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11 Fashion Fads From The 2000’s That We Should Forget



At the end of 2009 we thought that we could wave goodbye to some fashion trends and never see them again. While some trends from the noughties are starting to rear their heads again other trends (we hope) have been long forgotten. Here are a few we are wishing never find their way into our wardrobes again.

 1. Crocs

Do we need to say more? These plastic shoes with holes in took off to great heights in 2006 –originally designed to be spa shoes, they became the next comfortable footwear trend. It’s still uncertain how this trend caught on – all we know is that we are glad the rose tinted glasses have been taken off.  Though there are still a number of comfort loving die hard Crocs fans out there!

2. The WAG look
Taking shape around the shopping habits of the “wives and girlfriends” of the England football team, this look started to take on a life of its own in 2006. Not only did the look take into account the high price tags of the clothes the ladies were wearing but included hair extensions, fake tans, fake eyelashes and fake nails. Although some of these have not fallen out of favor (think TOWIE), WAG appeal has definitely waned.

3. Velour Tracksuits

We can blame Juicy Couture the clothing line of Missy Elliot, and Jay-Zs fashion label, Rocawear, for introducing tracksuits that should have stayed off the market. If you ever owned one of these you’ll remember how every time you touched it- you had to smooth the rest of it over.

4. Hipster Jeans (aka Low Rise)

These Jeans were great if you had an excellent mid-rift to show off, if you didn’t they would leave you with the dreaded “Muffin Top”. Often these Jeans were worn with crop tops (an item of clothing which is still packing the rails at the moment) to showcase a toned and very slender figure underneath. We are just glad that these jeans managed to find their way to the back of the wardrobe.

5. Trucker Hats

As the name suggests, these hats were more common place among truckers than the fashion conscious. However during 2003 -2004 these hats graced some high profile heads such as Naomi Campbell and Gewn Stefani. We are glad that these hats have been hung, for now at least.

6. When Underwear Became Outerwear

This male fashion faux pas was introduced by the Ghetto fabulous hip-hop stars of the day who wore their jeans a little bit below the old belt line. It meant that for a few years we got a sneak peak of every 16 year old boys boxers –not cool.

7. What’s The Point?

Really pointy high heels that looked like they could be used as a weapon for self-defence also caught on in the noughties. This was in stark contrast to comfortable crocs, the other shoe choice of the decade. Pointy shoes squashed all your toes together and made that “take-your-shoes-off” moment when you got home from work exhilarating. We are glad we don’t have to go through the pain of that again.

8. The Short Shorts

Remember Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard? These shorter than short shorts where made popular after the singing star wore them as part of her role in the movie and hence they  got given the name ‘Daisy Duke’s’. Unfortunately for most, unless you had a bod like the blonde bombshell the look was incredibly hard to pull off! I think it’s safe to say that these shorts were not made for wearing – and that’s exactly what we will do.

9. Heels and Combats
This trend surfaced from the band All Saints, yeah remember them? They started to wear the comfy combat with a pair of heels. The trend may well have been part of an on-going battle between two trends of the time, Boho Chic and Ghetto Fabulous.  Many big stars feel victim to this one – even the lovely Kylie.

10. Uggly

Although these shoes were all the trend at the time, and I have to admit I do still wear my “fuggs” (Fake Uggs before a Mean Girls reference springs to mind) from time to time, they were lined with sheepskin and were designed to keep your tippy toes warm in the winter. This trend stuck around for a long time, but has slowly started to decline. They weren’t the prettiest of shoes – but they were definitely built for purpose and kept you really warm when you needed to be.

11. Skinny Jeans … For Men

 We had to add this one in. As well as women swapping their bootleg and flare jeans for this figure hugging style, men joined in on the fun. The majority of men who wore these were trying to imitate an indie or rock look, a style popular with the bands of the decade.

We are sure you will have fallen victim to at least one of the trends above – Although there are plenty more fashion slip-ups of the noughties, these are the ones we are happiest to see the back of!

Anisha works with topwristbands.co.uk, and loves to read the lasts fashion blogs and magazines. Her style icons include Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian. 


Why Sex Before Marriage Is the Moral Thing to Do

Americans love to tout the value of waiting until marriage to have sex. We teach abstinence-only education in schools across the country, and even comprehensive sex-ed programs often point out that “abstinence is best.” Pop stars from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson, to the Jonas Brothers, to Miley Cyrus, to Justin Bieber routinely assert that they’re waiting ’til marriage – putting them into the Good Role Model category (at least, until someone leaks a sex tape). There’s a booming “purity industry”, complete with jewelry, elaborate events, books, t-shirts and DVDs.

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Top Story: A Quick Style Guide For Wearing Wedges


Wedge shoes are notoriously comfortable to wear and a lot easier to walk in than high heels or stilettos will ever be, which should make them the perfect choice of shoes if you are like me and still feel just a little bit uneasy and precariously balanced wearing sky-high heels.

Apart from the fact that they are easy to walk in, I still struggle occasionally with the logic of wearing shoes that make it difficult to perform a simple body motion like walking, wedges do an absolutely fantastic job of making your legs appear longer and more lithe.

What more reason do you need to show off some leg than footwear that can make your legs as sexy as high heels do without the discomfort?

Wedges are the perfect excuse to flash those legs in a dress or short skirt. In the Summer you can wear wedge sandals for a casual but sexy look accentuating those calves. Wedge boots and sandals are great for the Summer. I personally like the cut out style wedge boots, all the benefits of a sandal minimizing sweaty feet in the Summer but with no compromise on style or looks. For a really sexy look try wearing them in combination with a cute pair of shorts, if you have the figure go for a pair of cut off denim Daisy Dukes. Think Jessica Simpson but without the cowboy boots. Anyone old enough to remember the original Dukes of Hazard?


Going Retro

Wedges are pretty versatile and can be mixed and matched a lot more than say a pair of high heels ever should be. The Retro look is a true fashion statement that never seems to go out of fashion so try combining wedge heeled shoes, boots or sandals with some flared retro style jeans for a cool and casual look. If you get it just right the jeans will be just long enough to cover up most of your gorgeous shoes( I know !) but will create a really good illusion that you are actually taller than you really are and that is combined with the small lift from the wedge heel too. Try not to cover the whole of the shoe though, ideally you want some or all of the heel showing to really create that visual trickery of increased height. If you are already tall would you like to be even taller?

Staying on the subject of denim and wedge shoes, if you wear a pair of wedges with skinny jeans they can really create that sculpted look for your legs I mentioned earlier. Important to get a pair of skinny jeans that fit well not just because if they are too tight you may lose all movement in your legs but because if they bunch at the bottom of your leg it does not look as clean as when they fall perfectly at your ankle. If you wear wedge boots with skinny jeans this bunching will be hard to prevent and can look a bit messy as they have a habit of not staying in your boots.

Wedge shoes can help give you height and help make your legs look longer so next time you are shoe shopping consider living on the wedge or getting a wedgucation.

Article Provided By: Barratts.co.uk stock a great range of womens wedge shoes.  A real versatile must have for any womens shoes collection.

Platform Heels – Back Like They Never Left

70's inspired platform sandal

New this week to Baker’s website is the once ever so popular 70’s inspired platform sandal coming in at a “Kool” 6 inches! Is the “I wear nothing but heels” lady ready to add, re-add, or pull these out from the back of the closet and set out for a night on the town? And how soon until the male version shows back up???


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