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The D List: Natalia Kills – Problem

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Dangerous Lee Interview: 11 Reasons To Check Out The Dope Show

Olivia Brown (Tia Scott) is a music journalist, freelance writer and blogger. She loves Hip-Hop and she lists good food, sex and intelligent conversation over white wine set to the tune of Sade or Jay-Z as her weaknesses. She’s also a Flint, Michigan native, like me, and her Freshman 10 of Flint list recently caused … Continue reading

Top Story: Shocking WorldStarHipHop Videos

WorldStarHipHop, affectionately named the CNN of the Ghetto, keeps its viewers up to date with the latest shock videos and entertainment in the world of Black pop culture. Here are 5 of the most shocking videos from WorldStarHipHop. Angry Grandpa Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict Watch the video: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh7iR55hHSe49M6P4p 62-year-old Charles Marvin Green Jr., otherwise known … Continue reading

5 Most Powerful Celebrities In The World

The Ability to Influence Distinguishes the Celebrities Who Have Power, the 5 most powerful celebrities in the world can influence their admirers and other business partners in a manner that cannot be duplicated by other celebrities. The daily actions of these individuals are monitored intensely by their followers and their individual skills are so great … Continue reading

Top Story – Lisa Essett Candidly Reviews Jay-Z’s Magna Carta

Jay-Z’s new album is WACK AS FUCK. Sorry, but Kanye owned your ass this time, boo. Like. The beats are BASIC. This sounds like the reject shit. How do your proteges: J. Cole, Wale, and Kanye have some of the best hip hop albums of the year and they’re on your LABEL!? Wut? What do … Continue reading

Jay-Z Rides The Subway – Explains Who He Is to a Sweet Old Lady

A 24-minute documentary on Jay-Z‘s 8-show stint that opened Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in September was released via YouTube. One highlight of Where I’m From occurs when Jay takes the subway en route to his last show and sits next to a kind-faced older woman named Ellen who has no idea who the fuck she’s talking … Continue reading

A Cheatsheet for Talking to Police After Being Pulled Over

If you have been pulled over for suspicion of a DUI or any other crime, you will likely feel scared and confused. While many police are cooperative and explain why they are requesting certain bits of information, you may be scared of what can be held against you in a court of law. While it … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee: Do you believe that Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s biological child?

Q: Do you believe that Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s biological child? Erica S. Brooklyn, NY A: My short answer is…YES, of course! My long opinion is this: Anyone who believes that Beyonce had a surrogate to carry her child and that Blue Ivy is not Beyonce and Jay-Z’s biological child is ignorant as … Continue reading

First Pictures of Beautiful Baby Blue Ivy Carter

She is beautiful and has a head full of hair! Click image for more pictures of Blue with Mommy and Daddy!

Caption This: The Moment Jay-Z Fell in Love with Beyonce

Top Story – Why Is The World Obsessed With Beyonce’s Baby Bump?

Is it because rumors of her being pregnant started years ago? Is it because those who think she’s part of the Illuminati think she’s going to give birth to the devil? What is it?!! When Beyonce revealed her pregnant belly at the MTV Video Music Awards it broke Twitter records with everyone repeating the news … Continue reading

Shava Jay Feels So Good!

“I started out writing songs, working with hip-hop producers A.P. and B. Corder. A.P. pretty much gave me the foundation I needed to get started. He taught me how to develop songs and tap into emotions when creating. Later I started doing hip-hop features for artists such as, Jon Connor, Glory and others on the … Continue reading


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