Vandalism In The Name of Art


Image Credit Recently, Rothko’s Black on Maroon became the latest in a long line of masterpieces to be defaced, when Vladimir Umanets took his marker pen to it in the name of ‘Yellowism’, a (previously) obscure artistic movement. While the … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Mermaids Are No Longer Mythical Creatures!

Real mermaids are not as “beautiful” as they are depicted in movies and television, but they are real nonetheless.

This is an amazing discovery! In my opinion, something of this magnitude should not only have been covered by Animal Planet, but it should have made international news. There are so many things going on in the world around us that we are unaware of. I am in awe.

What Do You Think?

This original video I posted was removed, but this is a snippet of what was shown in the Animal Planet special.