Top Story: What Does Your Hair Say About You?

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Despite what some of us think, various studies now suggest that the way we wear our hair send strong messages about our personality. According to Rose Weits, ASU Sociologist, hair is a powerful indicator of identity. It is attached to … Continue reading

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CurlKit: The Only Full-Service Monthly Subscription for Women with Naturally Curly Hair


Despite the huge number of products it is still difficult to find quality products for women of color. That is where Curlkit comes in. There has to be a better way to discover products. Curlkit eliminates the need for endless … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Self-inflicted Hair Loss – The Cost Of Fashion


Most people dread the idea of losing their hair. It seems, strange, then that people would employ beauty practices that put them at risk of permanent alopecia. It’s surprisingly common, you’ll soon discover. They hope not to do permanent damage … Continue reading

Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?

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In modern society, we are inundated with messages regarding hygiene and the importance of cleanliness. Commercials tell us to scrub with the best-smelling soap, use the right brand of deodorant, and wash our hair with the right shampoo daily or … Continue reading