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Black Music Month Feature: Mariah Carey – We Belong Together

mariah-carey-we-belong-together vid

Top Story – Things Celebrities Do Before They Go To Sleep


Numerous interviews attempt to strip away the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous in an attempt to portray them as normal. In this fashion, fans can see stars for who they really are, and get a little closer to them via professed intimate details. One of these categories that come up from time to time happens to be sleeping habits. After all, what is more normal and human than sleep? Everyone has their own set of quirks when it comes to bedtime habits. Though celebrities often become larger than life in our minds, they too can have all types of habits and issues from eccentric products to sleep disorders. We did some digging, and here are some of the most interesting sleep habits of the stars.

Rapper Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, or by his real name Marshall Mathers, suffers insomnia and apparently hates sunlight while he is trying to rest. This is understandable, as many people have difficulty sleeping when it is light outside. The rapper spends most of his time traveling between times zones and back to the US, and so in order to keep a somewhat normal sleeping pattern, he blocks out the sunlight in hotel rooms using non other than, aluminum foil. That’s right, he uses aluminum foil on the windows and thus keeping the sunlight from intruding on his beauty rest. The Sun also reports he enjoys white noise as well.

Tom Cruise
Snoring can be arguably one of the biggest issues among couples who live together, and like many people, Tom Cruise also snores. While he was married to Katie Holmes however, he was reportedly banished to his own sleeping quarters in another room, dubbed, the snoratorium according to Daily Mail. The room was said to be quite dark and cozy; and above all sound proof. While a little odd, many sleepless spouses probably wish they could do the same from time to time! In fact, other celebrities also have so called snoratoriums including Judge Judy.

Mariah Carey
Beauty rest is no secret for this DIVA extraordinaire. Keeping perfect skin is not an easy task and requires adequate beauty rest. According to interviews, the diva reportedly slept 15 hours a day! That’s way more than the recommended 7-8 hours a day adults usually need. But the diva has paid her dues and earned her sleep time.

In addition, this superstar has another weird habit before bed, as told to V magazine. As her voice is very important to her, moisture is everything. Mariah prefers to sleep with a whopping 20 humidifiers in her sleeping quarters, reportedly a trick learned from Luther Vandross. One humidifier is a good idea for many homes with dry air. However in the Diva’s case, it may be better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting that golden voice.

Michael Phelps
Talk about futuristic! Michael Phelps reportedly told Anderson Cooper that he continued to train his body more or less, in his sleep. The Olympian utilized a high altitude sleeping chamber while preparing for his record breaking performance, which was set to approximately to 8,500-9,000 feet. This aides his body in decreasing oxygen levels and intake even while sleeping, all to facilitate his swimming during competitions.

Kelly Osbourne
Osbourne told Life & Style magazine that one factor in her recent weight loss over the last few years involves a natural bedtime habit. The trick? She eats half an apple before bed in an effort to keep her metabolism awake. Of course, this is in addition to a lot of dancing and pilates as well.

George Clooney
The famous actor has trouble falling asleep, and apparently must have the television on to fall asleep. Wonder if he watches old Roseanne reruns?

Peeking into the lives of celebrities shows you aren’t the only one who sleeps in a weird place or has a weird ritual. The rich and famous often do as well. Phelps and Cruise both have special designated sleeping quarters, while others are more mundane like apples and TV. Some celebrity sleep habits take normal habits to the extreme, but offer an interesting glimpse into how the rich and famous cope, and what their biggest concerns and fears are.

One Mall Group produced this article for Astrabeds.

The D List: Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel – Beautiful

Should YOU Be on The D List?


5 Things Every Girl Must Do After A Breakup

break up

Did your boyfriend just break up with you? Well, then he’s stupid. Or you’re too clingy and needy. Either way, you are broken up. It’s a fact. Stop calling him and begging him to take you back. It’s not a good color on anyone. You are broken up because he doesn’t want to be with you. Remember that. Now before you go about your awesome and fabulous single life, here are 5 things you must do after a breakup:

1. Clean up your social media

You probably have tons of photo albums of the two of you kissing and laughing and being so overly obnoxious about your love life that you probably should have deleted these albums a long time ago. However, since you are obsessed with getting “likes” and comments on every single picture, you probably kept them all over your social media outlets. Delete them. You are broken up. There is not the slightest chance you will get back together and even if you do, these pictures need to be off the web. Nobody needs to see the same selfies of you two every five seconds.

2. Trash his clothes

Everybody always thinks, “Oh, I better give him back his stuff.” So not necessary. He broke up with you. If he wants his t-shirts and CDs back, he can come by and get them. Don’t use dropping his stuff off at his apartment as an excuse to go see him and cleverly try to reclaim him as your boyfriend. No. Just stop. If he wants that Van Halen CD, he can get up off his scrawny butt and come get it. If it happens to be in the dumpster, then that’s his problem.

3. Call your back-up

Don’t play dumb. Every girl has a back-up. It’s the one guy you keep at an arm’s length away for this specific moment. Now, don’t go hopping into another relationship. But you should give your back-up a little text to coolly let him know that you are single. If he’s a good back-up, he will tell you how hot you are and sometimes that is all a girl needs to hear to get over the previous boy. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “It’s bad to use people…” For those of you who think that, then skip this one and move on down to number 4. The rest of us are going to shamelessly call our back-up and feel good about ourselves.

4. Make a break-up playlist

This is probably the most important. Because every song on the radio is going to remind you of him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a love song by Mariah Carey or a dubstep song by Ratatat. Your brain will find some way to connect the dots back to your ex. Make a break-up playlist and listen to that for the first week or so when the break-up is still fresh.

5. Drink

After a breakup, it is totally and completely acceptable to drink a glass of wine (or six) when the clock strikes 5. Sometimes a little wine is just what you need to take the edge off of a broken heart. And to that, I say cheers.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a company that provides alarm monitoring in Houston homes. She is a firm believer in girl power and would much rather stay in on a Friday night with her puppy than go on yet another bad blind date.

7 Celebrity Sex Tapes I Wish Existed

Will and Jada

Will and Jada

Brad & Angelina

Brad & Angelina

Chris Brown & RihannaI can't stand him, but I bet the sex between these two is great!

Chris Brown & Rihanna
I can’t stand him, but I bet the sex between these two was great!

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

Nick & Mariah


Miguel & Nazanin


Beyonce & Jay-Z

Wentworth Miller and whoever he's sleeping with!

Wentworth Miller and whoever he’s sleeping with!

Top 5 Female Singers Who Can’t Sing


The music scene is truly exciting these days with an array of artists to enjoy. There are familiar faces like Madonna and Mariah Carey still making great music. We also have someone like Lady Gaga who is trailblazing in her own way, while clearly being influenced by artists of the past. And in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of female singers today are absolutely gorgeous. They could be models if they weren’t busy recording songs. Maybe beauty is just a necessary part of the equation for success these days. And in some cases, it might even help to hide the fact that a particular artist isn’t really a great singer. Let’s take a look at a few popular singers who are better looking than they actually sound.

Demi Lovato – young Miss Lovato deserves credit for going through some hard times and coming out the other end on top. She’s had to battle an eating disorder, depression, and a lot of people who have criticized her weight. I happen to think her weight is just fine and she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her voice on the other hand, is average at best. The last time I saw her perform live was on an episode of America’s Got Talent, and it was really horrible. If I was a judge on American Idol, I would say something like “that was really pitchy, dog!”

Katy Perry – this talented artist holds the record for “number one” songs off a single album for female artists. She’s really pretty and makes some of the most fun videos in the world. But when you think about natural singing talent, do you think about Katy Perry’s voice? She can sing well enough to get her through her basic brand of songs, but it’s really nothing extraordinary. It’s the other intangibles like creativity and personality that make her a superstar – not her voice.

Taylor Swift – I’ll probably get a lot of flack for this one considering Taylor Swift just recently won “Entertainer of the Year” at the ACM awards for the second year in a row. She’s really sweet and does a lot of generous charity work. You can tell she has a good heart, and there’s something innocent and silly about your personality that makes her charming. But when it comes down to her voice, it never really blows you away. And in the early stages of her career, she was notorious for giving shakey live performances where her voice would give out.

Avril Lavigne – I’ve seen Avril Lavigne gives some great live performances and some not so great ones. The difference between them is so big that I often wonder if she was lip syncing the few times I’ve seen her live. But then again, her performances usually have some kind of imperfection where her voice gets pitchy or out of tune. It might just be something that goes along with her fast-paced brand of music, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact I’ve never seen or give a flawless live performance two times in a row.

Britney Spears – I’m honestly glad that Britney Spears was able to make a comeback and get away from all that craziness that was jeopardizing her career. I’m actually a huge fan of Spears so it’s nice to see her doing well again. She has a serviceable voice, and there are some distinct characteristics that make it special. But if you’re putting together a list of the best singers in the world, how many folks would put Britney Spears on it? It’s more likely they would include her Mickey Mouse counterpart, Christina Aguilera.

Do you think you have a good voice? If you’ve always wanted to get into singing, there’s no better way to do it than with karaoke. This article comes to us from The Karaoke Machine Guide, and it’s the perfect place to visit if you want to buy yourself a home karaoke machine.

Note from Dangerous Lee – I think all these women can sing pop music well, but they can’t  “sang”! But, neither can I so who gives a damn…

5 Hollywood Women That Aren’t All Skin and Bones

Melissa McCarthy

Young girls and older women are often bombarded with models that are a perfect size. Many women feel the pressure to be a size 4 to feel like they fit in. Often, it leads to very unhealthy diets. However, there are celebrities that are taking a stand against this. There are stars that have full figured bodies and they aren’t afraid of baring it all. In fact, they try to be positive influences in the lives of those that look up to them. It might seem like there are not a lot of stars that have full figured bodies, but you are mistaken! There are many stars out there. Here is a list of curvy, gorgeous woman of Hollywood.  

1. Adele. She cleaned up at the Grammy’s this week. Not to mention that she has a killer voice. This lady is glamorous, gorgeous, and super curvy. She has such a positive self-image that it’s almost impossible to think of her as a skinny girl. She wouldn’t make the impact that she does today.

2. Queen Latifah. She is a beauty. She has always been one that supports a realistic body type. She is a wonderful woman that tries to help woman realize that their body types are all different. She always looks stunning on the red carpet and is full of confidence. She also leads campaigns for cosmetics, not diet programs. 

3. Mariah Carey. This woman is the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She has put a whole new spin on weight loss programs. She still sports her curvy figure, but she advocates eating healthier. She is happy with who she is, and she is a great role model for any woman. 

4. Melissa McCarthy. This woman is absolutely beautiful, and funny too! She has a great sense of humor and doesn’t mind poking fun about her body stereotypes. 

5. Marilyn Monroe. This woman is the epitome of a beautiful woman. And, she isn’t a stick figure. She is a full sized woman that has lots of curves. Now that she is idolized as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, it shows that just because you are thin doesn’t mean that you are beautiful. 

Own who you are. There are many celebrities out there that aren’t a size 00. Be confident with who you are. Confidence is the only way that you will feel good about yourself and look great. 

About the Author
Tammi Jenkins is a writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com.
My Colleges and Careers is a unique site for those that are trying to enroll in the best online colleges.

10 Awful Movies That Never Should Have Been Made


For every amazing film that’s made, there seem to be ten more that are truly awful. Some still manage to pull in a decent box office performance, in spite of the reviews from the critics. Others flop both critically and commercially. The following list shares some of the worst movies ever made.

1. Gigli

The romantic comedy Gigli was expected to be a giant hit, due to its stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez being in an actual relationship. Unfortunately, this movie about a mobster who falls for a lesbian kidnapper couldn’t have failed in a bigger way. Critics called it “a disaster,” and the movie only made $7 million at the box office.

2. Crossroads

As a general rule, musicians should stick to doing what they do best. This rule was proved to be the case when Britney Spears made her debut in Crossroads. A chick flick in which three high school friends roadtrip to L.A., the movie managed to pull in respectable numbers at the box office. Nevertheless, critics dubbed it “bland” and full of “bimbos.”

3. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

A sequel to the original Baby Geniuses, this movie made less than half of its $20 million budget back at the box office. Rotten Tomatoes, the popular review aggregator, rated the film as the 6th worst movie ever made. It was also nominated for four Golden Raspberry Awards.

4. Battlefield Earth

John Travolta, Barry Pepper, and Forest Whitaker star in this film adaptation of a portion of L. Ron Hubbard‘s book of the same name. Famed critic Roger Ebert gave the movie ½ star out of 4, calling it a film that jokes about bad movies would be based upon. Other critics called it a “flat out mess.”

5. Glitter

Much like Britney Spears’s turn as an actor in Crossroads, Mariah Carey acted in Glitter, a movie about a struggling singer on the club scene of the 1980s. The move was a box office failure, making just over $5 million. The movie was also nominated for 6 Golden Raspberry Awards.

6. Monster a Go-Go

Shot in the 1960s, Monster a Go-Go was plagued with problems from the beginning. The movie experienced financial difficulties midway through production, causing further work to halt. When the development recommenced, many of the original actors had moved on. The director decided to continue without them, resulting in a disjointed and confusing mess.

7. Showgirls

Showgirls often tops the list of awful movies made in the 20th century. The movie was nominated for a whopping 13 Golden Raspberry Awards, and was ridiculed for its plot and actors. Since its initial debut, an edited for television version of the film has frequently been shown on the small screen,


8. From Justin to Kelly

Yet another movie with singers that never should have been made, From Justin to Kelly starred Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol. Justin Guarini, the first runner-up, was her co-star. The movie had awful choreography, no real plot line, and was a general mess.


9. Freddy Got Fingered

Starring comic Tom Green, Freddy Got Fingered was primarily a comedy based on extreme gross-out humor and shock comedy. Featuring subject matter like child molestation and bestiality, the movie was a critical flop. Roger Ebert placed it on his “most hated” list, and The Washington Post called it an abomination.


10. Catwoman

Halle Berry was the star of Catwoman, a film made about the DC Comics character. The character differed so much from her portrayal in the comics, however, that fans denounced the film as a fraud. Critics called it one of the worst superhero films ever made, and the movie won 4 Golden Raspberry Awards.

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Celebrity Weight Loss Campaigns That Get On My Damn Nerves!

Mariah is over the top and Jennifer is just downright corny!

Watch Being Dangerous Lee on You Tube

First Look at Nick and Mariah’s Twins!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will allow the world to see the faces of their almost 6 month old twins, Monroe and Morocco, who they have nicknamed Roc and Roe, during a special 20/20 this Friday night as they sit with Barbara Walters. I know Oprah is mad she missed out on this one!  During the interview Barbara Walters stirs the pot by asking Mariah if she trusts Nick and her answer is “Sometimes!”. Wasup with that? I’ll be tuned in to see “Dem Babies” and find out if Barbara is successful at starting more BS in their marriage.  Damn hater!

Breaking News: Rihanna is a Thumb Sucker!

Awww! Isn't that cute! Who knew Rihanna was a thumb sucker?! Fellas, does this make her more or less hot? Actually, adult thumb sucking is quite normal and something that some adults do to destress and calm down. I dated a guy that sucked his thumb, and though I used to joke with him about it, it never made me love him any less. Click Rihanna's thumb for an article on adult thumb sucking from WedMD.

Whose Ass Is This?

Beyonce? Britney? Mariah? Rihanna? Click it to find out!

Mariah Rants About Carrying Twins on HSN

It’s like a fashion therapy session…

Top Story: The Half Series – When Black People Look White (3 of 3)

The Finale

Here are the final guesses on Katie Burrell’s ethnic background as of Sunday, June 13th, 2010:

  • White/Black 31.3%
  • Hispanic/Black 11.1%
  • Arabic/Black 10.1%
  • Asian/Black 8.1%
  • None of the Above 18.2%
  • I Don’t Know 21.2%

Katie and her father!

- Katie Burrell in Her Own Words -

Estimated reading time: 3  minutes, 7 seconds. Contains 624 words

I’m half Arab and half Black. I live in the desert southwest so it’s predominately Latino/Hispanic. When people find out I’m not Mexican but Black and Arab, they treat me differently instantly because they said I lied to them. Honestly, it’s whatever.

When you’re not accepted by the Black community because your hair isn’t apparently ‘nappy’ enough (my own grandmother says I got Puerto Rican hair) and the Arab community says you’re not full Arab, it’s like you’re in between. It’s hard to mix my life and friends because they are so different.

When I’m with my family I feel normal. I feel more at home with Black folks rather than White or Arab, just because I do. People say I act like I’m Black then when I tell them I am, um…they’re shocked to say the least.

I’d say it’s about finding your own identity. We cannot define ourselves by the stereotypes in our culture, that gets us nowhere. No one can act or talk Black or White or Green or Yellow, it’s just how we perceive it. Like half of my family thinks I’m being White because I have an education and an honest job. All that means is that they have set the bar low for themselves and they think success means they’ll lose who they are. It’s actually the opposite, success defines the path in which you’ll go and so does failure.

- Get The Half Series ebook on Amazon -

There you have it! Katie’s ethnic background is Black and Arabic. I would have never guessed correctly myself if I didn’t already know the answer. It just goes to show you that you definitely should not judge a book by its cover.

Black people are not literally black. I know a Black woman with blue eyes, I recently saw an image of a Haitian child with blonde hair, and actor Harold Perrineau (who is married to a White woman) has two daughters and the youngest looks more like him and the oldest looks a lot like the mom. I can also recall a time when many people had no idea that Mariah Carey was Black (Afro-Venezuelan) or that Halle Berry has a White mother! I also just learned that Tom Sizemore’s mother is Black; something that he kept hidden for many many years! Wow!!!

It’s a crap shoot people, and that’s the beauty of it. You never know what you’re gonna get, but you can rest assured that whatever you get it will be part of the human race.

Dangerous Lee and her daughter, Senia.

The Half Series – Part 1

The Half Series – Part 2

Update – December 15, 2011

On this day, Paris Jackson appeared on the Ellen show as a guest to promote a book and film project that she will be appearing in titled, “Lundon’s Bridge: and The Three Keys”. She as well as her brothers are in the spotlight more than ever and tongues are also wagging more than ever about whether or not they are Michael Jackson’s biological children.

Look at these two images:

Still don’t think Michael fathered Paris and her siblings? That’s your problem, but here’s something else; Paris is an avid tweeter on Twitter and when someone tried to call her out as being White she promptly came back stating that she’s “mixed”. So, there ya have it folks, Paris and I’m sure Prince as well as Blanket are very aware of what they are and who their biological father is.



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