Don’t Support Michael Jackson’s Xscape? You Don’t Get What He Stood For!

And, quite frankly you’re missing out. There are more than a few bangin’ tracks on the CD and it’s much much better than the “Michael” project that was released a few years back. I am actually pleasantly surprised that I am so into this project. I didn’t expect to like it so much.

My favorites are Loving You, Blue Gangsta and Love Never Felt So Good (the version without Justin Timberlake).

3 common reasons why some fans are not supporting the Xscape project:

  • Michael would not want his incomplete songs released. – How do you know? Have you talked to his ghost?
  • The estate is making money off of him. – Of course they are. They are also working their asses off for him too! Big deal! There’s nothing we can do about who’s getting paid. It’s not YOUR money, so why do you care so much? If you think you’re doing Michael a favor by damning any of his current and future projects; you’re mistaken. You’re adding to the negativity.
  • The family didn’t approve this project. – Ummm, did the family ever have any say in Michael’s solo projects? I don’t think so! Why would this project be any different?

In my opinion, the most important thing is that the Michael Jackson legacy stays alive much like that of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Most of his fans are happily enjoying this “new” music. When Michael died a part of me died. Hearing new music is making me smile and that is something that I don’t do often enough. I feel happy! Michael lifts my spirits!

I was going to write what I’m sure would have been a long drawn out blog about what I think about the fan division on this project, but there always seems to be someone better at expressing my opinion. Besides, I don’t have the energy to waste.

Please read the statement below from a Michael Jackson fan that runs a Facebook group called All Mike Everything and then feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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My Loves, I want to thank each and every one of you first and foremost for being as wonderful as you have been this past year and a half! Your love, support, input, and kindness is what has kept me going and I genuinely appreciate every kind comment, contribution to this page through art and shares, and beautiful compliment you have shared!

I have, however, decided to stop posting new things for an indefinite period of time. There are several reasons for this decision, but the one I feel I must be honest and open about is the fact that for me personally, there has just been too much in-fighting within the MJ fan base.

We all have different lives, different opinions, different levels of devotion, and different ways of enjoying Michael, and I find it very ironic that some of the fans of a man who was so totally AGAINST being pigeon-holed and boxed into one way of thinking and creating would be so determined to do just that to his memory.

The reason Michael Jackson became what he has become to so many different people is because he was a genius at FLUIDITY…. He could adjust himself to just about any situation. He was a person who could understand where others were coming from… even if he didn’t come from that place himself.

We are who we are. Everyone’s opinion of who MJ was, what he did, and how he did it was formed based on who we already were when we first discovered him. If you are a middle-aged white woman from the Midwest, your interpretation of MJ is bound to be completely different from a 16-year-old Black boy from Harlem, New York’s.

There will be some things you can agree on, but other things the two of you can’t understand. Neither one is wrong… they are just different. A more spiritually-minded fan may have an entirely different interpretation of what Michael was than a person who is not very spiritually-centered, but loves dance.

The same goes for this current issue of whether buying his new music is “right” or “wrong”. Depending on how your mind works, what you have been through, and your view of the world in general is, you can go either way on this subject. Whatever you decide doesn’t make you any less of a fan than the next person.

If you love and respect Michael, and if he and his music has made ANY type of impact on your life, you ARE a fan. There is no bad or good fan. There is no “fan type” that is above any other.

If you love him because you think he was the most gorgeous man ever, you are just as entitled to the label as a person who thinks he was a living, breathing saint. He displayed as much sensuality as he did goodness and both of those attributes were part of the same man.


We tend to want to break him up into the pieces that fit our agendas, fit our understanding of things, and fit what we are trying to say. Then we want to just toss the rest of who he was away if it doesn’t serve our purposes, or fit our pretty picture. Much like religious people do with Jesus and other faith-based figures.

He WAS a Black man who didn’t see race before character, yet he did love and have pride in his ancestry. He WAS a man who had an abiding faith in God and a pure, angelic spirit, yet he got angry and used 4 letter words sometimes… none of these things made the others any less true. We are all multifaceted. I have no problem understanding that MJ was too. I can’t understand why it has become so political to be a fan of a man who just went with the direction his heart and his Creator led him in and just lived.

He did what he believed in without chastising and frowning-upon every single person he met that didn’t happen to subscribe to his beliefs. I see so much of this and I am becoming disillusioned. More than anything, being a fan should bring you joy, and I can’t let these issues stop that for me. I hope you can understand. I don’t know if I’m alone in my thinking, and I am not accusing anyone of anything in particular. This is just my observation.

This issue isn’t the only factor in my decision, Loves. As I said earlier, there are a few. This is the only one that directly involved the MJ Fan-Family, though, and I think it was only fair to share it with you. I have done my very best to be fair, respectful, and kind. I have tried to teach a few things as well as be open to learning. I sincerely hope I have done that for the majority of you. Much L.O.V.E. to every one of you…. until we “Michael” again.

~Admin. “All Mike Everything”


Top Story: Theresa Gonsalves – Shares Making Love to Michael Jackson and How She Inspired “Billie Jean”


How come no women have ever come forward with stories of intimate encounters with Michael Jackson? How come he never dated black or ethnic girls? If you have ever questioned this and meant it in more than a rhetorical and facetious manner and if you have an open mind and can receive credible information to the contrary, than this may be the “Kiss and Tell” story you/we have searched for….and needed.

But we must start at the beginning to get a true understanding. So here is the Michael Jackson “innocent and wholesome” backstory or perhaps folklore is a better word; From his early career he was put off by the images of strippers at a night club where he performed at the tender age of 6. This in tandem with his eye witness accounts of his brothers sexually exploiting fans conflicted with his sensibilities as a Jehovah’s Witness and a sensitive soul with respect for his Mother and sisters, respect that he vicariously extended to all women. As the urban legend goes, this exposure scarred him psychologically, rendering him sexually crippled in arrested development.  His devotion to God dictated he abstain so whether it was sexual repression or a convenient excuse, no one dared question it if God was involved. For a while that gave him a pass. We saw during Off The Wall that he began exuding a soft sensuality but it seemed curiously offset by an aura of innocence, real or contrived. I do want to stress that I do not consider virginity as a lone standing factor in one’s innocence as used in this context. I feel that being idealistic and or naive and free from malicious intent reads as innocence even if you have experience so I find his to be valid relative to most 20 year olds then and now.

However, by the time he hit the stratosphere, a virtual global typhoon, during the Thriller era, his sexuality was under scrutiny and “at his age” it was an expectation that he was “gettin it in”. Religion or not, no one could have that level of self-control is what was often the consensus expressed by critics! With millions of women throughout the world throwing themselves at him, if he was not taking advantage of them then he was not a “real man”…..something had to be wrong with his sexuality. How come no women were talking…still? But the irony here even is that if ladies running to cash-in on the “kiss and tell” tale is even a thought or better still, expectation to the world at large, would Michael not be aware of that? Would someone who was so admittedly shy open himself up to such vulnerability, exploitation and fodder? Should he, the biggest star in the world, not be extremely careful? How could he defend his growing empire and protect his effective wholesome image if he would have spread himself around to the degree demanded? While the mantra of the rock star is “sex, drugs, rock and roll” Michael built his image on being the antithesis of all these. Any shift could prove fatal to his career. The 80’s was a different era where scandal was not celebrated or used as a catalyst.  But what of his desires? He is only human. Was there anyone in his circle he could trust with those needs, those private, intimate moments?

Now let’s backtrack. What if we start to realize that there was a point in his early adulthood, at which his sexuality was not under such scrutiny. After all, there was a time as a young man that he could still go out in public. So could there have been a period where his desires and curiosity intersected causing him to explore his needs during what he nor anyone knew would be his last window of opportunity? This would be the brief period of adulthood before Off The Wall (and that 14 Million Superstardom) where he had the ability and opportunity to enjoy his success, make decisions, trust, still have privacy and some semblance of normalcy….but before Thriller,(megastardom)…before he became THEE Michael Jackson, the all time greatest fodder of rumor and tabloid news, aside from being the all time greatest entertainer. Might there have been some undocumented encounters from his past with ordinary girls who truly cared and did not wish to use or expose him? Imagine such a person or person(s) watching him go into seclusion as his life was no longer his own. Would such a young lady not feel even more determined to protect his privacy even if it occurred in the past? We have to consider that the bigger he and his fixed persona got, the less feasible this scenario seemed and after the accusations, the less credible it seemed. But this was largely due to a calculated decision by Michael and his handlers to present him as virginal and nonthreatening so that he could have a wholesome image that reached the masses in a way no one else ever had. AND IT WORKED!  That is until some opportunists used this to capitalize on such eccentricities, accusations, an assertion from which there seemed no turning back, no image do-overs.  Perception had become reality and the accusation served as the answer to this enigmatic behavior for many. The allegations touched off a series of events that lead to much despair and arguably his death.


Theresa and Michael

During the trial and after his death some women  who had originally respected his privacy decided it was no longer of any use and even damaging to withhold their stories of intimacy with Michael Jackson. Many, most notably the media, dismissed them to push the more salacious and disconcerting angle, any one that supported the accusation. But what makes these women any less credible than a family of proven grifters, convicted criminals? Nothing! The problem is that the women threatened the agenda of the media to make millions from the negative feeding frenzy!

One woman whose name is synonymous to die hard fans with being an early Michael Jackson girlfriend, Theresa Gonsalves, who is ethnic, has recently made it abundantly clear that, point blank, she made love with Michael Jackson as early as the filming of The Wiz. If you are in disbelief or shock, remember the open mind and read on. But the revelation is shocking to fans as well in one regard, which is that in this well-known, true fairytale the two had always denied any physicality. I can recall reading the definitive and controversial biography, “Michael Jackson: The Magic and The Madness” and being intrigued by this fan, Theresa, who touched Michael with her letters so much that she was invited into his world. It was as if his song “Dear Michael” came to life and she certainly has the pictures to corroborate the timeline! In the 1991 book ” Michael Jackson: The Magic and The Madness,” author J. Randy Taraborelli who added credibility by researching and naming all his sources, tells of an encounter where Theresa and Michael were on his bed in his New York Apt poised to kiss when Latoya walked in. That has never been disputed by anyone involved. However, according to the first account given the endeavor ended there, never to be explored again! But why? How is that plausible? Why should we believe that desire subsided? Are we supposed to think that they took it as a sign of divine intervention to warn them of their impending sin? That is idealistic but perhaps it is just that and nothing more. Weakness of the flesh….yatta, yatta, yatta! No religious judgement is implied here. We all fall short of the glory…..

Theresa and Michael had been growing as friends from near and far and through letters and meet ups for 3 years and had to trust and care deeply for each other by now. And they were now consenting adults at 19. So I always found that story of suspended animation in the bedroom to be illogical and a bit of a cliffhanger. There had to be more. Turns out my suspicion was correct! For years Michael and Theresa kept what happened that night and thereafter between them. They were entitled. But now Theresa wants the world to know the passion they shared. It is no surprise that this story is met with opposition and criticism. I feel privileged to have had the insight to recognize there was more all along. That thought occurred to me back in 1991. The fact that she filled in those blanks decades later is very validating. It just rings true. “Remember The Time” boasts a unique approach of allowing us to hear even her thoughts and narrative in letter form as if she is speaking directly to Michael and it proves very affective and touching. But make no mistake, Theresa Gonsalves definitely and very literally opened up her journal to share her actual letters and give the masses a more humanizing and passionate rendition of who Michael was. We have asked for “it.” This Is It! “Remember The Time” is their story….

L. Burner



#MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me


If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure.

Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up!

Love Everyone

Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we are all one, we are equal, and it don’t matter if you’re Black or White.

Take Care of the Earth

Songs like Earth Song and Heal the World hit the point home that we have to take care of our planet.

Wait To Have Sex

Well, he didn’t really teach me not to have sex, but because I was so in love with him as a teenager and no boy could hold a candle to him, I kept my legs closed for a long time!

Thanks Michael – I love and miss you!

The Jacksons Unity Tour 2012: A Review

Tito, Jackie, Marlon, and Jermaine at The FOX Theatre in Detroit. The only image I was able to take from my seat. Does the iPod have a focus feature I don’t know about?

I have loved Michael Jackson all my life, minus a couple of years after birth, so by default I love the rest of The Jacksons. There was no way I was missing this concert and I’m glad I didn’t because I had a ball! The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is today and attending this concert so close to the anniversary of his death felt good.

Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, and Marlon performed many Jackson 5 and Jacksons songs, but they also performed some of Michael’s jams like, “Wanna Be Startin’ Something“, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough“, “Rock With You”, “I Can’t Let Her Get Away”, and Jermaine sang “Gone Too Soon” as a montage of Michael images appeared on screen.

Jermaine also performed a medley of solo hits that included, “Dynamite” and “Do What You Do”. The brothers performed songs I love like, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Show You The Way To Go“, “Lovely One” and opened the show with “Can You Feel It”.

I wish they would have performed “Body”, “Torture” and “Nothing That Compares To You”, but I know they sacrificed performing their own music to celebrate Michael.

One downside was the sound. The brothers could not be heard clearly or at all during most of the songs. At one point Jermaine asked if his mic could be turned up. There were also some other sound issues, but it didn’t affect the show overall.

I was also sitting near a situation that almost turned into a fight because a man and his date would not sit down during a moment in the show when everyone else on the main floor had sat down. How ridiculous would a fight at a Jacksons concert have been?


Family Tradition: Me and my daughter attended The Jacksons concert.

As usual, I had a good time with a few other concert goers and The Jacksons ’84 Victory Tour concert t-shirt that I wore once belonged to my mother and it was a huge conversation piece.

I always love the atmosphere when I am around other people that love Michael and the rest of The Jacksons. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel good and reminds me why I have remained a fan throughout my life.

I do have one complaint; where’s RANDY??? One concert goer said Randy was working at Little Ceasars and another said he was in jail. I know damn well that neither of those goofy ass statements are true, but why is he not on this tour?

Oh well, this video is for you Randy. Marlon, where the hell were YOU?


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The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour – A Review

If you’ve never seen Michael Jackson live in concert, or even if you have, this show is a wonderful and touching substitute. It felt great being in the company of thousands of others who love Michael and his music.  As I watched and enjoyed the show, I spent a lot of time ignoring what was happening on stage and instead focused on images of Michael when he appeared on the big screen.

I cried at the beginning of the show as a routine was performed to Childhood. There were other times when I got a lil’ teary eyed, but I held it together. The show highlighted songs throughout the span of his career and most were songs about unity, peace, and love. It’s amazing how Michael and his brothers kept that message constant in their music for over 40 years.

I really enjoyed this show and wanted even more when the 3 hour show was over! There are too many highlights and stand out moments to mention, but watch the video below for a few of them. I do plan to see it again if I get the chance. Great job Cirque du Soleil and thank you!


The Half Series – When Black People Look White (2 of 3)


Katie Burrell with her son:

Black peopleEstimated reading time: 4 minutes, 35 seconds. Contains 919 words

Most of you are guessing that Katie’s ethnic background is Black and White. Keep on guessing. The truth will be revealed in the third and final installment of this series along with an exclusive interview with Katie.

As I stated in the beginning, I am the mother of a “biracial” or “mixed” child. I use quotation marks for these words because I do not think they are appropriate or correct, but because these are the words used to describe my child and others like her, I will go with the flow so that you can understand where I am coming from.

I think bi or multi-ethnic would be more appropriate.

Why don’t I believe in these terms? Race is a made up social construct. We are all once race. We have different ethnic backgrounds but “race” is not real. We are all mixed in one way or another.

The whole White and Black thing was made up for oppressive purposes that are still alive and well today. If it wasn’t I would not be writing this blog. We’re all 99.9% alike in every way.


Let’s move on to Michael Jackson‘s babies; I believe they are his biological children. Why? Because he admitted in an interview to using his sperm for their creation. I can also see Michael in their features and mannerisms.

You can see a lot of Debbie Rowe in the two oldest children as well, but aren’t children supposed to look like their mama too?

And uh, people act like Michael was dark as hell before vitiligo took over his skin, not that that would make much difference in what his children would look like.

You must also realize that the Jackson clan have mixed ancestry just like every other Black family in the United States. Genes do what the hell they want when they collide.

We don’t control them. They control us! Two dark skinned people can produce a light skinned child.

I know many of you think that Michael had an issue being Black and that he bleached his skin and other such nonsense, so in turn he wanted White children, but you need to let that theory go.

Michael suffered from a skin disorder called, vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of brown color (pigment) from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin.

Vitiligo is hereditary and it has been assumed that Prince also has vitiligo because he has patches of white skin near his underarm.

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Black people

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

Black people

Prince, Paris, and “Blanket”

Apparently the youngest, known as Blanket, is Black and Spanish/Italian.

From what I understand, Michael used an anonymous surrogate for him and many people seem to only believe that Blanket is his biological child.

Why only Blanket? Because he looks more ethnic?

If Blanket is indeed Black and Spanish/Italian he is naturally going to look more ethnic than his older brother and sister because they are half Black, half Debbie Rowe (Debbie is a White woman, but I don’t know her ethnicity).


Black people

Paris and Prince

You’re So Pretty! You MUST Be Mixed!

Having a very light skin tone does not make a person any less Black than someone who is black as tar.

Being Black is not literally about having dark skin, it’s about your heritage and about what you identify as. Really it’s about the ethnic background of your parents.

I was watching an old episode of America’s Next Top Model from back in 2005 when Detroit native, Naima won.

Naima is Black, Mexican, and Irish. Another cast mate, Keenyah, a Black woman (background unknown), stated that she didn’t think Naima was Black because  she doesn’t see that in her!

Who the hell is she to define what Black is for someone else and what the hell is she looking for that will make her say , “Ah ha, she is Black!” ? 

Being a brown skinned Black person does not mean you can define Blackness for someone else with lighter skin, and being dark also does not mean you can’t be of mixed heritage.

You can be as chocolate as I am and not be of African descent and you can be as light as Michael’s children and have a Black parent.

Why is this so hard to understand or accept?

Black people

Naima – Winner of America’s Next Top Model 2005

Black people

Keenya – America’s Next Top Model Contestant 2005

Back in my modeling days I constantly heard, “You’re so pretty, are you mixed?”

Of course I took offense to this because the implication is that if you’re a pretty Black woman that you MUST be mixed with something else. You can’t just be Black. Give me a damn break!

I recently attended an Undoing Racism Workshop and let me tell you I was blown away by what I learned. Everyone needs to take part in this workshop if it hits your area.

I promise, you will be enlightened and a lot less ignorant about race and color issues.

Black people will need to be open to the truth about terms such as, Colorism and Internalized Racism and White people will have to face the fact that they have what is called, Internalized Racial Superiority.

I can’t find anything concrete online to directly explain this term, but the truth is out there.

Read. There are tons of books that get into these topics.

Start with Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Black people

In the final installment of The Half Series, I will reveal Katie Burrell’s ethnic background and I’m sure you will be shocked.

I was!

In the meantime, stop trippin’ about color and try to love one another.