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Women: 5 Tips For Improving Your Sex Drive

Many women will experience a loss of libido at some point in their life. Lack of sex drive is often associated with menopausal symptoms, but women at any age and from all walks of life can suddenly go off sex. While there isn’t a set in stone solution, there are lots of different things you … Continue reading

6 Surprising Libido Boosters For Women

A plate of oysters, strawberries dipped in chocolate, a steamy movie or a couple’s massage can set the mood for great sex. Sooner or later, however, these tried-and-true aphrodisiacs may start to feel tired. Fortunately, science has discovered some innovative ways to rev up the female sex drive. Here are six surprising libido boosters for … Continue reading

Top Story – 5 Vitamins That Increase The Female Sex Drive

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 58 seconds. Contains 596 words When “Not now” is more common than “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in response to sex, low libido could be the cause. While it is hard for some women to admit their suffering, they are not alone. Low libido affects up to 50 percent of all women. … Continue reading

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life!

We can all get a little bored sometimes of the same routine when it comes to having sex with your partner, but there are elements within a relationship that can help you to spice up your sex life. Food Certain foods are well known to increase your sex drive and mood; chocolate, oysters, figs, tomatoes … Continue reading

Top Story – Lose Weight Have Better Sex!

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship has, at some point, gone looking for ways to boost their sex drive or enhance the overall experience. One popular technique for improving a sexual relationship is weight loss.  But, does it really work? Pounds vs. Pleasure Weight loss and exercise do play a role in sexual … Continue reading

Drug Abuse Negativity Affects Sexual Performance

For men and women everywhere, the news that drug abuse negatively affects sexual performance long-term, even after an extended amount of abstinence from the drug or drugs, is attention-catching. Although previously thought to recover after a length of not using drugs and alcohol, it is now being proven that sexual performance can be impacted for … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Sex and the Vastness of Being

Sex is an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to work with energy flows and develop awareness of the existence of states of reality that are beyond the physical. Although it starts with the body and appears to arise in the body, sexual energy can take us into a state of awareness that is far greater … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart – Flows of Energy

What is sex? I’ve never heard an answer that made sense so I have made up my own. I seems reasonable to define sex as concentrated energy which, when it flows through us, gives rise to very pleasant sensations – that might by some people be called ecstasy or bliss. You’d think from this description, … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Acceptance

Learning to accept people just as they are is one of the keys to good relationships. If you are not constantly trying to change people, looking for everything that could be made better, and figuring out how to improve everything, but instead accepting, enjoying, allowing, and embracing what is right now, then you will be … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: The Power of the Orgasm

When a powerful orgasm surges through our bodies, it reaches into all those dark corners where we may be hiding difficult emotions. As we grow up we are taught that part of being adult is controlling our show of feelings, and we learn to suppress any that are considered inappropriate. But feelngs always want to … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Feelings

In my last blog, I mentioned some basics around feelings, what they are, and how they affect us. I’m very fond of saying that the rational brain is limited in its value, and when it comes to feelings, that is particularly true, because feelings have nothing to do with the rational brain. The place where … Continue reading

4 Biggest Myths About Sex That Can Strain A Relationship

Author: Ram Gupta Sex is a big part of any adult’s life. Even if you are not getting any action between the sheets, chances are that you are still thinking about it fairly often. If you are in a relationship, sex may well be the make or break factor. Several studies have shown that when … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart

There is a lot of talk about love at this time of year. It’s a subject this culture really doesn’t understand; many people believe that as long as they love their partner, it’ll be a good relationship. Life is not so simple. Experiencing deep love is a glorious thing–and it’s important to realize that compatibility and … Continue reading


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