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Top Story: What Does Your Hair Say About You?


Despite what some of us think, various studies now suggest that the way we wear our hair send strong messages about our personality. According to Rose Weits, ASU Sociologist, hair is a powerful indicator of identity. It is attached to us and as such is an integral part of who we are and how we express ourselves.

The way we wear our hair sends signals about our mood and leads people to make subconsciously assumptions about us. Philip Kingsley, leading Trichologist, claims that hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. ‘You can’t flaunt your primary sexual characteristics in public so that’s what makes your hair important from a social viewpoint.’ This explains why long, glossy hair – which denotes youth and fertility – has been so popular for so long.


According to fashion historian Caroline Cox, our perceptions about hair color have changed over the past few years. Blondness for instance – once regarded as a signifier of youth – is becoming dated due to the large numbers of older women wearing it.


Karin Lesnik-Oberstein, professor of Critical Theory at the University of Reading, suggests that short hair is still equated with masculinity. On the contrary, it is widely reported that long hair is seen, especially from men, as the most feminine and desirable hair length. Medium length could suggest a woman who is intelligent and good-natured.


The dominant trend today is for styling long and glamorous hair rather than cutting it. Fashion icons such as the Duchess of Cambridge create the impression that styling long hair is an indication that a woman has the time and money to spend on her hair. Bearing in mind that a posh element characterizes the British culture, the UK is now the third-largest importer of human hair in the world.



Long wavy hair has always been associated with beauty and femininity. Wavy locks convey a laid-back style but they could also suggest a lot of time spent in front of a mirror.Across the board, women with this hairstyle are often seen as more likeable and approachable.

Long straight hair on the other hand symbolizes sensuality, efficiency and dominance. It suggests a woman who is serious and practical.


Bangs – Bangs ooze sexuality since they draw attention to a woman’s eyes. Their form however can create different perceptions. Side-swept bangs give a more classic look suggesting a motivated, career-oriented person. They remain playful and youthful but not as much as blunt bangs which are seen as more trendy and “high fashion”. Blunt bangs also project individuality suggesting a woman who is secure in her likes and dislikes.

Bob Hairstyle – Women wearing their hair in a bob are often seen as daring and elegant. A bob may also suggest that people’s perceptions do not influence those ladies in their decision making.

Pixie Style – The pixie suggest that its owner is confident and bold. This hairstyle that reveals facial features is also associated with an artistic flair.

Katerina has a real appreciation of beauty. She blogs about fashion trends, hairstyles and beauty tips. For natural hair extensions visit Vixen and Blush: vixenandblush.com/contact/hair-extensions-salon-hoxton-shoreditch/

6 Hairstyles That Will Always Impress


Your dress is gorgeous, your heels are killer and you’ve just applied a fresh coat of lipstick to take on the world. But what about your hair? What styles will be able to complete your look and turn every head in the room? Here are just a few ideas.

1: The Bob
Sleek and straight, the bob is a classic style that also speaks to sophistication and class. It’s the kind of hairstyle that you can’t roll out of bed with: It takes time and dedication, symbolizing your commitment to a fashionable look and the effort you put into taking care of yourself.

2: The Chop

The chop is a compromise between long locks and short crops. It falls to your shoulders, usually in layers, but it can be styled with curls, waves, straight hair, et cetera. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those who aren’t ready to cut it all off but are tired of a daily battle with longer hair.

3: New Jersey Curls

Popularized by the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, these big, bold ringlets are a statement of confidence and fearlessness. Drop by a
Freehold Barber Shop and tell them to do their worst.

4: French Braids

Unlike ponytail or pigtail braids, French braids offer an older, more mature look that’s easily customized depending on mood or outfit. They also look great but don’t take long to achieve in the mornings, making them perfect for working women or moms on the go.

5: The Updo
Dare to impress with an elaborate updo, a name given to any hairstyle that sweeps the hair off your neck and into a slightly-messy collection at the back of your skull. Just remember to leave a few tendrils hanging, because that’s where you’ll tempt men into tucking it back behind your ear.

6: Pixie Cuts
Short and boyish, pixie cuts are cropped close to your head, usually leaving your bangs for a hint of femininity. They work best with oval and heart-shaped faces and can really make your eyes pop with the right kinds of mascara and eye shadow. If you aren’t afraid of going all the way, welcome the breeze on your neck with a pixie cut.

If you’re looking for great hairstyles, take your cues from these six, which are some of the most lasting and iconic looks of our generation. But don’t forget to experiment, too! You never know when you’ll accidentally create a signature look just for you.


Halloween Hairstyles: Mermaid, Witch, Corpse Bride, Cat, Day of the Dead


Corpse Bride

It’s one of the favorite times of year for many people, whether you’re a child or an adult. The most fun part of Halloween is getting dressed up!

So whether you’re going for something gruesome, fun, or pretty, the next step is going to be hair and makeup. Makeup is usually quite easy to do – green face paint and fake warts for witches, or red fake blood and white paint for vampires. But what about hair? Hairstyles are often the part that people struggle to find inspiration for.

So we’ve picked out 5 of our most popular hairstyles for various Halloween costumes.



Mermaids are a popular choice for Halloween parties as it lets you show a feminine side. For this look, team sparkly pastel makeup with luscious long locks. For the extra length, use clip in hair extensions and create waves or curls to give a true mermaid style. For a pop of color, you could also clip in small clip in highlights in pinks and blues.



One of the easier costumes, the witch is a great idea if you want something quick and easy to style for Halloween. Again, using hair extensions and heat spray, crimp the hair to create that messy, crazy witch style. Try leaving some pieces straight for an even better disheveled look.

Corpse Bride

This is a fantastic costume to try if you want to go all out on hair and makeup. Makeup is still girly and made up, but using very pale colors on the face to give the corpse look. For the hair, firstly use hair extensions to give extra thickness and length, as this is key to the look. Start off by creating a deep side parting and curling the hair and hair extensions. Next create a braid across the front from one side of head to the other. Keep the sections large so that it creates a chunky braid, bringing in more hair as you go like you would with a French braid.

Secure with a bobby pin behind the ear then the rest of the hair at the roots. Create a side ponytail with the remaining hair and this is where you can either bin into a side bun or leave it loose and wavy.



Like the witch costume, a cat is also a popular and easy choice. The best hairstyle to match this costume is a long, sleek and smooth ponytail.

If you haven’t got long hair, use hair extensions to create a ponytail. First tie your hair in a high ponytail, using hairspray to make it as sleek as possible. If you’re using hair extensions, create a small ponytail with just the middle section of hair in the center of your head (leaving all hair around the outside of your head free). This is the base ponytail that you will clip in the hair extensions pieces around. Then take the remaining hair and pull into a ponytail over the top of the base ponytail – this will then hide all hair extension clips and make it look natural.

Use hair straighteners to smooth the hair and hair extensions as you want it to be as straight as possible for a cat look. Now you can add your cat ears and you’re good to go!


Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a great way to show off your makeup skills. But if it’s hair you’re struggling with then clip in some hair extensions and curl both your natural hair and extensions to create volume and gorgeous barrel waves. For this look you want to show off the makeup and the best way to do that is to create a very deep side parting and sweep all of your hair over the shoulder on the opposite side. Continuing with the Day of the Dead theme, get some flower hair clips to keep the hair in place at the side and off your face.

Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.


Best Hair Products For Your Hair Type


Not all heads of hair are the same. What’s best for dry hair is by no means what’s best for oily or normal hair. What type of hair do you have? How do you choose the right hair products for your type? Read on to find out!

Dry as the desert hair

Is your hair looking and feeling somewhat straw-like? Has its lost its elasticity? Do you wish you could do something to restore its bouncy, shiny, youthful state?

One of the best remedies for ‘Sahara Desert’ hair is a rich treatment, which should be applied once a week. Argan Oil by BaByliss is one of the best hair care products on the market. It contains a long list of fatty acids (of the unsaturated, essential variety), as well as oleic acid, linoleic acid, omega-9, omega-6 and Vitamin E. A weekly application will bring much-needed hydration, repair and conditioning to dry hair, and relief to a dehydrated and itchy scalp.

Macadamia Natural Oil is another option. It’s available in a range of hair products. Two of the most powerful are the Healing Oil Treatment and the Deep Repair Masque. Both make hair more manageable and shiny. The first also offers the helpful quality of reducing drying time by 40-50%, and the latter features the addition of Argan Oil. Macadamia Natural Oil hair care products can be used on all hair types, but they’re most beneficial for dry hair.

Normal hair

Is your hair in a healthy, natural state? Are you happy with the way it is and would you like to keep it that way? The key to finding the best hair products for normal hair is simply selecting those that are mild enough to allow frequent use, yet nutritious enough to keep things at their moist, elastic best.

Toni & Guy’s label.m Organics pretty much fit the bill. The label.m line was established by professional stylists back in 2005. The Organics range includes two shampoos and two conditioners. The Organic Moisturizing Lemongrass Shampoo and matching conditioner features quince, oats, rice milk powder and jojoba oil. It does have a ‘hi-drenching’ effect, so it’s best when used on normal hair just once or twice a week. If you’re looking for hair care products for daily use, then the Organic Orange Blossom Shampoo and matching conditioner is the way to go. It’s more lightweight, containing a delightful citrus blend of Tuscan Mandarin, Mediterranean Bergamot, Regal Maltese Oranges and Cypriot Orange Flower Water. Needless to say, it smells totally amazing!

Oily hair

Is your hair driving you crazy because it’s more oily and greasy than it should be? What to do? One of the most effective strategies for dealing with oily hair is deep cleansing. TIGI Bed Head Superfuel Recharge Octane Shampoo is one of the best, as it works to remove any product build-up and emphasizes the shine factor.

Colored hair

The trick to choosing the best hair products for colored hair is finding those that maximize the benefits of having color, while minimizing damage. S-Factor by TIGI does pretty well in this department. Their ‘True Lasting Color’ range, which includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair oil, works to enhance shimmer, reduce fading and protect hair from heat damage.

Katherine West is a health freak and freelance writer who in 2003 studied for a Diploma of Nutrition. She is also into fashion, yoga and Pilates.

Hair Chalk Is Here!

hair chalk

For those of you out there who truly appreciate how fun it is to experiment with your hair color, but for one reason or another you cannot enjoy the pleasurable experience of altering your appearance, especially when you need it to be in the least invasive way possible. For many of you, I assume it is job related, and yes rules are rules; there are workplaces who strictly prohibit any kind of unnatural looking hair color; that even applies to red coloring.However, there are products out there that allow for you to experiment with those fun hair colors you are seeing on the runways, in magazines, and on the streets… that won’t get you in trouble at work!

For those of you who are a little bit nervous about funky hair colors, this is especially right up your alley! It does not damage your hair, you aren’t risking dying your hair permanently, and best of all– you get to enjoy bright, summer ready hair.

A disclaimer, however; while many products do say semi-permanent, temporary, or any variation on those words, do still use with caution (especially you extreme blondes at there). When you use the hair chalk, it is staining your hair. If your hair is very porous and is known to absorb hair dye very easily, this will stain your hair more effectively than others who use it. It definitely won’t all stay in your hair when you wash it, but there is a chance that there will be a little bit left over, very faintly left over, but still. So plan accordingly.

Hair Chalk…Is It Actually Chalk?

Well, yes it is chalk. They are small squares of chalk that are meant only for your hair. It will stain your hands a little when you rub it on your hair; it washes right off though, so don’t worry! There are a few stores who are selling it (Free People, Urban Outfitters), and it actually comes in the form of a typical piece of chalk (smaller of course). You can purchase them in a whole array of awesome colors; Urban Outfitters even has a set that includes 28 colors!

How Does It Work?

It works best when your hair is damp, well more wet than damp. You take whatever strand it is you want to have color, and simply rub the piece of chalk on and through the strand. Your hair will suck the color right up! You can create whatever combination of color you want to, or do the trendy ombre style so many people are doing right now.  The best part is, it’s done in a snap, and you can style your hair as you normally would, just with an extra pop to it! If you straighten or curl your hair regularly, the color will stand out even more with the heat applied.

So get out there, experiment, have fun, and get funky fresh with your hair, with no worry.

Author Bio

Rose is a fashion designer and a blogger who is experienced in fashion design. She is inspired by the latest collection of fashion wear at just fab clothing.

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Self-inflicted Hair Loss – The Cost Of Fashion


Most people dread the idea of losing their hair. It seems, strange, then that people would employ beauty practices that put them at risk of permanent alopecia. It’s surprisingly common, you’ll soon discover. They hope not to do permanent damage to their scalp, of course, but are prepared to take the risk to achieve a certain look.

The population most likely to engage in beauty practices that can result in this type of hair loss, are African-American women. A particular pattern of baldness called central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) was identified in 59% of women who took part in a particular study.

So what is it and what causes it? CCCA is a type of hair loss that starts at the crown of the head and some severe hair styles may be the primary cause. Weaves and braids, where the hair is pulled very tightly, close to the scalp, and then left in braids for weeks at a time, can damage the hair and follicles. Both white and black women who wear these types of hair styles for extended periods of time can experience hair loss, and over time, this may become permanent.

It’s not just the style – pulling on the roots of the hair – that may contribute to the damage. Hair care that is less than ideal can also contribute. Regular washing and conditioning of the hair is important, especially when you are using styling products on top of the braid.

The four most common reasons why this type of hair fashion can result in alopecia include:

-          Adding unsterilized hair extensions to the weave

-          Using too much glue

-          Braids that are too tight

-          Leaving braids in for months at a time

-          Braiding the same area in the same way over and over again.

Risky hair extensions

A lot of hair extensions are imported from other countries and they are not always sanitarily packaged before shipping. This can mean that parasites or insects may be part of the package and after the hair is stitched into the style, these tiny bugs can irritate the skin, or eat the new hair growth as it sprouts from the follicle. It’s important that the company providing the hair extensions is well-regarded and meticulous with the sterilisation process.

Too much glue

Glue is not a natural product for the skin to come into contact with. The skin has pores and needs to be able to breathe and this is as true for the skin on our heads as for anywhere else on the body.

People who try to control their hair with glue and over-use it can suffocate the follicles of the scalp. Once follicles are permanently damaged they can no longer produce new hair. This can result in bald patches on the scalp that become permanent alopecia.

Are my braids too tight?

A nice neat braid is going to be pretty tightly woven, but how tight is too tight? Firm can still feel comfortable but a good rule of thumb to gauge whether the braid is too tight and could potentially damage the scalp is whether the hair style hurts. If you are experiencing pain then the braid is too tight and the pressure on the hair root and follicles is too great. Over time, this kind of stretching and pulling at the scalp could cause alopecia. You may think the pain will pass as you get used to it and the new style “settles in”, but actually what happens is that the nerve-endings go numb and the follicle gives way. When you undo the braid, you’ll find a lot of your hair comes with it.

Leaving the weave in

It’s okay to leave the weave in for a period of time. It’s a lot of work to get it looking that way in the first place, and it needs to have a certain amount of longevity. Just don’t overdo it. If you are wearing the braid for a month or more it’s too long for the hair. Only keep the style in place for up to four weeks.

Taking the braid out for a while gives the scalp a chance to breathe naturally, but also means you can tend to the scalp better, not just the hair. You can properly clean the products out of the hair, as well as wash away any dead skin or potential fungus that has built up on the scalp. Fungus? Well, if you regularly spray your hair or do not properly dry your braids it is possible to develop skin infections beneath the braids that can have some nasty side effects.

Common sense is the best way to avoid permanent, self-inflicted alopecia; and taking care of your scalp, not just the look of your hair.

Katherine West is a health freak and freelance writer who in 2003 studied for a Diploma of Nutrition. She is also into yoga and pilates.

Hot Hair Looks For Summer

The summer season is anticipated by nearly everyone. Warm weather, sunshine, days on the beach, limited clothing, no more school, and late nights out on the town – what’s not to like? It’s also the perfect opportunity for everyone to get dressed up, buy new outfits to show off that bod they worked on for their New Year’s resolution, and treat themselves to a new look. While men will find themselves wanting to buzz off their locks to keep cool, women everywhere will be highlighting, dying, chopping, styling, and adorning their hair with flowers, turbands, clips, and ties as a means to stay summer classy.  The summer heat can be a tough enemy to beat for women who want to keep their longer locks. Never fear though, there are some new hair trends for summer 2013 that will keep you cool and looking beach babe worthy.

The Knot

A big trend this year is the art of “tying” your hair into a knot-like design. This knot sits on the back of your head just like a bun would, but with a bit more flare and class. Gone are the days of the librarian look! Simply pull all of your hair back into a classic ponytail at the nape, and wrap the tail into any knot that you desire. You can loop your hair so that the ends point up or down, or get extra creative and try the double knot look! This is a simple and classy look for an after-beach excursion or a sweaty summer night out.


Some things never go out of style, no matter how old someone is. Braids are simple, fun, and diverse! They are a great way of keeping your hair together on those hot nights, and make for a different and fun look. They can be crisscrossed, wrapped around the head in a headband-like fashion, long, short, done as pigtails, done with only a few sections of hair, or the entire head! Keep them messy, or make them tight. Wear them up, or wear them down. The eclectic nature of the braid guarantees that it will never go out of style, and will make for many different summer fun looks!


A little something extra can really make your hairstyle pop! Styling your hair in whatever fashion you desire and then adorning it with a summer-friendly accessory gives the illusion that you put a ton of time and effort into looking fancy. There are many options when it comes to bedazzling your hair. Clip in flowers are very summertime friendly and offer a classic and sweet look. The newer, trendier turband is a great way to keep hair out of your face and offers a lovely bohemian and exotic look. Shimmering clips add a touch of elegance in keeping those side swept bangs at bay, and a headband is classic, flirty, and simple. The options for hair decorations are limitless! Get creative!

The Wave

Want a hairstyle that looks as if you put effort into it, but has a “messy” charm? Waves are the answer for you! These free flowing, beach bum, rock star locks are easily achieved but look as though you have a case of “sexy and messy” hair. Sitting in one place with a curling iron, or blow dryer and round brush is time consuming, and hot! In a season where it’s already unbearably warm, the last thing you want to do is put your face near a blow dryer for almost an hour. The trick to easy waves is all in another classic look…the bun! After washing your hair, apply some curl boosting mouse or other product to it. Finger through the hair, and “crimp” up the ends a bit. Wrap your hair up in a bun and secure it with some bobbie pins. Apply hair spray, and allow the bun to set; AKA: dry. You can do this before bed if you wish. Once the hair is set, take out the bun, apply a little bit more curl boosting product, finger out the waves, and spirits on a little more hold spray. You’re left with sexy, messy waves and all it took was putting your hair up!

The look you choose for your locks this summer is up to you. Try out these trending fashions, and don’t be afraid to play around with other options! Remember that keeping it “messy” goes a long way in the heat, simple is acceptable, accessories can bring life to the simplest of looks, and waves aren’t as difficult as they seem! Go ahead, let your hair down and enjoy yourself this summer!


Ashely is a recent college graduate with a degree in fashion. She enjoys writing about anything fashion related. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985.

Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?


In modern society, we are inundated with messages regarding hygiene and the importance of cleanliness. Commercials tell us to scrub with the best-smelling soap, use the right brand of deodorant, and wash our hair with the right shampoo daily or we will suffer social scorn. Indeed, practicing good hygiene is a good thing. Most people shower at least once every day, and nearly all wash their hair every day. However, while cleanliness really is important for health, hair can suffer if shampooed so frequently.

Shampooing Washes Away Natural Oils

Shampoo contains ingredients for stripping away dirt and oil. Naturally, this is desirable. Hair does collect pollutants, and a buildup of styling products and oil can leave hair looking terrible. However, if you shampoo too frequently you will also be removing your scalp’s natural oils completely. Some natural oil is important for scalp and hair health. In short, your hair suffers if you wash it too often.

How Often Should You Shampoo?

The necessary frequency depends on your hair type, your physiology, and your lifestyle. Most people, however, should not wash their hair with shampoo every day. Instead, washing once every two to three days allows your scalp and hair some time to recover. If you have naturally curly hair and use few hair products, you may only need to shampoo once a week.

If you have very fine hair, it will look dirtier much faster. There are also other circumstances where a person may need to wash every day, such as in the case of swimmers. Chlorine from pools and salt or other contaminants from natural waterways should not be left in the hair.

Other Special Cases

There are certain times when the benefits of frequent hair washing can outweigh problems it causes. Pollen can cling to hair – during allergy season, those who suffer from pollen allergies would be wise to wash their hair every night before going to bed. In addition, anyone who suffers from dandruff or other scalp problems may need to shampoo daily with medicated shampoo.

Shampooing Tips

When you do shampoo your hair, make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Shampoo residue can leave hair looking dull and may irritate the scalp.

If you choose to shampoo daily, use the mildest shampoo you can find. Baby shampoo is one example of a mild product. There are also organic products that are more nourishing to the hair and scalp than the standard shampoos. Ask for recommendations from your beautician or from organic health supply shops.

Give yourself breaks from shampooing, even if you normally wash your hair every day. If you have a few days where you have no meetings scheduled or other social interactions, let your hair go unwashed. You can even use the time to see how long it takes your hair to start looking really dirty. This can give you an indication of how frequently you should really be washing it.

Remember that most advertisers would prefer you believe you must shampoo every day. The more frequently you wash your hair the more shampoo you use, and the more shampoo you must buy. Try shampooing less often and you may see that your hair actually becomes healthier.

Dana Evans has learned many vital hair care tips after receiving medical hair restoration.

5 Great Homemade Hair Treatments


Don’t spend a bunch of money on store-bought hair treatments filled with chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. You can make a variety of inexpensive hair treatments for all hair types that use the ingredients in your kitchen. Ingredients like eggs, honey, and oatmeal create natural, organic, and easy-to-make hair treatments that can help to add moisture and shine to your hair.

  1. Honey and Olive Oil

The first hair treatment uses honey and olive oil to help treat your dry and sun-damaged hair. Mix ½ cup honey with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply the mixture to your clean hair. Be sure your hair is damp to make it easier to apply the mixture. Let the treatment sit in your hair for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  1. Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

This olive oil hair treatment also uses lemon juice to improve dry, itchy scalps. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and 2 tablespoons of water to a small bowl. Add it to your hair, massaging it into your scalp. Rinse the mixture from your hair with warm water after 20 minutes and then proceed to shampooing.

  1. Avocado

Avocado has been used for homemade beauty recipes, including hair treatments, for many decades. If you have damaged hair, avocado will work wonders. Add a mashed up avocado to your damp hair and rinse after 15 minutes. You can also add another ingredient to the mixture such as mayonnaise or egg yolk. Limit this hair treatment to once every 2 weeks.

  1. Cornmeal

Use cornmeal on your hair to help remove grease and oil; this is a great hair treatment for oily hair. Add 1 tablespoon of cornmeal to an empty shaker, such as one that had salt or pepper in it. Sprinkle the cornmeal onto your hair and leave for 10 minutes. Brush it out after 10 minutes using a paddle brush.

  1. Eggs

One of the best things for the health of your hair is eggs, both the white and the yolk of the egg. This can be used on all hair types and will help condition your hair. Add ½ cup of an egg mixture to your hair, making sure it is clean and damp when applying. Rinse it off with cool water after 20 minutes.

Everyone loves the feeling of clean, beautiful glossy hair. It doesn’t matter if you work in oil investments or your local Subway; everyone enjoys a bit of pampering when they come home from work. Use these hair treatments for an indulgent yet budget beauty treatment.

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance writer and content coordinator. She’s worked with many different companies and blogs, including an oil investments company and real estate agency for several years. In her spare time, she studies economical fashion, haircare, beauty and style remedies and loves to share her tips with others on a budget.

Major Causes And Reasons For Female Hair Loss


Although hair loss is more prevalent in men, there is a good percentage of women surfing through hair topics regarding hair loss problems and hair treatment tips. The very first and the most important fact you must know about hair loss is that male-pattern hair loss and female-pattern hair loss are two very different things. Similarly, the reasons and causes for both are also different. That is why hair treatment tips and methods vary greatly for both men and women.

Unlike men, hair loss in women is not hereditary. The pattern of baldness and bald patches also differs greatly. It can be due to many other reasons, most of which root from hormonal health and hygiene. All these things affect the growth cycle of hair. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes behind female hair loss problems.

·Hormonal Imbalance or Deficiency

Hormones play a very significant role in hair growth for women. According to medical sciences, a female body goes through more hormonal changes than men. One of the hormones that are found to be closely related to hair thinning problems in women is Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. In some people, hair follicles can have a larger number of Androgen receptors attached to them. This can be a hereditary property and its treatment may require anti-androgens and similar drugs.

A hyper-active or under-active thyroid gland may also create a hormonal imbalance that can lead to hair loss problems in women.

·Pregnancy or Birth Control

Hair loss problems in women may increase after pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases, the problem is resolved naturally in six to eight months. The underlying reason is, once again, the hormonal change going inside the system.

Another reason that is closely linked with hair loss during and after child birth and pregnancy is birth control pills. These pills often trigger hormonal changes that can cause Androgenic Alopecia – the female pattern baldness. This is more common in women who inherit Alopecia due to a high amount of Androgen receptors attached to their follicles.

·Dietary Deficiency

One of the most efficient hair loss treatments is a complete and healthy balanced diet. Our hair needs as many nutrients as the rest of our body. Protein, specifically, is very important for the health and growth of hair. When our internal system suspects a protein deficiency in our body, it automatically shifts hair into their resting phase (Teleogen). As a result, severe hair loss follows in two to three months.


If the scalp and hair are not cleaned and rinsed properly, it may lead to infections and fungus. The fungus can cause severe damage to hair follicles and the scalp and may result in bald patches with swelling and scaling. It is one of the most disturbing hair loss problems due to its painful and contagious nature. However, it can be cured with proper medication and care.

·Cosmetic Treatments and Styling

One of the most valuable hair treatment tips you can get from a dermatologist or hair transplant specialist is to avoid harmful hair styling products. This may very well include dyes and chemicals as well as heating tools. The damage caused by such treatments is sometimes so harsh that it may cause permanent hair loss.

Alex is writing tips for hair treatment methods for both men and women, he is working for a large Hair transplant Centre in Europe

Top 5 Hairstyles To Try In Spring


1. Hair scarf
A style often seen worn on ‘America’s Next Top Model’, this hairstyle is becoming more and more popular and has been spotted on many a runway as we start to approach spring. This style is all about the scarf, so make sure that you choose it wisely. Keep in mind that brightly colored scarves will easily glam up your look. SO, firstly, take your scarf and fold it until it is a lot smaller, between 3 and 5 inches wide. Then, ensuring that your hair is nicely brushed back, place the scarf a few inches from your hairline, making sure that you have an even amount of scarf at either end. Pull the ends together and tie the scarf at the back of your neck. To ensure the scarf doesn’t come undone or slip off, try tying a double knot.

2. Tousled bun
A style that seemingly never goes out of fashion, the tousled bun is the perfect look for work, for going out with friends or even on a catwalk! This style is best worn on those who have medium to long hair. Start by blow drying your hair to give it some extra volume and depth. Then make a deep side parting, sweep your hair back and tie your hair into a ponytail. Divide your hair into two segments and then, after giving your hair a spritz of hairspray, tease the segments to create a tousled look. Next take one of the segments and tuck it underneath where you have tied the ponytail. You then need to wrap the other segment around the base of the ponytail, securing the ends once you’ve run out of hair. Make sure it doesn’t look too neat.

3. Soft waves
Perhaps the easiest of the spring 2013 styles, the soft curls style makes their wearer look relaxed and uncomplicated. This style is the perfect one for wearing on dates, as although it looks extremely pretty and stylish, it doesn’t look as if you’ve spent hours on your appearance. After all, no one wants to look like they’re trying too hard. Start by giving yourself a centre parting and then use some hair spray to smooth down the front of your hair. Using a straightening iron, take an inch of hair at a time and loosely wrap it round the iron, holding it in place for a few seconds before releasing a nice loose wave. Keep doing this until you have used all your hair.

4. Scruffy braid
This is a style that has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the past year and is set to explode in spring, nicely leading into summer 2013. It’s the perfect style whether you’re going to the gym or you’re heading to work. Start by washing your hair and then towel drying it roughly. Finish off any particular wet bits with a hair dryer and add some hairspray. Then, quite simply start braiding your hair, taking care not to braid it too tightly. The idea here is that the style should look lived in, not perfect so do not worry about any loose sections.

5. Low ponytails
This is a style that works best on medium to long hair and also looks really good when worn with a hair scarf. Try it out when going to work, meeting your friends for a drink or even on a date. Start by giving yourself a center parting and then blow drying your hair to give it some life and adding some hairspray. Using a straightening iron, straighten the rest of your hair so that you can easily pull it back into a loose ponytail. The top segment of your hair should now be fanned out slightly. You can check to see if this has been done correctly by how the style looks from the front, as you should look as if you have had a bob cut. This style is therefore a great causal style to suit any occasion whilst also being a great way of seeing if you’d suit a bob cut, without actually making any cuts to your hair.


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Top Story – Hair Beauty Tips for African-American Women


Black women are usually seen with beautiful curls, a flamboyant afro, or gorgeous dreadlocks. While it may seem easy for them to maintain their hair given their genetic advantages, black women actually spend a lot of time and money to keep their hair looking great all the time. Yet it’s possible for our soul sisters to look hair-tastic every time without going overboard when it comes to cost and effort. Here are some of the hair beauty tips that will benefit our African-American sisters:

Use Oil For Styling

Instead of using the usual gels and mousses, African-American women should consider using oil for styling their hair. Oil products make hair less prone to dandruff and scalp less susceptible to dryness. Hair can be oiled once a week or once every two weeks, depending on hair type. Since African-American hair is typically dry and thick, putting oil on it will not make it prone to dirt. The hair can absorb oil without weighing it down. No need to pour oil all over your head; you just need to part hair into small sections then applying a small amount of oil on each section.

Put A Limit On Perms

African-American hair is made to withstand constant perming, but you should not do it as often as you want. Just like other hair types, African-American hair can benefit from taking breaks from hairstyling tools and chemicals. Same goes for hair straightening; you should not go crazy with the hair iron whenever you feel like it. Too much curling or straightening can lead to hair breakage and sores on the head. If you developed sores from too much styling, you must not have a perm again until the sores have completely healed.

Use Hair Rollers More Often

Instead of subjecting your hair to the curling iron, why not use hair rollers instead? If you want casual, relaxed curls for your daily look, using hair rollers is the way to go. Sure, it may feel uncomfy to sleep with curlers on your head, but at least your hair can take a break from the merciless heat of the curling iron, giving your strands ample time to recover in between ironing. Use a head wrap to keep the curlers intact while you sleep.

Get A Regular Trim

African-American hair is not exempt from having split ends. Extreme hair damage can only be solved by one thing: a haircut. Get a trim every few months to get rid of split ends. For really damaged hair, consider chopping the hair off and rock a shorter, healthier hairdo for the meantime.

Let It Loose From Time To Time

Give your African-American hair a break from oils, heat, and tools. For a month or two, let your hair loose or just wear it on a ponytail or bun. Use regular shampoo and conditioner and avoid hair coloring for a while. If you have a natural Afro, now is the time to rock it. In other words, you have to let it breathe.

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Celebrity Stylist Tips for Growing Long African American Hair

hair 5

Author: Paula Clarke

KeraCare produces quality products for African American hair, especially if you have an itchy scalp from braids or hair weaves. However, their shampoos and conditioners tend to sometimes leave black hair dry and brittle, unless it is there detangling shampoo. As a result, although their products will help your scalp, they will leave your hair looking like you did it yourself. If you have a relaxer or chemically treated hair, and are use to using products like Elasta QP, Motions, or TCB, then it is long over due to make the switch to all natural hair care products.

Just because you buy natural hair care products does not mean you have to cut your hair and grow a mini afro or get dreads. You don’t need natural hair! There are several benefits of using all-natural hair care products, especially if you have relaxed hair. One of the best all-natural products on the market is Beauty 4 Ashes GodHead™ Silky Smooth System for Ethnic Hair. The shampoo and conditioner in the system are loaded with vitamins and natural oils that will not leave your hair dry like KeraCare, but instead will hydrate your follicles and nourish your roots. You can even use products like GodHead™ Max Moisture and Gro System to lengthen your hair and extend times between getting relaxers. You can find their products at wwwdiscoverb4acom

Here are the top five Hair Care Tips for Black Hair according to Hollywood’s Celebrity Stylist Michelle Vincent.
Hollywood Stylist Tip# 1 for Black Hair: Stop using low grade hair care products that contain sulfates: Even if you get a perm or wear weaves, your hair needs the most nutrients that it can receive between salon visits.

Hollywood Stylist Tip# 2 for Black Hair: Buy all natural hair care products, most natural stores carry Jason’s or Aubrey Organics ® Shampoos or you can by Beauty 4 Ashes ® online.

Hollywood Stylist Tip# 3 for Black Hair: Take care of your hair from home. You can do it! Wrap or roll your hair before bed. Don’t just sleep on it without a protective covering, which can lead to split ends and result in YOU getting your hair CUT.

Hollywood Stylist Tip# 4 for Black Hair: Drink plenty of water and reduce your intake of junk foods. Take a B Complex on a daily basis.

Hollywood Stylist Tip# 5 for Black Hair: Buy Silk pillow cases and hair wraps. Avoid cotton, it can lead to hair breakage.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advice-articles/celebrity-tips-for-long-african-american-hair-176256.html

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How To Grow Long, Luscious Hair!

If you’re looking for long, luscious locks then these top tips will help your hair to grow in thick and strong.


Choose A Cut That Will Grow In Well

This mind sound like a bit of an odd one considering you are aiming for longer hair, but as you begin to grow your hair it is sometimes a good idea to get some of the length taken off it. Your stylist can advise on a hair style that will grow in thick and full and be easy to keep in good condition.

Get Regular Trims

Again, this sounds a bit counter intuitive, but regular trims to remove split ends will ensure your hair remains healthy and strong and aid growth.

Cut Down On Washing

Try not to wash your hair every day as rubbing your hair will pull hair and can cause damage. Washing also removes essential oils which are required for healthy growth.

Cut Down On Heat Styling

Unfortunately, while you are growing your hair you will have to make an effort to cut down on heat styling. Heat damage will inhibit growth.

If you are using irons or rollers then make sure to apply a thermal protection spray prior to styling.

The same applies to your hair dryer. Try to cut back where possible and allow your hair to air dry for 20-30 minutes prior to blow drying. This is actually good practice in general!

Use A Deep Conditioning Mask

Use a deep conditioning mask once a week to give your hair a moisture boost and ensure it remains healthy and nourished.

Tie Your Hair Up At Night

Again, you are trying to minimise pulling on your hair, so tie it up at night before going to bed to avoid damage while you are tossing and turning in your sleep.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Well, it’s a cliche, but you are what you eat so eating a healthy, balanced diet will help to keep your hair in top condition. Additionally make sure you drink plenty of water to ensure hair is well hydrated.

Be Patient

Hair grows at an average of 0.5 inches a month (6 inches a year) so to get the long locks you crave will take time. Following the above tips will ensure your hair remains healthy and looks good, so persevere and you will eventually get the hair of your dreams.

While you are waiting for your hair to grow, you might want to use clip in hair extensions for a length and volume boost, which will also allow you to try out different styles.

So, that’s our top tips for growing long lustrous hair. Look after your locks and you’ll be a 21st century Rapunzel in no time!

Author Byline: SKR Hair have a fantastic range of clip in hair extensions, made from 100% human, REMY hair.



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