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romeo and juliet

the crow





dirty dancing



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Dangerous Lee Interviews Actress, Surfer, Marathoner, and Philanthropist, Tanna Frederick!

You’re a busy woman, do you have a chance to relax? How?

My relaxation comes from running and surfing.  I get really relaxed when I can just turn on my Ipod and tune out.  Also, I love watching the Bachelorette, my guilty pleasure. 

Do you have interests that you have not tried yet?

Shakespeare.  Terrifies.  Me. That should be a bridge I cross soon, that hopefully doesn’t go down in flames. 

Who or what inspires your drive and ambition?

Perfectionism and a desire to learn.  The ‘Divine Dissatisfaction’ plagues me.  A feeling that what I am doing is never enough, that time is slipping away, that there are surmountable mountains of experiences available to inform my work, and that everything that happens is because of my hand in the pot stirring.  


Have you had to make many sacrifices?

I guess some, yes.  I don’t know if they’re sacrifices yet or just late blooming endeavors, but I haven’t had any babies and haven’t gotten married.  But I never placed those things as priorities.  My work has been my focus. 

Iowa seems to have a special place in your heart, why is that?

Iowa envelops you like a big fat hug.  It’s a remarkable state to come from, embarrassingly talented and supportive place to have been raised for me as an artist.  Iowa is a state of mind. Call me corny, but everyone who I’ve watched immerse themselves into the Iowa Indie Film Festival and Project Cornlight has had the pants charmed off of them by this state. 

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Movie Review: Melancholia

Melancholia first came across my radar because of the hoopla surrounding Kirsten Dunst appearing nude in the film. I believe that was a ploy to get people interested in this under the radar film, but the plot is what interested me most. The first time I watched Melancholia the beginning slow motion sequence bored me to death, but as the movie went on I was in a trance as parts of the sequence began to make sense. I love this movie. I love the soundtrack. It’s a beautiful work of art. It’s a movie that will make you think and feel. Having said all that not everyone that sees this film will see it that way. Not just because we’re all different, but because this film is not typical or ordinary by Hollywood standards. The second time I watched it I was fully able to appreciate it without prejudice.

Melancholia is the name of a planet that has been hiding behind the sun and is now on a collision course to end life on earth. Melancholia plays a small yet volatile role in this film. Usually in films that deal with the end of the world the focus is on how everyone in the world is panacking or a plan to save the world. In this film the focus is on this family and their literal view of Melancholia as it heads towards earth.

I didn’t like Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgård as a couple in this film, but their relationship is only valid during the first half of the movie, so I was thankful when they parted. I was also thankful because their relationship seemed to be forced upon them in the first place.  I also didn’t totally understand why Kirsten Dunst’s character has an American accent and her mother, father, and sister have English accents. But, I know that these things I’ve mentioned are part of the soul of the film and not having everything spelled out is part of what makes you think when watching this film. It’s also irrevelant when you consider the fact that the end of the world is near.

I love a movie with an unhappy ending. I’m definitely gonna buy this one!

Rating: 5 Out Of 5 stars!



Project X (1987) vs. Project X (2012)

Now Hollywood is Recycling Movie Titles

These two films are nothing alike and as far as I know have no real connection other than the fact that they share the same title.

Project X (1987) is a film centered on the Air Force using chimps for inhumane experiments. 

Project X (1987) is actually very reminiscent of what happens to the apes in the latest remake of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I watched it a million times as a kid and HBO is currently running it again; I’m sure Project X (2012) being released today has something to do with that.

Project X (2012) is about teenagers throwing a party to make a name for themselves. The premise seems to be something that is all too true in popular media; do something stupid and receive instant fame.

In essence it seems that the humans in Project X (2012) are offering themselves up as the experiment. I have no intentions of buying a ticket to see Project X (2012), so if you see it let me know what you think.

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Diatribe: “Drive” Was So Bad I Can Almost Support A Lawsuit

Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, is a film I saw that I did not review because I thought it was OK, but I didn’t like it or hate it enough to write a worthy review of it. I also didn’t see the trailer before seeing the film, I rented it purely on a suggestion, so I don’t think it’s lawsuit worthy and I don’t recall any anti-Semetic rants. I am known to zone out on movies on occassion, so I guess I need to see it again, but I thought it was a very odd love story with a cool soundtrack.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for yourself then head over to Diatribes and Ovations to check out their review.

Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This film proves that we cannot rely on animal experiments to save our lives. Apes and humans are alike in many ways, but not where it counts, according to this film.

I loved it! It was shocking, loving, angering, comical, and all around entertaining.

One thing that was cheesy is the fact that the following words were uttered, “Get your hands off of me, you damn dirty ape!”.

I guess each filmmaker that takes on this film feels obligated to pay homage to the original with this line, but really, we could have done without it. We know it’s a remake.

The end of the film not only gives you the idea that their may be a sequel, but it also illustrates how viruses and disease so easily spread throughout the world. If you love sci-fi and hated Tim Burton‘s version you absolutely must see this film!

It’s in a class by itself.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

This film should have been titled Cowboys vs Aliens! It was OK, but not great. Much of it was predictable and silly, but it’s a pretty good film. There’s a dog that steals the show and receives the most screen time, so I was disappointed that it did not receive proper credit at the end of the film.

The aliens are bad ass and ugly as hell, and they have an obsession with gold. Harrison Ford plays a mean, racist old man very well. He may just have a new niche. Olivia Wildes’ character may get on your nerves appearing overly made up and very dramatic for the era, but once her “secret” is revealed it makes sense. Daniel Craig, well, he wears stolen chaps very well! Anyone know where I can get a pair?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Friday, April 17th on “Ask Dangerous Lee Live”


Dangerous and HP talk to young filmmaker Ben Foster, owner of BLG Publishing Brandon Griffin, and Michael Porter the founder of CTC Designs hip hop sports apparel. The Dangerous Item of the Week is book Danger In A Red Dress.


CTC Designs Jersey

CTC Designs Jersey

Friday, April 17th on “Ask Dangerous Lee Live”


Dangerous and HP talk to young filmmaker Ben Foster, owner of BLG Publishing Brandon Griffin, and Michael Porter the founder of CTC Designs hip hop sports apparel. The Dangerous Item of the Week is book Danger In A Red Dress.


CTC Designs Jersey

CTC Designs Jersey

Friday, April 10th on “Ask Dangerous Lee Live”

94 East to Atlantis

Dangerous and HP talk to band 94 East and debut two lost tracks featuring Prince that are featured on their new CD. Author of book “Of Atlantis” Lanaia Lee was scheduled to appear but fell ill. The Dangerous Item of the Week is book Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea.


94 East

94 East

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