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Zach Galifianakis Says Everything You Want to Say to Justin Bieber Right to His Face

justin bieber

Justin Bieber‘s appearance on Zach Galifianakis “Between Two Ferns” was bound to be awkward—all “Between Two Ferns” installments are—but it was better than just awkward. In the Funny or Die video Galifianakis ends up saying things to Bieber so many adults have wanted to say.

Some examples:

“Is it fun to be cocky?”

“When you’re in the recording studio do you ever think, ‘Hey, what if I don\’t make something shitty?'”

“You’ve had three hairstyles. What’s next for your career?”

“You’re too young to be smoking pots and peeing in buckets and driving up and down the highway fast.”

He also confronts him about that whole Anne Frank thing. Oh, yeah, he also spanks him. Everyone over the age of 15 thanks you for that, Zach.

See video via Zach Galifianakis Says Everything You Want to Say to Justin Bieber Right to His Face – The Wire.

The Unfortunate Resurgence Of Grillz


Several decades ago American society made a tragic mistake when they escalated the odd teeth jewelry known as the grill from fringe to well known. That decade was the eighties and ever since we made that mistake we have had to pay for it. According to most reputable websites Eddie Plein created the gaudy mouth piece typically for affluent rappers. Throughout the years grillz have found it difficult to maintain a constant popularity. What they have managed to do though, is transcend being simply an object for rappers. In recent times we have seen grillz on celebrities like Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Marilyn Manson. This variety of music talent shows us that celebrities have no problem riding a trend that allows them to constantly flaunt their wealth.

The Range

As I noted earlier it’s readily apparent that this trend is much more common among musicians than any other group of celebrities. The reasons for this aren’t really known and probably will never be. Although we can plainly see that the origin of grillz is rooted in the music community. In the early 1980s the grillz clientele was almost one hundred percent young affluent rappers. Rap still glorifies grillz, even as recently as 2005 with with a song called “Grillz” by Nelly. Yet rappers cannot lay exclusive claim to the trend anymore. As I noted earlier celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are proud owners of the colossal waste of money known as grillz. I find this almost hilarious as two child stars are now ironically representatives of a trend that was originally meant to scare an older white establishment. Hopefully rappers take notice of these development and think twice before wasting a ton of cash on a stupid and ugly investment.


Throughout the life of this accessory many people have spoken out against the entire concept. Critics of grillz are quick to remind others about youth that might possibly be misguided into wasting money purchasing a set of grillz. Another point of contention among critics regards the fact that grillz are obvious and insensitive displays to the poor, although I find that to be a moral issue that one should decide for themselves. I truly believe that all youth require guidance, love, and a strong mind and they will most likely avoid such terrible choices.

Health Risks

Grillz have been found to cause bacterial issues that could lead to gum disease for the wearer. Not only might you get gum disease from wearing something as horrific as some grillz you could also cause allergic reactions due to certain metals. Yet this doesn’t seem to faze those with millions of dollars


Sadly, I believe that grillz will be with us for longer than we would care to admit. Mainstream pop culture tends to accept these fashion statements. Even I must admit that I believe people should wear the things they want to wear, but there is only so much that makes sense to me. Luckily the classics of fashion stay in style forever. Instead of dropping in excess of one hundred thousand dollars on some gaudy teeth you could drop one thousand dollars on a well-made suit or dress. Hopefully we will get to a point where the trend is anti-gaudy.

Eduardo Dieguez is a professional blogger for Karako Suits. Eduardo spent time living in Switzerland as a child helping to foster a culturally open mind from an early age.


Top Story: Shocking WorldStarHipHop Videos


WorldStarHipHop, affectionately named the CNN of the Ghetto, keeps its viewers up to date with the latest shock videos and entertainment in the world of Black pop culture. Here are 5 of the most shocking videos from WorldStarHipHop.

Angry Grandpa Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict

Watch the video:


62-year-old Charles Marvin Green Jr., otherwise known to YouTubers as “The Angry Grandpa,” is an unintentional Internet personality. Various videos tapped by his prankster son detail Angry Grandpa’s extremely loud and opinionated views on everything from Justin Bieber, 2 Girls 1 cup, and even major court cases.

Here, we see his violent and destructive reaction to the recent “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. What’s most shocking about this video is that Angry Grandpa hasn’t had a heart attack from all of his vehement rage.

Spiderman Beating People in Basketball

Watch the video:


Who knew that Peter Parker and Tony Parker were related? In this video, we see Spidey using a combination of his famous agility, cunning, and spider-senses to dupe several people at 1-on-1 basketball games in a local park.

This masked crusaders offers up some very nimble and innovative feats of basketball trickery on par with any Harlem Globetrotter. The shocker? That a guy in tights and a covered face could win so easily at 1-on-1. Definitely one of the more family-friendly videos on WorldStarHipHop.

The Roadside Body Cavity Search

Watch the video:


These cops decided to go just a bit too far when it comes to fighting crime. A couple of women returning from the beach were pulled over for a routine speeding violation when one of the cops claimed he smelled marijuana.

After already finding a small amount of burnt marijuana in the car, he somehow thinks this is just cause to breach the women’s 4th amendment rights (protecting American citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures) and orders a full body-cavity search right there on the side of the road. Overkill? Yes. Shocking? Yes. But I suppose that’s the price we pay for the infallible war on drugs.

Golden Corral Dumpster Food

Watch the video:


As if the quality of Golden Corral’s food wasn’t questionable enough, this video out of Port Orange, FL is simultaneously shocking and disgusting.

A local employee takes viewers on a guide of the buffet chain’s dumpster area, showing piles of unsold and uncooked food placed haphazardly in disgusting conditions next to flies and other contaminants. Who thought that would be a good idea?

The Boy with Half a Twin

Watch the video:


Deepak, a young Indian boy, has a strange problem — he was born with half a twin attached to him that continuously grows from his chest. It’s hard to explain, so check the video for more information about this biological oddity.

Thankfully, a team of Bangalore surgeons was able to successfully able to remove the half-twin. Shocking and inspiring at the same time, this video will surely brighten your day.

Whether you’re looking for fistfights, shouting, or bizarre and humorous stories, you’ll definitely get your fill at WorldStarHipHop.


5 Most Powerful Celebrities In The World


The Ability to Influence Distinguishes the Celebrities Who Have Power, the 5 most powerful celebrities in the world can influence their admirers and other business partners in a manner that cannot be duplicated by other celebrities. The daily actions of these individuals are monitored intensely by their followers and their individual skills are so great that their business partners understand that it is these individuals who are in charge of their businesses and direction, not those who pay them.

The 5 most powerful celebrities in the world are Oprah, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift. My list is very controversial as I have left out several very powerful people such as George Clooney, Jay Leno, Ellen Degeneres, Kanye West and Justin Bieber. However, the names listed above are considered the most powerful celebrities in the world because they are guaranteed money makers whose words can result in action throughout the world. In addition, these individuals are instantly identifiable worldwide. Let’s start with the most powerful celebrity in the world, Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey – The Most Powerful Celebrity in the World
This woman is one of the few people who influences individuals worldwide on a daily basis. Her personal talk show is seen throughout the world and whatever she says is deemed as “the gospel” and must be followed immediately. When Oprah decided to interview Lance Armstrong, the racing bicyclist who used illegal substances to compete in the Tour de France the interview became one of the most viewed interviews in the world. People who did not care about bike racing all of sudden felt the need to talk about it because Oprah had him on her show.

What Oprah discusses on television is considered important and that tells you how powerful she is. She is the queen of daytime television as she has several of the top daytime talk show hosts under contract as part of her television network. Oprah, through her television network in many respects influences the minds of an incredible number of people throughout the world either directly through her show or through the words of the television hosts whom she has under contract. When a celebrity can influence the way a person thinks, cooks and even votes you are a powerful celebrity.

Number 2 – Lady Gaga – The Untouchable
Lady Gaga is one of the few celebrities on this list who seems impervious to criticism and is an untouchable. She is a very talented singer and musical artist and this combined with her ability to create and control her own image has created a large and loyal following of people that has turned her into a powerful celebrity. Her musical followers have made her the second most powerful celebrity in the world. Her willingness to promote herself through all the social network and entertainment mediums whether it be YouTube or Twitter has ensured that she is known to all her followers and can influence merely by one tweet or YouTube interview or recording.

Number 3: Jay-Z – Hip Hop/Rap Music King and Business Mogul
Jay-Z is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. His influence can be found throughout hip-hop music, business and professional sports. There is no question that he is without question the most recognizable rapper in the world. He may not be the best rapper anymore but there is no hip-hop/rap musical performer who is more respected or followed than Jay-Z. His music always finds its way to the top of the musical charts all over the world. Businesses race to his door to have him advertise products on their behalf. He has been a part owner of a professional basketball team and now is moving into the management of professional athletes.

Jay-Z is making the transition into becoming a music mogul and business mogul and he travels around the world to make sure that his influence can be felt in almost every corner of the world. Whether one travels to Eastern Europe or the West Indies or even China there is one certainty and that is you can listen to Jay-Z’s music and the young people follow his direction. When an individual can impact people throughout the world with their music then it is without question that they are powerful.

Number 4: Beyonce Knowles – The Woman With the Midas Touch
Beyonce Knowles is a box-office guarantee. When she releases an album it goes number one. She has been able to control her image and turn herself into a media darling and this although she is a good singer but not a great one. What Beyonce has been able to do is become a great entertainer with her singing and dancing that reaches every corner of the globe. Her image is carefully controlled and managed by her and she has not allowed herself to become over-saturated.

Beyonce is powerful because she can literally tell a record company or advertiser that she will guarantee that they will make money when she releases an album or endorses their product and they have to capitulate. She has created an image that has no blemishes and as such to many companies and parents, she is the golden girl. She represents a very positive, untarnished image for young women and in doing so she makes her business partners look very good and appealing to all.

Number 5 – Taylor Swift – The Swifties Say it All
There are very few people in the world who possess the musical ability of Taylor Swift. Like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, her musical ability and success is beyond question. No one can dispute that people find her music very appealing. However, its her connection with fans through the various social mediums and her songs that have made her incredibly popular.

Young girls throughout the world look at her as their representative because they feel they can relate to her. When she goes through a breakup and she sings about the individual in her songs, young girls worldwide feel as if she is talking for them or about them. Her musical success and the content of her songs has developed a loyal following that has made her a dominant business force.

Taylor Swift’s social network followers brought the clothing giant Abercrombie & Finch down to its knees for having the audacity to consider selling a shirt that made fun of Taylor Swift. Her followers did the same to actor Michael J. Fox for his criticism of her singing songs about her past boyfriends. The influence of this young woman is incredible when you consider how people, business and media individuals are unwilling to consider criticizing her for fear of how it can impact their sales and public persona.

The five most powerful celebrities in the world each is very successful financially but more importantly, they can inspire action, are followed worldwide. When an individual can impact people in every part of the world than they should be considered as incredibly powerful and each of the five people mentioned above meet this criteria.

Anna Brady is a senior writer at Eko Entertainment magazine, her interest spans across several sectors that include technology and Social Media.

“Behind The Mask” – An Open Letter And Essay To Paris Jackson

Dear Paris,

I have spent the last few days trying to numb myself to the sad news of your extreme distress and your attempt to leave us. See, for those of us who love you for the beautiful young lady you have become, in addition to the love we have for you vicariously through your father, the reality of that close call is nearly unbearable. We have suffered endlessly since 1993 with allegations of deplorable acts which, though never ever corroborated with a single piece of physical evidence, set our lives on a collision course that would, ultimately, take him from us and bring you to this point.

Read Full Letter -“Behind The Mask”-An Open Letter And Essay To Paris Jackson.

Top Story – Why I’m Sick of Advertising and Celebrity Endorsements


I am going to have a bit of a rant! Well more than a bit of one actually. I am sick of living in a world that is so dominated by advertising and product endorsement that brands are rammed down my throat wherever I look. Television broadcasts are punctuated by advertisements and preceded by sponsorship slots. I have to endure some 30 minutes of ads and trailers before I can watch a movie at the cinema. Football pitches are surrounded by advertising hoardings and the players shirts covered in sponsor’s logos and I can’t choose a fragrance without Justin Bieber or Beyonce telling me what I should smell like!

The Effect

Basically this is how it is. Big corporations have the financial clout to market their products to within an inch of their lives with the result that the little guys get buried. We have all become so brand conscious that only the big names can survive on the high street meaning that all high streets and malls are now the same. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in Madrid or Manilla you will find the same shops selling the same things. Somehow we have arrived at a point where being seen in the right brand is all important. Bugger originality or personal statement what you must wear to preserve your self-respect is Hollister or Armani. Never mind if it actually suits you or if you even like it. People probably think they really like the goods that are thrust before them but do they really or have their subconscious states been assaulted to the point that they simply believe they do? I often wonder what would happen if a selection of products were to be placed in front of people with the brand names removed. What would people choose then if they were only using their personal taste and judgement?



Ask anyone if they would buy something because a celebrity had endorsed it and they will say no but the real answer is yes. Somewhere deep in the grey matter our thought processes are altered and we do respond positively to the images we see. Why else would Justin Bieber’s fragrance experience an explosion of sales? We can’t smell it through the TV! Thankfully it would appear that we are not all so suggestible that we will buy anything simply because a famous face pushes it. Industry figures suggest that celebrity endorsed fragrances sell in proportion to the behavior of the endorser. An untimely fall from grace can seriously dent sales and so our subconscious states do have some discrimination. It is all about choosing the right celeb to front your product and so Hugo Boss have clearly made a great choice in the wholesome Gwyneth Paltrow for their fragrance whereas Nike have had a bit of a nightmare of late with their choices of Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius! But were Nike seriously damaged or don’t we care when it comes to sporting goods?


I am so sick of the constant bombardment that I now watch all television programs from recordings in order to avoid the ads. I don’t really enjoy shopping any more as everywhere I go I am presented with the same things. Many of the top brands are simply peddling goods at premium prices that the products themselves simply do not justify and why? Well to fund the advertising of course!


Article by Sally Stacey who is having a serious rebellion against marketing!

Top Story – Why Are All The Guns Sold Out And Hard To Find?

Gun ammunition

As more and more disasters happen, it seems as though everybody has a different reaction. Some people are working harder than ever to get their concealed weapons permit, and get the best protection for themselves. Others are looking towards the government to regulate and take away certain weapons.

No matter which side you fall upon, it is hard not to notice the drop in availability of guns around certain areas of the country. This begs the question: why are guns becoming so hard to find? And why do the production companies not just make more?

Increase purchases

There are certain circumstances that increase sales within the public. Justin Bieber claims to like a certain brand of clothing, and pretty soon all teenagers are sporting the same logos.

When Hostess shut down, people clamored to buy out every store of their Twinkies and Ding-Dongs. I have friends who went and fought their way through the chaos to buy the last few boxes of Twinkies. Their plan was to sell them on eBay after some time had passed, hoping to make some money off of them.

Unfortunately for my friends, the Twinkies brand will be bought by another company, and sold under a different logo than Hostess. They might get a little extra cash for the Hostess brand, but nowhere near what they would have gotten if that was the last day a Twinkie would ever be produced. The same type of thing is happening now, except with firearms.

My brother-in-law is all about guns and the right to own them. He attends gun shows, and proudly carries with his concealed weapons permit wherever he can. When there were questions about the future of firearms, he made sure to purchase the gun he wanted as soon as possible. He wanted to make sure and have what he wanted before he could no longer buy it.

People are nervous about the legislation some government officials are pushing for. There is such a wide spectrum of opinions; it is hard to know exactly what is going to happen in the future with availability. There are people buying guns for every reason, whether it is for protection, or to exercise your right to carry. This is causing a huge demand for something that has a limited supply.


In certain states the regulations are getting stricter. It is preventing the way gun manufacturers look into the future for producing their line of firearms. If the regulations are set in place, the gun manufactures will have to discontinue at least a part of their products.

By their logic, there is no reason to beef up the means of production for a line that will be short lived. The gun manufacturers are keeping at their normal pace in anticipation of the changing rules, despite increased interest by the public.

No matter which side of the gun law debate you fall on, there is no denying that changes are happening in the way guns are bought and distributed. There are people trying to make changes within the industry, some in favor, others against. No matter your opinion, it is best to be informed on the changes that are happening, and learn how they directly influence your life.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for cannonsafe.com on the ways to keep a firearm safe. She is interested in the way legislation influences gun sales, and what motives consumers to purchase a gun.

The Rise of the Female Bodyguard


The image of a tough, black-suited agent with shades on usually comes to mind when people think about bodyguards. However, the security industry is constantly striving to change this stereotype, and the reality of what bodyguards look like may surprise you in many cases. Bodyguards, although traditionally large and intimidating, are now people of all different shapes and sizes who are dedicated to protecting their client but also in charge of strategic security. In fact today, many companies are providing female bodyguards for some of the world’s biggest stars.

Female Bodyguards

Female bodyguards are becoming popular because they offer a more discreet level of protection. Amongst a celebrity’s entourage, a female bodyguard can blend into the crowd and assess any potential risks in an area without it being entirely obvious who is providing the security. This prevents the bodyguard being targeted and thus they are more able to keep an eye on everything going on around their client. 

Similarly, female bodyguards are less prone to resorting to violence instantly, offering a more calm, sensible guard. They also can accompany female clients to toilets and private changing areas, as well as sympathize with their needs and worries. This bond that can be created with the client is a huge reason that female bodyguards are becoming more popular.

Risks and Debates Surrounding Female Bodyguards

However, the debate that is often raised with regard to female bodyguards is about the protection they can provide when presented with a physical conflict. Obviously, larger stronger men are better prepared to wrestle off an attack on a famous client, but this is part of the largely untrue image of a bodyguard constantly fighting away assaults. 

The main job of a bodyguard is to secure an area and prevent such attacks at a low level, by keeping their client in safe areas and identify threats, alleviating such threats several stages before they become physical. Female bodyguards are in a good position to provide such security given that they are often overlooked, so can carry out their job outside of the focus of those surrounding their client.

Indeed one of the biggest problems in the industry is sexism and people looking down on female bodyguards, imagining they are incapable of carrying out their job because of their sex. But of course a key asset a bodyguard of either gender needs to have is a thick skin to not take abuse, verbal or physical, personally so such jeers are not stopping the numbers of female bodyguards undertaking training currently.

Stars With Female Bodyguards

Specialists protection companies are now providing some of the world’s biggest celebrities with female bodyguards who prefer the discreet, sensible security they offer. Examples including Kate Middleton and Prince William, Justin Bieber, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Rhianna, and JK Rowling to name but a few. All of these stars have a huge following, and it is a credit that female bodyguards are chosen to protect them.

What do you think about the idea of female bodyguards? Can they offer the protection and security as their male counterparts?

Author Byline: Victoria Gray is a graduate of the University of Leeds with an English degree and is currently working as a freelance writer in London.

Why Sex Before Marriage Is the Moral Thing to Do

Americans love to tout the value of waiting until marriage to have sex. We teach abstinence-only education in schools across the country, and even comprehensive sex-ed programs often point out that “abstinence is best.” Pop stars from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson, to the Jonas Brothers, to Miley Cyrus, to Justin Bieber routinely assert that they’re waiting ’til marriage – putting them into the Good Role Model category (at least, until someone leaks a sex tape). There’s a booming “purity industry”, complete with jewelry, elaborate events, books, t-shirts and DVDs.

Read more - Alternet.

PSA: Before Getting Your Computer Fixed, Please Remove Your Naked Pics!

Being a computer repair guy comes with its perks: I always feel a sense of accomplishment, I get to help people in need, and I’m able to see what kind of person I’m dealing with simply by doing my job.

Computer owners literally put their lives on their machines, so all of the music, bookmarked websites, pictures and videos can easily tell me all about a person.

As a computer repair guy, I feel like I have the right to go through your folders and your downloaded programs, as well as your browsing history and bookmarks. All in the name of diagnosing your computer.

So Mr. Chap, what do you do with what you find?

That’s where integrity comes in. As a computer repair guy, I find credit card numbers, passwords, bank account information, porn, and all types of pictures. Long as there are no pictures of naked children, I’m okay. Speaking of pictures and children, let me tell you what I found a few years ago on a computer I fixed for my little Cousin, a Cousin who doesn’t subscribe to the Dangerous Lee News and Entertainment Network.

She came to me because she knew she’d gotten a virus from something she downloaded. I went through the usual Windows Explorer folders – Documents, Downloads, Videos and Pictures. When I got to Pictures, I saw all these naked bathroom pics of a young woman who was built like a baby chicken. There were these frontal neck-to-ankle shots where the person had nothing on but a feather boa, and the rest of the pics looked like somebody had attached a camera to her behind. I mean, these pictures were so close, they looked like pictures to be used for medical research. Like a doctor took these pictures or something. You know those vagina pics they show to students? Like that.

Anyway, I get to the next set of pictures which were head shots of my Cousin wearing the same feather boa I saw in the neck-to-ankle pics. What’s more noteworthy than finding out that I’ve been looking at my barely legal cousin in naked bathroom pics with a camera shoved up her vag, is the fact that she was trying to kiss her boob in one of them.

Depth perception is the ability to perceive the relative distance of objects in one’s field of vision. If you can’t tell that it is physically impossible for your mouth and boob to connect…only to find out while taking a picture that makes you look severely disabled, then you might have low depth perception. I went ahead and fixed her computer, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I never told her what I saw, and I didn’t even charge her. The laugh was payment enough.

The next time you need a cheap laugh, make your chin touch your neck, cock your head to the right and stick your tongue all the way out. Now cup your hand underneath your chest and hold it there. Don’t move. With your head still down and to the right, and your tongue still hanging out of your mouth, raise your eyes to look at the mirror. If you don’t laugh, something is wrong with you.

Anyway, just remember this: please get rid of the naked pics of yourself if you’re going to have your machine serviced. Lucky for my baby-chicken of a Cousin it was just me. Next time it could be a creepy stranger with bad intentions.

Top 10 Music Artists on Twitter

Twitter is brilliantly simple. In 140 characters and with a single picture option, anyone can immediately announce anything they want to say to anyone who cares. Of course, the vast majority of us have our mother, grandmother, and that guy you talked to on Facebook last week following them. So unless you’re a Billboard chart-topping pop princess, no one really cares.

Of course, there ARE pop music princesses on Twitter, and many MANY people DO care what they have to say. Below are the 10 most popular artists on Twitter, and how their presence has had something to say and do about their music and the way they interact with fans on a daily – and even minute by minute basis.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wants your attention. This is clear considering the 10+ minute music video to “Telephone” is still online and exists. Her top-tier status as pop Queen has solidified her stature for at least the next couple decades, like it or not. Lady Gaga has used Twitter to break album covers, single choices, and what new hair style she wants, to all 30 million of her “Little Monsters.” Giving her fans their own name helps in establishing a community to interact and, well, communicate. As far as one can tell, she never goes a day without tweeting, and though it’s rarely gold, her fan base and those interested is always overwhelming.

2. Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber broke out a few years prior with his album “My Worlds” and the immediately following “My World 2.0” I wasn’t exactly sure of his longevity. Yet Justin Bieber has accumulated a massive audience. His 27 million followers are glued to his tweets, most of them brief comical quips about how much more money he has than one. “Going to a music video shoot” or “working on stuff for new world tour announce dates soon” both chime in to prove that Justin Bieber’s life is far more interesting than yours. Unlike a few other artists, Bieber’s Twitter seems plagued with self-promotion, and smells eerily like someone is handling his stuff delicately before it goes live. All speculation, but it makes for a rather cookie-cutter Twitter that accumulates in millions of people’s Twitter pages.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s rise to fame is fascinating, and not because it was documented in an actual documentary. Her debut garnered little fanfare (it was essentially an acoustic Christian rock album) yet when One of the Boys came out, launched by single “I Kissed a Boy” her following just blew up within a year and a half. Shockingly, she played Warped Tour just a few years ago to a handful of people. Her Twitter sees 26 million followers, and is used nearly every hour, relying less on borderline shameless self-promotion and more on her sweet sensibility. With a lot going on in the way of a new album announcement expected in the next few months and the closing of her ridiculously huge album “Teenage Dream,” I expect her only to grow even larger on Twitter.

4. Rihanna

Rihanna’s Twitter is followed by 25 million, but you never get the impression that she cares all that much. Rihanna quips heartfelt sentiments about love and life, and retweets far more often that the other largest Twitter pages. A retweet is essentially a reposting of someone else’s message. In short, her Twitter is sweet and sentimental, and throws in that nice heaping of self-promotion to make the whole thing worth it.

5. Britney Spears

Britney Spears appears flaccid, tired, and scripted in just about every interview she has ever done, and I could never expect her Twitter to be any different. Spears announces events daily to her 20 million followers, and with her stint on The X Factor, she has been furiously active. You can’t say its all phony, but her rise in the Twitter world has been mostly contained in the last 6 months or so.

6. Shakira

Shakira’s inclusion on the list comes a bit out of left field for those who are not familiar or fans, but her eerily personal Twitter offers insight into her life that is lacking in many of the other massive pages.

Her 18 million fans are dialed into birthday announcements, political opinions, and other such things that are likely lacking in a typical Katy Perry post. With about half the messages in Spanish, she could be saying a whole lot of something and it’s received from many as a whole lot of nothing. Shakira has a lot less promotional messages on her Twitter than one would expect. It is more because she isn’t particularly doing much, or she likes to use Twitter as a way to interact with fans personally? Either way, it’s an interesting choice.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 18 million followers undoubtedly love her charm and interaction, as she arguably has one of the most interesting Twitter pages. There is a nice mix of self-promotion with personal accounts of the day. On top of that, there are a whole lot of THANKS. She thanks fans constantly, and maybe that shows a little about her personality that you don’t always manage to find in strongly monitored Twitter accounts. Her latest single “We Are Never Ever Gonna Get Back Together” is saccharine sweet, and topped the charts, launching Swift into a tirade of THANKS. “Better than a new song out on iTunes – buy or die.”

8. Nicki Minaj

 Nicki Minaj is basically a cartoon character, so no surprise that her Twitter account is drowning in weird personal accounts and inside jokes. She also has a lot of conversations with fans that are basically incompressible to a visitor, but incredibly intimate for those she engages with. Nicki Minaj has a lot to say, with her sophomore album “Roman Reloaded” topping charts, and the string of singles following the best-selling album. With Minaj related news-announcements first being heard about from her personally, and promotions and weird notes littered about, Minaj uses Twitter with expertise.

9. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is sure an interesting person to follow. Timberlake hasn’t released a proper studio album in 6 years, so his 13 million fans sure aren’t there for his musical advents. But with his interesting humor and consistent fan interaction, Timberlake has garnered a huge following the old fashion way – sort of.

10. Selena Gomez

With her relationship with the comically famous Justin Bieber and her new musical choices, Selena Gomez shot up in Twitter followers. Her Twitter is undoubtedly closely monitored, but she does add little quips and tidbits that are cute and sweet and totally relatable to her audience of 12 million, there is a lot of moving around, promotion, and talk about her new fragrance. It’s not that it’s not interesting, but there has to be more creative ways to harness Twitter. Fan interaction, less promotional stuff. Selena Gomez has a huge audience that must simply be tied down to every little nugget of info about where in Venice or the length of the flight to her next photo shoot. Yawn.

Author Byline – Ryan Merkel is a freelance editor writing guest posts for BigPond Music.

Infographic: Break Up and Save Money

Blondes might have more fun, but single people often have more ready cash—and that can be better. Did you know that dating can put a real crimp in your style and your wallet? One date night that includes dinner, tickets and parking can cost each of you $350 a month if you both pay your way. The expenses don’t end there, either. What about all those special occasion gifts you give one another? Those great concert tickets to see his favorite band can easily set you back $300. Giving her a lovely piece of jewelry she might not even wear could cost you at least a couple hundred dollars. Don’t forget all those quick car trips across the city to see each other. With fuel prices skyrocketing, you can count on an additional $30 a month per person in extra gas costs. Think of the good times you could have on your own with over $700 back in your pocket. Now that’s fun!

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Top Story: Top Garment – The Bomber Jacket

Celebrity Trends

It is undeniable the influence celebrities can have on outfit ideas, both from a male and a female perspective. One of the huge trends which has shot back into prominence this year is the bomber jacket. While this was not originally thought to be an “in” fashion piece for 2012, the popularity on the few ranges which have been stocked has seen them ordered in their numbers in preparation for Autumn/Winter 2012 fashions hitting the stores in the coming months.

As well as the general public picking up outfit ideas from such prominent figures as Justin Bieber and Jude Law, the London Olympics has also contributed to individuals looking for a casual sporty look, of which the bomber jacket is a key component.

Versatile Fashion

The bomber jacket has proven to be a central piece of outfit ideas for a long time, primarily due to the wide range in which they can be made. Despite the current clamor being for fabric and jersey styles, leather bomber jackets are also forming a central part of men’s outfit ideas as we hit the summer months. As the bomber jacket is proving to be so popular now, one can only imagine the outfit ideas these will inspire as they become part of mainstream ranges in the latter part of the year.

Another hugely popular aspect, which allows the bomber jacket to be central to all outfit ideas, is that they are suitable for men of any age, meaning they contain boundless appeal and opportunities to be worn. Being an item which is accessible to all undoubtedly contributes to their popularity, as often items suffer from being pigeon holed and aimed at a certain demographic, and being appealing to only a small portion of the population.

Following Trends

While there was initial surprise at bomber jackets becoming prominent in summer outfit ideas, it is now widely viewed that it should have been expected. As men’s fashion in particular has been swayed towards a sportier, super relaxed look, this has encouraged men to become more expressive with their outfit ideas in general. This in turn allows designers and retailers to carry vastly expanded ranges, with a wider variety of colors and even patterns from which men can choose.

The bomber jacket will be central to this winter’s outfit ideas, grab yours now before the demand spirals out of control. You will also have the added distinction of owning a key item before it truly hit the mainstream, making you a fashion leader rather than a follower.

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Top Story: Book Spotlight – How To Move In With Your Boyfriend (And Not Break Up With Him)

How to Move In - Book Cover

Author Tiffany Current says…

Deciding to move in with your boyfriend is easy.  Actually doing it is the hard part.  I learned this firsthand when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband).  In the beginning, it was all smiles and steamy glances.  But after a few weeks, I wanted to burn his clothes, throw his PlayStation out the window, and give his cat away to any willing stranger. 

After digging in my heels, I was able to survive my live-in relationship.  And with the lessons I learned, I wrote How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him).  This humorous, step-by-step guide helps you stay smart and happy on the road to live-in bliss.  It answers important questions like:

  • How do you split the bills, chores, and control of the remote?
  • What if you can’t stand your boyfriend’s pet (or worse, his friends)?
  • How do you deal with each others bad habits?
  • Is it possible to tame your designing diva (since he has to live there too)?
  • What steps should you take when your sex life turns from spicy to icy?

How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him) is packed full of quizzes, games, personal stories, mock conversations, and fun activities to make sure your live-in relationship is on the right track.  With this book by your side, you’ll be able to steer through the harsh (and humorous) realities of cohabitation.

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