10 Things You Should Replace In 2014


1) Bedding Nothing seems quite as satisfying as slipping into bed when there’s a brand new set of sheets and pillows to rest upon. Bedding, used daily, is likely to get a little dingy and worn. Considering how much you … Continue reading

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Are Rats Really That Bad For Us?


All our lives, we have been “programmed” to hate and fear rats, and there are good reasons, too, why we should feel this way. We know they carry diseases, and we know they can wreak havoc to farms and gardens. … Continue reading

Have You Flushed It?


The bathroom is one of the top places for accidents to happen around the house. The combination of water and slippery floors has made for some disastrous situations. This isn’t the only place accidents can happen in the bathroom. Plumbers … Continue reading

What The Color Of Your Bedroom Says About You


Bedrooms are often the most personal rooms in peoples’ homes and color choice is a key factor in its design. It can also reveal plenty about peoples’ personalities. A dull person for instance, would easily settle for gentler color shades … Continue reading