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Sex Positions for Larger or Older People

I recently ran into a colleague who had a question for me to answer: What are some good sex positions or sex position aides for people who are larger and/or older? Especially for someone with a bit of a belly? This came on the heels of a question that I received during a sex Q&A … Continue reading

Are You A Firestarter? Rekindle Your Relationship!

Do you remember when you first met? His hands sputtering between nerves and the subconscious sign-language of infatuation, as your eyes search his for subtle signs of interest. You rolled the right words around in your mouth before asking him to dance, admiring his courage or latent skill as you moved around the floor, weaving … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: More On Becoming Gay

  In my last post, I wrote about the process I went through to get to a place of opening up to women on a sexual level. Some lesbians know from a young age that they are only interested in women, but they are in the minority. It certainly didn’t happen that way for me. … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: When Sex Isn’t Working

When you just aren’t enjoying sex, what can you do about it? The answer to that is multifaceted since people vary enormously, but for now I’ll pin it down to three different situations: 1. If you have had good sex in the past, and you just aren’t getting turned on right now, you might want … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: The Concept of Promiscuity

I was recently asked if I think it’s OK for girls to be promiscuous. The question that immediately jumped to my mind was why are you asking about girls and not about boys? The answer of course is that is OK for boys to be promiscuous – boys are encouraged to be sexually active, and … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships With Mikaya Heart: Exercise, Sports, and Sex

I recently heard about someone who had orgasms when she was doing sit-ups. Presumably she uses her PC muscles when she is doing sit-ups, and the PC muscle in turn stimulates the tissues of the clitoris, since it’s all in the same area. She would also have to be willing to allow the sensation of … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Feelings

In my last blog, I mentioned some basics around feelings, what they are, and how they affect us. I’m very fond of saying that the rational brain is limited in its value, and when it comes to feelings, that is particularly true, because feelings have nothing to do with the rational brain. The place where … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart

In my last post I discussed the Gspot. Now let’s talk about ejaculation. Some women naturally seem to ejaculate when they are aroused, sometimes without even knowing they are doing it, others never ejaculate, and others learn to do it, usually as a result of different kinds of sexual experimentation. Very little research has been … Continue reading

Top Story – Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Give Thanks!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to suggest that we all give thanks to our bodies. That’s actually something I recommend on a daily basis. Most of us take our bodies for granted, frequently forcing them to do all kinds of things that they really don’t want to do, running around all day long instead … Continue reading


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