Top Story – Things Celebrities Do Before They Go To Sleep

george clooney

Numerous interviews attempt to strip away the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous in an attempt to portray them as normal. In this fashion, fans can see stars for who they really are, and get a little closer … Continue reading

5 Things Every Girl Must Do After A Breakup

buh bye

Did your boyfriend just break up with you? Well, then he’s stupid. Or you’re too clingy and needy. Either way, you are broken up. It’s a fact. Stop calling him and begging him to take you back. It’s not a … Continue reading

Top 5 Female Singers Who Can’t Sing

britney spears circus album image cover

The music scene is truly exciting these days with an array of artists to enjoy. There are familiar faces like Madonna and Mariah Carey still making great music. We also have someone like Lady Gaga who is trailblazing in her … Continue reading

5 Hollywood Women That Aren’t All Skin and Bones


Young girls and older women are often bombarded with models that are a perfect size. Many women feel the pressure to be a size 4 to feel like they fit in. Often, it leads to very unhealthy diets. However, there … Continue reading

10 Awful Movies That Never Should Have Been Made


  For every amazing film that’s made, there seem to be ten more that are truly awful. Some still manage to pull in a decent box office performance, in spite of the reviews from the critics. Others flop both critically … Continue reading