7 Ways Your Bathroom Is Making You Sick


Your bathroom is easily one of the more problematic places in your house as far as the potential for getting diseases is concerned. This is called a “disease vector” and any time you expel any material from your body, or … Continue reading

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What The Color Of Your Bedroom Says About You


Bedrooms are often the most personal rooms in peoples’ homes and color choice is a key factor in its design. It can also reveal plenty about peoples’ personalities. A dull person for instance, would easily settle for gentler color shades … Continue reading

10 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without A/C


Keeping the home cool during summer can be very challenging. Today, most people use air conditioners for their homes, but not all people can afford them. So if you want to keep your home cool without air conditioners, there are … Continue reading

Top Story – 5 Dangerously Amazing Natural Cleaning Tips


Sometimes the best cleaning tools are items you have around the house. You’ll know as well as I do how expensive cleaning products can be, from carpet cleaners that don’t work properly to strong bleaches that leave a nasty smell … Continue reading

The Top 10 Unwritten Laws of Public Bathroom Usage


1. The bathroom stall walls are not there for artistic expression. Bathroom graffiti has lost some of its outlaw edge, due to places in many cities that allow outdoor graffiti. All bathroom graffiti does is demean you art and make … Continue reading

Do Men Spend More Time In The Kitchen Than Women?


If you believe the traditional stereotype, the kitchen has always been a woman’s territory. Advertising has reinforced this image by using female characters to demonstrate everything from food to domestic kitchen appliances. Times are changing, however, as several recent studies … Continue reading

What Really Grinds My Gears: Unflushed Poop in the Toilet


You know what really grinds my gears? When people don’t flush the toilet after they finish using it. I’m not talking about public bathrooms, I’m talking about residential here. Oh, and I’m way beyond being merely annoyed at seeing yellow water in … Continue reading

Get Ready for Winter-Six Important Steps


Did the black fuzzy caterpillars look more fuzzy this year?  Does your dog have a heavier coat?  These are supposedly the natural signs of a bad winter on its way, but whether or not they have happened, and whether or … Continue reading