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Phil Robertson and The Duck He Rode in on Can Kiss My Black Ass!

So can anyone else that has issues with Black people or women. Ya’ll ain’t gon’ worry me! Can we stop paying so much attention to and giving so much power to racist, sexist, bible thumping, homophobic bigots in 2014? Read – Duck Dynasty Distracts from Civil Rights Work

Top Story: Dangerous Black Woman – Adrena Martin

My name is Adrena Martin-Tolbert, and I am the owner of CreationZ From A Dove, which is an online business that specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories.  Here is why I am a “Dangerous Black Woman.” I am the only child hailing from Downers Grove, IL. In the fall of 2007 I enrolled at the … Continue reading

I Want a Seat Next to Rihanna & Miley Cyrus at the AMAs

So, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are sitting next to each other at the American Music Awards this Sunday. Damn, I wish I could have a spot next to them. They have the best weed in Hollywood! Find out why Chief Keef Wants to Work With Rihanna + Miley Cyrus.

Why Do Men Love Video Games So Much?

I’ve been to a few house parties recently and all the men have their asses planted in front of the television playing video games or playing spectator while others play video games. The game of choice is usually basketball. Is this a Black guy thing or are my White sistas also noticing this? I’m also … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Picks of March 2013

Half of the top picks of March 2013 are about moi! Hey, this is The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. If I don’t promote myself, who will? March is also Women’s History Month and more than a few people had a problem with me featuring Judy Byington, #6 below. Be sure to check the … Continue reading

Book Spotlight: “White Trash” by Alexandra Allred

It all started when someone called an African American toddler “cute little niglet.” White Trash was created in tribute to this unknown child. It has a hilarious cast and shocking storyline based on real people and true events in a small rural town in Texas. When Thia Franks returns to her home of Granby, Texas, … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Sheela Sheena Langeberg – Multi Disciplinary Artist & Small Business Owner

Name and Occupation? Sheela Sheena Langeberg – A Multi Disciplinary Artist & Small Business Owner What do you love most about being a woman? I love being a woman because there’s nothing like it in the whole wide world. The fact that there’s this special beauty and humbleness that’s only granted to women, being it either physically, emotionally, … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker & Author

Name and Occupation? Jai Stone – Emotional Nudist, Socialpreneur, Speaker, Trainer & Author What do you love most about being a woman? Girly, sparkly things like jewelry, glitter nail polish and shiny shoes. What do you hate about being a woman? Being boxed into stereotypes that determine what is and what isn’t lady like.  I … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Tracy Vega – Co-Founder of Simple Self Defense for Women

Name and Occupation Tracy Vega, Co-Founder of Simple Self Defense for Women What do you love about being a woman? Being able to change my mind, say what I feel, ability to be openly compassionate and make a difference. What do you hate about being a woman? Not much really. Who influences you? Oprah and … Continue reading

Viral Top Story: 5 Reasons Marrying A Nurse Is Like Winning The Lottery

  Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 48 seconds. Contains 561 words Fortunate enough to be dating a nurse? If so, that partner could really be a keeper. If there is any chance of taking this relationship all the way to the altar, pull out all of the stops. A nurse, male or female, is one … Continue reading

Have You Ever Crossed a Picket Line?

I was thinking about the time in ’99 when I crossed a ferocious picket line to stay at a resort for the weekend. First let me say, I think unions promote laziness. A worker doesn’t get graded on merit, but seniority instead. I’ve been at union jobs where the workers with “seniority” who weren’t in … Continue reading

Dangerous Dame: Meet “Pawn Stars” Associate Producer, Nawara Blue

What is your job on the show? I am the associate producer for History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The production company I currently work for is Leftfield Pictures.   What makes Pawn Stars different from other shows like it? In my opinion, Pawn Stars was the first of its kind. Although there are hundreds of reality … Continue reading

Top Story – Why Is It Important To Know Our History?

Many people think that learning history isn’t important. They believe that what happened in the past should be totally forgotten. Are you like them? Don’t you want to know our history? Wouldn’t you like to know how things worked before your time? If you are not a fan of history, I’m going to dedicate this … Continue reading

Black History Month Spotlight: Rod Jenkins

Name and Title: Rod Jenkins, Co-Everything Kiss Me Comix What do you do and why? Kiss Me Comix is a Graphic Adventure Story Publisher, who provides adventures featuring Characters of Color (African-American, and Bi-racial) in positive roles, to empower, enlighten, encourage, and entertain not only African-Americans, but a world-wide reading audience. What mark have you … Continue reading


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