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Flint Positive Spotlight: X Factor 2012 Contestant Lyric Da Queen Connects with Missy Elliott on Twitter

lyric da queen

Lyric Da Queen was mentored by successful music executive Simon Cowell during her time on “The X Factor,” but soon, she may be working with an artist who has been successful in her musical genre.

Last weekend, the Flint native connected on Twitter with award-winning, multiplatinum-selling rapper Missy Elliott.

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New Music by the Late Aaliyah Could Soon Dominate the Charts

Aaliyah's former producer says a new album is in the works! Click image for more details.

5 Insane Celebrity Home Gamers

Missy Elliott

Many of us have a games console (or two or three) at home as well as a few board games – you’ll find Monopoly and Scrabble in many houses up and down the country. But chances are, you probably don’t have a full games arcade and games room complete with pool table and foosball table in your house – but a lot of celebrities do. We take a look at some insane celebrity home gamers who have plenty of over the top, loud and proud games consoles and games rooms – get reading!

Rudi Johnson

American footballer Rudi Johnson is well known for his winning style and speedy game play, as well as for his charitable foundation – but what you may not know about Rudi is that he has a games room, complete with a red felted pool table, televisions in all corners of the room, a fully-stocked bar and a selection of video games to play on all of those televisions. It’s the sort of room you’d take all of your friends down to and party in, before settling in for the night with a few beers from that well-stocked bar!

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones himself is not a celebrity, but his father is the rather well-known inventor Scott Jones and the house that Andrew and his brothers live in does not just have a games room; it’s a games house. There’s a lab and idea room, filled with technology and covered in wipe clean whiteboards. Andrew and his older brother Ben’s room are connected via a secret book case passageway, and if Andrew wants to get away from it all, he can climb into his very own indoor tree house. He can also travel down a level not by stairs but by slide to his own aquarium, and then just a few steps outside and Andrew can sit in his own hobbit house or shoot hoops in his own basketball court.

50 Cent

Notorious rapper 50 Cent is third on our list with probably the most luxurious games room we’ve seen so far – it’s custom-made Gucci with the iconic fabric seen all over the room, with plenty of leather and suede couches for lounging and gaming on, as well as a huge custom-made pool table. And for the ultimate gaming experience, 50 can even take part in his own real life go-kart race – he has an ATV track that winds round his entire 19 bedroom/35 bathroom house (that’s one big track!) so he can pretty much race all day long to his heart’s content.

Jermaine Dye

Recently retired American baseball player Jermaine Dye was one of the most popular baseball players in America during his career – but he’s even more popular at home with his wife and children due to his increasing arcade game collection. He’s a nostalgia fan and he’s obviously an avid gamer, too – vintage arcade games are scattered throughout his spacious home, along with a pool table and more flat screen televisions and games consoles than you can shake a stick at.

Missy Elliott

Probably one of the best known female rap/hip-hop artists of our time, Missy Elliot may not necessarily be someone you’d expect to embrace all things gamey – but her house is full of fun games consoles and arcade machines. She’s also a fan of unusual and quirky touches – she has a chair made from fish tanks, bedroom doors designed to look like submarine doors, a bed made from a Ferrari with a plasma television under the hood, a sit-down arcade game in her bedroom and a full-size cinema television screen (as well as that plasma under the hood!). We’re not envious… not at all…

This post was contributed by Laura Young from Liberty Games, the home games room specialists, who supply and install jukeboxes and pool dining tables, to give your own home the celebrity look.

Aaliyah: Ten Years Ago Today

The day Aaliyah died I was three months pregnant and very emotional. I recall hearing about her death on the news early that morning and crying my eyes out in disbelief. Yes, I was a fan, but I was also struck deeply by the way she (and others on board the plane) died and how young she was at the time of her death. I ran downstairs to tell my mother then cried into her arms and I can recall saying, “It just doesn’t make any sense.” RIP Aaliyah. Your presence and talent are deeply missed.

Check out a few of my favorite Aaliyah jams:


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