Celebrities With The Most Natural Looking Plastic Surgery


Actually one can hardly find a purely natural face or body on the red carpet. Almost every Hollywood celebrity seems to have had “a little work done”. But the result of plastic surgery is rather controversial. It is a common … Continue reading

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Top Story: The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Bigger Boobs

Exercise to increase breast size naturally 2

You may be coveting Jennifer Aniston’s legs; Jennifer Lawrence’s curves and Katy Perry’s boobs. But at what cost? Including gym membership, overpriced cosmetics and in extreme cases; surgery? Women will go to great lengths to get that cookie cutter shape. … Continue reading

How TV Shows Influence Fashion


Does television influence fashion, or does fashion influence television? To be honest, fashion and television probably influence each other equally. Popular TV shows, influential people in the news and sports stars are often seen sporting fashions seen on the runway, … Continue reading

Make Up Trends That Are Back From The ’90s


Don’t worry, your vanilla scented body glitter and butterfly hair-grips are staying safely in the bin. But many of us remember some of the great looks from the 1990s that had a more understated sexiness than today’s and always seemed … Continue reading

Extreme Celebrity Diets


With all eyes on them, celebrities often feel the pressure to stay slim.  While most stick to a strict regime of healthy nutrition and daily workouts, others have tried more unconventional ways to fight weight gain.  Here are a few … Continue reading