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Celebrities With The Most Natural Looking Plastic Surgery


Actually one can hardly find a purely natural face or body on the red carpet. Almost every Hollywood celebrity seems to have had “a little work done”. But the result of plastic surgery is rather controversial. It is a common practice to discuss celebrities’ photos before and after unhappy plastic surgery. But an excellent plastic surgery is a true way to a swift career, violent popularity, world-wide fame, as well as exorbitant honoraria. Today LifeToStar.com suggests you have a glance at the best plastic surgeries (before-and-after photos) of the beautiful, glorious, and wealthy Hollywood celebrities.

A plastic surgery is considered best when it results in little altering of the “natural beauty”.

Megan Fox

A modern American actress MEGAN FOX gives the example of a miraculous transformation of a plain pretty girl into a languishing, charming lady. Thus many people consider her beauty artificial completely, but if you have a close look at the star’s photos, you’ll find a minute difference between those of today and those of the past. Most likely Megan resorted to lip correction and nose job. Plastic surgery at breast augmentation gives no rise to doubt. But a rare celebrity can resist the temptation!

Jennifer Aniston

The “Friends” star JENNIFER ANISTON when a youngster was a real “ugly duck”. Even now she hardly keeps in touch with her mother who thought of her daughter’s Hollywood career an utter folly “with such appearance”.

But by the “Friends” shooting Jennifer had lost weight. By the end of the TV project she had got rid of her peculiar Greek nose (her father was a Greek). In 2008 the actress resorted to the second rhinoplastics. Allegedly she had to correct her nasal septum because of labored breathing. Under the surgeon’s knife Jennifer’s nose gained a slimmer shape and now it looks quite natural.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt’s wife ANGELINA JOLIE used to lie on a patient plate. Sure, the celebrity is reluctant to discuss this topic with journalists and she usually denies any plastic surgery. But nevertheless Angelina once underwent rhinoplasty at narrowing her nose. After the excellent surgery she spared much time for fitness. The result surpassed all expectations as the actress’s beauty, charm, and sex appeal leaves no man indifferent!

Demi Moore

Another Hollywood celebrity DEMI MOORE persuades that she has resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, but it had nothing to do with her face. At the same time experts catch her in archness. They say, the movie star HAS undergone rhinoplasty and corrected her squint. In addition, she’s enlarged her breast and made liposuction of belly, buttocks, and thighs. As a result, today Demi Moore looks admirable at her age!

Victoria Beckham

An outstanding singer and a prosperous business lady VICTORIA BECKHAM must have corrected her appearance for several times. The recognized woman of fashion can obviously boast of nose job, change of eyebrow shape and lip contour. Besides Victoria enhanced her body by means of liposuction and breast augmentation.

You see, almost every Hollywood celebrity is the result of plastic surgeons’ job. You are not supposed to notice it. And that is the key to a GOOD plastic surgery.

This article is written by Alex. He’s a marketer, movie and technology addict. He enjoys sharing all kinds of news. Feel free to contact him via Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexseyDonets.

Top Story: The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Bigger Boobs


You may be coveting Jennifer Aniston’s legs; Jennifer Lawrence’s curves and Katy Perry’s boobs. But at what cost? Including gym membership, overpriced cosmetics and in extreme cases; surgery?

Women will go to great lengths to get that cookie cutter shape. In most instances the effects are temporary. Even more of the time we can’t actually afford it; and, often, we can’t be bothered.

Every girl has tried to increase her bust size at least once in her life. It’s completely natural. Remember stuffing socks in your bra in a desperate bid to impress that boy in French? We laugh at some of a tragic tactics that our younger, sillier selves once employed. But are they really that silly? Can they sometimes work?

Buy A Good Bra

You’d be shocked by the number of women guilty of wearing two cup sizes too small. So find out your real bra size by getting yourself professionally fitted.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable wearing the correct bra size can be. Plus, finding out that you’re actually a D instead of a C can be a huge boost to your self-confidence!

Chest Exercises

Don’t run off – this doesn’t mean you have to join a gym. While these easy exercises won’t actually increase your breast size (remember: boobs are essentially lumps of fat, not muscle tissue) they will help you glean a plumper look by working the pectoral muscles underneath your boobs.

Push-ups: It’s that dreaded word no-one wants to hear, but push-ups will work your core muscles as well as pumping up your bosom. There are variations too, such as triceps push-ups; start on your hands and knees, lift your legs in the air while keeping your knees on the ground and push your arms up and down as if you were doing a regular push-up.

Pec Press: You’ll need weights for this (anything from a heavy soup can to a big book will do the trick). Begin by lying on an aerobic ball, a few pillows or something to keep your back off the ground; keep your elbows firmly tucked into your sides and, using your weights, slowly lift your arms up and down, and repeat. Your arms should be straight out in front of you, and you should feel it toning your chest, arms and shoulders.

Use Self-Tan Or Bronzer

By adding a hint of self-tan or bronzer to the contours of your boobs you’ll give the impression of cleavage – this looks great in photos!

Simply add a darker shade than your skin (not too dark, mind you!) around your boobs and in between – you should be able to see the difference immediately. This works best with practice; you don’t want to go out with your boobs a whole shade darker than your face. Anything that shimmers or gives your boobs a shiny feel should help with this – check out Jenna Marbles’ ‘How to Trick People Into Thinking You Have Big Boobs’ on YouTube for visual guidance.

Wear Clothes With A Detailed Or High Neckline

It may seem nonsensical, but wearing a top with a high neckline that doesn’t show your cleavage means you have all the time in the world to trick people into thinking you’re hiding double D’s underneath. Even better, wearing tops with ruffles, lace, jewels or gathered material will give the impression that your boobs are bigger than they actually are – so goes the science of fashion. The same goes for patterns or polka dots. Wear with caution though, you want to give the impression of great cleavage rather than terrible fashion sense (i.e. don’t wear polka dots with striped trousers, but you know that already).

Bust Serum

Triactol bust serum is a natural, healthy supplement to give you visible breast enlargement. It works within 3-6 weeks and is not painful, has no side effects and is completely safe to use on your skin. Not only will it help improve the size of your boobs, but it’ll help make them firmer and perkier without the added risks of surgery.

Work On Your Posture

It goes a long way. Most of us don’t even realize when we’re not standing or sitting right; but it happens all too often. This is the cheapest and easiest way to make your boobs look perkier.

Back straight, shoulders up, chin raised, chest out. The shoulders are your key here; you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but lifting your shoulders will not only help your cleavage but keep your back in good form. Great if you need a quick lift!

Do you know any more cheap and easy ways to make your boobs look bigger?

Author Byline: Carlotta Eden writes for Best For Film, Planet Ivy and Triactol. She enjoys finding beauty tips that mean she doesn’t have to spend too much money or move about too much either.


Hotels Where Celebrities Hide

We each have a favorite celebrity, whether it be a movie star or a rock star. Wouldn’t you love to meet that celebrity in person? Well, you just might get that chance if you stay at one of these celebrity hide-a-ways.

Green Day poster.

1. Sunset Marquis & Villa

This hotel in Los Angeles, California is known for hosting celebrities. Whether you’re dining at the Restaurant or relaxing by the pool, chances are pretty good that you’ll spot someone famous. It probably helps that there is an on-site recording studio, which attracts various musicians such as Chris Cornell or Green Day.

2. Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

This hotel has boasted of hosting such guests as John Travolta, Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Aniston. So grab your camera and see if one of them will pose for you (or maybe consent to being in the picture with you).

3. One and Only Palmilla

Located in Los Cabos, Mexico, this place is still close enough to L.A. to draw in the stars. Imagine sitting by the pool, chatting with Sandra Bullock and Kate Beckinsale. Maybe you’d prefer striking up a conversation with Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman or Richard Gere. Whoever your favorite celebrity may be, chances are that you will spot him here.

4. The Shore Club, Miami, Florida

Here you’ll find celebrities checking in to hide away in the designer bungalows. However, if you wait long enough, they will eventually come out to play. Grab a seat at the Skybar and have a drink. You might just get lucky and see a favorite celebrity come in to have a drink too.

Front of the Shore Club in Miami

5. Burning Shore Resort

This hotel in Namibia is where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went to hide out and get away from the paparazzi when they were expecting baby Shiloh.

6. Metropolitan Hotel, London, England

Are you planning a trip to London? Check out this hotel, and you might just see Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp or Nicole Kidman. Since the Met Bar in the lobby is for guests and hotel members only, the general public won’t be able to observe you groveling for a celebrity autograph.

7. Les Saisons, Sun valley, Idaho

This resort is fashioned in old west style with rustic lodges. If you want to seek out celebrities while here, try the resort’s fitness center, health club, swimming pool or spa. However, celebs do receive some additional privacy here as the resort does not release the names of its famous guests.

8. Hotel Cipriani

This secluded waterfront property (accessible only by boat) in Venice, Italy is an ideal getaway for celebrities; it offers everything from personal butlers to private gardens. If you dine at the Fortuny Restaurant, you are bound to spot someone famous before you leave.

9. Spring Creek Ranch

The celebrity elites love this resort in Wyoming. You could potentially spot anyone from Jim Carrey to Uma Thurman if you vacation here.

A cabin on a snowy hill at Spring Creek Ranch.

10. Halekulani

Located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, celebrities like Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Afflek and Paula Abdul have been known to stay at this luxury hotel.

These are a few places where celebrities have been known to congregate. Just try not to get too star struck if you visit. After all, the celebrities might just want to enjoy their vacation too.







Paul Moore works with Hyatt House Hotel in Minot, ND hometown of celebrity Josh Duhamel, among others.

How To Make Your Hair Care Regime Green

For the eco-minded, going green is a very long process because there are just so many areas of our lives where we could be kinder to the environment and make ourselves and our families safer. Hair care is one of the harder areas to master, since doing the best thing for the planet would often leave us with the choice of frizzy poofballs or oily, limp locks.

There are a few easy steps that can help you green your routine. Washing your hair less often is not only recommended by pretty much every stylist ever (except if you have really fine hair) but it also saves water and product, which in turn means less empty bottles headed to landfills.

Speaking of those empty bottles – are you recycling them? That’s right, most hair product bottles have the little recycle symbol on the bottom, just check. You can recycle almost as many bottles and jars you use in this bathroom as you do in the kitchen.

 When you’re trying to use fewer products and harmful chemicals, blow outs can become even more important – even if using a hair dryer is a bit of an energy drain. To reduce drying time be sure to towel dry thoroughly and let hair air dry at least a bit of the way. If frizz is a problem, be sure to apply an anti-frizz product while the hair is still very wet so air doesn’t have time to penetrate the hair shaft. The best hair dryer to use is a high quality dryer, such as the ghd air, which helps hair dry faster and uses less energy.

Scalp massage can not only thicken hair, but help moisturize or tone down oil. If your scalp is feeling dry, add a few drops of lavender to your fingers, or if hair is feeling greasy use rosemary essential oil. Either do this at night or before shampooing. Side benefits include increased oxygen supply to the brain and improved circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which stimulates brain development and relaxes nerves and muscles.

Hair dye is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to dangerous chemicals. If you just get highlights, congratulations, as the bleach doesn’t actually touch your scalp. But if you’re getting a full dye job left on your head, be bold and discuss the products used at length with your stylist. Many stylists aren’t aware of the effective alternatives out there, so offer to bring in your own dye – maybe you’ll even get a bit of a discount! Try Tints of Nature, The Henna Company and Eco Colors for hair dyes free of harmful chemicals. At the very least, avoid dyes with p-phenylenediamine (PPD) as it has been linked to allergies and cancer.

So, there’s a few simple steps to help you go a little greener with your hair care regime. Do you have any other tips you would like to share?

Author Byline: Sally is a fashion and beauty expert from Scotland with insider knowledge of the beauty industry. You can read more posts from Sally on ghdcompare.com – a price comparison and review site for ghd straighteners or follow her on twitter @ghdcompareuk.


Hollywood: A Hotbed of Chinese Five Element Theory

When we hear about movie stars in trouble with drugs and alcohol, do we just assume that it’s part of a freewheeling lifestyle that gives one access to, and the money to pay for, the drug of choice?

I suggest that we take a deeper look so that we can understand the phenomenon, for it might be happening in our own home—far from the lights of Sunset Boulevard.

Actors light us up with their charisma and magnetic imaginations.  We are touched by their playfulness, intimacy, and generosity of spirit. We are in awe of their ability to know, feel, and understand what others experience. However, this very capacity to easily jump into the skin of another and become that person, threatens the mooring of what the Chinese call a Fire personality.

The usual openness and sensitivity to others becomes overloaded with the thoughts and feelings of others (even taking on the characteristics of a troubled fictional character like the Joker in The Dark Knight ). One becomes overexcited and overextended—unable to slow down or pull together. Speech and expression become exaggerated and loose meaning and relevance. How many rants have we seen? How many frenzied episodes? How many arrests for drinking? It is all Fire out of balance.

As the dissolution of the self continues, it becomes difficult to discriminate between self and other. The fire is out, the spirit is gone, and you have a lost Fire soul. The personality is veiled with darkness and doubt—very unlike the bright light of the previously optimistic, articulate, and affectionate person we knew. It becomes “natural” to look for a way out, and stimulants can be just what the doctor ordered – literally.

You can help.

If you encounter a lack of focus, nervousness, exaggerated speech, and an inability to rest and replenish, you need your Water characteristics. Bring your introspection, independence, the capacity to concentrate and conserve, the ability to withdraw, and a true sense of self. Also, suggest that the person in need breathe in the moonlight to cool the raging fire.

If you encounter the darkness, dread, and doubt that appear as a result of merging to the point of losing oneself, you can help the lost Fire soul set strong and healthy boundaries—the perfect job for the Metal personality. Bring your discrimination, discernment, and a sense of surety and protection. Suggest that the person in need breathe in the sunlight to help restore a sensible amount of heat and brilliance.

With so much Fire lighting up Hollywood, it’s no wonder that we continue to see the imbalance in the daily news. In a sense, actors are risking their well being to tell our stories. Will we take note and learn from what is right before our eyes? Pause a moment and take a look at your Fire.  Lost or exaggerated? Or, are you in balance?


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