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Use The #FeedArt Hashtag to Start a Movement for Artists on Twitter

You should be familiar with the #FeedArt campaign that I introduced some weeks ago. If not, learn all about it here.

Here’s another way to get involved!

It’s easy!  Include #FeedArt in your tweets, find other accounts using the hashtag and re-tweet their messages, and watch as others re-tweet yours.

The more active you are with the hashtag the more likely you’ll be to expand your reach, amplify your brand, increase engagement, find fellow artists to collaborate with and get featured!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to tweetin’!


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Video: The NEW Direction of the Dangerous Lee Network

Starving Artists Unite! #Feedart


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Every Love Has An Ending

love hurts

I can remember back when I was a child, I made up a song called “Every Love Has An Ending”. I can remember hitting record and singing into my cute and colorful boombox like I was a superstar. The song was about a cheating man who broke a woman’s heart. I can’t remember how old I was, but I’m sure I was younger than thirteen. It had a nice lil’ groove to it and words that spoke well beyond my years and experience. I wonder where in the hell I got the notion from. Were my psychic abilities kicking in? Or was it just my writing skills coming out? Either way, it would seem that, at least in my experience, that sadly every love does have an ending contrary to the Hollywood happily ever after idea that has been pimped to us for a lifetime.

What do you think?

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I Want a Seat Next to Rihanna & Miley Cyrus at the AMAs


So, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are sitting next to each other at the American Music Awards this Sunday. Damn, I wish I could have a spot next to them. They have the best weed in Hollywood!

Find out why Chief Keef Wants to Work With Rihanna + Miley Cyrus.

Music – The D List: Tony K – Zombie

tonykzombieEver been or seen someone drunk or high? Then chances are they are not themselves they are more like Zombies and this is what you will see in the latest offering from Detroit native Tony K. This track is featured on Tony’s mixtape titled YNOT released today.

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Top Story: 5 Websites Where You Can Download The Latest Songs Free


Music is a taste and an expression of a person’s personality. Music is a language that represents human emotions. It is something which stays with you in whatever mood you are, from being sad to being excited, music is something which always sticks around. But unfortunately, like everything else around the world, music comes with a price tag. From hit albums to flop individual tracks all of them have a price. But with the invention of internet music lovers have got what they wanted. Anyone around the globe can now download free music whenever they feel like. A lot of websites have understood the passion in people for music and have started providing music downloads for free.

If music is the food of your life, then you can follow these 5 websites where you can download latest songs for free:

1. Soundcloud.com: To music enthusiasts sound cloud is a God’s gift. It is a popular and a huge platform for both commercial and independent artists. This site boasts a very clear streaming interface. One of the things that is not well known by people is that most of the artists give away one or more tracks for free. You just have to look for the “download” button and the black arrow on the top of each track.You can search music by genre, artist, latest postings or popularity.

2. Last.fm: Last.fm is not just a place to grab free music, it is also a place where you can track your listening habits, discover new music and also download free mp3 songs. The site has a special page where you can download free legal songs. The page is updated often and you can also find free tracks on every artists page, all you have to do is find the blue “FREE MP3″ button.

3. Noisetrade.com: Noise trade is a place that helps the artists to connect with the audience.To share music artists create embeded widgets, both on the site as well as there personal social accounts. With a large hip-hop section and loads of new music, the site provides the facility to download songs for free.

4. Jamendo.com: With a library of over 8000 albums Jamendo will keep you engrossed for a long time.The site offers 6 different languages and is a perfect choice for legal and free digital music. You can download and listen to as many individual tracks and albums as you wish.The tracks are provided in mp3 formats if downloading via HTTP link and OGG if you download via a peer to peer file sharing network such as utorrent.

5. Dilandau.com: You can find most of your favorite songs on this website. With the large collection of mp3 songs the site provides, you just need to search the songs or artists by typing the name in the search box or choose them from the categories mentioned. Select the songs you want to download and hit the green download button. You can listen to the songs before downloading which helps a lot in choosing which track to download. Note: As of 2014 this website features music videos.

Try these websites and enjoy your favorite tracks totally free.

This article was written by Andre Parkfield. He is a postgraduate student of philosophy with an overwhelming passion for music. He also loves blogging in his free time and recommends that you visit this buzzsouthafrica.com for South African music.


Dangerous Lee Interviews Professional Handmade Guitar Maker – Ron Luczak


Who owns the first guitar you created in 1982?

I still have that guitar, it’s a small scale “mini” sized copy of the 1958 Gibson ‘Explorer” model, but I never entirely finished it enough to make it playable. I was so excited about what I accomplished half way through, that I bought more lumber and started making a few more full size guitars and from there I just kept going.

Why do you prefer to work with Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood?

These woods are traditional musical instrument woods and I rationalized that there must be a good reason they were always used, so I didn’t deviate too much, although I have experimented with other wood species I always come back to the Mahoganies & Maples.


You don’t play guitar, so what keeps you so motivated to create. Is it a love for music?

I don’t actively “play” at the moment but I was drawn to guitars as early as I can remember and I learned how to play over time and have been in bands and made occasional recordings mainly as a hobby. When I was about 20, it seemed like everybody was playing the guitar and I got the notion to try to build a guitar and I just never stopped. I can pick up a guitar and play anytime I want, but building is just more exciting to me.

I understand you’d like to make a guitar for Paul McCartney. Have you tried to reach out to him or his “people” to make it happen?

His name is just the first one I could think of during a local TV interview, which was conducted at 8am when I was barely awake and hadn’t had coffee yet (ha). It could have been a lot of different “names” that I might have blurted out, but yes It would be marvelous to have him or any of the many artist’s that I admire to play a guitar I made. I don’t feel comfortable soliciting a famous person to hold my guitar just because their famous, or for gimmicky reasons. I’d rather they want one because they find my guitar to be a useful tool to create their music with.


Can you make other instruments?

I have made a few Bass guitars but I feel that I fully understand how a regular 6-string guitar should feel, play and sound so for the time being I’m compelled to concentrate on doing “what I do best”, although I do aspire to build Mandolin’s and Arch-Top Jazz guitars in the future.

What is your ultimate dream for Luczak Guitars?

When I was just starting out in my early twenties I imagined the scenario of a huge factory with lots of employees and every music store around would stock my guitars, but now, quite honestly, that sounds like a great big stress-filled headache! I don’t want the “Business” of it all to stifle my “Art”. I would be content to operate a small scale production with just a few employees who are also fellow crafts-people and 8 hours a day we would custom hand-build each guitar for the customer, as it was ordered, while preserving our social lives, such as having a beer at the 501 in Flint on Friday nights with our closest friends.



Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of February 2013

Top_10_PicksIt was quite the honor to be chosen as a Top Fashion Blog to follow this year and it was an even bigger surprise to see that I was in the Top 20! My ego was boosted for a few months. Singer, Keyshia Cole was also slated to be featured in the interview I conducted with her stylist, DaRico Jackson, but she declined. Troy Beyer declined to be interviewed by me as well. I guess I’m not popular enough for these women. *side eye* I was blown away that Mr. Dick Van Dyke actually took the time to respond to my tweet. Celebrity responses on Twitter are a rarity. Or am I alone in this? I am? Okay…nevermind.

5 Reasons Marrying A Nurse Is Like Winning The Lottery continues to be a Top Story today. I don’t fully understand the hype, but check the comments on this one. Some readers, including a man going on a feminist rant, had a very strong reaction to one of the images I chose to feature in the article, while most people think nurses suck as human beings and can’t do their job. Who knew they were just like the rest of us??!!

Holla at cha in March!

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Hip Hop – The Voice Of Youth And Social Activism

Over the years, hip hop has continued to evolve as a new form of expression for the young people. Earlier, limited only to urban music and dance, now, hip hop has become a widespread mode of communication showcased and enjoyed by the youth across the world. Today, hip hop is representing a multi-billion dollar industry which has influenced every business from professional sports, media marketing, fashion, automotive design to television programming. But, for many young people hip hop is a culture that has been intricately woven into every aspect of their lives.


Hip hop was originated in the South Bronx as the voice of the voiceless. A medium for conveying the pain of despair, poor people and youth to the masses through the lyrics. The mid 1990’s were the most active period for the hip hop activism. And with the development of hip hop as a globalized art form, the progressive and activist hip hop agenda has spread across the world. The socially conscious activists employed the tools of hip hop to bring about the change in the community, empowering youth and giving voice to the unchecked issues.

 Present Scenario

Today, many young rappers are picking up the cause of social activism and becoming a very important voice for the youth of the world. Being influenced by the socially conscious artists of the past, young rappers have brought out the social and political issues very impressively with their creativity. However, violence and materialism are often considered as an inseparable part of the hip hop culture. But many young artists are dedicated in social service, demonstrating their deep connection with the people, love for hip hop events and the desire to improve current social realities. These philanthropic deeds and social service of hip hop artists remains hidden because of the controlled news channels that are more focused towards reporting the law enforcement of hip hop artists.

 Social Activist Groups

Many social activists groups like “The Cipher” and “Texas Youth World Collective” are proactive throughout the world for empowering the youth. The Cipher quotes that “Hip Hop is not just music, but a support system and a social structure that unifies youth culture” For fulfilling the purpose, they are providing a vital platform to the young people for exhibiting their talents and communicating issues important to them. The creative expressions and public performances of these groups create a wave of social responsibility, being empowered and tolerance among youth. People leave the program, having gained new competencies and skills, enhanced self esteem and extended possibilities for their futures.

Hip hop has crossed the boundaries of rapping and break dance, and has evolved as the voice of youth and a powerful medium for discussing the social issues. Hip hop can bring the unchecked important social issues into the limelight, and thus, helps in healing the pain of despair and poor. Being given proper motivation by the government and people, hip hop can emerge as the fifth pillar of democracy.


The author has wide experience about writing on hip hop events and competition. He is well-versed with the tactics of content writing and knows what exactly readers prefer.

Top Story: #MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me


If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure.

Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up!

Love Everyone

Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we are all one, we are equal, and it don’t matter if you’re Black or White.

Take Care of the Earth

Songs like Earth Song and Heal the World hit the point home that we have to take care of our planet.

Wait To Have Sex

Well, he didn’t really teach me not to have sex, but because I was so in love with him as a teenager and no boy could hold a candle to him, I kept my legs closed for a long time!

Thanks Michael – I love and miss you!

Top 5 Controversial Lyrics Of All Time

ice t

In this day and age, recording artists often believe that they have a license to say and do whatever they want. If we look back in time, it is safe to say that the music industry has been filled with controversial lyrics that have caused massive public backlashes. In this article I will be discussing my top 5 lyrics that have caused the most controversy.

5. Rick Ross – U.O.E.N.O

The rap industry is filled with songs that portray sex in a graphic and controversial manner. However, when US rapper, Rick Ross rapped the verse “Put a molly all up in her champagne, she ain’t even know I took her home and enjoy that” it received a huge public outcry. The general public detested the fact Rick Ross was condoning date raping and unconsented sex. The lyric saw his $2.8 million sponsorship deal with Reebok promptly ended. On his official Twitter account he tweeted publicly: ‘I want to thank Reebok Classics for their hard work and dedication over the past year. Good Partners, good shoe. Continued success”.  There have been many instances when artists have been dropped by clothing labels for controversy. Rock bands with explicit lyrics are often restricted to the band t shirts they are allowed to promote due to the graphic nature of the album art work.

4. Eminem – Kim

I’m pretty sure everyone is aware that rapper Eminem is no stranger to controversy. He has basically built his entire career on the foundations of controversial lyrics. His lyrics have been said to be; violent, homophobic, ageist, sexist and inconsiderate. However, one of his lyrics stands out to be one of his most controversial in his career. Eminem’s album, the Marshall Mathers LP is one of the most successful rap albums of all time, however it wasn’t without controversy. On the single ‘Kim’ a song supposedly dedicated to his ex-girlfriend he raps; “Come on we’re going for a ride, b**ch sit up in the front, we will be right back, well I will, you will be in the trunk”. The song received thousands of complaints due to its ‘murderous’ undertones.

3. Britney Spears – If You Seek Amy

You might be slightly surprised to see Britney Spears appearing on the list of most controversial lyrics. However, Australian housewife Leonie Barsenbach would agree that Britney deserves here place on the list. When she heard her young daughters singing the lyrics out allowed, the mother of two was mortified to find they had learned the explicit language from the Britney Spears Circus album. Leonie said in a statement; “I was astonished and totally taken aback when I heard my 5 and 7 year old kids walking around the house singing ‘F-*-C-K’ …”

2. ICE-T – Cop Killer

There isn’t really much need for an explanation here. When Ice-T formed his new metal band ‘Body Count’ they got more exposure than they probably initially expected. The public where disgraced at the lyrics in one of his tracks ‘Cop Killer’; “I got my twelve gauge sawed off, I got my headlights turned off, I’m ’bout to bust some shots off, I’m ’bout to dust some cops off,” At the time of recording Ice-T was playing the role of a cop in the TV show ‘Law and Order’. Oh the irony!

1. Trinidad James – Work (Remix)

One of the latest controversial lyrics to cause public outcry comes from Trinidad James on his feature, on the remix of A$AP Fergs’ track ‘Work’. On his verse Trinidad raps “Shout out that motherland, 12 year olds with guns in hands, they don’t ask no questions, all they do is bang” The lyrics has caused massive controversy and put the island of Trinidad in a terrible light. The lyrics imply that kids as young as 12 are given guns and forced to join gangs.

Jonathan Hatton is the marketing manager for T Shirt Subway. He has a passion for music and television and enjoys writing in his spare time.


Top Story – Lisa Essett Candidly Reviews Jay-Z’s Magna Carta


Jay-Z’s new album is WACK AS FUCK. Sorry, but Kanye owned your ass this time, boo. Like. The beats are BASIC. This sounds like the reject shit. How do your proteges: J. Cole, Wale, and Kanye have some of the best hip hop albums of the year and they’re on your LABEL!? Wut?

What do you think of Magna Carta?


Top Story: Flint Positive Spotlight – Jon Connor Makes Billboard Charts Debut


After tours, magazine features and meeting his idols, Flint rapper Jon Connor has made his mark in one of the areas that really counts: the charts. Connor’s new album, “Unconscious State,” is on two of this week’s Billboard charts: no. 7 in the Heatseekers chart, and no. 35 in the R&B/hip-hop charts. “I remember when the album was done, I joked around with friends and said, ‘imagine if this charted.’ …The fact that it actually happened is crazy,” Connor said.

Billboard magazine’s weekly music charts are recognized internationally as the standard for tracking the most popular songs or albums through physical and digital purchases, radio airplay, YouTube views, and more.

The R&B/Hip-Hop chart is genre-specific, while the Heatseekers chart ranks albums from new artists/bands who have never landed in the top half of the company’s heralded Billboard 200 chart.

Read full story – Jon Connor makes Billboard charts debut with album ‘Unconscious State’ | MLive.com.

Are YOU Flint Positive?

Video: Elders React To Twerking



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