Top Story: Alan Roger Currie – Mastering the Fine Art of Erotic Talk Radio


Who would have ever guessed that the three words, “Say it again,” would have led to thousands of women tuning in regularly to an adult-themed podcast series that combines frank, uncensored interviews with female guests with underlying elements of a … Continue reading

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I’m On The Waiting List – Ashton Kutcher’s Giving Face-to-Face Career Advice for $5!


Ashton Kutcher’s offering face-to-face career advice to budding and struggling professionals for just $5 an hour, according to E! News. The “Two and a Half Men” actor recently created a profile on pop expert, a website that allows users to … Continue reading

Why Are Celebrities Still Afraid Of Coming Out?


Nearly 45 years after the Stonewall Rebellion, gay is the new awesome. Chic and hip, gay culture has infiltrated nearly every aspect of entertainment, pop culture, politics, and daily life to the point where the Fred Phelpses of the world … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interviews Comedian – Kris Shaw


Dangerous Lee interviews Kris Shaw, a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Kris also appears in national … Continue reading

Why Are More Women Learning Mixed Martial Arts?


These days, more and more people are learning mixed martial arts. It is one of the fastest-growing sports in America. So many folks from all walks of life, from elementary school children to senior citizens, are trying their hand at … Continue reading

10 U.S. Cities Known For Their Fun And Exciting Nightlife


Whether you’re looking for a hot vacation destination or an exciting new city to call home, there are more than enough U.S. cities to appease your appetite for nightlife. New Orleans There’s no going in early when you party in … Continue reading

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Jennifer Garcia – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Panic, taken over my life Overwhelming, feelings of strife Stress, consumed my mind Trust, cannot find Triggers, uncalming Roadside bombings Around, explosions, gunfire Unsettled, dire Mortar guns, my specialty Acknowledgment, Sergeant that’s me The soldier, the … Continue reading