Top Story: 6 Male Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants


  Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 39 seconds. Contains 532 words Money, fame, accolades, adoration. It seems celebrities have it all. Well, except sometimes hair. Luckily for these 6 stars, hair transplants were able to turn them from balding to … Continue reading

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Famous Men Underwear Scenes in Film


    When it comes to men in their underwear, leave it to Hollywood to create some of the most memorable images in popular culture. In Hollywood films, showing a male character in his underwear gives the viewer an opportunity … Continue reading

Top Story: Sex Sells – True or False?


Cinema executives once lived by the old saying “sex sells”, which made nudity a key feature in any film. Such a key feature that even the makers of religious films pushed to have at least one bathing scene in their … Continue reading