The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

T-shirts seem like such an obvious type of wear – we are so used to the simple shape of a tee that it feels so difficult to come up with an innovative way of wearing it. But when you think about it – a skirt or a pair of jeans are equally popular and worn in all possible combinations, and yet every season we are welcoming new trends, which are based on the well known pieces and cuts, but reinvented in a way that makes us go wow! It is all about being creative in the way you match things together and explore the ways you can wear your T-shirts. Let’s take a look at the most fashionable ways to wear a T-shirt this season.


1. Cropped or tied up

Looking at the runways and the resort collections of the major fashion houses one thing is apparent: in the upcoming season you can expect to see a lot of cropped T-shirts. There is of course one “minor” problem with that trend – you really need to have that flat stomach to pull it off. Cropped oversize tees might not be for everyone, but to stay on trend you can use the oversize T-shirt and tie it up in a way that shortens the length of the tee, but does not show off your belly. Tie the t-shirt low on the waist and match it with a high rise pants to cover the parts you do not want to expose too much.

2. Paired with leggings

If you have no idea how to wear an oversize T-shirt here is a great example to follow – match it with a pair of leggings. All the flaws of an oversize tee suddenly become its main advantages: long t-shirt helps you cover your hips and butt, which usually seem larger when you put on a pair of tight leggings. Loose shirt as a top helps you balance the fitted shape of tight leggings, creating a nice shape for your body and accentuating your long legs. Oversize t-shirt with an oversize blouse and leggings is the hottest trend in street fashion this cold season.

3. Tucked in or belted

By simply tucking your oversize t-shirt in pants or skirt you can completely change its shape, highlighting your beautiful shapes. To add more sophistication to your outfit tuck it unevenly: leave a portion of the T-shirt hanging in the back or tuck only small part in the front. In a similar way you can use a belt to add more shape to your oversize tee – use the belt to accentuate the waist or keep it low and loose to allow more relaxed shape of the T-shirt.

4. Worn off the shoulder

If your outfits are often inspired by the 80s here is a simple trick you can use: choose an oversize T-shirt with a low neckline and a slogan or a print in the front and wear it off the shoulder. You can also cut out the neckline to adjust it, so it is easier to wear it off one shoulder.

5. Paired with a vest

Vest seems to be such an underrated garment, while there are so many ways to use it in your outfits and make them so much more unique. Denim vest paired with a tee makes the whole outfit look young and fresh. Leather vest adds sophistication and creates unexpected, rock music inspired look.

6. Styled like menswear

This season androgynous style is totally in vogue, so why not follow the trend and complete your outfit with elements of menswear? You can even try a men’s T-shirt, paired with a jacket and a pair of jeans. Boyfriend shoes so popular this season provide the perfect finish to your androgynous look.

7. Used to style down the outfit

Plain T-shirt is like white canvas. It brings back balance to the most over the top glamour outfits. If you are planning to wear a glitzy jacket or pants paired with statement jewelry you need that one piece, which will create a harmonious look and enhance the quality of your clothes without too much exaggeration. Try a white tee to see how great it looks in such a refined company.

These seven tips for styling do not embrace all options you have and sometimes it is all about the accessories you use to finish the outfit that suddenly make your T-shirt look so much more interesting. If you are looking for a designer T-shirt with unique prints check a designer online store. You can also choose few from the myriads of accessories offered by the stores to find the ones, which go well with your tee. Experiment and innovate, after all you can’t go wrong with something so simple as a T-shirt!

The article was written by Irina Kovalyova – fashion blogger, social media expert and marketer of the Elitecouturier project.

Fundies And Other Strange Items Of Clothing You Should Wear At Least Once

Fundies And Other Strange Items Of Clothing You Should Wear At Least Once

There are so many trends to follow that it can be hard to decide exactly what we should be wearing on our backs. Indie, Rock, Trendy and Vintage are just a few of the named fashions available. Why not stand out from the crowd and wear a more unique style of clothing rather than just blend in with everyone else. I have dedicated the time to finding 5 of the most weirdest items of clothing EVER!


The underwear built for two! Wow, who wouldn’t want to share their underwear with another person? I mean what could be so terrible about being in such close proximity to someone. These panties are built with four leg holes and two rears. You may also be pleased to know that they are 100% machine washable. ‘Half the fun is getting in, the other half is up to you!’

Double Trousers

Fancy going for a run anytime soon, want to take your partner? Then why not try out some double trousers? Twice the trouser equals twice the fun.. Okay, I’ll stop with the gimmicks now haha. But seriously, as much as I loved someone I wouldn’t want to share a pair of snap backs with them. I mean, do you actually go outside in these!? I can imagine being able to join the circus with these!

Muscle Leggings

If you really want to freak people out than why not try getting yourself a pair of these babies. There are indeed leggings that give the illusion of your muscles being on show. These are made of stretchy material and give an exact display of the muscles you have in your legs. Rather than lock these away for Halloween you should freak people out by strolling casually down the street in them. See how many heads you can turn!

Ice-Cream Shoes

These shoes were made for drooling over. If you want to have people mesmerized by your feet as you walk down the street then these are perfect for you. Your feet will not only look yummy but you will look super awesomely weird! You can grab a pair of these online easily.


Doggie Handbag

This bag is shaped like a chihuahua and is actually designed by Louis Vuitton and created by an artist called Meryl Smith. This design was made during an art exhibition when asked to create a bag which fits the requirements for international carry on luggage. I wouldn’t mind one of these bags, it would actually look really cute with some of the outfits I have!




So, now you have seen 5 of the most strangest items of clothing to have in your wardrobe perhaps you might like to think about getting your hands on some of these weird yet wonderful items. Stand out for all the wrong reasons by grabbing yourself a fashion disaster. I mean why would you want to be normal and look like everyone else? I know for sure I would love to be strolling around in some muscle leggings or perhaps even some fundies. What are you waiting for? Go get some now!


Jessica owns her own unique fashion blogs and offers tips on how you can create your very own unique style. Not only can you look good in unique clothes but there are a range of handbags, belts and shoes. Look your best today!

Fashion Rules: Which To Follow And Which To Break

Fashion Rules: Which To Follow And Which To Break


Whenever you read fashion magazines, websites and blogs, you will often encounter fashion ‘rules’. These are the faux pas and ‘no-nos’ that women should avoid when choosing clothing and putting outfits together.

However, some of these so-called rules are very out of date and are rarely followed anymore. It can sometimes be the case that breaking the rules can result in a far more exciting, creative and unique look.

So, which fashion rules should you be following and which you should you forget about? Here are a few ideas.

Rule #1: You should only ever show off legs or cleavage, never both.

If you want a classy, elegant look, this rule should probably be followed. Showing off too much skin can turn the most fashion-forward outfit into a trashy disaster, so let your sense of style and taste do the talking instead.

There are occasions when you can bend this rule, however. You can get away with showing off both legs and cleavage provided both neckline and hemline are relatively modest.

Rule #2: You should never wear tights with open toe shoes

Whether you follow this rule or not all depends on what type of tights you are planning on wearing. You can get away with it if you choose seamless tights or a nude colored pair (they must match your skin tone exactly) without toes.  If your tights are tatty, do not wear with open toed shoes.

Rule #3: Certain colors should not be worn together

There are loads of rules about which colors shouldn’t be worn together. For example, you may have heard the rhymes ‘red and green should never be seen’, or ‘blue and green should never be seen without something in between’.

With this rule, it all comes down to judgement. Be experimental and don’t let the rules about matching and clashing colors put you off creating a unique and bold outfit. If you need a second opinion, seek the advice of a close friend with good fashion sense. He or she will let you know if the colors don’t work together.

Rule #4: When wearing leggings, always wear something that covers your bottom.

This is a relatively new rule, one which came about when leggings came back into fashion again after years in exile (since the 1980s). Most women own a pair of leggings now, but some fail to realise that they are nearly, but not quite, trousers.  They can also be quite see-through in the daylight. This is why it is a good idea to wear a smock, top or dress which at least skims your bottom when wearing leggings. You can get away with it in jeggings, which are thicker and offer more support, but it should be avoided when wearing leggings.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

How NOT to Wear Leggings!

How NOT to Wear Leggings!

It is easy to see why leggings are a popular choice for many women: they are comfortable, inexpensive, and come in all styles. Unfortunately, many women are not wearing them properly. These trendy garments are not simply a substitute for pants – there are some guidelines you should follow if you want to look your best. Avoid committing a fashion faux pas by learning how not to wear leggings.

Just because they go on your legs does not mean they are pants. The stretchy, thin material is too insubstantial to do a good job covering you where you need it. They are meant to be worn under tops that cover the butt. Try pairing them with a loose, silky blouse or tunic top in the summer. As the weather cools down, an extra-long sweater or cardigan will cover you and provide another layer of warmth. You can even add a belt at the waist if you want to create an hourglass figure.

DO NOT WEAR: On Special Occasions
Leggings are wonderful for casual days out or lounging around at home, but they are simply not designed for special occasions. Luxurious materials such as cashmere or velvet are acceptable for a date night, party or dinner with friends, but not quite fancy enough for a truly special occasion such as a wedding.

DO NOT WEAR: In Flesh Tones
Leggings in various shades of beige have an unfortunate side effect: they can look like skin. Unless you want to look as if you went out of the house bottomless, avoid any flesh-tone colored fabrics. You want strangers to do double-takes because you look great, not because they think you forgot to wear pants.

DO NOT WEAR: If They Do Not Fit
When your clothing is too tight, you will end up bulging in all the wrong places. Conversely, if it is too baggy, you run the risk of looking sloppy and unkempt. Avoid any pair that causes a muffin top, or a pair that sags anywhere. If you are lucky enough find the perfect pair, get them in several colors.

DO NOT WEAR: In the Wrong Material
It is important to choose the proper material for the weather. On a hot summer’s day, leather or pleather will leave you melting in the heat. You may also want to avoid polyester or other materials that do not breathe well. Instead, choose Lycra or a fabric blend that will keep you cool and dry.

During the chilly fall and winter months, make sure you stay warm. If you can splurge, you will not regret the warm softness of cashmere. For those on a budget, layering tights underneath can go a long way towards increasing the warmth factor.

Leggings are a fashionable and versatile choice for many occasions, and though there are some ways to go wrong, there are many more ways to go right. Play around with color and print combinations, and try different fabrics and styles to discover what you like best. Don’t forget to accessorize. Leggings are fabulous with boots in cold weather, while summer and spring are great seasons to break out your favorite pair of heels or sandals. With these easy tips, you will be sure to be stylish, comfortable, and confident in your clothes.

Author Byline: Mark Schwartz is a writer studying fashion in college. He frequently writes on nearly any fashion topic; anything from leggings to hats, Mark has it covered.