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#MusicMonday: We Love Disney – featuring Ne Yo, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and more!


we love disney collectors box

The We Love Disney collectors box features two bonus tracks, a DVD of “The Magic Behind We Love Disney”, an exclusive tote, a limited edition t-shirt and many more fantastic goodies!

If you love Disney music, you absolutely must add this eclectic project to your collection. It will also make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for all the Disney-lovers in your life.

We Love Disney features superstars from the Pop, R&B, Rock and Country genres singing classic Disney songs like Jessie J (Part of Your World), Jason Derulo (Can You Feel The Love Tonight), Tori Kelly (Colors of The Wind), Fall Out Boy (I Wan’na Be Like You – The Monkey Song), Lucy Hale and Rascal Flatts (Let It Go) and many more!

Pre-order today! Will be available October 30th.

See the artists at work!



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#MusicMonday: Harry Connick, Jr. – That Would Be Me


harry connick jrI have never listened to one song by Harry Connick, Jr. so when I was asked to review an entire album of songs by the crooner (I call it talk-singing) I didn’t know what to expect. I actually thought I would hate it but the experience wasn’t so bad.

The album is filled with catchy upbeat love songs as well as ballads. The first track, “(I Like It When You) Smile”, will physically make you smile and even features a rap by Harry which pleasantly surprised me and threw me back a bit. “(I Do) Like We Do” has an acoustic reggae feel to it and a few other stand-outs are “Songwriter” and “(I Think I) Love You A Little Bit”.

That Would Be Me is the first time in 25 years that Harry Connick, Jr. has worked with outside producers saying, “It’s the only time I’ve violently thrown myself out of my comfort zone,’ enthusiastically agreeing to work in the studio with two ‘external’ producers.


1.       (I Like It When You) Smile
2.       (I Do) Like We Do
3.       Tryin’ To Matter
4.       Songwriter
5.       Do You Really Need Her
6.       You Don’t Need A Man
7.       You Have No Idea
8.       Where Prisoners Drown
9.       (I Think I) Love You A Little Bit
10.    Every Time I Fall In Love
11.    Right Where It Hurts
Pre-order today! Album will be available October 23rd.
Check out the cool technique used to create the album cover!

I participated in the That Would Be Me album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

#MusicMonday: Duals – Honesty Is Mandatory

n-dualsDuals is an artist of eclectic taste, ranging from spoken word poetry to hip hop to art rock to electronic and even country and punk songs. He’s more concerned about feeling and substance rather than genre.  He became rooted in poetry and hip hop at an early age with his first major inspirations being James Brown and Bob Dylan.  He sees music not in the form of genre, but as human music and every human an artist of their own kind.

He created his own record label and you can find his music, artwork, as well as the up and coming artists on his label at growthofculture.com.

He is currently ranked #1 on Reverb Nation in his city and has performed both concerts and open mics in the United States as well as internationally. His new album, “Honesty Is Mandatory,”  just released on Bandcamp.

big rig

#MusicMonday: Big Rig – Fear of Life

big rig fear of life

Listen to Fear of Life on Bandcamp!

I am Rory Riggins, Virginia-raised 27-year-old animator and musician. I came out to LA to pursue my dream of being an animator. I have had mild success in the animation industry, but I turned my attention towards music about a year ago and made Fear of Life. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and much of this record covers mental health topics. 

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#MusicMonday: International – Eye Of The Storm


Click to download Eye Of The Storm!

International is a resident of Jackson, Michigan and was born in 1987 when Hip-Hop was on the rise with groups like N.W.A., Kool G Rap, Houdini, and many others. He grew up in a home that was heavily influenced with different types of music ranging from Soul/R&B, Blues, Rock, Jazz, some bits of Country, and ultimately Hip-Hop.

International would often grow up listening to the different types of Hip-Hop his older brother would play around friends or leave lying around when he wasn’t home. His first exposure was an N.W.A. cassette that he would steal and play outside of his bedroom window on a boombox.

Eventually around the age of 11 or 12 years old, International began writing rhymes of his own. He would often sneak online and rap inside chatrooms, message boards, and enter different live sound competitions anywhere he could find to enhance his skills and learn from others.

By the age of 14, International invested in his first mixer and began recording/producing music on his own venture. Most of his earlier years were spent constructing battle verses both written and freestyle. International would compete in many tournaments over the years winning his fair share of them as time passed.

His biggest victory came with a $2000 win in 2013. As time progressed, he craved to use his skills for more than merely battling. This led to the mixtapes “For the Love of the Art”, “Never Been Better”, and eventually his latest solo CD release “Eye of the Storm”. Since then, he has traveled out to meet many of his favorite musicians such as 9th wonder, Rapsody, Khrysis, and John Lee Hooker Jr.

Over the last year of his 17-year career, he has even gone as far as quitting his job to pursue music full-time and begin a new journey as a musician strictly. His musical influences consist and range of many greats from Jimi Hendrix, 2pac, Eminem, Nas, Al Green, B.B. King, The Roots, Big Pun, Big L, Biggie, Atmosphere, 9th Wonder/Little Brother, Jay-Z, and many others. Look for new features, shows, videos, and media to continue to come out as the next year sets into motion.

You can check out currently the “Never Been Better” mixtape as well as “Eye of the Storm”, both free of charge. http://Undergroundhiphopblog.com hailed “Eye of the Storm” as being “the MOST original material I have heard in a very long time (2015).”


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ricky persaud, jr

#MusicMonday: Ricky Persaud, Jr. – Welcome To My World

ricky persaud, jr 2

Click to listen to Ricky on SoundCloud.

Ricky received his first instrument at age 1. He started taking music classes at age 4 at Music Together in South Orange, New Jersey. Ricky was accepted by the Newark School of the Arts to study drums also at the age 4. When Ricky was 8 years old he would go with his brother Nicholas, who was 5, to his weekly guitar lessons at Mark Murphy Music School in South Orange, New Jersey. Ricky studied Nicholas homework and taught himself how to play the guitar. By the age of 10 Ricky could perform Bob Marley’s songs on the guitar.

Along with drums, Ricky started taking bass lessons at the Newark School of the Arts at the age of 11. Still drawn to the guitar, Ricky decided to take guitar lessons at the age of 12. At the age of 14 Ricky discovered Billy Joel. He taught himself how to play the harmonica and keyboards. Shortly after, Ricky started taking piano lessons in school and at the Newark School of the Arts. Upon the passing of his guitar and bass teacher, jazz guitarist, Hayes Johnson, Ricky put the guitar aside. Ricky’s mom encouraged Ricky to give guitar lessons another try. So, Ricky enrolled in the school that introduced him to the guitar, Mark Murphy School of Music in South Orange, NJ.

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Uzi Dre

#MusicMonday: Uzi Dre is Prayin’ For The Rain

Uzi Dre Cover

Listen to Prayin’ For The Rain on iloveindie.com!

Uzi Dre is a hip hop artist born in Clearwater, Florida. At the age of 13 Uzi Dre found a break from the street life by going to recording studios. Through the mic Uzi expressed his experience on the streets as a product of the ghetto. After building up street credit in the game, Uzi took a fall for dealing in drugs. He served a large amount of time in Florida’s D.O.C, but continued to advertise his talent and passion as an artist in Florida’s D.O.C. 

After Uzi’s release from state custody he made his musical presence known by opening True Fiends Entertainment and performing live events with DJ Kool, DJ Magic Mike, Cypress Hills, Jungle Brothers, Ziggy Marly, U2, Rated R, Yuck Mouth, Ice T, Evil-E, Trigga the gangsta, Smooth the Hustla, Clearwater all Stars, T-Nittie, To-Be-Real, Rob Skiza Motel Boyz, Ex-cons, Dirty Doc, The Devious Click, Will Till, Just Us, Red Rock & Jock, Mr. Zell and Squirrel James. 

Uzi has worked with producers 1 D, Blitz, Napolian, Holly Rod & Dre, D. Underwood, Tony P and Timothy ‘Krazyfigz’ Walls. Through Promotion company Lee Entertainment Louie Dee and Adam Invandino Uzi has hosted events with Coco (Ice T’s wife), Warick Dunn (NFL Player) and Winky Wright (professional boxer). 

While working close with radio personality host 3rd Leg Greg, Uzi recorded the radio commercial for the Kia car company promoting the Kia Rio. Uzi has made a huge impact in the streets and the internet with his music. He is not an illusion of entertainment; Uzi Dre is hip hop. In the words of Uzi Dre, “The ghetto life made hip hop so hip hop is me”.


#MusicMonday: Drestrip – Jaco


…1052 reasons to look into the sound in-depth…

The team “Drestrip” presents their new self produced piece “Jaco”.
The music is an original inspiration of the team 
while Sigma Delta created the video art.

This music piece presented belongs to the “Incidental music” category.

As it progresses with solid rhythmic and harmonic substrate, it supports the melody and improvisation, while it emotionally leads the listener to comprehend the message of the video art that accompanies it.

A message which denotes the obsessions and the marginalization that a person may experience when moving towards the elusive line which separates the dream and the reality.

An experience that can vary from an absolute form of identification, to a trip to an unknown person’s made up life…


Live Jackal

#MusicMonday: Livejackal – Can’t Run

Live Jackal

Listen to Can’t Run on Soundcloud.

Livejackal is a 22-year-old artist, producer, musician, and songwriter from Milwaukee. “Can’t Run” is a product of the up and coming EP “DREAMS DO NOT END WHEN WOKEN” which will be released in 2016.

Livejackal is an independent artist that has been creating music since he was 6 and now he’s ready to show what he’s got for the people.


#MusicMonday: Take Your Mind on a Cosmic Trip with Mind Map


Listen to Mind Map on Bandcamp.

Mind Map” is a group of musicians from various genres mapping people’s mind to a blissful state with experimental psybient music. It’s a mixture of Rhythm & soulful melodies to psychedelic rare instrument sounds.

They are in the process of crossing barriers, borders & limits of genre of music to unite it all under one roof of “Global Music”.

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