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New Year’s Eve Ideas To Get The Party Rockin’

If there’s one night of the year that’s devoted to celebrating, then it has to be New Year’s Eve. It’s the time to feast on scrumptious food and sip on something with plenty of fizz. But aside from making sure your guests are well fed and watered, your home should be decorated in a festive … Continue reading

5 Ideas To Get Something Out Of Useless Christmas Gifts

Every year at Christmas, it seems you get at least one gift that’s useless to you. It could be an appliance for which you have no need, a piece of jewelry identical to a piece you already own, or an article of clothing that just does not quite fit your style. Instead of letting them … Continue reading

Christmas Is The Season Of Guilt And Emotional Blackmail

Christmas is supposed to be the season of good will and we all seem to make a massive deal out of the festive season. The build-up starts earlier and earlier each year and people save for months and make the most elaborate preparations. Why is it then that so many of us feel deflated after … Continue reading

Cover Your Naked Walls With Dangerous Lee Art!

Christmas Cards Can Be Charitable

Christmas is renowned for being a time for giving, where families and friends meet up to exchange thoughtful presents as a token of their appreciation. However, Christmas is also renowned for being one of the busiest times of the year for charities – as people are finalizing their shopping lists, preparing to make travel arrangements … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s 2014 Christmas Wish List

Thank you very much for supporting the Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. Each click, visit and share helps to put a few pennies in our (Senia and me) pockets. Please have a look around and share all your favorite content from DangerousLee.Biz, SimplySenia.com and BlackGirlsAllowed.com with someone you love and for the hell of … Continue reading

5 Ideas for Spending a Fun Winter Inside

Winter is here again and some have already started to grumble about it. But if one goes about it the right way, winter can be great fun even by just staying at home. There are plenty of things one can do to spice up the winter at home. Here are just a few suggestions! Catch … Continue reading

7 Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

People that want to make the most out of their holiday shopping nowadays tend to do it on Black Friday. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, gives you an opportunity to find deals that will let you save a ton of money when you need it. There are a lot of great ways to save … Continue reading

Sean Carter Presents: Thanksgiving History and Origin

By Sean Carter One of the biggest and warmest holidays of the United States, Thanksgiving has its history and origin way back in centuries. There are various instances of thanksgiving observances in history, all of which bear resemblance to the modern celebrations of Thanksgiving; but the generally accepted and circulated view is that the modern … Continue reading

How To Throw a Memorable Holiday Party

The last quarter of 2013 is here which means it is party season! Yes, many of us throw parties throughout the year, but this time of year there is likely going to be many events filling up your social calendar. Not only is there a chance you may have a full schedule with invitations, but … Continue reading

Help! I Have No Money To Spend This Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, and a time for families and friends to gather together to exchange gifts, eat, drink and be extremely merry. Its a time when children’s dreams are realised seeing them finally get the new, up to date toys they’ve been desperately asking for in the months leading up … Continue reading

Black Nativity: Movie I Don’t Wanna See But I Recommend

Nope. Don’t wanna see it. Can’t make me! However, I do promote that you see it, for obvious reasons (Black cast and positive message), but I’m sure it’s a well done film. I’m just not in the mood for all the singing and religious references. Besides, Black people are “in” right now more than ever. … Continue reading

6 Surefire Ways To Make Extra Money Fast

Whether you need extra money to pay off debt, deposit into your savings account, or simply make ends meet, there are many ways you can get started earning cash today. These businesses do not require any special skills or knowledge. In addition, you can start on a shoestring budget because they can be advertised inexpensively … Continue reading

Party City: Making Me Hate “Thriller” Every Halloween

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 8 seconds. Contains 228 words For the last several years Party City has been using Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the soundtrack for their Halloween promotions and I hate it! Thriller is a Michael Jackson song that I’m not that crazy about in the first place (yes, he does have songs … Continue reading


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