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#AfterSaga: First-Time Writer Uses Wattpad to Score a Book and Movie Deal

Ughh! I am so jealous of Anna Todd now. She basically wrote After on her phone as a hobby and it has been viewed more than a billion times on Wattpad (I’d never heard of it), a free social reading and writing app. She has since been signed to Gallery Books which is a part … Continue reading

All You Need For Christmas Are These Books

This past weekend I was informed that my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, was being plagiarized along with close to 40 other books (some bestsellers) on Amazon by someone named, Jay Cute. His or her “business” has been shut down thanks to all the complaints, including mine, but I have a … Continue reading

Chris Tucker Live: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tucker live at the beautiful FOX Theatre in Detroit last night. He was hilarious! Had tons of material and was entertaining as hell. The show, surprisingly, was not a sell out but if you weren’t in attendance you really missed out. His was the second live stand up … Continue reading

If You Don’t Support Michael Jackson’s Xscape You Don’t Get What He Stood For

And, quite frankly you’re missing out. There are more than a few bangin’ tracks on the CD and it’s much much better than the “Michael” project that was released a few years back. I am actually pleasantly surprised that I am so into this project. I didn’t expect to like it so much. My favorites … Continue reading

A Small Peek At My Eclectic Music Taste

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Sexual Orientation Not a Choice, but Remaining Ignorant About It Is

I am sharing this article because I am so tired of people I know saying being gay is a choice and wondering how children can know their own sexuality when they have not really experienced life. I knew when I was a kid that I liked boys, especially Michael Jackson :) If you are gay … Continue reading

I Can’t Wait to Read Paris Jackson’s Memoir in About 20 Years

Top Story: Infographic – 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson

He was born in 1958, not 59!

Sometimes I want to run out in the rain naked and scream.

6 Men I’ve Had Sex With…in my dreams

When sex starts and stops in the mind.

Dorian Holley – Working with Michael Jackson was like riding a comet to the moon!

Recently a young man asked me what it was like to share the stage with MJ. Being onstage with MJ was a ride in a whirlwind. The entire band, singers and dancers accepted the challenge of bringin’ it in the same way Michael brought it. We weren’t stopping till the train pulled all the way … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of November 2013

People Who Don’t Cuss Make Me Sick! Why Do Men Love Video Games So Much? What I Am Most Thankful For in 2013 Dangerous Lee’s Black All Day Every Day Sale! Book Review: Remember The Time – A True Intimate Look At Michael Jackson Through “Letters To Michael” Video: Have You Seen Our Childhood? Dangerous Lee & Senia Dance! Wentworth Miller … Continue reading

What I Am Most Thankful For in 2013

What’s left of my sanity Senia My Mom My Father You Government Assistance Electricity Cable/High Speed Internet Mary Jane My Car My Sense of Humor My Computer Michael Jackson My iPod Common Sense My Conscience Sertraline My Cat Chris Ringler of Galesburg David Michael Dallivitta Thompson Lamont Wright Samuel Tedford WordPress WordAds

Book Review: Remember The Time – A True Intimate Look At Michael Jackson Through “Letters To Michael”

In the book, Remember The Time – A True Intimate Look At Michael Jackson Through “Letters To Michael”, Theresa Gonsalves gives us private details of her relationship with Michael Jackson that started when they were both sixteen years old. I read this book in a little over 2 hours, not only because I could not … Continue reading


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