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Video: The NEW Direction of the Dangerous Lee Network

Starving Artists Unite! #Feedart

Every Love Has An Ending

I can remember back when I was a child, I made up a song called “Every Love Has An Ending”. I can remember hitting record and singing into my cute and colorful boombox like I was a superstar. The song was about a cheating man who broke a woman’s heart. I can’t remember how old … Continue reading

I Want a Seat Next to Rihanna & Miley Cyrus at the AMAs

So, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are sitting next to each other at the American Music Awards this Sunday. Damn, I wish I could have a spot next to them. They have the best weed in Hollywood! Find out why Chief Keef Wants to Work With Rihanna + Miley Cyrus. Related articles Miley Cyrus Bleaches Her … Continue reading

Music – The D List: Tony K – Zombie

Ever been or seen someone drunk or high? Then chances are they are not themselves they are more like Zombies and this is what you will see in the latest offering from Detroit native Tony K. This track is featured on Tony’s mixtape titled YNOT released today. Join Tony’s mailing list at http://www.tonykofficial.com to get … Continue reading

Top Story: 5 Websites Where You Can Download The Latest Songs Free

Music is a taste and an expression of a person’s personality. Music is a language that represents human emotions. It is something which stays with you in whatever mood you are, from being sad to being excited, music is something which always sticks around. But unfortunately, like everything else around the world, music comes with … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interviews Professional Handmade Guitar Maker – Ron Luczak

Who owns the first guitar you created in 1982? I still have that guitar, it’s a small scale “mini” sized copy of the 1958¬†Gibson ‘Explorer” model, but I never entirely finished it enough to make it playable. I was so excited about what I accomplished half way through, that I bought more lumber and started … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of February 2013

It was quite the honor to be chosen as a Top Fashion Blog to follow this year and it was an even bigger surprise to see that I was in the Top 20! My ego was boosted for a few months. Singer, Keyshia Cole was also slated to be featured in the interview I conducted … Continue reading

Hip Hop – The Voice Of Youth And Social Activism

Over the years, hip hop has continued to evolve as a new form of expression for the young people. Earlier, limited only to urban music and dance, now, hip hop has become a widespread mode of communication showcased and enjoyed by the youth across the world. Today, hip hop is representing a multi-billion dollar industry … Continue reading

Top Story: #MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me

If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure. Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up! Love Everyone Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we … Continue reading

Top 5 Controversial Lyrics Of All Time

In this day and age, recording artists often believe that they have a license to say and do whatever they want. If we look back in time, it is safe to say that the music industry has been filled with controversial lyrics that have caused massive public backlashes. In this article I will be discussing … Continue reading

Top Story – Lisa Essett Candidly Reviews Jay-Z’s Magna Carta

Jay-Z’s new album is WACK AS FUCK. Sorry, but Kanye owned your ass this time, boo. Like. The beats are BASIC. This sounds like the reject shit. How do your proteges: J. Cole, Wale, and Kanye have some of the best hip hop albums of the year and they’re on your LABEL!? Wut? What do … Continue reading

Top Story: Flint Positive Spotlight – Jon Connor Makes Billboard Charts Debut

After tours, magazine features and meeting his idols, Flint rapper Jon Connor has made his mark in one of the areas that really counts: the charts. Connor’s new album, “Unconscious State,” is on two of this week’s Billboard charts: no. 7 in the Heatseekers chart, and no. 35 in the R&B/hip-hop charts. “I remember when … Continue reading

Video: Elders React To Twerking

Rap Makes History On The Billboard 200 Albums Chart

For the first time in the Billboard 200 chart’s history, rap albums hold down the top three spots in three successive weeks. J. Cole‘s Born Sinner is No. 1 this week, followed by Wale‘s The Gifted and Kanye West‘s Yeezus at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. A week ago, the order was: Wale, Cole and … Continue reading


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