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Say What! Bronzing Can Remove Cellulite?

I’m about to give you a beauty secret only known by the most experienced in the industry: cellulite looks less obvious on bronzed skin. So if you can’t beat it…hide it with a fake tan! There’s no denying it, a golden body is a great confidence booster. You tend to look longer, leaner, more toned … Continue reading

Top Story: The Biggest Makeup Faux Pas That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Most of us teach ourselves how to apply make up to our face. The majority of us don’t get help from the professionals. We tend to improvise in our teens, experimenting with different colors and styles until we find a look that suits us. With no lessons to tell us what is right and wrong, … Continue reading

Skin Care Essentials You Must Focus On At The Age Of 30

Most women dread turning 30, because they know that this is the age where fine lines and wrinkles will start to develop on their face. Worse, for women who have been regular smokers or drinkers, these lines start to develop very rapidly, and can sometimes even start to appear on the face much sooner than … Continue reading

5 Beauty Products You Can Make From Garden Herbs

A lot of today’s beauty products are filled with chemicals that can actually do a lot more harm than good. The good news is that you can make your own beauty products using herbs from your garden. Below are five products that you can make from herbs: Bath Oil It is very simple to make … Continue reading

Dangerous Skin For Every Season

It’s no secret that as the weather changes, your wardrobe changes. Your skin needs change too.  Some people even find that they have a completely different skin type from season to season.  The winter and colder months bring with them dry and flaky tendencies, while summer is the bearer of oiliness that can wreak havoc … Continue reading

What Sensitive Skin Really Means

What does it really mean to have sensitive skin? A lot of us might assume that we have it when we really don’t. For example, just because your face is always dry after washing it doesn’t mean that it’s actually sensitive. All it might take is using a new product and applying a moisturizer afterwards … Continue reading

Girly Skin Care Tricks All Guys Should Try

Skin care is supposed to be associated with femininity, or at least, that’s how it’s portrayed. Men are expected to exfoliate with axel grease and WD-40, even if those aren’t the best cleansing products in the world. It doesn’t matter what you have between your legs – you could benefit from some of the “girly” … Continue reading

7 Big Beauty Mistakes

Not all beauty routines are created to suit everyone. There are so many beauty mistakes from buying the wrong cosmetic brush bags to applying the wrong makeup. In fact, many of them do more harm than good because most beauty tips were made to suit certain body, hair or skin types. Women would only have … Continue reading

Bird Poop And Other Skin Care Treatments You Didn’t Know About

Image by: Deborah Austin Few people are blessed with the kind of perfect airbrushed skin that is found on the glossy pages of magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Consequently, I think most of us will admit that we’ve tried various kinds of skin products before, whether it be facial wash, facial wipes or moisturizer. Step … Continue reading

Get Made Up in 10 Minutes

There’s no questioning the fact that moms are busy. Along with taking care of the children, most women have household chores or errands to run. Those who also work are faced with an even bigger challenge of finding time for themselves. Remember though that being constantly busy doesn’t mean that you can’t look good while … Continue reading


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