Dangerous Lee Interviews Comedian – Kris Shaw


Dangerous Lee interviews Kris Shaw, a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Kris also appears in national television commercials and had a recurring extra role on the CBS drama “Close To Home”.

Your Facebook page is listed under “Dready Murphy”, what do you think about Eddie Murphy?

I like Eddie Murphy. He’s one of the most brilliant modern pioneer story tellers. He raised the bar for the current comedians. From there was born Chris Rock and so on.


Who laughs at your jokes the hardest, Black people or White people?

That’s a very interesting question. There’s no specific color that laughs at my jokes. I think that people get that my funny is different. It’s not the typical stuff that most comics are doing. That’s what I like about it; there’s no color barrier.


How do you use your dreads?

Haha. I love my dreads. A lot of the time, if I’m bored I like to take stupid pictures to make faces with them. Sometimes if I’m on the plane, I’ll use them as “mini blinds” to cover my face while I sleep.


Is there anything that you absolutely won’t make a joke about?

I don’t care for jokes about harming babies or rape. I don’t think that comics that cover those topics have ever been a part of such a sensitive issue. If they have kids, they wouldn’t do those jokes and if they personally knew someone that was molested, then it would be the furthest thing from their mind to joke about.


Kris Shaw Merch

Is every day Steak & Blowjobs Day or is it a special occasion?

I think everyday should be a Steak & Blowjob Day. Life is too short to just make it annual.


Are people in L.A. as fake as they are rumored to be?

I believe people all over the country are fake. In LA, you just tend to have a bigger melting pot of fakeness. It’s where people go to try and make their dreams come true. It’s also where a lot of dreams end. I can see thru it all just like anywhere else in the country so it really doesn’t bother me as much. I expect it.



National Poetry Month Spotlight: Melody Scott – Sleep



Smooth warmth presses to my ear

as I hear security in your pounding,

beating heart. Fragility, reliability,

a power plant in repose.

You’ve gone away from me

but left a reminder that you’ll return

when your soaring is done.


Melody Scott was born in San Diego, California and raised in Riverside, California, a town near Los Angeles. She graduated from California Polytechnic College in Pomona, California and was employed by the Press Enterprise Newspapers for six years.

After marrying and moving to Cumming, Georgia, she became enamored of the land and obtained her Georgia Real Estate license in 1978. Buying and selling, moving and investing became a way of life until she was drawn to write novels about the land, the history of which still holds a mystique for her.

Melody has had several short stories published in various magazines such as Confection, The Lyric, Promises to Keep, Woman, Horizon Magazine and the North Georgia Star. She was accepted by the Atlanta Prose Stage to read at the Decatur Book Festival in 2011 as well as the Dahlonega Book Fair hosted by North Georgia College and State University in 2011.

Her first novel, Auraria Dead, is a real estate mystery that pairs land use and its history with a fast-paced story that is entertaining and nested in historical significance. Her acrylic paintings, wall murals and watercolors are becoming known among the north Georgia art community.

Today she lives in Dawsonville, GA, is a licensed Realtor and belongs to her local Board of Realtors, the Chamber of Commerce, two writing groups, a book club, Sisters In Crime and Southeastern Mystery Writers of America.

She managed to remain married to the same saint of a husband and now has two adult children and three grandchildren traipsing the same land about which she writes.



When Did Target Commercials Get So Damn Sexy?

Cycle 6 America’s Next Top Model Winner, Dani Evans, is featured in the first commercial below and I love it because she’s a chocolate sista and lord knows we need more dark women on TV! The soundtrack is funky too; it makes me want to go to Target and break some stuff! Check it out!




Dangerous Lee Interviews Sophia Janell: “R. Kelly epitomizes what artistry is for this era.”


This woman can sing her ass off, but that’s not all she can do. Sophia Janell (Sophia Taylor) is an actress, singer, songwriter, producer, and author from Flint, Michigan that has worked with the likes of Jeffrey Osborne, Joe, Sunshine Anderson, Jon B., Howard Hewitt, Joe Torrey, Adelle Givens, and many more! One of her latest projects is the Flint, Michigan based reality show, Rehabin The Hood. Remember her name because she is definitely one to reckon with!

Tell us about Rehabin The Hood, why it’s so important, and why we should tune in. 

Rehabin The Hood is an urban styled “HGTV” type of home/hood improvement reality show.  It shows my life as a Real Estate Investor.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  We highlight and inform viewers about the gem in their backyards that’s available for pennies on the dollar.  From homes, to vacant lots, commercial properties, and even abandoned schools.  Some of these properties are literally being given away or available for very little.  We’re sparking an interest in the community to do simple home improvement projects, and home purchasing, but overall, RTH encourages it’s viewers to rehab their hood by being more active in their communities through volunteering at  shelters, the Boys & Girls clubs, churches, neighborhood clean ups, helping senior citizens or simply spending time with your family.  We’re aware that a neighborhood is only as good as the people in it, so we’re encouraging viewers to change the face of their neighborhood, through positive exchanges. 

What type of feel does your new CD, Audiobiography, convey to listeners?  

The new cd “Audiobiography” has a deep R&B/ Neo Soul type of vibe.  It tells stories of many peoples lives and situations, delivered in a soulful, melodic style.  All songs were written and produced by myself and Cory “(Co-P)” Peterson, except for “A Million Lives”, which was written and produced by myself and “Tha Porducerz.”  There’s something for every music lover on this CD, guaranteed.  The stories, the musical production, and the vocal delivery seems to be what everyone that hears this CD comments on.  We’re getting rave reviews and they’re all so encouraging and appreciated.   The Sophia Janell CD is available for sale on Itunes.com or it can be downloaded for free for a limited time only on Reverbnation.com.

Are you working on any new film or stage projects?  

I’m constantly working on new projects, I’ll soon be in production for a documentary that I’ve been looking forward to filming for years now.  I’m self publishing my first book right now and we’re meeting with networks about RTH. We’re in production for “Entertainment Spotlight”, a new night time talk show, which I have the pleasure of hosting, and even the better pleasure of interviewing “Dangerous Lee.”

Who are you dying to interview or work with?  

I would love to interview and work with Oprah Winfrey, and motivational speaker, Tony Roberts, and also, Ryan Seacrest, and Quincy Jones, just to name a few.

Who or what inspires you most?  

The city I’m from (Flint) and the people in it keeps me inspired.  The trials that the city and the people have faced, inspires me to be more and do more.  Everyone that’s had a hand in raising me keeps me inspired.

Throughout your singing career you have worked with various artists, but I am curious to know what it was like working with R. Kelly?  

Working with R. Kelly was like going to school and studying a subject you love.  He epitomizes what artistry is for this era.  His gifts seems to never end. He runs a tight ship and expects the best of the artists around him.  He’s quite particular about many things, and I guess, rightfully so.  But overall, every show left me in awe.

Are you often tempted to leave Flint, MI to take your career to the next level or is location not a factor in your success?  

I’ve been back in Flint for 3 years now.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles and I came back here from Atlanta.  The best part about what I do is that I can live anywhere and still accomplish what I need to.  Being in Flint isn’t a factor for success or failure for me.  It’s actually one of the things that keeps me driven to succeed. It’s really not where you live, it’s what you do, wherever you go.  You are who you are, wherever you go.

Can you give us a rhyme?

Sure, I’ll give you one from my book, that’s soon to be released…

“Cold as a stone.  Hard as a rock.  

The material used for producing a spark.  

Flint is the city.  Runs low on pity.  

Broken down many.  It runs through my blood…..  

As hard as I try.  I still can’t deny.  It shoots through my veins.   

Ain’t nothing changed.  

On everything I love.  I hate going back. Cause back is where I’ll go.  

These folks just don’t know.  

I’ll protect till I die.  I hold on with my life.   

It’s all I live for.  Sends me out of control.  

In the blink of an eye.  I’ll drive, I’ll fly.   

Just to be right back.   Staring at my future and my past.  

I turn cold as stone.  Buttons pushed, snap, I’m gone.   

Igniting sparks of negativity.  

Lighting flames of crazy fury.  

I’m heading north to spread the heat.  

From Atlanta to EF- EL- I- EN- TEE  

Praying all the way God help me.  

If he’s laid a hand on my Peachie.  


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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Alaia Williams

Name and occupation:

Alaia Williams, Business Organizer, Networking Group Founder, and Dot Connector

What do you love most about being a woman?

Though challenges still remain and improvements in our culture would be welcomed,  I feel like this is the best time to be a woman. I didn’t grow up during a time when I was regularly told or treated like I was less than a man or had to be subservient to one. Also, as a woman in business, I feel like I have additional opportunities and resources that have definitely made a positive impact on my life. While the group I run is open to men and women, I have joined organizations for women business owners in the past, or attended events geared toward business women. Those of us who are active, at least here in Los Angeles, are rapidly building connections, and in many cases, strong friendships. Most of the female friends I have made after leaving college are other women business owners.

Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry?

Fortunately, no. At least not that I have been aware of.  When I started my first business back in 2006, I was a Professional Organizer specializing in residential projects. Most people in the industry were (and possibly still are) women. In terms of the networking group, I think most people are concerned about it being an active groups with interesting people to meet and less concerned with my sex.

Do you belong to any organizations catered to women business owners?

 I’ve belonged to several women-only organizations in the past, but my preference is for organizations that are open to both men and women. I also run a networking group and it has been open to men and women since day one. I do, however, have a mastermind group that only has women in it, and I try at least once a month to have a dinner or social gathering with some of my closest female entrepreneur pals.

Who or what inspires you most?

People who have overcome great odds to achieve great things. Everyone has different capabilities and what not, but when I look at people who achieve amazing things because they worked really hard, stayed positive and didn’t back down, I can’t help but realize that I don’t have any excuses for not making my dreams come true.

Something about you that would surprise us:

If eating bacon three times a day wouldn’t kill me, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:  

Ask for what you want. You don’t know what you’ll get if you don’t. Ask for what you’re worth. You’ll be bitter and resentful if you settle for less.

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Free Minority Handwriting Analysis

Dangerous and HP talk to consumer education writer from Suite 101 Marie Dubuque who tells us how to get free stuff in this crazy economy, Frederick Gooding from The Minority Reporter talks to us about race and movies, and our handwriting is analyzed by Treyce d’Gabriel. The Dangerous Item of the Week is Dangerous Curves by Lita Ford.

SPECIAL OFFER: Treyce d’Gabriel is offering listeners of “Ask Dangerous Lee Live” a free mini analysis or a free handwriting class. Just email treyce@treyce.com with the subject “Dangerous Lee” for details!

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Treyce d'Gabriel


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Dante Rusciolelli

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The Death of a Pop Star in Designer Shoes

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Katerina Graham

Katerina Graham

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