Odd Hours NEW2

Top Story: Get Ready Detroit! Odd Hours “Khaleesi” EP and Video Release Event

Odd Hours NEW2

Khaleesi is the fourth release from Detroit post-punk band Odd Hours. It comprises the Khaleesi single, music video and remixes by artists like Tunde Olaniran, Eddie Logix, Lol-lo-Lohanz, and others. The EP with audio single, remixes and video are being released on Dec. 6 at Corktown Studios in Detroit.   

The release event is an art exhibit centered around the video and EP release,  with art created for, and inspired by the song and video. These pieces include the set installation of 400 hand-cut acrylic pieces in the shape of reflective crystalline daggers, and a seven-foot tall black metal throne, which were used in the “hell” set of the video.

Visitors can also observe brand new video installations by Beste, and of course scattered Vietnamese hell money along with the new video Khaleesi. The video itself includes a speedboat ride with Beste’s 70 year old, bandana-clad grandfather, and the band throwing fifty pounds of hell money into a raging bonfire. “From the way we look on stage, to using my grandfather in our videos, we want to be dark and sexy, but also confuse you by being weird and playful,” says Beste.

The video mixes striking visuals inspired by the 90’s punk/Americana look of artist Ssion and the luxurious, cold, gothic look of the black dance scene in the 80’s movie “Legend.” The name of course is the made up name for “queen” from the HBO show Game of Thrones.

The Khaleesi music video was produced by Odd Hours and Gold House Media, directed by Kevin Eckert, with art direction from Tunde Olaniran.

The new Odd Hours music video “Khaleesi” includes:

Ritual hell-money burning

A disguised septuagenarian grandfather driving a motorboat

A petulant ruler in her golden money palace

Custom-built seven-foot black steel throne, in hell

A pure black, kilt-wearing guardian

The newest single from Odd Hours

Odd Hours is the dark, sexy and avant-garde alternative to the 4/4 dance and friendly folk-based indie pop being hoisted by mainstream and indie radio.

The video release event is at 7. p.m. on Dec. 6 at Corktown Studios, 2707 14th Street, Detroit, Michigan 48216.

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Music – The D List: Tony K – Zombie

tonykzombieEver been or seen someone drunk or high? Then chances are they are not themselves they are more like Zombies and this is what you will see in the latest offering from Detroit native Tony K. This track is featured on Tony’s mixtape titled YNOT released today.

Join Tony’s mailing list at www.tonykofficial.com to get a free copy of the mixtape!




The Process of Winning a Grammy Award

The process of winning a Grammy award starts with a submission and goes through a process of screening, nominating, voting and more.

  • Members of the recording academy and other companies submit recordings, music videos and other music related videos and things according to what is and is not eligible. Eligibility is based on what year is considered worthy of recognition during the awards.
  • After the recording companies have submitted everything, there is a screening process. The screening involves a review process in which more than 100 experts go through to make sure the submitted videos and recordings meet the qualifications. Different qualifications are placed on each field or genre; for example, the requirements for jazz are different from the requirements for Gospel and the same goes for Rap and Classical. The screening process is not a judgment screening it is only a screening for eligibility and a screening to place the recordings in the correct genres.
  • After the screening process comes the real judgment, or the nomination process. The first ballot round is sent to voters. Voters are only allowed to vote in their genre of expertise. The voters can vote in about 20 categories in their genre or field then they may also vote for 4 categories of the General Field. The votes are then counted by an independent accounting firm. For specialized categories there are special nominating committees who determine the nominations by national nomination of voting members.
  • After the first round of voting is done there is a final voting in which the ballots are sent to voting members and the finalists are chosen. During this round Recording Academy members may vote as well. The votes are then, again, counted by an independent accounting firm.
  • The results of all the votes are then shared at the GRAMMY Awards ceremony. The results are actually sent in sealed envelopes from the independent accounting firm and they are not opened and revealed until the announcers are on stage at the GRAMMY Awards. The ceremony is shown by telecast.

The awards are given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The GRAMMY award is a true honor because the winners are based on votes by people in the industry, not on record sales.

It is quite a process to be nominated, voted for and to win a GRAMMY Award and that is because Grammy awards are the most highly esteemed awards that are given in the recording industry. 

Author Byline: Nicholas Wells represents GRAMMY award-winning musical groups and helps people to learn about trademark fees.

Black Music Month Spotlight: Tyrand



Why is celebrating Black music important to you?

It has so much soul.  No matter what type of music it is; jazz, R&B, or gospel they all have stories to tell. This is music I’ve listened to since I was born.  

What do you think of the current state of the music industry?

The music industry has changed a lot. It’s more digital now which isn’t a bad thing.  For artists, it’s actually easier.  Now you can reach fans through online media.  It’s also easier to be more independent.

What is your favorite song currently?

Right now my favorite song is Adele “One and Only”.  I really like that song.

What do you love almost as much as music?

I love film production.  A lot of people don’t know that I actually directed and edited a few of my own music videos, which I also do for other artists as well.

Who influences you most?

Most of my influences come from older artists. Teddy Pendergrass was a big influence. He was one of the first artists that I remember listening to as a child.

A world without music is…?

That’s hard to even imagine lol! But it would be a world without a lot of emotion. I think music brings emotion, like when you wake up in the morning you can listen to a certain song and it can change your mood for that whole day.

Website and social media links:


Flint Stuff Spotlight: D Fro – Delirious Days

This music video, made by D-Fro (a producer/MC out of the Owosso/Flint area) and directed by label mate Tim Evans, promotes you to never give up on yourself, even if the world around us wants us to sometimes. D-Fro is an advocate for self-discovery and awareness of world affairs. Check out more at www.fb.com/dfromusic.

Note: Original video has been removed


Watch Dangerous Lee TV on Youtube

Happy Halloween from Dangerous Lee Courtesy of Michael Jackson

No, it’s not Thriller…it’s even better!


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Simone Battle Likes Gay Boys

Simone Battle is one of the latest singers to get the boot from X Factor. Paula, L.A.,  and Nicole never saw much in her from her first audition and neither did I, but Simon loved Simone and chose her to be one of his final 5 picks! However, after her live performance of “Just Be Good To Me” by the S.O.S. Band (which was also sang by past X Factor contestant, Cher Llyod, on the U.K. version of the show) on last night’s show Simon sent her home, though home may be just where her music career starts.

Before leaving, Simone’s last words were a promo for her music video and single, “He Likes Boys”. It’s a track that I can hear Katy Perry singing, but it’s not right for Simone at all. I’m not sure what’s right for Simone. She a pretty girl (minus the clunky heels), but other than that there’s not much there as far as a music career is concerned.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.