It’s easy to accumulate clutter in your home irrespective of its size. Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a five bedroom home, at some point you will have a build-up of unnecessary clutter. Even the tidiest of homeowners can suffer from an overcrowded counter or messy closet. These five simple tips can help you get organized and live clutter free. 

• Clear the counter tops- When it comes to the kitchen counter tops, less is more. Even though the trend is to display colorful appliances on your counter top, it can make the kitchen look messy. Clear the counter top by taking advantage of your cupboards. Be sure to store your most used kitchen items where they are easiest to reach. Seldom used appliances can be moved out of the kitchen and stored in a hall closet or in a storage unit. Organize your cupboards for maximum storage with shelving and plastic organizers. 

• Organize your closets- Closet organizers of all shapes and sizes are the key to a clutter free closet. Organize any size closet space by using fashionable boxes and baskets as well as over-the-door shoe racks and other hanging organizers. Be sure to take advantage of unused wall spaces by hanging belts or accessories. Another quick and easy way to minimize clutter is to store unused clothes in the off season; there is no need to hang your tank tops and sundresses in the dead of winter. 

• Use multipurpose furniture- A great way to avoid clutter is to buy multi-purpose furniture that can function as storage. Many different types of furniture, from a fashionable bench at the foot of your bed to a plush ottoman in the living room, can also serve as storage for just about anything. If you have the room in your foyer, build or buy a storage bench that can serve as a place to take a seat as well as storage for linens and other household items. 

• Buy fashionable baskets- By far the easiest way to remove clutter is to use baskets. Baskets are a great way to hide small items such as umbrellas in the foyer, small toiletries in the bathroom, linens in the closet, tools in the hall closet, and gadgets in the kitchen. Fashionable baskets of all shapes hide well in plain sight. You can even place baskets in an empty fireplace or on top of your kitchen cabinets for everyone to see, just be sure nothing is sticking out the top. 

• Take advantage of the walls- Just as you would hang items on a closet wall, take advantage of dead space on all your home’s walls. Walls aren’t just for artwork and mirrors any more, there are many ways to decorate your walls while creating functional storage space. Minimize clutter by hanging shelves, creative hooks, modern pot, and fashionable utensil racks. Taking advantage of empty wall space and clearing counters and tabletops will help make your home look bigger. 

Employing these five simple tips will help your home to be more organized and clutter free. A clutter free home can feel more inviting and peaceful. Make your home the oasis of organization you deserve and don’t settle for a cluttered home.

Author Byline: K.M. is an associate with EZ Stoarge, a facility for Boston storage units with three locations in Framingham, Newton and Natick.