Why I’m Rooting For Olivia Pope and President Fitz

Olivia Pope

They’re in love. The only reason their relationship is in the closet is because of politics. Lots of politics: he’s already married with children, he’s the President of the United States and he’s a White man. All these things and then some are keeping them from being in a happy relationship. Many of you are rooting for Mellie and only see Olivia as a side piece, but even Fitz’s wife knows better. His marriage is a sham and if he were not ruler of the free world, Fitz would divorce Mellie and marry Olivia before his signature was dry on the divorce papers.

Shonda Rhimes says she knows exactly how the show will end and I think it will be a happily ever after scenario, or at least I hope so. If we can’t get the Happily Ever After in the make believe world of television drama then what’s the point? Think about it…so many people are unhappily married, but stay together for things like religion, children or financial security. Is it ever worth it for those reasons? No! What about love? Passion? True devotion?

Mellie deserves her Happily Ever After too! She’s catching hell in her facade as the happy and perfect First Lady. She needs to be free to pursue true love and happiness with someone who loves her the way she should be loved. I think it would be great for her to also fall in love and have an affair. That would definitely add to the Scandal and it’s only fair. What’s good for the goose is always better for the gander.


Facebook Set Trippin’: Ecard Inspired by Romney Starts Drama


The moral police strike my Facebook page again! This Ecard and conversation is in response to Romney’s following statement during the latest Presidential debate:

“Get married first before having children”, in response to a question about automatic weapons and gun control.

Whenever anyone implies that single mothers are to blame for anything negative in the world I take offense. I am a single mother and I was raised by a single mother. My mother never married, but she would like to have been married. She didn’t have more children because she didn’t want to have more children out of wedlock.

Being a single parent is hard work and a hard decision to make. I became pregnant at the age of 26 while using birth control, so I did not plan to become a mother, but I made the choice to have my child. Will I have another child? No! Do I want to be married? No! In my opinion, marriage is a sham and I don’t need or want a POTUS who thinks anyone having children while they’re unmarried is responsible for raising violent citizens.

Those of you who think that I or my mother should have gotten married before we had our children can quite frankly kiss our asses. Don’t worry, we both have enough ass to go around.

Marriage is not some form of magic that can heal the world or the solution that prevents children from becoming assholes, criminals, and deviants.

When statements are made that single parent households are somehow responsible for kids growing up and becoming criminals that is an insult to all single mothers and their children. It’s a blanket statement that’s also a lie.

During the above debate it was stated that statistics show most men in jail are products of a single parent household (which actually has nothing to do with the initial statement made by Romney because he was talking about people who use automatic weapons to commit mass murderers, but people tend to be eager to share stats without looking at the relevance. Too bad there are no real stats on the background of mass murderers who use automatic weapons)

Any ‘ol way, check out one of the first articles I found when asking the question: Are most men in jail from single parent homes?

The article is from 2002, but I’m sure the numbers are still relevant. There are also other factors that come into play regarding these men being in jail who are from single parent homes.

It’s not a black and white issue. For a realistic look at what a typical single parent is like, visit here.


Another image that inspired a great conversation. Cmaurice breaks it down!

I didn’t plan to become a single mother. It’s not something that I put on my planner ten years ago. I’m not happy about it, but guess what, I am doing the best I can on my own, just as my mother did before me.

Wanna know who’s not doing his best? The father of my child. He chooses not to be involved in his daughters life and that’s also his loss because our daughter is smart, creative, beautiful and wishes he was around.

Most single mothers, for better or worse, happily stick around and raise their children. Where the hell are the non custodial fathers that chose not to be involved? If you insist on placing blame, sprinkle a lil’ bit on the absent fathers and then sit your judgmental ass down.

In fact, lets stop the blaming, judging, and insulting all together because it benefits no one; least of  all the children.