‘Tis The Season To Watch Oscar-Bait Movies


During the holidays, most people are busy with different parties, festivities and get togethers, and life gets pretty crazy. A great way to unwind during the holidays is to sit down and watch movies. There are plenty of movies that … Continue reading

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Morris Chestnut Confirms Third Installment Of The Best Man


Morris Chestnut recently stopped by the Rave Cinemas in Baldwin Hills and chatted with moviegoers about a possible third installment of the hit movie: The director is already breaking down storylines for my character in the next movie so I … Continue reading

5 Movies You’ll Want to See This Holiday Season

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Before you know it, you’ll be shopping for Christmas gifts, frantically finding Thanksgiving dinner supplies, and trying to figure out if you want to brave the crowds for those Black Friday deals. You know what that means, right? It means … Continue reading

10 Most Annoying Things That People Do At The Movies


Cinema goers are decreasing in numbers though movie profits are increasing in numbers. Gone are the days when people really enjoy watching a movie in a cinema. Today, we are accustomed of watching online movies in the comforts of our … Continue reading

How Technology Is Changing The Film Industry


  The film industry has been around for over a hundred years, and yet in all that time, there have only been one or two major technological advances. Firstly, silent movies were replaced by talkies, and then black and white … Continue reading