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Dats Jus Swift Presents: The Lagoon Giveaway

Leigh Langston:

Add your service or product to the  Billion Dollar App today and you might be chosen to hang with me in Hawaii!!!

Yes, I am one of the “friends”.

I’m so excited!

Originally posted on The Billion Dollar App :


I just wanted to take a sec to thank all of you for your love and support.  I am super excited about The Billion Dollar App and I’m well on my way there y’all.  I just need a push from all of you!!! Get all your friends, families, and coworkers together and leave your footprint.  I will select one of my entries (from anywhere around the world) at random to receive an *All Inclusive vacation for 6 days/5 nights* (for 2) joining me and my friends in Kapolei, Hawaii!!! Tag a friend now and follow ya boy!!!

We will be at Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club in Kapolei, Hawaii!!!




The Billion Dollar App is a Global Directory. I want to add 1,000,000,000 businesses and people to it by 2019. Leave your footprint. Own a piece of internet history!!!

The Billion Dollar App Is Available Free:

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Top Story – Bruno Mars: The Jukebox Keeps Playing After His Mothers Death

Bruno Mars Tweet Concert

I would catch a Grenade if only my wife could have gotten a ticket for the show Bruno Mars held in Chicago last month. Such a smooth singer and songwriter is a very rare occurrence, which is why Bruno Mars rocketed to the top of the charts over the past few years.

Even more so, is his professional approach to music. Consider this for a moment. His mother died of an aneurysm on June, 1st. However, he still moved forward with the Moonshine Jungle Tour that started June 24th in Philadelphia. It was 2 days later than originally planned, but in view of the circumstances, his dedication is remarkable. Moreover, music is his world. This is probably how he makes sense of his mother’s loss.

The Moonshine Jungle tour is a huge tour as well. The tour covers 45 concerts in the United States, 37 in Europe, and eight in Australia and New Zealand. Ninety total dates over 9 months.  Talk about a heck of a commitment to excellence after such a tragedy.

 Bruno Mars Tweet Mom

However, what else would you expect from someone who spent their life on stage performing for others. Bruno Mars got his start on stage at the ripe old age of four with his family band, The Love Notes, in Hawaii.

Ever since that time, his life revolved about music. When he was growing up, Bruno Mars learned about different styles of music from diverse performers, such as Little Richard, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Elvis Presley. He was even a famous Elvis impersonator. In 1992, he had a cameo in Honeymoon in Vegas. Later in high school, he would start following bands like The Police, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles.

Such a diverse array of music is present in his music. His latest album, Unorthodox Jukebox, shows his dynamic ability to create amazing songs. Locked Out of Heaven is the pure expression you have when you finally find love. Moreover, every time I hear When I Was Your Man on the radio I think about how to be a better husband.

Even earlier hits like Billionaire with Travis McCoy, show a tendency to mix up different forms of the music. Other songs like Just the Way You Are & Talking To The Moon are more pop music. Other collaborations with Cee-lo and Snoop Lion are rap.

Take the leap to listen to Bruno Mars on tour today, so you can feel like a Billionaire!

Infographic: STD Heat Map

Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious problem that millions of people in the United States are currently dealing with. There are several common sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the most common STD’s in the United States include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. Unfortunately, these diseases are even more common in certain parts of the country. Hawaii is a state that happens to have the highest rate of known cases of Chlamydia. On the other hand, Gonorrhea is most common in the state of Mississippi and Syphilis is most common in the state of Louisiana.

These sexually transmitted diseases can often cause serious complications, infertility, and can ultimately lead to death if they are not treated by a medical profession. These sexually transmitted diseases are often passed from one person to another via unprotected sexual intercourse. The diseases are also most common amongst African Americans and teenagers. It is for that reason that it is genuinely important for people to get tested regularly and to use protection.

Source: BestMedicalDegrees.com


Vacation Trips? Good. Guilt Trips? Not So!


You may not yet have taken that long-desired trip to Paris or Rome, Hawaii or New York…but if you’re a divorced mom, we bet you’ve taken a few guilt trips.

It’s only natural, but it’s wrong.

Here’s what happens: You and your husband separate and begin divorce proceedings. The kids are upset. They may become sullen, or obstinate, or ill-behaved, or they may cry and beg Daddy to come home or beg you to let him. They may do all of these things—or others—by turns.

And you? You feel terrible that this is happening to them. Not just sympathetic, either…you may well take blame unto yourself and feel guilty. Guilty that you initiated the divorce. Or guilty that your ex (or ex-to-be) initiated the divorce because of you…or at least allegedly because of you. (We’ve all heard of spouses who claim they’re leaving because conditions at home are insufferable but who really are leaving because they’ve met someone else.)

In fact, there are plenty of cases where the husband leaves through no fault of the wife at all—she didn’t initiate the break-up, nor did anything she did cause it—yet the wife still feels guilty when she sees how it’s impacting her kids. Not just unhappy or upset but guilty.

Whether or not the mom of the family initiated or in any way caused the divorce, in most cases the divorce was necessary and should not be the impetus for a guilt trip. Divorce is surely an unhappy situation for all concerned, especially the kids, but if you’re in this position—whether your divorce is currently in process or is old news—please stop beating yourself up over “what you’re doing to the kids.”

The trouble—apart from the problems you cause yourself by laying a case of the guilties on your head unnecessarily and undeservedly—comes when you start trying to “make it up to the kids.” Altogether too many moms, feeling bad over the unhappiness that has been brought down on the kids, and for which these moms blame themselves, bend over backward to try to make the kids feel good by some other means.

They knock themselves out to make the kids’ favorite meals, buy the kids anything they ask for, whether the request is reasonable and affordable or not, stay home every night because the kids don’t like staying with a sitter and the moms don’t want the kids feeling abandoned all over again, take the kids on expensive excursions, and let the kids get away with egregiously bad behavior rather than discipline them because “the poor things are suffering with their daddy gone.”


They may need more of your time. They may need more understanding, sympathy, and consolation. They may even need a little leeway—a little!—when they act out. But they do not need triple-scoop sundaes, expensive toys, 24/7 smothering, or catering to their every whim.

They will only derive, from that, a series of very wrong lessons:

• That it’s not only soothing but acceptable and appropriate to stuff yourself with junk food when you’re upset or sad.

• That people—starting with Daddy—can be replaced with toys and other material things.

• That sadness or great upset is a valid excuse for bad behavior.

• That Mommy can be manipulated…and it will probably work on other people too.

Am I saying, then, that you should be heartless and turn a cold shoulder to their state of mind? Absolutely not!

What I am saying is two things:

1 – Don’t go on a guilt trip. Don’t blame yourself for the kids’ unhappiness…even if you were, in one way or another, the direct cause of the divorce.

2 – Don’t spoil the kids in an attempt to make it up to them for what “you did to them” (or even if you recognize that it’s not your fault, but you still feel bad, even if you don’t feel guilty). You’re doing them no favors!

Be sympathetic. Be understanding. If the kids say, “I hate you for making Daddy leave,” consider the circumstances and don’t overreact.

But don’t go on a guilt trip, and don’t spoil the kids if you do, in spite of what I’m telling you, start feeling twinges of guilt

Guilt is never a good place to visit. Not for you and, ultimately, not for the kids either.


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