How to Create Black Wealth

How to Create Black Wealth


By Teneisha Monique Street

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Have you ever heard of Black Wall Street? If not, don’t feel too bad. Up until a couple months ago neither had I. For those who are unfamiliar with this part of history, Black Wall Street was an area in Greenwood, OK that thrived with black owned businesses which resulted in black wealth and a higher level of black independence for its residents during a period of segregation. However, after a riot which stemmed from accusations against a young black man for harassing a young white woman on an elevator, the town was burned to the ground and many of its residents were killed by a mob of white residents in the neighboring town. Now, of course, this synopsis does no justice to the full story, but I needed to give a little background for the basis of this article.

I mention Black Wall Street to draw from that concept. We live in a time where social media is riddled with a number of black injustices (and that doesn’t begin to cover the incidents that go unreported); society has directed many to believe that the direction to wealth is by means of “white-washing”; and, black history as a part of school curriculum or even as a discussion in many households is becoming obsolete. (Before I continue, make no mistake in that this article is racist, angry, misdirected, or any combination of the above.)

So, for a second, let’s take a step back and assess the concept of change as it relates to black independence. How exactly do we create black wealth? There is no need to reinvent the wheel; the blueprint has already been laid.

1. Eliminate thinking that detriments further enslave black communities within the community.

2. Allow children of color to embrace their history and who they are without placing emphasis on inferiority.

3. Do not equate black wealth to the ability to mimic the wealth of “others”.

4. Promote the black owned businesses within the community and use those business owners as mentors to continue to grow.

5. Use community centers to teach children of color beyond the confinements of the classroom. Who knows what this simple change alone could invoke?

6. Be as unapologetically “black” and proud as possible.


There is no simple method of obtaining black independence, and the list of suggestions or directions is insurmountable depending on which roundtable you chose to sit at. Of course, there is doubt that plagues the minds and hearts of many. After all, who is to say that history won’t repeat itself if the efforts for independence are successful? Black Wall Street as well as many other movements throughout history are proof that there is power in numbers and thinking on one accord. It also proves that the African American race has overcome sufferings far greater than those existing in present times. One or two individuals obtaining success among the masses does not represent a society or create a movement. Sometimes small changes as a whole in the right direction can prove revolutionary.

For more reference, here is an article with a deeper look into the events that lead to that moment in history

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Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money

Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money

Couple counting moneyI’m broke. Poor to be exact. I make less than $10,000 a year. A lot less actually. And, I have bad credit. Why would I want a man that is doing just as bad as I am or slightly better with no current plans or hopes of things looking up? Money is not the most important quality in a man. In fact it’s not even a quality (is it?), but you know what I mean.

For instance, there is a man, an old and good friend of mine, who was interested in seriously dating me but he does not have his own home or apartment, has a mediocre job, he pays child support for one child and he cannot afford to save a damn dime. And, that’s just what I know to be true about his financial status. I’m sure it’s worse.

Let’s forget that I am not into him at all romantically for a sec, but what if I was? As a woman in her late 30’s with a child of my own to take care of I cannot and will not entertain seriously dating a man that is struggling financially. It does not make sense, especially in this day and age. Sex, I would entertain if I was sexually attracted to him, but anything other than that is off the table, permanently. However, sexual relationships get old quickly. At least for me.

I’m sure 100% of women, if asked, would say that they want a man with money and rightfully so. Not just any man with money. Of course he has to have things like integrity, drive, personality, good looks and even a nice ass, but financial security is a must when looking for a serious long term relationship. Why? Because things cost. It costs to live and enjoy life. Bills have to be paid. A legacy has to be built and that cannot be done when one or both persons is poor. Besides, according to traditional values (which I don’t usually give a shit about), the man is supposed to be the head of the household, the breadwinner.

For the record, not all woman who want a man with money are gold diggers. Smart people know the difference.

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Now, you may be saying – “A man doesn’t want a broke woman either.” You may be right. That’s fair. Though I’m sure that most well to do men are more than okay with their woman making less than them. It’s an ego thing. A man thing. I’m OK with that.

Don’t get me wrong, if the woman is poor, lazy, has no drive and no plans on how to become financially stable, there is a problem. However, if it’s a woman like me or a woman who is also financially stable I’m sure a man can work with that.

I have a college education, ambition, goals, plans and I own a business, but it is not a successful business, in my eyes. Success for me would be generating a stable income for myself and my child where I would never have to skip paying my Consumers bill (or any bill for that matter) and I would not be driving around in a raggedy ass ’97 Escort for going on two years now without car insurance and tags. It’s a damn shame.

If I met a man I really liked who just happened to be a well off business man or a well off garbage man, take your pick, we could build a legacy together. Meaning he could invest in my business or perhaps we could build an entirely new business together. We could pool our talents and help each other.

As I type this I am thinking that it would be great to have an angel investor, male or female, but those are harder to come by than a viable significant other these days.

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Happy is Not For Sale

Happy is Not For Sale


The whole world is on a fake Happy high thanks to the musical talents of Pharrell, but I’m not part of that crowd. It’s been said too many times that money can’t buy happiness, but the truth is happiness is not for sale. If it was for sale  it would still only be attainable by a select few.

A short list of things that money would currently buy for me:

  • A home – I prefer a condo to my small ass income based apartment
  • A bed – I sleep on a twin daybed. Not cute.
  • A new car – My ’97 Escort is a rusty mess
  • Student loan and credit debt – :/
  • A medical bill for over $400 – :(
  • A new couch – You should see what we currently have to sit on
  • Car insurance – I’ve been driving without insurance and outdated tags for almost a year!

If I had these things I’m sure I would be on my way to becoming happy.

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I Made $3,037 and 29 cents!!!

I Made $3,037 and 29 cents!!!

Since May 2012.


hudiesrHappy Birthday, Paw Paw. I’m working on it.


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Cool (Dangerous) Ways To Support Your Team And Show Your Allegiance

Cool (Dangerous) Ways To Support Your Team And Show Your Allegiance

People who don’t follow sport don’t understand quite what it means to support a team and to be truly invested in their performance in a game. If you’ve supported a team for years then you will have seen them at their very lowest and their very highest, you will have been with them through it all and you will have felt every victory and every loss. You will know the personality of the players, you will love the stadium and you will love what they stand for. And when your little team goes up bigger opposition and wins, it will feel like it was you personally who made that winning shot/hoop/goal/run.

As such then, a true fan will want to demonstrate their allegiance and their support for their team, while at the same time helping them to succeed. Doing your bit to help your team win will give you even more of a sense of accomplishment and involvement when they do well, and it will help to show off what is a very important part of your life and your personality clearly. Here then we will look at some of the unique ways that you can show off your support and help your team out at the same time.


One easy way to show support for your team is to wear branded clothing. This can mean wearing the official ‘kit’ or it can mean wearing hats and other items that have the team name on them. Of course this tells the world that you are a proud supporter, but it also helps in other ways. For one it spreads the message which might well get more people interested in the team and potentially win them more support. More supporters means more ticket sales, which means more money, which means better players.

At the same time, when you buy a hat that has your team’s name printed on it, you will actually be giving them your money directly. If you bought it in the stadium’s shop then of course they will keep a big chunk of that profit, and if you didn’t then the team will make money from licensing. And what’s more, if you buy lots of hats with your team name on them, then the companies that manufacture them will order more thus earning the team even more money. If you need a hat, why not buy one with your team’s name on it and help out at the same time?


There are many ways that you can show off your love of your favorite team by personalizing your belongings too. This is true whether you are buying decals for your vehicles and devices, or whether you’re just changing the background of your desktop computer or your profile picture. Personalization means showing off the things that you love, and if you love your team then there is hardly a better way to personalize your possessions. Plus there’s the chance that this will spark a conversation about the team you love which could get someone else interested too.

There are other fun ways you can show your love for your team too. That might mean using fridge magnets (you can use the letter fridge magnets to spell out your team’s name), setting your ringtone to the sound of your favorite chant, or making your own posters and DIY projects in homage to your team.

Things You Do

But it’s not just what you say or what you do that reveals you as a true fan, of course it’s also the things you do. That means standing up for your team when you’re in a conversation with someone who you want to like you but who is ridiculing your players’ recent performance. It means teaching your children about why your team are great and taking to the game, and it means going to watch and support yourself. And most of all it means being a good fan – that means cheering your team even when they do badly rather than booing, and it means being a great ambassador for them when you go to watch away games. Do all these things and you will do your team proud, and in some small way their next victory will also be yours.

The author of this post is Mike Rudolph, an employee at A-Dub Caps, leading suppliers of 9fifty snapbacks. Mike enjoys playing baseball and going to the games with his buddies.