their own soundtrack that could be the same as yours, or it could not! The end result is a room full of people with headphones on, all dancing to different rhythms and sounds. It’s bonkers – but it always goes down a storm!

What are the Benefits

Well, firstly it’s definitely got the novelty factor! So, if you and your friends are feeling like doing something a little different, then this will tick all the boxes. Because it is silent, it is very neighbour-friendly, so it attracts very few complaints, if any, from anybody nearby. Festivals often hold silent discos at night when younger kids are sleeping – the adults can still have their fun without waking them up! DJs love it because it gives them a chance to compete with each other – they see how many people are dancing to their tracks compared to other DJs’ tracks.

What’s the History Behind it

Although silent discos were happening in some form or another, years ago, they only came to prominence in 2005 when the famous Glastonbury festival in England held a huge one; using wireless headsets. Now it’s popular for corporate parties, festivals, venues and even at village halls. Everybody is getting on board!

What Else Can I Do With Headphones On?!

The silent disco has given people loads of ideas for other ways to have silent parties. Bands have held ‘silent’ gigs, crowds gather in busy shopping centers with their headphones to ‘flash mob’ in the streets by dancing en masse. In 2008, a venue in London held a ‘battle of the bands’ which was completely silent, putting two bands on at the same time at either end of the room and letting the audience choose their favourite via their headphones.

Silent discos are going to grow in popularity – there’s no doubt. With ever-improving technology, headphones are getting better and better, so it’s only a matter of time before every single festival in the land offers this option! Shh!

Today’s feature writer, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who writes about various topics that interest her. She is a fan of electronic music and suggests getting the best headset so that you can feel their deep bass. She is an outgoing person and likes to be with friends.


Black Music Month Feature: Usher – Caught Up


Black Music Month Feature: Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody


Black Music Month Feature: Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough


Black Music Month Feature: Sade – Sweetest Taboo


Black Music Month Feature: Terence Trent D’Arby – Wishing Well

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 23


My first time seeing Michael and the rest of The Jacksons in concert!

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Jesus Luz

Jesus Luz

Dangerous Celebrity Couple: Miguel & Nazanin Mandi


Miguel & Nazanin Mandi

I love Miguel. I have ever since I heard his song “All I Want Is You”. In some ways he reminds me of Michael Jackson, though he doesn’t name him as an influence, because of his vocal tics and his singing style (not to mention, his name) but I really love seeing him with his girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi. She’s gorgeous, he’s sexy and they’re both beautifully brown. It excites me!

It also reminds me of a time when I was in love. I like seeing them together and they plan to get married soon, so I think they will definitely be a “power couple“. I recently added these two to the list of celebrity sex tapes I want to see!

I hope they stay together.

Miguel and NazaninMiguel and NazaninMiguel and Nazaninmiguel-and-nazanin


The D List: The Brand New Heavies featuring N’Dea Davenport – Sunlight


Summer Music Festival Survival Guide


As the weather heats up, so does the summer music scene. Does your summer vacation include attending big music festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or Sasquatch? Whether you are planning for the huge annual fests or a smaller, independent music set weekend, summer music festivals can easily become overwhelming. This year, prepare yourself for the multi-day festival of your choice with this helpful summer music fest survivor guide.

1. Know Where You’re Going to Bunk Down

We all have those friends who are capable of sleeping anywhere, be it under a rock or in a rocking hotel suite. They never plan their sleeping arrangements, and it seems to work out alright, but for those of us not willing to risk bedding down with bedbugs, it is wiser to establish some basic sleeping and living arrangements before heading to the music stage. For many, summer festivals are about the campsites. If camping sounds perfect for you, just be sure to arrange a campsite beforehand. Strategize your camp site location for easy access to the venue stages, and, if you can, the hot showers. For anyone looking for a little calm after spending ten hours standing in a sea of people, motels and hotels are a great option. You won’t be the only one checking in, so be sure to reserve your room well in advance (before the “No Vacancy” signs pop up).

2. Know What to Pack

Unless you are backpacking or hitchhiking to the festival, it is better to have too much stuff than not enough. Even if you are heading towards the desert, pack your rain gear and mosquito repellent along with the highest proof sunscreen you can get your hands on. If you are camping, grab your grill and pack the cooler with plenty of food and enough ice to last longer than you expect to be gone. If you plan on bringing a camera or carrying your phone around with you, it can be helpful to take along a small day pack, or wear cargo shorts with plenty of pockets to keep your hands free. Most importantly, stock up on bottles of water, which can be expensive and hard to find at the festival.

3. Know When to Get There

If at all possible, plan on arriving early. Whether it is hours early or a few days before the event begins, showing up to the music festival early will help you snag that perfect campsite and give you time to set up a personal seating zone well before the madness of the crowd descends.

4. Know the Festival Schedule Like the Back of Your Hand

Summer music festivals generally will have several stages featuring different artists at the same time. Plan out your ideal music schedule before the festival begins. You don’t want to miss your favorite band because you were out getting lunch. Of course, what’s on paper is never guaranteed, so be sure to routinely check for updates and schedule changes, such as sudden band delays or cancellations, on the internet or at the festival’s main tent location.

Summer music festivals can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your summer. However, it is easy to become overwhelmed at these events if you fail to prepare yourself. To keep yourself healthy and happy, remember these four important tips and have a blast rocking out.

Author Bio:

To help her visit, and camp at, a series of music festivals across the country this summer, Alanna Marquez found a great used truck from Dickinson Auto Sales in her native Houston, Texas.

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Album Review


With pop artists it’s easy for the eye rolling to occur after the words ‘so and so just released a new album’. With a label as ‘one of the most commercially successful singers, Justin Timberlake is pop. Yet, after the first note played from his new album, ‘The 20/20 Experience’, my eyes rolled right back into their sockets. This a man who can call six Grammys and four Emmys his.

With a voice that can hit the high notes as well as any choirboy and an enviable ability to blend the right dose of Motown with modernized R&B, he creates a sound that is almost irresistible.

“I can’t deny the way you caught my eye. I mean something struck and refilled up the sky. And everything on you intoxicates. It’s a mystery. I don’t know why.”

Listen to his voice gentlemen. These lyrics are a lesson in how to make the girls swoon… and blush. This is not the curly haired teen idol of the 90’s or the boy in his twenties declaring to bring sexy back. In the five years that Justin Timberlake has stayed away from the recording studio, he has grown into a man. He’s a man who still loves the female, loves seducing her, and knows how to make her feel special.

He delivers the lyrics with a soothing accompaniment of his vocals as the background singers and the husky odd male voice (Jay Z) thrown in there every now and then. Deep beats seamlessly switch the songs from old school love songs to tribal hip-hop. All in all, it’s an album as smooth as the male seducing the female himself.

Determinedly, ‘The 20/20 Experience’ makes a strong decision to lock down into one sound. Devoid of hopping from style to style, JT doesn’t try to make a declaration that he can do all genres well. Rather he makes a declaration that he can do this genre well. After all, he’s already spent years doing the pop thing and he’s dabbled in elements of techno, rock, and funk years before. This year, he’s doing his own thing. Dubbed as neo-funk or whatever the critics might like to call it, we can all agree Justin Timberlake is mighty fine at what he does.

“All the way from Memphis, Tennessee. Show him some southern love. JT and the Tennessee kids. Come on, give it up!”

Lindsay is a guest writer for BigPond Music.

Top Story – 10 Tunes To Listen To While You Drive


A recent study conducted in the United States and UK among drivers over 25 years of age reported that over 90% of all drivers who listen to music can concentrate much more than those who prefer to ride without listening to any tunes whatsoever. Moreover, they are more likely to fall asleep and can reach their destination in one piece. Listening to music while driving also calms you down and gives you the peace of mind that your future is bright. On top of all, you will be able to stay on top of daily circumstances.

The Importance of Listening to Good Music While Driving

Of course, there are some songs that can have a negative effect on your driving skills, suppressing your ability to drive safely. An experiment conducted recently by Confused.com showcased that some styles of music, such as hard rock, hip hop or trance, might have a disturbing effect on your driving. They’ve used a modern app to collect the data from eight drivers. Each of them had to listen to a different song while driving. The outcome was quite interesting and suggestive: a man listening to hip hop started to drive more reckless than usual, while a woman listening to hard rock drove way more faster than normal(with 20 miles more).

After this research was conducted, psychologist Dr. Simon Moore concluded that music which is upbeat, noisy and powerful is a deadly mix, because it increases your heart rate beat. He also remarked that these types of songs increase the chances of being distracted for over 40% of all women and 45% of men. When listening to a quick song, the first impulse is to speed up your car, and you don’t even notice. This is how influential music is today, especially for drivers who are keen on listening to their favorite songs while going to work, shopping or at the grocery store.

While most of the types of songs listed above can make an awesome playlist when working out at the gym, they are certainly not the best option when driving. According to Dr. Simon, the songs that have a rhythm quite similar to your heartbeat are the best you can choose to listen. One good example of such a song is considered by many drivers out there the famous “The Scientist” by Coldplay, which hit the headlines on 10 July 2000.

Because driving is a big responsibility, you need to make sure that the music you’re listening to offers you a state of well-being and enhances your attention and focus, not on the music, but on the road. We have made a list of 10 top tunes you can listen to while driving. These songs will make your driving experience be more pleasant while keeping you awake.

10 Top Tunes To Listen To While You Drive

1. Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts. This is the ideal song for young people who grew up with muscular cars and love to listen to passionate rock music at a loud volume. The tight harmony and the groundbreaking rhythm of the song enhances your driving experience and makes you have fun.

2. HighwayMan – Johnny Cash. Another honorable mention for our top 10 tunes to listen while you are driving. When you’re planning to hit the road at 4am in the morning, window down and the mild wind whipping your hair, nothing can even come close to the feelings you have when listening to this anthologic song.

3. Stuck in the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel. Featuring an outstanding rhythm for a perfect 4-wheel cruising, this song was made by the classic songwriters Mike Stoller and the famous Jerry Leiber.

4. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean. Another top-notch song that created quite a buzz when it was launched in 1988. Even if this song was extremely commercial, it’s still a perfect song to listen while on the go. Billy Ocean will certainly manage to convince you to sing along with him in no time at all.

5. Drive My Car – Beatles. While some old songs are long forgotten, some of them are still alive for decades, and will probably remain like that for more decades and centuries to come. Within our top 10 must-listen songs list, we need to mention “Drive my car”, the song that kicks off one of the most famous pop albums ever made: “Rubber Soul”. While the melody is perfect for a getaway, the words are considered by many among the Beatles’ most witty.

6. Dream On – Noel Gallagher. The fourth single from the album that made Noel Gallagher famous, this song features a huge sing-along chorus and a relentless guitar rhythm that was specially made for the road. With this song, you will certainly not be bored while driving.

7. Doom and Gloom – The Rolling Stones. This song manages to capture the Stone’s ideology while transforming it into a subtle commentary on today’s world. This tune is considered a must to listen by all rock lovers and especially by those who can drive with ease and are able to focus on the road even if the loud rock song in the background literally rocks.

8. Go Right Ahead – The Hives. This play is a typical Hives stomper. With only 3:06 length and a minimum amount of lyrics, Go Right Ahead is a top-notch driving material which can help you have an amazing trip.

9. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris. This song has somewhat a street race quality, being considered a contemporary tune to listen to while driving. If you are a youth and love to feel the adrenaline in your veins, this song is the perfect choice for you.

10. Everybody Have a Good Time – The Darkness. Lastly, this is another rock song that is among the best driving music out there. With a big chorus, this songs gives you a feel of a classic road-trip territory. Listen to it and enjoy life more.

All these songs are simply amazing and are considered some of the best driving music in 2013. The next time you take a car on a test drive, pop one of these tunes on. Even if each of them belongs to a certain music style, they are all guaranteed to make trying out new cars a pleasure!

Pat Simon loves rolling the roof down of his car and pumping up the volume of his stereo. He hopes that you found his tune suggestions useful!



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