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Party City: Making Me Hate “Thriller” Every Halloween

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 8 seconds. Contains 228 words For the last several years Party City has been using Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the soundtrack for their Halloween promotions and I hate it! Thriller is a Michael Jackson song that I’m not that crazy about in the first place (yes, he does have songs … Continue reading

Gift Ideas For Men Who Never Grow Up

There’s a reason why boys’ toys are just as popular with grown-ups as they are with kids – men just like to play. Reliving their boyhood, getting to grips with a shiny gadget or taking on an exciting new challenge, the innocence and excitement is the same as it was when we unwrapped our gifts … Continue reading

Top Story: 6 Survival Tips For Single Moms

Surely you are thinking that if you ever had the time to devote to personal development, you’d be way too tired to do anything other than nap. Or that you would most certainly be interrupted by a flying pop tart, soiled diaper attached to a screaming child or dishwasher flooding the kitchen again…but if you … Continue reading


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