Think You’re Addicted To Shoes? Here Are Some Real Shoe Lovers!


Maybe your closet is over flowing and it is hard to explain the boots that cost more than a week’s income that you don’t even wear, but it takes a lot more to keep company with a true shoe lover. … Continue reading

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Black History Month Spotlight: Betty & Coretta – What Did You Think?


Of course Mary J. Blige’s acting was subpar, but I  think the pace of the film moved too slow, I wasn’t crazy about the people chosen to play certain roles, and I didn’t like the ending. However, I do appreciate … Continue reading

7 Songs To Get You Pumped Up!


It’s truly amazing the effect that listening to music can have on a person’s mood. People usually choose to listen to music for two reasons. Either they pick are genre of music that matches their current mood or they choose … Continue reading