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Hollywood: A Hotbed of Chinese Five Element Theory

When we hear about movie stars in trouble with drugs and alcohol, do we just assume that it’s part of a freewheeling lifestyle that gives one access to, and the money to pay for, the drug of choice?

I suggest that we take a deeper look so that we can understand the phenomenon, for it might be happening in our own home—far from the lights of Sunset Boulevard.

Actors light us up with their charisma and magnetic imaginations.  We are touched by their playfulness, intimacy, and generosity of spirit. We are in awe of their ability to know, feel, and understand what others experience. However, this very capacity to easily jump into the skin of another and become that person, threatens the mooring of what the Chinese call a Fire personality.

The usual openness and sensitivity to others becomes overloaded with the thoughts and feelings of others (even taking on the characteristics of a troubled fictional character like the Joker in The Dark Knight ). One becomes overexcited and overextended—unable to slow down or pull together. Speech and expression become exaggerated and loose meaning and relevance. How many rants have we seen? How many frenzied episodes? How many arrests for drinking? It is all Fire out of balance.

As the dissolution of the self continues, it becomes difficult to discriminate between self and other. The fire is out, the spirit is gone, and you have a lost Fire soul. The personality is veiled with darkness and doubt—very unlike the bright light of the previously optimistic, articulate, and affectionate person we knew. It becomes “natural” to look for a way out, and stimulants can be just what the doctor ordered – literally.

You can help.

If you encounter a lack of focus, nervousness, exaggerated speech, and an inability to rest and replenish, you need your Water characteristics. Bring your introspection, independence, the capacity to concentrate and conserve, the ability to withdraw, and a true sense of self. Also, suggest that the person in need breathe in the moonlight to cool the raging fire.

If you encounter the darkness, dread, and doubt that appear as a result of merging to the point of losing oneself, you can help the lost Fire soul set strong and healthy boundaries—the perfect job for the Metal personality. Bring your discrimination, discernment, and a sense of surety and protection. Suggest that the person in need breathe in the sunlight to help restore a sensible amount of heat and brilliance.

With so much Fire lighting up Hollywood, it’s no wonder that we continue to see the imbalance in the daily news. In a sense, actors are risking their well being to tell our stories. Will we take note and learn from what is right before our eyes? Pause a moment and take a look at your Fire.  Lost or exaggerated? Or, are you in balance?