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Top Story – Celebrity Detox Diets You Need To Try


The detox is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to shed some excess pounds and make themselves feel better by ridding themselves of the remnants of a previous unhealthy diet.  Many use it to get into shape before an event, some undertake a detox because of fears they have been too unhealthy recently, eating poorly or abusing alcohol.  Some just like a challenge; they want to trial a new way of sustaining themselves, and intake nutrition that is not a part of their normal diet.

Celebrities have fueled a large part of the intrigue around detoxes.  We aspire to be like them and believe if anyone has access to good quality health information, then it would be the A list actress who dropped three dress sizes for a new role and has never looked better.

The Master Cleanse

A cleanse that comes from shady backgrounds, as creator Stanley Burroughs was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter for enforcing the diet on a cancer patient rather than having him use traditional methods of care.

Nevertheless the diet promises to remove toxins and obliterate cravings with a lemon based drink including other ingredients such as cayenne pepper and maple syrup.  Drink only this and a glass of salt at night, along with a  laxative drink to enjoy the dubious benefits that stars such as Beyonce Knowles have made famous.

Gwyneth Paltrow Cleanse

Developed by New York cardiologist Dr. Alejandro Junger, and endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow, this detox appears a little healthier and less extreme than the master cleanse.  It is heavy on juiced drinks with little in the way of meat.  Dairy, processed foods and caffeine are all eliminated from the diet.  Instead various seeds, salads, herbal teas and smoothies are consumed in addition to plant based juice drinks.

Followers of the diet are encouraged to practice yoga and also to take a mild laxative if constipation occurs.  The detox contains few calories and may be difficult to undertake for anyone with a  busy lifestyle that requires reasonable amounts of energy.  One major benefit over the master cleanse is the lack of expense, as there is no need to pay vast sums of money for instructions and ingredients.

Ultimate Tea Diet

The Ultimate Tea diet is summed up well by the title.  It involves drinking lots of tea.  Herbal teas such as green tea have been found to have numerous positive benefits, from losing weight to reducing blood pressure.  Research has also found positive linkages with a reduction in the likelihood of developing cancer.

The Ultimate Tea Diet involves drinking at least 4 cups of herbal tea, and eating three light meals per day.  Consuming vast quantities of tea will help fill your stomach with liquid reducing hunger cravings, in addition to the benefits the tea brings.  Giuliana Rancic is the most famous name to have used this diet, losing 7 pounds before her wedding in 2007.

A Good Idea?

A detox involves eating an odd diet that your body is not used to which focuses on certain nutrients and disregards others, and only involves a short term change.  This is not normally advocated by health professionals, who instead insist that diets must be balanced, long term and involve all nutrients.  Your body will experience a change should you take on any of these diets.  Consult with your doctor beforehand to determine whether it is likely to be a positive one.

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