Spirituality vs. Religion


Are you Spiritual or Religious? By VL on the DL I’ve always considered myself to be a spiritual person, not necessarily religious, but definitely spiritual. I’m the kind of person that’s always investigating religions, trying to figure out what attracts … Continue reading

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Facebook Set Trippin': Ecard Inspired by Romney Starts Drama


The moral police strike my Facebook page again! This Ecard and conversation is in response to Romney’s following statement during the latest Presidential debate: “Get married first before having children”, in response to a question about automatic weapons and gun … Continue reading

Point-Counterpoint: Team Pro-Life vs Team Pro-Choice


For years, church congregations, politicians and the people who love them have argued over abortion.  It is one of the most discussed social issues out there, and one’s opinion on abortion is often used as a moral compass for which … Continue reading

“Richie Rich” Politicians Need To GO!

richie rich

These wealthy aristocrats we call elected public servants are so far removed from real life in America. They can’t even begin to understand and the trials and tribulations that most Americans face everyday. How can the Republican party keep on … Continue reading