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10 Tips To Bust The Blues

By Bridget Geegan Blanton 1.) Master Your Thoughts The truth of the matter is that we believe whatever we tell ourselves. Be intentional in your thinking and internalize messages of hope, beauty and strength. Become an observer of your thoughts. Practice the habit of reining yourself back into the present moment and away from the … Continue reading

Top Story: 7 Choices You Will Regret in 7 Years

By Siimon Sander “If only…” These two words lead to regret. Here are 7 choices, which lead to regret, and how to elude them. 1. Not being yourself (unless you are a creep) This is the hardest and most important one. How often we try to act like others to fit in? It could be … Continue reading

Sex – For the Pure Health of It

By Craig Weiner Given the degree of negative attention sex can provoke in the media, I thought why not offer a synopsis for my readers on the current science of Why Sex is Important for Your Physical and Mental Health! I am pretty darn sure that this is the first time I have written on … Continue reading

15 Things Positive People Don’t Do

It’s not easy to be happy and positive all the time. And we all know the feeling of wanting to be positive and wondering why it seems to be impossible. For many people, it seems like they’re positive and forward thinking, but on the inside that maintain habits and thought processes that are not typical … Continue reading

You Should Probably Shut Up At These 10 Critical Times

1. When you don’t know who is around you. No matter who or what you’re talking about, always be careful of who else is around. You may want to complain about a recent project, or simply talk about a family issue, but if you don’t know who is listening, you could say something offensive or … Continue reading

Are You a Real Friend?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. “A real friend is one who helps us to think our noblest thoughts, put forth our best efforts, and be our best selves.” ~Anonymous What kind of friend are you? Below are some of the things good friends do. Do you: Listen with caring and attention? Support what brings your friend … Continue reading

The Working Woman – Overcoming Stress To Achieve Success

As a working woman, your ability and drive to accomplish things allows you to handle complex challenges, run business and manage your family successfully. However, this can also put you at risk to chronic negative stress. This is because your aim for excellence is to focuses, independent and even aggressive, that you fail to care … Continue reading

Always “Sweat The Small Stuff”

By Keri Murphy You have probably heard the old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” And when if comes to minor hassles in our daily lives- spilled milk, traffic on the way to work, a late bus- that couldn’t be more applicable. Even in our personal relationships it seems like a solid rule of thumb. … Continue reading

A Woman’s Body – Who Owns It?

By Marcea Hibbert-Roye A recent court case highlights the need for discussion about how women and their bodies are treated and not just in view to impending motherhood. We have all heard of pro-life activists who feel that an unborn child has the right to life even if the expectant mother does not wish to … Continue reading

Relationships: Do Some People Have Sex To Experience Love?

By Oliver J R Cooper When it comes to being a human being, there are certain needs that each one of us has. And while there can be certain differences between people, these are ones that apply to more or less everyone. But while needs are something that each one of us have, it doesn’t … Continue reading

Are You in a Relationship With a Narcissist?

By Sophia Elise and Sarah Adelle If you are in a relationship with a narcissist you’re living in hell on earth. A narcissist is someone who constantly belittles you at the drop of a hat. A narcissist makes you feel like a peasant while he is the king of not only his domain but yours. … Continue reading

5 Ways To Stop Enabling

Loved ones and family members of addicts face a number of challenges. Watching someone you care about struggle with addiction is a very stressful and trying situation. Most loved ones of addicts face feelings of anger, guilt, and, of course, concern for the addict. Many people close to an addict knows that enabling is only … Continue reading

Secrecy Vs Privacy in Your Relationship

By Catherine Morris Secrecy is a thorny issue in relationships. Couples often struggle with knowing what can be held back and what should be revealed between each other. There can be confusion between a desire for private time and a feeling that one’s partner is hiding something from us. Not all secrets are created equal; … Continue reading

3 Reasons Meetings Are A Waste Of Time

Almost everyone who has attended meetings has complained about their time being wasted. Managers are trained in the “secret tips” of leading successful meetings, yet meetings are still frequently ineffective and poorly managed. It’s difficult to have effective meeting patterns simply because meetings are not just a part of business processes; there is an inherently … Continue reading


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