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Men don’t smile all day. Why should we?

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After an SMH and eye roll worthy experience I took to Facebook and asked:

Men: Does it usually “work” when the first words you say to a woman are – “Why you look so mean? Smile!” ?feeling curious.

Doesn’t matter if you want to “get with” a woman or not, though I’m sure had I given him the time of day he would of tried to get with me and let’s be real, men only say this to women they find attractive or want to get to know better.

Approaching a woman, especially one you don’t know, this way is rude. It comes off as controlling. Just because a women is not smiling doesn’t mean she’s got issues in that moment. Then again, maybe she doesn’t have anything to smile about at that moment either.

Men don’t walk around with a smile on their face all day. Why should we? None of us lives in a world worthy of smiles all day every day.

A smile or lack of one is really not the issue here. It’s like Brian said in an earlier comment: social skills. Just say hello or ask how I am instead of putting an emotion on me before you know anything about me. If you think I look unhappy, try to cheer me up. Say something nice. Starting a conversation with a negative is a turn off. Like they say: keep it simple, stupid.

I’m just telling you how I feel about it, but based on many of the responses, I’m not the only women who does not like it and it’s one of those lines that has been passed on from generation to generation. I can remember my mom complaining about this ages ago when I was a child. It must die. Stop saying it to women. We don’t like it.


How To Turn A Woman On


There are unlimited ways to get a girl or woman in the “mood”. You can do it the old fashion way or your can be unique and come up with your own techniques. Let’s look at some methods of how to turn a girl on that I recommend.

The Right Setting:

The right place at the right time is how the old saying goes and with that echoing in your mind make sure the place you choose is going to be conducive to your goals. Having a girl over for dinner is always a good move, especially if you cook the meal yourself.

Try the eventide timefactor!

If cooking is not your forte, have it catered. Italian food is always best and can include a few bottles of wine. Don’t buy takeaways, remember you’re are trying to turn the girl on not turn her off and a Big Mac dinner set from McDonald’s will indeed do that. The next step is to have your house or apartment clean.

Run a vacuum cleaner around the place and put any dirty laundry in the hamper. Make sure that the toilet and bathroom are clean – you don’t want the girl, when using the bathroom, to see any telling stains in the bowl. Next, set the table so that is resembles that of a plush restaurant; it’ll add to the ambiance.

The Lighting and Music:

Keep the lighting in the room low. Candles are good on the table and will help her relax. Make sure the kitchen light isn’t shining into the dining room; killing the atmosphere. If your living room is part of the dining area, make sure the entire room has soft lighting.

The kind of music you intend to play is also important. You’re going to kill the wonder of the evening if you juxtapose the Rolling Stones with James Taylor. Personally I’d have Cat Stevens’ “Tea for the Tillerman” album creating atmosphere during dinner.

Some people like to have classical music playing in the background. I believe, however, that it really depends on your dinner guest’s preference. If she is into Beethoven, Brahms and the music of other composers from two hundred years ago, then by all means let their tunes fill her ears. You may want to find out what kind of music she likes before dinner.


What you talk about is as important as what you eat. Keep the conversation lively and up-beat. If, at the beginning of the evening, the conversation is heavy or deep, you’re either going to make her eat quickly and look for her coat or eat slowly and fall asleep through boredom.

Talk about things she likes – fashion, movies, things she is into and so forth. As host for the evening you should be constantly entertaining. Avoid lulls in the conversation and you can do this through humor and light banter.


Have enough booze ready. If she is a cocktail drinker, make sure there is enough of the drink she likes, in stock. You don’t want to be running out to a liquor store in the middle of the evening for another bottle of white wine. Alcohol is what will loosen up the evening.

After eating, move into the living room and sit together of the sofa. Make sure her glass is always full. This is probably the best time to change the CD. Ask her what she would like to hear. If she asks you to put on “One Direction”, swallow hard and put that boy group’s music on.

You may have to call it up on your computer. As the evening progresses so too should you. With the alcohol having its effect, you’ll know when it is time to make your advances on her. She will be expecting you to make the first move.

So, you have the ideal place, the ideal food, lighting and music the rest is, as they say, as easy as falling off a log. The ambiance alone will turn her on and the next morning you’ll wake up together in the same bed. How to turn a girl on? You now know.

Alex is an expert in dating fields. He provides free advice on how to get a date and how to get a girl to like you topics on his blog. Feel free to visit his blog to get more info on these topics.

Don’t Ask Me To Put My Number In Your Phone


I’m not gon’ be able to do it!

So, I’m out having lunch with my mom when she recognizes an acquaintance from the past leaving the restaurant. They start a conversation and with him is the epitome of a scrub without a dental plan AND he looks homeless. My mom also knew this man back in the day. He starts to “flirt” with me by joking that I’m pretty in spite of having an ugly daddy (apparently he knows my father). I awkwardly thanked him and then he asked how old I was which is a huge no no , especially since it should be obvious that I am NOT under age. I was taken aback by the question and told him so. He then asked me to take my hat off so he could see my hair. That wasn’t happening either. He then puts his flip phone in my face and tells me to put my number in it. My response was a flat out NO! He then had the nerve to call me arrogant!!!! In reaction to his antics I asked him what he was doing and his response was…flirting. Really? Being an asshole and turning me off is flirting? Why do I attract this kind of nonsense?

It was a very embarrassing situation, especially since our waitress had arrived with our food during this time. The more sensible of the two men ended the conversation and left us to enjoy our meal, but as the scrub was leaving he felt compelled to yell out, ” I like your hair! I can see it from the back of your hat!” Just ignorant.

It made me wonder, who the hell is falling for the Put Your Number In My Phone line, especially from this dude? Unfortunately a lot of women are foolishly putting their phone number in the phone of strange men just because they tell them to. You’ve gotta do better, ladies!

Check this video for proof:

The only way you’re getting my number in your phone is if I like you and you act like a gentleman with some damn sense. In that case, you may not even have to ask for my number because I will give it to you.

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6 Men I’ve Had Sex With…in my dreams

When sex starts and stops in the mind.


When Wentworth Miller came out as gay I was devastated, as if I had a chance anyway. At the height of his fame during the Prison Break years I was obsessed with him. I’d still do him!


During the Titanic era I was in love with Leo. These days not so much, but he’s still sexy.


Michael! Michael! Michael! I was born in love with this man. The things I have done to him in my mind. Umph. I will always love him!


Hayden Christen as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader had me all caught up in the dark side. Sith rules!


Blair Underwood is sexy as hell, has been for ages. That sex scene between him and Jada Pinkett in “Set it Off” gives me goose bumps!


Michael Ealy is a damn cutie pie. He’s the only reason I watch Almost Human on FOX.

The 3 Men You Should NEVER Date Again

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could avoid ever dating the wrong guy?

Bad Date

This is for all of you single ladies out there! After years of dead-end relationships and broken promises from (now) ex-boyfriends, I consider myself a bit of a relationship connoisseur. Not that I have by any means mastered the art of dating; however, I have dated so much and so many different guys that I have cataloged the major blunders that all-too often us ladies do not recognize or perhaps even choose to overlook. The result? A list of the three types of men that should be avoided by all women and at all costs—they inevitably will lead you nowhere!

1.      The Unenthusiastic.

Be wary of the man who is secretly a real bore. Despite his continual taking you to dinner or out to the movies, does he ever actually get you geared up for something truly exciting and fantastic? Chances are that if you find that your courtship is pretty middle-of-the-road hum drum, the man has no true zest or passion.

I can think of one man in particular that I dated that I had thought was a real catch. He had a steady job, a nice family, and held a pleasant conversation. However, a few months into the relationship, I realized that nothing really ever got him going, despite my getting rallied up about the NFL playoffs, pushing for an exciting getaway to Mardi Gras, or something as simple as insisting that we build a fort in the living room and stay up all night. Instead, he resorted to his claim that sports didn’t matter to him, that Mardi Gras sounded a bit too crazy, and that staying up past 11pm would make him tired at the office. Though I remained considerate (I would never have wanted his job to have been in jeopardy, for example), it became readily apparent to me that the guy lacked enthusiasm—for anything!

Sealing the deal (marriage) only leads to a couples’ needing to work harder to keep it exciting. If already he demonstrates an inability to enjoy life—but merely endures it—consider how less-than-stellar your own future will be!

2.      The Insecure.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities about a person. A confident individual exudes poise and assertion in self. Consequently, insecurity is one of the most unattractive qualities a person can have. If you find that you are constantly walking on eggshells when differences of opinion emerge, most likely the man is diffident.

Yet another example from my own life: I once dated a man who (on the outside) appeared totally with it. However, I soon came to find that our varied backgrounds and cultural differences were cause for concern to him—when really it should have been an exciting opportunity for both of us to learn from each other and ultimately grow as a couple. By the time we broke it off, I realized he had caused me to have certain doubts about myself: whether my spontaneity was a likeable quality, whether my crazy family was more bothersome than usual, and whether my job as a freelance writer was interesting. The takeaway? The guy had some serious insecurities about himself that he transposed onto me. Remember, no one—especially a significant other—should ever make you feel that your stellar qualities are reasons that inspire doubt. If he does, it’s simply a sign that he is unsure of himself.  

3.      The Indifferent.

There’s nothing more aggravating than having that friend who could not care any less where you choose to go out for dinner or which flick to check out at the box office. That being said, why would you ever want to date someone who acts in like manner?

Though it may not be obvious at the onset of the relationship, take note of the incidences where you find yourself asking, Why isn’t he doing better? Pause for a moment—this does NOT mean that it is OK to pass wrongful judgment on a person because he is not a CFO or does not drive a Jaguar. However, there are certain red flags that should cause you to question his drive—or lack thereof.

Final example: I once dated (another) guy that was 30 years old. Initially, I was excited to be dating a “real man” and not the childish 24-year-old fraternity boy from months previous. However, within a few months, I realized that his attitude was one of perpetual mediocrity: he had a middling job despite having been in that career for nearly a decade (and no ambition to move forward in the company), he was totally complacent about living with five other men (and at his age), and he had a bit of a gut (yet no resolve to be working on getting in shape). It occurred to me that a 30-year-old man ought to be excited about the direction his career is going, looking to buy a home (or at least living in nicer circumstances than when he was a freshman in college), and eager to be in peak physical condition. It’s inappropriate to demand perfection—but it’s not unacceptable to expect that a 30-year-old should be working to be at the highest level of success in every area of his life (let’s face it—you are!).

Take it from me ladies: spare yourself the heartache and avoid dating these three types of men as soon as you see any indication that he exemplifies the above qualities. Whether he works for a team of Bankruptcy Trustees in Edmonton or is a lone financial analyst who works with stocks in East Albany, no man is worth the inevitable despondency that accompanies the unenthusiastic, the insecure and the indifferent.

Author Byline:

Annie Babbitt is a freelance journalist and blogger who enjoys writing about her interest in dating and relationships, current events, and employment-related issues. As part of her freelance work she sometimes does consulting for Exelby & Partners LTD. In her spare time, Annie enjoys reading and trying new foods.

Why Some Straight Men Are Into Cross Dressing

Cross dressing amongst men has been around for centuries and is certainly nothing new, yet for many in the British society it is still a taboo subject, and one that is unfortunately often misunderstood.


Followers of Fashion

Current trends in UK fashion aren’t too far away from what some traditionalists may class as Cross Dressing. Some of the high end fashion houses favor a rather androgynous style and certainly in the last decade this has become more noticeable. In popular culture, recent Xfactor finalists like Rylan Clarke, and Rough Copy, have sported sparkles, skirts, leather and tight Lycra on stage and have been very on trend. For Rylan, who was a former fashion model, is openly homosexual and in touch with his feminine side, this was what he loved to wear and it suited him well on stage. For boy band Rough Copy, the leather skirts seemed like more of a forced attempt at high fashion that didn’t really suit them.

Celebrity Endorsements

Cross Dressing in the media has become more widely celebrated. Of course there was always Dame Edna and Lily Savage; however these drag characters were more for comedy value. It hasn’t been until recently that as a nation we’ve celebrated the likes of Grayson Perry who chooses to dress as a lady or a gentleman depending on his mood, and also has his female style clothes specially made for him from fabrics by Liberty of London and similar. There have also been “scandals” about cage fighter Alex Reed enjoying Cross Dressing. Although this was a trashy story, it did make the general public aware that Cross Dressing is a real thing, and may well have made it easier for closet Cross Dressers to share their hobbies with friends and family or to encourage confidence that they were not alone. We might hope as well, that it opened up the minds of some people who have previously chosen to be ignorant, abusive or aggressive towards the Trans-gender, Cross dressing, and Trans-Sexual communities.

In the States, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which has also been shown on UK TV, has been a fantastic celebration of drag and Cross Dressing which has encouraged admiration for the participants from men and women at how beautiful and flamboyant their dresses, hair and make-up can be. Surely the program has encouraged more curious men to explore the world of Cross Dressing?


For some Cross Dressing men, wearing female clothes is not about fashion and flamboyancy. It’s about the way they feel about their identity. For a person who is not comfortable in their own skin, with traditional gender stereotypes and clothes dictated by employers and social settings, it can be hard to feel able to express a true style, and some can feel isolated and misunderstood.

This is why many men choose to Cross Dress in secret, to explore their own feelings about becoming a woman in private without having to explain themselves to critics that can’t or won’t understand the reasons behind Cross Dressing. Sometimes the act of dressing as a woman is a purely personal thing, and stays that way. The man alone at home just enjoys feeling like a lady and the act of dressing up, and is happy to dress as a man in the outside world. He may be married and his wife may be completely unaware, but there are very many marriages where Cross Dressing is a part of day to day life.

For others, Cross Dressing is about a change in lifestyle, and a transition from male to female. They will dress in female clothing every day, possibly choose a new name, ask their friends and family to refer to them as their new female persona and present themselves to new acquaintances as a woman. They may have surgical procedures or take hormones to change their physique too, but not all transvestite males choose to go down this route. In the situation, the emphasis is on creating a realistic look rather than a dramatic change. It can be difficult for men to find comfortable and fashionable women’s clothing and shoes to suit their shape or style, however it is possible to find specialist shops online and there are no shortage of high heels for men available.

Perhaps one day society will no longer need to use a term for Cross Dressing or try to make sense of it. We seem to be moving in to more accepting times and hopefully one day we will all be able to wear what we like, where we like and when we like.

Laura Jones is a lifestyle writer who has been studying gender issues. She writes for Crossdressingcloset.com, a cross dressing clothes store based in the UK.

What Men Want From Intimacy


By Dr. Jeff Davis

Have you ever wondered what a man looks for when it comes to intimacy? Contrary to popular belief, intimacy to a man is much more than sex.

One way to view the word intimacy is to look at it as “into-me-see”. This is where someone gets so close to you that you can see inside of them. You get to see the real person and not the one that is displayed to the world.

It is very hard for men to develop intimate relationships. Women tend to be much more relational and can enter into intimate relationships as long as there are emotional connections. But men have learned how to disconnect their feelings from what they want. A man may walk away from a good woman if he feels like she is not being intimate with him.

Let me share some keys to intimacy when it comes to a man;

1) Men want to connect on a physical level (not sexual) – yes, men want to meet with women and find something physical they can connect with. I remember when I was dating my wife that I was in love with basketball and watched many games on TV. She didn’t understand the game but sat down and watched it with me. Then over time she would come and sit and ask questions. Over time she learned the game and watching basketball became one of our pastime pleasures. When the playoffs came she could sit in a room with me and my friends and hold her on in a sports conversation. My friends said their significant others refused to do that. I ended up in a 30 year relationship.

2) Men want to connect on a sexual level – sex is very important to a man. They are looking for a partner who understands his needs and is responsive to meeting them. The only thing worse than no sex is bad sex (sexual relations with a woman who is non responsive and non participatory). When a man feels like a woman is giving her whole self to him he finds it to be a most intimate experience.

3) Men cannot connect to every woman intimately – there must be connection for a man to find intimacy with a woman. Just because she is a female doesn’t mean he can connect with her. He must find someone who he can come close to and be comfortable while doing it.

Men are strange beings indeed.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Jeff_Davis


How To Recognize If a Man is Single with One Look


Damn! He’s sexy!

When I first started dating I did not know what to expect. All the men seemed like they were really into me; sharing their stories, trying to act like big/strong men when I was around – the usual stuff. And I thought that those men were really enjoying me as a person, but as it later turned out, most of them already had girlfriends at home. I felt quite ill – hoping that one day I will have the knowledge necessary to determine whether or not a man has a girlfriend, or is he just fooling around with some strange.

After days of intense research, I found out exactly what I was looking for – a simple way to tell if a man is single or not. Let’ shave a look.

Does He Have a Ring?

The first thing you need to look for in a man, is whether or not he has an engagement ring on his finger or not. If you don’t see any rings on either hand, it is still possible that he is married. Some guys would actually go out of their way to take their wedding rings off when they go out somewhere – the nerve of some people! So, if you don’t see a ring, the only other solution would be to look for the mark where the ring should have been. If it looks as there was a ring there yesterday, but it is not there anymore, chances are that he is either married or suffers from some sort of a partial epidermal pigment deficiency that seems to affect only his ring finger. Go figure.

Check his shoes/clothes

Married man don’t usually have very nice threads. In fact, most married men don’t care how they look, and would go to a club wearing literally anything. Single men tend to dress nicer, smell nicer, and have nice, expensive shoes. But that is not always a good indicator. Sometimes the biggest slobs are men who are single, and partially, the clothes are to blame.


Like a regular Sherlock Homes, you must find out everything there is to know about a person before attempting anything. Most people are honest about themselves, and they would write their relationship statuses in their Facebook page. Let me just say how lucky we are for having something like Facebook to do most of the investigating for us. But if you want to be 100% sure, you’d be better off asking some mutual friend. Write that person’s name in Google, and browse through all the search results until you find what you are looking for.


Asking has always been the preferred method for extracting valuable information (right after torture that is). So, why don’t you ask your man-crush whether or not he has a woman in his life? I am sure that if he is a decent fellow he will answer you truthfully, and if you notice foul play, you can just keep walking. But before you ask any awkward questions such as that one; be sure you befriend that person first. Don’t worry, there is no such thing as a ‘friend zone’ when it comes to men. So even if you are his friend; there is a chance that things between you might turn serious.

Author Bio: Jessica Conars likes to think of herself as a love specialist. She works at domesticcleanlondon.com/move-out-cleaning.html and enjoys every day spent with her colleagues.

Can Women Get Sex Whenever They Want?


Being constantly chatted up by strange men in a bar would probably drive anyone to drink.

It’s Christmas – the season for making merry, going out and, if you’re single, trying to snog people under the mistletoe before the pubs close. So I thought it would be a good time to look at one of the oldest assumptions in the Men vs Women book: can women get sex whenever they want, while men are doomed to wait on the sidelines until our sexual fancy falls upon them?

I don’t like the bar example. First, and most obviously, it is not universally true. There are women (and I am one of them) who have walked up to guys in bars, asked them for sex, and been flat-out refused. Likewise I’ve known men who have been able to get quick and easy sex with very little effort.

Second, not only does the bar example prop up unhelpful stereotypes about men (that they always want sex, because biology and testosterone and grrr), it also drives a hammer-blow into the self-esteem of any woman who has been turned down for a casual shag. Claiming that women can get sex just by clicking their fingers sets horny women up for a lifetime of disappointment, and gives men a reputation they can never possibly live up to.

Read full article via Can women get sex whenever they want? | Girl on the Net | Science | theguardian.com.

Masculine And Feminine: Why Do Some People Find It Hard To Embrace Both Sides?


By Oliver J R Cooper

Physically men and women are very different; with a woman being an example of the feminine and a man being an example the masculine. But while this much is true, on the inside they are both made of masculine and feminine traits.

And for a long time, men generally behaved in ways that were masculine and women behaved in ways that were feminine. However, as time has passed, women have become more masculine and men have become more feminine in some cases.

As men oppressed women for so many years, this is not much of a surprise. And this can be seen as a natural reaction to being dominated for so long. Men are then facing the consequences of what their ancestors did and after having a sense of supremacy for so long, are getting a taste of their own medicine so to speak

But whether this outlook sits well with someone or not, it doesn’t take much effort to see that the old roles have changed in a lot of cases and this change needed to take place. However, when change does take place, things often get worse before they get better.

So it has all gone from one extreme to the other. And the next stage is surely for men and women to embrace both sides of their nature.


It is often said that people are more masculine or feminine in nature and while this could be true, it doesn’t mean that rejecting the other side is normal. Both men and women might prefer to be more masculine or feminine for instance and with this being how they define themselves.

And just like how some people prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, this is to be expected. But when someone has completely rejected their masculine or feminine side, then something is not right.


Through people rejecting one side and becoming firmly rooted in the other, it can then seem normal for people to only have one side to their nature. In the past this could be put down to their gender and as men and woman’s behaviour has changed so much, this no longer fits.

Something else is at work and this is going to be due to a combination of factors, such as: childhood development, friends and society. Each of these will play an important role in whether one embraces or rejects each side.


And each of these sides has different benefits to one’s life and this means that one side is no better than the other; they both have their uses and are meant to complement each other. Competition can only arise when there is lack of harmony between the two: in their natural state they will be in harmony.

The masculine is going to relate to ones assertive nature; their ability to take action and to stand up for themselves. Saying no, giving and having boundaries are also a part of this. Having the courage to go after one’s dreams and to speak their truth is another expression. These are just some examples and there are many others

On the other hand, the feminine refers to ones vulnerable side and this also relates to emotions and to being passive and going with the flow of life. Here, one in simply ‘being’ and not ‘doing’ and they are receiving, as opposed to giving. Having a lack of boundaries and saying yes is also part of the feminine. And there are numerous other aspects to the feminine.

The Rejection

To always reject the other side is going to create problems in ones life and create an imbalance. And of this has become an identity, it could be a challenge to accept that one has both sides within them.

This doesn’t mean that one is weak for having them or that one side one is better than the other; they are both as important as each other. And a big reason as to why one would reject one side is because this is what feels safe. Now, one might not consciously realize this, but at a deeper level, it is likely to be the case.


And when one is not comfortable with their masculine or feminine side, their outer reality is going to reflect it back to them. This is going to be through people and situations that make them feel uncomfortable, irritated and even cause extreme fear.

One might find that there are certain things that annoy them or make them feel uneasy and this could be around the people from the same gender or the opposite one. Whenever one is around people who are assertive or angry, they could feel a bit tense and feel the need to protect themselves or to get away.

Or one could be around people who are overly emotional or passive and end up feeling angry or the need to tell them to pull themselves together. And while these may appear to be nothing more than external problems, if one was to take a closer look they would see that they are being reminded of what they have rejected within them.


So the society one is brought up in will play a big role, as will the kind of people that one spends their time with. And what is often the biggest factor in whether one embraces or rejects a certain trait within them will be what took place during their childhood.

What they were allowed to express then becomes what they identify with; this could primarily be through encouragement or through the use of fear.

People often mimic what their same sex parent was life, so if a man had a mother who was masculine and father that was more feminine, then he could become more feminine in nature. Or if a man had a father who was more masculine and a mother who was more feminine, he could mimic his father.

And if a woman had a mother who was more feminine and a father who was more masculine, then she could turn out like her mother. Just as a woman could have a mother who was more masculine and turn out just like her. The only way one could survive in the family system was to go along with the role that they were given.


These are just examples of what can cause one to be as they are; they are not the absolute truth. If one doesn’t feel safe when it comes to standing up for themselves or in expressing their emotions, no matter what their gender is, then they might be due to an emotional build up within them.

And so they might need to seek the assistance of therapist or a healer to release these trapped emotions. Or changing ones behavior may be enough; what one needs to do can all depend on how much of a challenge this is.

Prolific writer, thought leader and coach, Oliver JR Cooper hails from the United Kingdom. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation; love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With several hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. Current projects include “A Dialogue With The Heart” and “Communication Made Easy.”

To find out more go to – http://www.oliverjrcooper.co.uk

Feel free to join the Facebook Group –

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Oliver_J_R_Cooper

How to Keep a Man


By Cheryl T.

Be yourself.

Don’t portray yourself as bashful if you are really flamboyant. Some people’s personalities clash with those of other people. You want be able to keep up the facade for long. Besides, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time or cause them unnecessary suffering. Your mate will sense that something about you is not on the up-and-up and either lose interest or begin distancing himself from you if he is already emotionally involved.

Check-out your male friends

While you are hanging out with the fellows, pay attention to the ones that you enjoy being around the most. Take note of the things they have in common. For example, do they all have the same zodiac sign, do the same type of work, or are they all around the same age? It would be a good idea to pursue this type of guy more seriously.

Confide in the opposite sex

Your female friends and acquaintances may not know as much about men as they think they do. And much of what many of them think they know is speculation. You don’t interact with women the same as you do with men. So your male counterparts will be better able to tell you what issues you have that are keeping you from getting a man.

Know your place in his life

Take into consideration what is going on in your life right now. Are you experiencing emotional or financial hardship? There’s a good chance that you are not ready for a relationship. The guy you are interested in pursuing at this time may have only come into your life to deliver a message or only as a friend. If you do become involved at this time, he may become overwhelmed by your issues and walk away. Or then again he may stick around—preventing you from meeting or keeping the next guy you were meant to have a relationship with in the future.

Behave as if you already have a man

Mean are known for liking and disliking certain things about women. They are attracted to and want to be around women who are well-groomed, active, and friendly.

Get rid of any preconceived notions you have about men

This doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. But if you approach and treat each member of the opposite sex as if the are likeable and worthy of love and affection, your experience with them can be unique and enjoyable.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cheryl_T.


10 Reasons Why It’s Hard for You to Attract Women


By Chris Tyler

Most guys don’t have the luck nor the success that they want attracting women.

Most of the time, they are operating out of the “hope and pray” strategy.

Which basically means…

They don’t have any strategy at all.

They would rather wait for good fortune to come their way than to try to make things happen.

The problem with that is…

It usually just leads to a lot of lonely nights.

Before you can craft a better strategy, though, you kind of have to know why it is hard for you to

attract women.

When you know why it’s hard, then you have a pretty decent chance at being able to turn things around

for yourself.

Here are 10 of what I find to be the more common reasons why it is hard for most guys to attract women.

You might agree with some, disagree with others, but a few will probably apply to you.

So, here they are:

1. You work too many hours to go out and meet women.

This is a hard one to deal with, but it can be done. When you do work a lot of hours, the last thing that you need is a strategy that doesn’t produce well. You need to have an efficient strategy for meeting women.

2. You don’t believe there are a lot of quality women out there.

This is the mindset that afflicts a lot of guys who have been burned before. If you don’t believe that there are a lot of quality women to meet, you are probably not going to put much effort into meeting them. So, this has to change if you want better results.

3. You rely on the “she should approach me” mentality.

A lot of guys have this idea that the woman should just approach them. Problem is, the guys who think this is the way it should be are usually not the kind of guys women approach. Waiting for her to make the move is one of the slowest ways to try to meet and attract women.

4. You hang out with guys only.

The problem with hanging out with guys only, is that you usually have a hard time relating to women. And a lot of women do get turned off by guys who are with a crowd of other guys.

5. Your flirting skills need to improve.

This is also pretty common. You have to remember that you need to leave your ego at the door. If your flirting isn’t getting you the results that you want… chances are, they need some improving. That’s okay. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it right, just the realization that this might be something that you could work on.

6. You get torn apart by one rejection.

If one rejection absolutely crushes you, then yeah, it is going to be hard to attract women. Rejection kind of comes with the territory, though there ARE plenty of things that you can do that will eliminate most rejections. You still need to be able to brush it off when it happens.

7. You live in the past.

Are you the kind of guy who still remembers that one girl who broke your heart and you assume that all women are going to be like her? If so, that needs to change. Think about the NOW.

8. You are “friends only” material.

This is what happens to a lot of guys who actually do okay when it comes to meeting and making conversation with women. They end up being seen as friends material. As long as you come across that way, then that is the way that most women are going to see you.

9. You get tongue tied and the conversation dies.

Not being able to hold your end of the conversation is always going to make it harder to attract a woman. You have to be able to hold up your end and make it fun for her to talk to you. If you do, then you are going to see that most women want to get to know you better.

10. You don’t ask women out.

Okay, so a lot of guys will complain about having a hard time attracting women, then they will admit that they have a hard time asking for a date. No matter what, if you don’t ask for the date, you really can’t complain. You have to be able to ask and ask in a way that makes it HARD for her to say no to you.

If any one of these 10 apply to you and your situation, you CAN turn things around. Of course, you have to be willing because it is not going to just “magically” happen. You have to work at it, but if you know what the right things to do are… it really doesn’t seem like work at all.

It seems like FUN.

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Secrets Men Hide From Women


Being a man nowadays is not as easy as it was 50 years ago. Women are getting more and more demanding in your standard 2-person, 21st century relationship, and sometimes telling the truth just seems like too much work for some men. But of course if anyone is to blame for this it is women, because after all men lie only when they are afraid of the consequences, or because they worry they might offend their better halves in some way. Here are examples of some common lies, that almost all men say to their women, (except for real men of course).

Lying About Where They’ve Been

Men just don’t feel comfortable telling their women that they were out, having a good time. You see, the woman is a selfish creature, and it can smell fun on you from mile away. What’s wrong with letting your man have fun? That is a very good question, but don’t expect a coherent answer. The truth is that women are jealous when their boyfriends and husbands have fun without them. “You were out seeing a movie? Why didn’t you call me? I would have loved to watch a movie with you.”You know, you never do things with me anymore”.  Talk about speaking in white noise. So, just say you were working until late; have that ‘tired mule’ look on your face and if you are good enough, you just might get away with it.

Hiding Feelings and Emotions

Most women haven’t got the slightest idea about inner working of the male brain. Yes, everyone knows that men have weaker emotional response in favor of local thinking. Some women view this as ‘hiding your feelings’. Because they simply can’t understand how come you don’t express emotions; like crying or screaming like they do. Men feel annoyed, angry and exasperated – it is just hormones, it’s normal. That often forces men to lie about what they really feel about a given situation. Your girlfriend thinks that her cat looks adorable in the little dress she had made for her, while you are struggling to keep yourself from vomiting all over your shoes. In fact, most things that women find enjoyable are really a pain in the ass for most men, but we have to hide and pretend, just to make our women feel more confident with their life choices.

Hiding Sexual Interests

“Were you looking at that waitress?” – is a fairly common one. And of course the follow up “Do you like her better than me”? – priceless. Well, if you are like most men, you would lie and say something like “No honey, I was just thinking how lucky I am we are together”. Again, this problem is related to your woman, not to you. Finding another woman, other than your own, attractive is as normal as sunshine. You cannot be held responsible for all the hormones and neurotransmitters surging through your brain – getting aroused by a female is a natural physiological and psychological response. Of course a woman has to be pretty dull to not realize that. What honey, you think you are the most beautiful woman in the world? Give me a break!

Hiding Female Relationships

Quick to jump to conclusions; even quicker with the frying pan – a jealous woman can be more terrifying than 10 standing armies. Even if there is nothing between you and the female co-worker “X” for example, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you know other women, just know them, is an insult to your woman. “No honey, that was Tim’s wife. She told me Tim won’t make it tomorrow for work”. Or something.

Author Bio: Jessica loves to write about relationships and family. She works for shinylondon.co.uk/deep-cleaning-stockwell-sw9/ but she has enough time for her family.

Why Players Are Really Just Insecure Men


People who cheat think they are getting ahead, but they are only fooling themselves. Not only are players cheating themselves, but their actions reflect what they carry inside, a lack of maturity and an unhealthy development into adulthood.

When I hear men who are players call their women insecure, I realize that this is the man speaking out of a guilty conscious and using a primitive defense mechanism called Projection. Usually, men attribute their own undesirable thoughts and feelings onto their women who do not have those thoughts and feelings. Does this sound familiar? Little do these men know, they are the ones who are insecure in themselves.

Read full story via Why Players Are Really Just Insecure Men | UrbSocietyMagazine.


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