Infographic: Raising Awareness Against Obesity In America


America is often food for comic relief when it comes to the alarming rate of obesity in the country. Children and adults alike are struggling against the pounds that keep packing on year after year. The effects are absolutely devastating. … Continue reading

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Are These Barriers Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?


Losing weight, as many of us know, is a challenge that can require significant lifestyle changes. And those lifestyle changes can beget many other changes in our lives and our attitudes toward them. Dropping pounds and finally looking the way … Continue reading

Tips to Cope with Holiday Stress


Does the holiday season make you feel annoyed and stuck — like the kid who freezes his tongue to a flagpole in the oft-played film, “A Christmas Story“? You’re not alone. The unappealing side of the holiday season combines all … Continue reading

Buying Christmas Presents for The Awkward Person In Your Life


With the festive season fast approaching, many people will undoubtedly be thinking exactly the same thing – what present do I buy for that ridiculously hard-to-buy-for person? Let’s face it, everybody knows one. There’s always at least one person who … Continue reading