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Kelis painting

How Art Can Help Beat The Blues


Image by MatthewHolland

Anyone who has suffered depression will know just how debilitating an illness it can become. Feelings of loneliness, solitude and despair completely overwhelm the sufferer. Simple tasks such as getting dressed or cleaning your teeth can appear nigh on impossible. You would give anything to cut yourself off from the real world and cannot see any way out of the black hole that you find yourself in.

As more is learned about mental health, more therapies than ever before are available to fight and battle depression. Some treatments have proved more successful in dealing with the symptoms of depression than others – and surprisingly one of the best therapies has turned out to be art.

Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough

One of the things that I personally struggle with during my own low periods is finding the words to adequately do my feelings and emotions justice. Whether in a therapy session or trying to get what is inside me onto paper, the feelings of irritation, anger and hopelessness remain.

At times like this, using art to release those pent up emotions is a blessing. Letting your mind wander and guide a pen across a piece of paper in any direction sounds simple, but the effect it can have on your state of mind is remarkable.

Even though you’re not verbalizing your inner turmoil, what emerges from your doodling or scribbles can provide a sudden spark of inspiration, can distract you from black thoughts or can even clarify your thoughts more than words ever could.

Removing The Numbness

Speaking to people who are battling depression, the inability to feel or experience emotions is one which recurs time and again. The sufferer will talk of feeling detached from real life, or events around them.

By encouraging them to draw, paint or perhaps sculpture, then that person will find themselves immersing themselves in something which will end up being intensely personal to them. They will care about the outcome of their project and those feelings will be provoked to the surface once again. Feelings of pride, satisfaction which are so often suppressed during depression will encourage you to carry on and leave you wanting more.

Make Your Own Happiness

When one observes something which they find beautiful, the neurotransmitter dopamine – based in the pleasure centers of the brain – is released. Research has shown that this reaction, when confronted with a stunning piece of art, is similar to that of love. If that art has been created by your own hand, then those positive feelings will increase.

Why Art Over Other Therapies?

Many tried and tested therapies have proven more successful with a certain section of the personality range than others. Studies have shown that art therapy has had a high level of success right across the spectrum. Many who have undergone art therapy have found that they enjoy it to such an extent that they will continue drawing or painting well into recovery.

Art therapy is unique amongst therapies in that it is widely accepted to achieve the most difficult of results which is getting those fighting depression to express, confront and overcome their symptoms. The fact that the physical result is often beautiful is a wonderful by-product of the whole process.

Have you undergone art therapy either as part of a prescribed program or off your own back? Was it beneficial? Let us know in the comments section below.


John Rogers is a professional blogger who has used art in his own battle with depression.


5 Simple Yet Amazing Reasons Why You Should Donate Books

Given the pithy direction this world seems to be heading in, finding a soul that’s willing to share and part with what they love, for the greater good is like finally finding signs of life on some planet at least. Especially one that promises to spread knowledge like a shining beacon and enlightens people in its own warm ways. On a personal level, donating books is a lot easier than you think. And if you’re still looking for inspiration, perhaps these five reasons will help you decide for the better.

  • Spread the love

In a time and age where technology seems to be changing the way we saw and read our books, every bibliophile understands the importanceof saving that rustic charm and feel, good old paper brought. And the only way to make every budding bibliophile realize this is by spreading the love for books. Because, going to bed every day knowing that you made someone (probably, less fortunate) out there a little more well-read and a little happier is nothing less than super-heroic.


  • Make space for new books

In the list of nerd-problems, lack of extra space for a dozen more books comes a very close second to a favorite series coming to an end. Unless you live in a mansion spanning acres and acres of land, this is something that can give you sleepless nights. After all, there’s only so much respite shelves, beds, shoe-boxes and the floor can offer. Book donation is an elegant, albeit generous solution to this problem. And hey, it any day trumps the parents throwing old books away.

  • The easiest form of giving

Passing on your beloved books to someone else, is probably the best way to spread knowledge, quite literally. And when you donate, the whole gesture becomes all the more beautiful. Donating books is a win-win for everyone involved. The receiver- because you give him the chance to explore a portal to whole new world only books can offer. And, you, because when you give wholeheartedly, the sense of happiness and satisfaction that it brings is unmatchable.Moreover, unlike donating money, donating books doesn’t burn the heart or pinch the pockets.

  • Helps you de-clutter

There are those bibliophiles who are perfectly at peace with books jutting out of every cranny and sliver in the house. And there are those who are the very epitome of the obsessive cleanliness. For the latter, donating books is the most amazing solution to this problem. And I’m not only talking about the shelf space. More often than not, we end up buying books that we form no attachments to. And yet there they are, gathering the dust of indifference slightly laced with regret. You can’t just throw the books away, nor can you hand them down to anyone. One simple solution: Donate.

  •   Begin the cycle of giving

To be very honest, the most awesome and sought after books in my inventory were picked from book charity events. This made me think, what if no believed in the art of giving? Would existing bibliophiles be made happier and the uninitiated be converted? Now put yourself in perspective and imagine yourself at the giving end of this cycle. There could be that one book that changed your life and the way you saw the world. When you donate that book, you’re giving someone, someone more less fortunate maybe, the chance to be inspired and change their lives. And that person in turn donates the book again. Do you see what you’re doing here?


Today’s featured writer,Jenny Wadlow,  is a freelance blogger. She is a self-proclaimed book worm and suggests buying used books online for they are affordable and environment friendly. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.



Sir Charles Gets Real with Dangerous Lee: The 3 P’s of Success


Why are you known as Sir Charles?

When I was recording music more frequently a music producer wanted to create a stage name for me…It stuck…and I never bothered to change it!

Tell us about the 3 P’s of success and how they came about?

After being clean from drugs, and losing my family…I found the transition challenging, then more change came with my first bout of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma…the light came on and I knew I needed to make good use of my remaining days…and that was before the second diagnosis.

I realize that in being clean, I spoke to people all of the time and I enjoyed it.  The good thing was that I was able to remember the conversations being sober.  I became a certified counselor because of my passion, and I knew that dealing with people was part of my purpose.  Hence the 3 P’s were born (Find Your Pleasure, Find Your Passion, & Find Your Purpose).

How did you overcome drug abuse and what drugs did you abuse?

You mean what drugs didn’t I use (LOL)! I went through the ranks from beer, to wine, to a taste of alcohol , to mary jane, to cocaine which was my main thang…why do I feel like I’m about to start singing Rick James…(LOL), but eventually crack which was my greatest loss.  I overcame them easily and strangely.  God convicted me through the eyes of my children.  I could not look at my children anymore…at least not without being riddled with guilt.  That was the first step to me making the change in my life.

What was it like to be married to someone you thought you’d be with forever only to get a divorce?

It was wild because I initiated the marriage.  I thought with a new lease on life I wanted to clear up all matters in my life that had shade.  Once it was clear that I was not going to be with the mother of my children I wanted to move forward.  So, I was told not to make any major decisions during my first year of sobriety…of course I did it anyway. Failing at marriage was horrible for me because with a sober heart and mind I failed before God, and I failed at love…once again.  It takes time to get over this emotional period in life.

You’re a two time Cancer survivor and your story has been added to medical journals. Did you think you were gonna die? How did you survive?

Well technically, we’re all dying, but I know what you mean…I was not afraid and I did not play with the thoughts or words surrounding death.  I felt that this was all purposeful, and when I came through it I just knew it was time to make good use of my days!  I juice, I am even more faithful, I pray and talk to God often…nothing magical…just keeping it real!

Where can we find more about you online?


Thanks for the opportunity to share with your readers and viewers!  Keep it Dangerous!


angelina jolie

Top Story: My Thoughts On Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

angelina jolie

I applaud Angelina Jolie and any other woman for taking the necessary medical steps to live a longer and healthier life for themselves and their family. Cancer is a HUGE deal so don’t think I am making light of it, but if I hear one more person give her kudos for having her breasts removed because she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, I will scream!

Her breasts being removed is much deeper than Hollywood beauty and it’s beside the point!

People are literally visualizing her breasts being hacked off, but that’s not the case. The procedure involves removing the tissue inside the breasts and replacing it with implants.

Besides, now Angelina Jolie will always have perfect, perky breasts, so her vanity is still in tact and I’m sure she got a pair that hold up better than the originals.

Of course if she decides to have more children, before having her ovaries removed (she has a 50% chance of developing ovarian Cancer), she will not be able to breastfeed; other than that the physical aspects of her decision were probably last on her list of worries.

Angelina has said that she doesn’t feel less of a woman after the procedure and she shouldn’t because breasts don’t make the woman. The woman makes the breasts!

Werk those new ta-tas, Angelina!



National Poetry Month Spotlight: Sandra Connelly – Language of Love


Language of Love

Leaf of life.
Blue honey skies.
Tested by a touchstone so we can go through time.
Back to the time when the people of the world spoke only one language.
The language only a family could speak,
The language of love.


My name is Sandra Connelly and I am a Registered Nurse. This poem I wrote when I was in the 4th grade and has aided me mentally in the hard times that life brings. This poem talks about hope and love. As a nurse in this global society, I live by these words in knowing that if language and culture are not the same heart and love transcends this boundary. Working with the sick and providing care to children, and now teaching nursing students, I am tested by these touchstones for purity of heart on a daily basis. Thank you for featuring this poem in your column. Love is an amazing gift we can give one another and is THE healer of sickness and disease.

red top hand on chin

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Mary Ellen Ciganovich – The Journey

red top hand on chin

The Journey

You are on your journey,
Will you learn
your lessons
this time?
will you stay
in your ego state
and refuse?
Stubborn, controlling
human that you are.
If you make
that choice,
I guess you will just
have to come back and
begin the journey


Born – Mary Ellen Stewart – now { Mary Ellen Ciganovich}

            February 22, 1952

            Batavia, New York

Raised – Atlanta, Georgia from age 4 on

Diagnosed – Epilepsy – Petit Mal Temporal Lobe – age 6

Diagnosed – Multiple Sclerosis in 1986


Tucker High School – Tucker, Ga. – 1970

University of Georgia – Magna cum Laude – Education 1974

Member – Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Beta Sigma Chapter

Career – taught middle school for over 15 years – certified to teach in Georgia, Connecticut, and West Virginia & North Carolina

Accomplishments: put in a two mile long nature trail in Danbury, Connecticut and wrote a book of environmental activities for teachers and students to utilize while on the trail.  I was presented the key to the city of Danbury by the Mayor.

” Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire” published by Tate Publishing was nationally released on February 22, 2011. I speak to many groups on topics ranging from,”Awareness of the Self” to “Parenting” and “Healing Relationships.” I also speak to groups on the topics of Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis as those are the situations I had to deal with in order to learn what I needed to learn. This book was entered for nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for 2012.

Selected to be one of 30 women who wrote an inspirational essay featured in the new book,” Women Will Save The World” by Caroline Shearer – Absolute Love Publishing – released March 8, 2012

Featured Inspirational Luminary on Inspire Me today .com – May 12, 2011

Featured writer on Fun and

Featured writer on Whole Woman Village Post – article “The Strength of a Woman”.

Many radio and TV appearances including PBS radio and NBC radio.

  • National Poetry Month Spotlight: Indi Wright – Infinite Hope (

Dangerous Lee Interviews Tamika Newhouse – Founder of Delphine Publications


Attention single mothers who think they can’t live their dreams; Tamika Newhouse became a single mother as a teen and is now a best-selling, award winning, self published author and the founder of a highly successful book publishing company, Delphine Publications. She is also the CEO of Obsessive Soul Media with plans for short films, stage plays and much more. She has been featured in Uptown Magazine, Essence, Juicy Magazine, Vibe Vixen Magazine, and now The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network!

In a recent letter written to your younger self published on your website, The Passionate Spot, you mention that you have a hard time relating to people. Why is that?

I am a unique person; I lack the desire to want to be in crowds and within groups. Naturally I am a loner and choose to be a home body. The simple life is me. So I lack the skills sometimes to interact with others thus I don’t relate to them as I should.

You moved from Forth Wort to Atlanta, a city known as Little Hollywood; do you see California as a future home?

Absolutely not. Not only am I going to return to Texas one day and be bi-coastal but California is expensive. I like Atlanta because it’s still the south but I choose to live in the suburbs of Atlanta because the city itself is too crowded and full of a lot of fake people.

You’ve been very open about your past weight issues, what type of health and fitness routine do you follow? You look great!

I now eat every three hours or so in small portions and I am in the gym 3-4 times a week. I had the desire to lose weight so that I could have better odds of living a longer life. I did a drastic change in my life, hence I had a life style change not a diet.

You recently tweeted that you’re working on titles to be released in 2014. What type of writers/books catch the attention of Delphine Publications?

I like to look at hungry artists. Ones who don’t mind be taught the business and how to brand themselves. I am looking for novels that reflect black readers currently.

Have you experienced any downsides of receiving a certain level of success and notoriety?

Absolutely I have. My level of success brings a lot of hate and sometimes stalkers. I have been threatened or stalked before due to my public figure platform. I have also been talked about negatively from my peers. I shake all of the negativity off because in the end their opinions do not determine my future. God does. I use it as motivation.

Many women, including myself, are looking for revenue to further promote their business and brand. Did you receive any type of grants along the way?

No ma’am, I simply work hard at every dime that comes into Delphine. The investment I have put into myself for years has now come back tenfold. If you do lack the resources to do what you desire fundraisers and donation campaigns for a particular project are always ideal.

Tell us about your new release, Cookie Too:

Cookie Too is a story based on the life of a young woman who is the sister to the character of Cookie in the first book. It details the story of a young girl who did whatever she could illegally to be loved by any man who would accept her. It gives an example to young women on what not to do.

What is the future for Delphine Publications and Tamika as a person?

We are building onto our roaster of authors and have numerous titles set to release once a month of a next several months. We also will be touring the country hitting major cities like Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Miami, and more.

Twitter @TamikaNewhouse

Instagram @BossLadyTamika


365 Days of Dangermas: Day 80

DANGERMASLOGODay 80 – March 21, 2013:

Today was a good day. I tested three people for HIV and all were negative and I spent quality time with my mom and daughter. I am so proud of my daughter, Senia, she is so smart and enthusiastic about learning. Her school had a science fair today and her group created an experiment to find out if carrots, potatoes, or lettuce will produce the most methane gas when rotten. The potatoes have it! It was very impressive! Senia also reminded me that my cell phone can take pictures (since my iPod camera is dead :() What a smart girl!


If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or other light weight items to:

Dangerous Lee

PO Box 7317

Flint, MI 48507

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