Jonathan Emile

#MusicMonday: Jonathan Emile – “Montréal may have the best creative art scene in North America”

Jonathan EmileHow are you adjusting musically and spiritually after the release of The Fighter/Lover Document?

In terms of adjusting musically, it feels good to go back to beat making and working with other artists. It’s almost like a huge weight has been lifted. It’s liberating to see people appreciating the music, it’s like they become a part of the spiritual journey. At this point I feel hungrier than ever. I’m writing every day.

How do you feel your next album will differ?

I’ve already started working on my next album. This album had a lot of heavy production, a lot of stacked melodies with strings, piano and horn parts. I’m thinking I’d like to have my next project be more minimalist and use some unconventional instruments, bells, accordion maybe vintage synths. Thematically, the album will be another concept album, I’m already mapping it out.

Who do you think is the most underrated rapper in hiphop and why?

Besides myself? Hahaha well, there are many underrated rappers and the story is usually the same. To be rated or overrated you have to actually have a platform to reach people. The major distributors have a complete oligarchy over commercial radio, TV and even streaming platforms. I mean for a few years around 2005, you could actually get a breakout artist from YouTube. But those days are over, if you don’t have a major it’s virtually impossible to get heard. In this way, some of the best lyricist of our time may never be heard. So lots of peeps are underrated, you just ain’t never heard of them.

What do you think are the pros and cons of the Montreal music scene now?

The definite pro is that you have a lot of creative people in the arts. You have poets mixing with singers, visual artists mixing with dancers — Montréal may have the best creative art scene in North America. People come here from all over to go to college and to create. The con is that, Montréal is a strange city for industry and local talent. The city itself is so diverse culturally and philosophically that there’s really not enough population density to build a scene. The local politics are often absurd and counterproductive, it occupies a lot of the cultural and economic space. As local artists you’re not even competing with each other, you’re competing with the 50+ festivals every summer, the restaurants and the endless parties — it’s a major city without that major city hustle feel. It’s an easy city to get lost in, people don’t stay hungry like in other places.

What line of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

When I write a verse I like to have an evolving narrative. Here’s a couple of lines that y’all could analyze to death, it sums up how I approach hip-hop: “It’s been a long time coming / Harriet Tubman, a brother stay running / Towards freedom flyer than the blackbird / How these dudes lack thought but never words? / The Century is power / My crew show up with the 11 nines like the twin towers / I’m the 12th disciple / Never need a rifle / Swearing on the Bible / Take oath and break the cycle” –  from The Century feat. Buckshot

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Go Hard

#MusicMonday: Go Hard – The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hop

havocStraight outta’ South Central Los Angeles, Havoc Da MouthPiece hails as one the true originators of West Coast gangsta’ hip hop! Real hip hop hard heads recall Havoc as a standout pioneer, spearheading the West Coast reign when he was the front man for the rap crew South Central Cartel aka SCC. The group was the first ‘left’ coast rappers to sign to Def Jam and nurtured a loyal cult following with hits like “U Gotta Deal Wit Dis,” “Pops Was a Rolla,” All Day Everyday,” “Eastside-Westside” and “It’s an S.C.C Thang.”

Ironically, Havoc, a Chicago native, also has roots nestled deep in the legacy of R&B as well. Havoc is not only a rap legend, but he is also the son of legend. His father, Robert “Squirrel” Lester was one of the founding members of the legendary soul group the Chi-Lites
Considering the depth of his musical roots coupled with his passion, there is probably no one better positioned to revive the West Coast rap scene by not only recapturing its history, but also continuing its vintage sound. Under the banner of his new imprint, Gaim Chng3r Enterprizes, Havoc is steadfastly forging a new legacy in hip hop. For the past two years he has been documenting historic interviews with major artists who were in the game from the beginning. Over 30 artists have been interviewed to date, including Ice-T, Too Short, Warren G, Kurupt, Yo Yo, Da Brat, Ms. Toi, Xzibit and Lighter Shade of Brown.  The footage will be revealed in his new film,“Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,” slated for release in 2016 and the soundtrack, featuring several of Gaim Chng3r’s newly signed acts, is available now!
Interview snippets and promotional shout outs from a slew of veteran rap artists including hip hop heroes like Rappin 4-Tay,JJ Fad, Kam, Money B and WC, as well as videos from Gaim Chng3r’s new artists, are featured on the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize YouTube channel here. The page is also an archive for vintage music videos from over 30 acts supportive of and or featured in the film project.
Havoc has masterminded a diverse assembly of artists for Gaim Chng3r’s roster, all reflecting his hardcore sentiments about the wild, wild west. The “Go Hard” soundtrack  is fully loaded with thirteen rough and ride ’em tracks that sizzle with scorching West Coast heat. Female vocalist Neveah regulates the seduction with “Boom,” Chanel Royale rips the heat on “187 Murder,” and Drewp featuring J. Blue keeps it real South Central with their own cartel on “Talkin’ Money” and break down the politics of green.  Tiffani Lewis’  “Pain,” featuring Cali Pitts, is a street litany that flows R&B with a hardcore rap edge and D.K.F.C.’s “It’s Over” bounces like a low rider with pure ghetto heat. Jank Mobb spits real, raw and unapologetically ruthless on “Sum_Mo_Sh*t,” leaving Shoota Mac featuring J. Blue to take it to the bedroom with “Private Affair” and new super producer Big E regulates with impact on “Wat I’m On.”
Go Hard“South Central Cartel helped to carve the landscape of the West Coast rap scene. We were right alongside artists like N.W.A. and Tupac back in the day, giving the world a peak into this Cali street life,” notes Havoc.

Flashback photo:  standing left to right: unidentified, DJ Kaos (SCC), (unidentified),  Havoc Da Mouthpieice (SCC), Spice 1 and LV (SCC) kneeling:  Tupac, DJ Gripp, Prodeje (SCC) and Havikk the Rhymeson (SCC)

“I’ve been true to this music for three decades now, different incarnations, but always true to the game. With ‘Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,’ I am not only honoring and celebrating this west side journey, I am positioning it for a greater outreach into the future. Gaim Chng3r is the new face of West Coast rap and the rebel cry is ‘Go Hard’ because we can’t go home, this is home! The movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was only a small part of the story, but it proved that the world remembers and that they want more! ‘Go Hard’ is taking it back to the streets South Central style. We bringing Watts, the Bay, Sacramento and the entire coast along for this ride!”

Check out the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize’s YouTube channel here.

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cab cabernet

#MusicMonday: Cab Cabernet – Suspect

Cab Cabernet

Harlem-based rapper/producer/director and Krushed Grapes Lifestyle owner Cab Cabernet presents the music video for “Suspect”, the new single from Krushed Grapes: Harlem Vintage, his forthcoming album featuring guest appearances from VonQwest, Noni Kai, Kat Starr Johnson and Priciliya Marie as well as production from Roddy Rod, RTNC (the producer behind Your Old Droog’s album, J. Bless, Declat, Tigga-Bounce, Frank Lotz and White Indian. “Suspect” comes on the heels of Cab’s remix of Jidenna’s “Classic Man”, the “Maiden Harlem” video and the music video for first single “The Lifestyle”.

Formerly known as Hanif-Jamiyl of New England group Maspyke (of whom Roddy Rod is also a member, Cabernet performed alongside Mos Def, Q-Tip, Slick Rick and EPMD, co-founded Bukarance Records, and ghostwrote for numerous artists before reinventing himself in 2006, founding a private all-male escort service catering only to female clients and opening a cigar lounge. In 2009 he released the album Krushed Grapes (listen on Soundcloud) and the following year he unveiled Krushed Grapes Footwear, a line of luxury, handmade sneakers. KG Lifestyle also produces handmade leather accessories including wine carriers, cigar cases, briefcases, wallets and hats, sold and customized at the customer’s request.

“There are some ‪#‎SUSPECT agendas that have systematically been inserted into our Hip-Hop culture, to slowly but surely disconnect us from our history, bastardize our glorious art forms, and confuse and misguide our youth,” says Cab.

“There is a giant pink elephant sitting in the room, and nobody wants to address it. It is true that every culture must evolve in order to survive and thrive. The question is, what is this culture evolving into? I believe that now is the time to have this dialog within the Hip-Hop community.



#MusicMonday: Notion – Holdin’ Hands


Click to listen to Holdin’ Hands on SoundCloud!

Notion has come a long way since his debut EP “Pride On My Cufflinks” back in 2013.

The Australian born, Toronto based MC, producer and engineer has been practically living in the studio, putting his plethora of skills to work on releases for his label The Movement Fam along with a constant string of clients across the globe.

His main focus over the past couple of years has been his long-awaited debut LP “Heart On My Sleeve Music“, a well-crafted follow-up to his EP both in name and sound.

The lead single, “Holdin’ Hands”, grabs you as soon as the snare hits with its heart-wrenching sample and Notion‘s personal, introspective lyrics where he tracks his musical journey and professes his gratitude for his fam and his supporters. Crafted by production team DiazSima based out of Budapest, Hungary, the single conveniently dropped on Notion‘s birthday (November 8th) as a gift to both himself and fans of real, conscious Hip Hop.


#MusicMonday: Cee x SVNTY6 – LoveYall ft. Notion


Canada via Australia transplant Cee and the UK’s SVNTY6 go way back. Linking via Hip Hop blogger Kevin Nottingham way back in 2008, the two have collaborated numerous times over the years, most notably for the well-received single and video “PromNight” in 2013.

The two artists are part of a new international collective, FTRSNDMTRX, and after many years of one-off collaborations, the MC and the producer finally knocked out a Foreign Exchange style EP, ‘BeBetter’.

Communicating exclusively via email and text, the project was inspired by SVNTY6‘s recent battle with depression. His motto, ‘Be Better’, became the mantra and in turn, the title of the project. Steeped in soulful samples, hard-hitting drums and funky breaks, SVNTY6 channeled his positive energy into the production to give Cee a canvas to talk through his own demons via a lens of positivity.

The lead single is ‘LoveYall’, a soul drenched headnodder where Cee and his brother Notion explore the most lauded of emotions, touching on family, lovers, friends and business. The overwhelming positive perspective is infectious and will leave listeners with a permanent smile.

Stream ‘LoveYall‘ on SoundCloud or Bandcamp (also available for download via ‘Pay What You Can‘).

Follow Cee and Notion on Spotify!

seal 7

#MusicMonday: Seal is Back With 7

#Seal7 and #O2O
seal 7

When I think of Seal, the first things that come to mind are his songs Kiss From A Rose, Crazy, and even his supermodel ex-wife, Heidi Klum.

Seal is much more than his past work and relationships. He is also a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter who has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and he was also a judge on The Voice Australia in 2012 and 2013.

7 is his seventh full-length album. An album that focuses on one emotion that we can all relate to in one way or another – love.

My favorite songs of the 11 tracks are Daylight Savings, the melodies and harmonies from The Big Love Has Died, Life On The Dancefloor (a great dance track!), and the island sounds of Redzone Killer and Monascow.

Seal is easy-listening. His music has a cool laid back vibe. If you dug his past work you will definitely love his new music.

Pre-order 7 now! Will be available on November 6th.




I participated in the 7 album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

Arid Garden 2

#MusicMonday: Arid Garden – Sperimental Jazz Band from Southern Italy

Arid Garden, a sperimental progressive jazz band hailing from southern Italy.

Arid Garden

ARID GARDEN was born in 2011 by Davide Cotroneo’s intention to create a sperimental trio, mixing oriental ethnic sounds and rock fusion. With Giovanni De Luca and Vincenzo Messina he composed some musical drafts.

Afterwards, with the decision to annex poetry and lyrics in their songs, the band started to create oniric and suggestive atmospheres. In 2012, Giorgio Belluscio joined to complete the formation: in this period their first work, ARID GARDEN, started to be composed.

With the addition of Anais Del Sordo  in 2013, the band started to work on a concept album, improving and consolidating the arrangements of their existing songs, composing new material, and modifying the general sound. Making it less invasive and more atmospheric, keeping the narrative role at the voice.

The new album, “Arid Garden” is available in all digital stores, including iTunes. It consists of live music and video recordings.


andrea bocelli

#MusicMonday: Andrea Bocelli Sings Classic Movie Hits

#Cinema #O2O

andrea bocelliAndrea Bocelli sings songs that I wouldn’t listen to in a million years. Not just because he sings in languages I can’t understand like Italian, French, Spanish, and Sicilian. It’s that the talented singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice is a classical artist. I can probably count on only a few fingers the songs I like that happen to be classical.

However, when listening to Andrea Bocelli sing popular songs from movie history I did get caught up in a few tracks. I especially liked hearing him and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls fame) on the legendary musical anthem ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ from ‘Evita. He also sings a duet with rising young superstar Ariana Grande on the duet ‘E Piu Ti Penso’ from ‘Once Upon A Time in America’/ ‘Malena’. I’m sure these two duets will help Andrea and his song mates reach a wider audience.

I was moved to belt out my opera singing voice quite a lot during my review of the album. To put it simple, it’s artistry. Relaxing, clean, and mind-clearing beautiful music.

Get your copy!


I participated in the Andrea Bocelli “Cinema” album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

jonathan emile

#MusicMonday: Jonathan Emile – The Lover / Fighter Document

jonathan emile

Click to download The Lover/Fighter Document on iTunes!

Negril,Jamaica/Montreal,Canada rapper/producer Jonathan Emile presents The Lover/Fighter Document, his new album featuring Kendrick Lamar, Murs (watch the music video for “End Of The World”), Buckshot (watch the music video for “The Century”), Kim Richardson, Tek Luciano, Natasha Marie and Ashley Rose. Emile was in the hospital fighting cancer when he created his philosophy of “MindPeaceLove”, which he named his independent record label after.

He appeared on the Grammy long-list in the ‘Rap Album of The Year’ category and ‘Jazz Album of The Year’ category as a member of the Franco Proietti Morph-Tet. Proietti also performs alto saxophone on the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Heaven Help Dem” (click to read VICE’s interview with Jonathan Emile regarding the “Heaven Help Dem” controversy).



#MusicMonday: Nikita – Back to Life

Nikita - Back to Life

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Nikita Goltsos is the son of a Greek father and an Italian mother. He has been fortunate enough to experience life through many cultures. He was born in a small country town called Whyalla in South Australia and lived the rest of his high school years in Adelaide. Nikita also lived in Larnaca, Cyprus for 3 years and a short period in Trieste, Italy. Today he is currently living in Greece with his wife and two children.

Nikita started playing music at an early age. Throughout his primary and high school years, Nikita actively participated in his school choir, and was selected to sing for the “South Australian boys’ choir”, at the Festival Theatre of South Australia.

Nikita continued with his music endeavors spending most of his spare time tinkering away with his guitar, writing songs, and discovering his own different genres. He created neighborhood bands with local peers in his area, and spent many a weekends, recording his new material, on a home four channel tape system. It was during these tender teenage years that Nikita discovered his big love for music.

Today, independent artist “Nikita” is releasing his new 3rd album called ‘’back to life”. Old band members Nikita Goltsos, Peter Charalambidis, Vassilis Podaras, Petros Xsourafas and Mario Daousis amazingly come “back to life” once more. Their endless loyalty towards the band and their sheer love for music has been captured on this great album.

Characterized by various critics as a “masterpiece”, the album’s sound production and song compilation, is worth listening to. These guys are definitely talented and Nikita’s unique vocals stigmatize the album. Georgina’s backup vocals and duet with Nikita has added another dimension to the tracks, taking it to another level. This new album combines the rock melodies of yesteryear, with today’s modern pop sound. (By the way, this is solely the writer’s personal and humble opinion.

Nikita is the producer of this work and is the composer and lyric writer of all songs.


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